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Above is an announcement for Genevieve John (class of 1996) and Matt Dickenson's wedding. They are currently residing in the Los Angeles area and Gen is attending school to become a chiropractor. Matt works at Amgen, which is known as the world's largest independent biotechnology, as a financial advisor. They plan on making their home in San Diego here in the next five years. Their wedding date is set for June 21, 2003 in sunny San Diego. All friends and family are invited to attend.  If anyone would like to write Gen, her address is 13480 Laurelhurst Rd. Moorpark, California. 93021. Her e-mail address is sdgrown@sbcglobal.netPhoto courtesy of Gwen Jenkins.

Two year old Ashley Bevard
Ashley Bevard, age two, is the daughter of Delta residents Rob and Sarah Bevard.  Photo courtesy of Sarah Bevard.

Wesley Scott Hollembaek, born December 30 at 5:30 PM, is the first son for Delta Residents Buckley and Christy Hollembaek.  Buckley is a '99 DHS graduate.  Wesley also has two other siblings who are very excited about his arrival!  Congratulations Buckley and Christy!!  Photo courtesy of Leslie Hollembaek. 

Rachel Groppel in Kentucky 
Rachel Groppel, DHS graduate class of 1998, is shown working on the power for a job in Lexington, Kentucky.  Photo courtesy of Gail McBride.

Jesse Lee Addison
Jesse Lee Addison, son of former Delta residents Amy Gappa and Lee Addison, flashes his toothy grin.  Jesse is three and a half and lives in Fairbanks with his mom.  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson.

Delta resident Christie DuBois, (Graduate of 2000), recently became a nun…sort of. Christie was playing a nun in Whitworth College’s recent production of “The Sound of Music”. Her parents were fortunate enough to travel to Spokane for the show. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Mike Bobo Jr. and Leslie Hollembaek, (Graduate of 1997) tied the knot on Saturday, July 27th.  The wedding and reception were held at the Hollembaek family farm.  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson.

Christopher Woodcox and his new friend Shamu get ready for a nap on the couch.  Christopher and his mom, Rachael (Dunklebarger), Graduate of 2000,  recently visited Sea World.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

Mike Bobo and fiancée Leslie Hollembaek
Mike Bobo and fiancée Leslie Hollembaek, (Graduate of 1997) at a friends wedding in 2000.  Mike and Leslie are both DHS grads and plan to tie the knot this July in Delta Junction.  For more information about the wedding, click here to visit their wedding site.  Also, visit our community news section for a story on the couple.  Photo courtesy of Leslie Hollembaek.

Matthew Buchanan with his wife Melanie and their two sons, Dillon and Richard.  Matthew graduated from DHS with the class of '94.  Photo courtesy of Matthew Buchanan.

Annette Donaldson
1997 Delta graduate Annette Donaldson was selected Ms. FNA (Fairbanks Native Association) for 2002. Annette is pictured in a dress that she made herself. She will be competing in the Ms. WEIO (World Eskimo-Indian Olympics) in July. Annette is the daughter of Dee Hess and Don Donaldson of Delta. Photo by Joe Crandall.

Bethany Mitchell is shown above kissing her brand new niece (14 hours old) Kaylee Anne Reierson, who was born Saturday April 6th. Her parents are Gene and Anne Reierson of North Pole. Paternal Grandparents are Joel & Krys Reierson of Delta. Maternal Grandparents are Steve & Kathy Fields of Delta. Photo courtesy of Steve Fields.

Ashley Brooke Bevard
Sarah Bevard took this picture of Ashley, her daughter, now 17 months.  She's a cutie, Sarah!   Photo courtesy Sarah Bevard.


Karen, Todd and Sierra Denny
Tom and Gay Bowley's daughter, Karen Denny, poses with her husband Todd Denny and their daughter Sierra.  Karen works at UAF and Todd at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.  Photo courtesy of Gay Bowley.

Reuben John Jr.
Reuben John Jr, 16 months, is the son of former Delta residents Julie Stephens and Reuben John.  The family now lives in Fairbanks.  Photo courtesy of Julie Stephens.  

Jesse Lee Addison, son of former Delta residents Amy Gappa and Lee Addison, will turn three this May.  Amy and Jesse, who spent his first two years in Valdez, have just moved to Fairbanks where Lee lives.  Photo courtesy of Amy Gappa.

Alana Phillips
Beautiful eight month old Alana K. Phillips is the daughter of former Delta resident Andrea Stephens and David Phillips of Hawaii.  The family now resides in Hanalei, Hawaii.  Photo courtesy of Delta News Web.

Kameron Peterson
Kameron Petersen, son of former Delta resident Kathy (Bowley) Petersen, turned a year old on January 16th.  Kathy and her husband Keith live in Fairbanks.  Photo courtesy of Gay Bowley.

Reuben John Jr.
Reuben B. John Jr, son of former Delta residents and DHS graduates, Julie Stephens and Reuben John.  Reuben Jr. was born on October 31, 2000.  The family lives in Fairbanks.  Photo courtesy of Julie Stephens.

Rachael and her new baby Christopher
Rachael (Dunklebarger) Woodcox holds her brand new baby boy. (Graduate of 2000).   Christopher Isaiah Woodcox was born on February 7th.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

From left: Katy Yates, Jaci Edelen, Leslie Hollembaek and Ryan Kindy, all graduates of DHS class of 1997.  Katy, Leslie and Ryan all live in Anchorage and Jaci lives in Oregon.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Debbie Johnson and her son Josh and daughter Shannon
Debbie Johnson, a 1976 DHS graduate, her son Josh, DHS 1996, and daughter Shannon, DHS 1998. Debbie lives near Rochester, Minnesota, and works in the Molecular Genetics Lab at the Mayo Clinic as a medical secretary. Josh will graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May with an Electrical Engineering degree. Shannon is working toward a degree in Dental Hygiene in St. Paul. This picture was taken the last time the three were together.  Photo courtesy of Debbie Johnson.

Pictured is Miguel EchoHawk Lopez on his second
birthday November 2, 2002. Miguel is the son Abigail EchoHawk Lopez, a 97' DHS graduate, and Christopher Lopez of Seattle, Wa. His proud grandparents are Howard and Yvonne EchoHawk of Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Abigail EchoHawk Lopez.

Pictured above is Ryan Parton, who graduated from DHS in 1994.  He attended K-12 in Delta.  Ryan did 3 years in the USAF was stationed at Brooks Air Force base and Eielson AFB.  His mother is Mary Yost and step dad is Roger Harris. Ryan and his family currently live in Phoenix, AZ where he runs his own Mortgage Firm.  He has two children, three year old, Balin, and nine year old step son Patrick. His wife's name is Tara. The picture above is an arm wrestling picture in which he was ranked fourth in the world.  Photo courtesy of Ryan Parton.

Miguel Echohawk-Lopez, age 2, looking for his grandma... First child to Abigail Echo-Hawk, (Graduate of 1997) and Chris Lopez, second boy due April 10. Photo courtesy Lael Echo-Hawk.

Sean Purucker with his creation
Sean Purucker stands by his lobster man suit that he made at his school, the Art Institute of Seattle. It is made out of polyurethane foam. There is no fabric in this suit at all, it's just the foam glued with contact cement.  For more, see below.    Photos courtesy of Sean Purucker.

Letter from DHS Graduate Sean Purucker

Dear Delta News Web,

I have been attending the Art Institute of Seattle for a year now. Ever since I have been here at school, I sometimes go through the Delta News Web archive and catch up on what has been going on back home. I have seen pictures of Buckley Hollembaek and his son, Christie DuBois as a Nun, and other pictures of former Alumni from DHS. I wanted to send some pictures of what I have been making here at school.

I am studying Industrial Design Technology. That involves a huge variety of fields such as the automobile industry, products design, shoe design, and even all the way to theatrical costumes, which is what I am interested in.

I have to say that this school is very intense and very demanding! Every week for each class we have a class project that has to be planned, drawn out, and then built. I try hard to go above and beyond what the teachers assign, and come up with exciting and entertaining creations!

sean_lobstersuit.jpg (24306 bytes)
To the left is my lobster man suit. It is made out of polyurethane foam. There is no fabric in this suit at all, it's just the foam glued with contact cement. It took 3 weeks to make and many all-nighters to paint with airbrush, but gosh it's so hot inside of it! Ha, ha.
The lobster suit has been displayed for two quarters now at my school in it's own display case. The suit will also be shown in this Fashion show at the Art Institute on March 14th.

As the year goes on I will send more pictures of my projects. I plan to graduate from my school in the spring of 2004, but that is not certain yet. I also plan to be back home for the midnight sun this year.

Thank you Delta News Web!

Sean Purucker -- February 17, 2003

Rob, Ashley, and new baby sister Emily Bevard
Rob, Ashley, and the newest edition to the family, Emily Blake Bevard. Emily joined the Bevard family on December 23, 2002 at 6:59 p.m. She weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Photo courtesy of Sarah Bevard.

Teresa and Dan Glass Jr.
Teresa Glass holds her new baby son, Dan Glass III.  Teresa and her husband, Dan welcomed little Dan into the world in late October.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Newborn Thomas Harris
Former Delta resident and DHS graduate, Ted Harris and his wife Emi welcomed a son into the world November 14th.  Thomas Harris was born at 9:38 and weighed 8 lbs, 4.5 oz. and was 21 inches long.  Congratulations to the Harris family!  Photo courtesy of Ted Harris.  

Alana Phillips, daughter of former resident Andrea Stephens and David Phillips, plays happily in a tree.  Andrea, David, Alana, and Kaikoa live on the island of Kauai.  Photo courtesy of the Stephens family.

First cousins Reuben John Jr. and Alana Phillips
First cousins Reuben John Jr. and Alana Phillips strike a remarkably similar pose.  These pictures were taken almost one year apart!  Reuben is the son of former Delta residents Julie Stephens and Reuben John.  Alana is the daughter of former Delta resident Andrea Stephens and Hawaii resident David Phillips.  Photos courtesy of the Stephens family.  

Ben Sherrill and Diane Maye
Ben Sherrill of Brooks AFB, Texas and Diane Maye of Washington pose for a picture while in San Antonio. Ben was a '94 DHS grad and Diane would have graduated with the class of '97 had her family not relocated.  Both Ben and Diane are commissioned officers (Lieutenants) in the Air Force.  Photo courtesy of Diane Maye. 

Mike Bobo and Leslie Hollembaek, both former Delta residents and DHS grads, will be getting married in Delta this July.  The date is set for the 27th at 4 p.m.  The wedding and reception will be held at the Hollembaek farm.  For more information on their wedding, click here, or visit our event calendarPhoto courtesy of Leslie Hollembaek.  

Savannah and Sydney Sears, daughters of DHS alumni Ed Sears ('89), show off their new additions.  Ed and his wife Janine live in Anchorage.  Photo courtesy of Ed and Janine Sears.

Daniel Case
Daniel Case, son of 1995 DHS graduate Derek Case, looks mischievously at the camera. Daniel's grandparents are Dan and Rena Case of Delta. Daniel is 4 1/2 and lives in Valdez, where he was born. He attends preschool with his friends and always looks forward to attending Vacation Bible School in Delta with Grandma. Photo courtesy of Ruth Case.

Brett (McClain) Younger ~ 1983 DHS graduate
Brett (McClain) Younger is a 1983 graduate of Delta High. She was visiting her mother Cynthia on Blue Creek in the fall of 2001. Photo by Joe Crandall.

Christopher Isaiah Woodcox does his best "Where's Waldo" in his pile of stuffed animals.  Christopher is two months old and is the son of Rachael (Dunklebarger), graduate of 2000.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

Miguel Solis Echohawk Lopez poses as Dumbo with his favorite Auntie Lael Echo-Hawk, taken Halloween 2001. Miguel is the grandson of Yvonne and Howard Echo-Hawk of Delta Junction. He is the son of Abigail Echohawk-Lopez and Christopher Lopez of Seattle, Washington. Abigail graduated from D.H.S in May '97. Photo and caption courtesy of Lael Echo-Hawk.

Reuben John, Julie Stephens, and their 16 month old son, Reuben Jr.
Reuben John and Julie Stephens pose with their 16 month old son, Reuben John Jr.  Julie and Reuben and Reuben Jr. all live in Fairbanks.  Photo courtesy of Julie Stephens.

Heather, Joe, Holly, Taylor and Hillary
Joe Crandall's wedding to Carol Corey in July 2002.  From left, Heather, (class of '94), Joe, Holly Crandall Ricaporte (class of '98 - holding her daughter Taylor) and Hillary (class of '96).  Photo taken by Paul Horschel.

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