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Terry Family
Brian and Natalie (Floyd) Terry, both graduates of DHS, live in Independence, Oregon with their two children, Emily (6) and Kade (4). Natalie graduated from Western Oregon University in June, 2003 with a BS in Education and Brian will graduate in March, 2004 with a BS in International Business. Brian is starting a wild land firefighting and contracting business this summer. Natalie is substituting this year and is looking for a teaching job in Idaho, where they plan to move in the summer. Emily is in kindergarten and loves it. And Kade goes to preschool. You can contact them at nataliekterry@aol.comPhoto courtesy of Natalie Terry.

This is a pregnant picture of Michelle Bobo and Leslie Bobo, both DHS grads, taken on Dec. 28th.  Congratulations Ladies!! Photo courtesy of Leslie Bobo.

An annual Christmas holiday tradition within the Delta hockey community is to have games between the current Delta Huskies high school team and the alumnus home for the holidays. This year, there were several rousing games.  Pictured in this game from December 29 are Delta Huskies alumnus (left to right) Cody White (DHS '01), Chris Zachgo (DHS '00), and Jake Eggleston (DHS '95).  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

DHS grad Isaac Parker AT the South Pole. He is working there as a diesel mechanic. The temperatures average 30 - 50 below. He indicated that a highlight was experiencing the total solar eclipse with a team from National Geographic. Photo courtesy of Barbara Parker

Taylor Ricaporte and Dominique Moceanu
Taylor Ricaporte, daughter of Ryan and Holly (Crandall) Ricaporte, Graduate of 1998) recently attended a gymnastics clinic given by 1996 Olympic gold medallist Dominique Moceanu (shown here). Courtesy of Joe Crandall

Lael Echo-Hawk at her graduation from the University of Washington Law School in June. Lael was informed last Saturday that she passed the Washington State Bar! She is employed as a Tulalip Tribal Attorney and lives in Seattle. Congrats Lael!!  Photo courtesy of Colleen Echohawk-Hayashi.

Brooklyn Hollembaek and Miguel Lopez playing in the sun in Seattle. Brooklyn's grandparents are Ruby and Scott Hollembaek of Delta, Miguel's are Howard and Yvonne Echo-Hawk also of Delta. Photo Courtesy Abigail EchoHawk Lopez

Jessica Marchuk (DHS '96) and her niece Brenna (11 mos) in May '03. Brenna was born June 27, 2002 to Hanni Marchuk. Hanni and Brenna live in Delta and Jessica is currently living and working in Anchorage.  Photo courtesy of Jessica Marchuk.

This is a picture of Michelle (Sharp) Trulove working at Yukon Fuel Company. Michelle and her son Conner (4)  are currently living in Anchorage. She has continued singing and is performing in a fundraiser for the Alaska AIDS Assistance Association on Saturday night.  Photo courtesy of Michelle Trulove.

Dan Louis Glass III, son of Teresa (Dorff) and Dan Glass, both formerly of Delta Jct and DHS graduates, class of 2000 and 1998. Dan was born on October 24, 2002 in Fairbanks.  Photo courtesy of Teresa Glass. 

Isaac Parker
This is a picture of Delta resident Isaac Parker who is working for Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game in Sitka Alaska. Isaac is surveying fish streams and as this picture shows there is a bumper crop of Pink Salmon in the region. The hazards of this work is evident by the shotgun Isaac is carrying. Isaac reports his bear count is up to 56 so far. Photo Courtesy Isaac Parker

Justin Atwell, a 1998 graduate of DHS,  fishing in Valdez with his Dad.  Holding up a large Rock Fish.  Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

James Roger
On June 28, James Rogers won second place in The High Desert Open Weightlifting Championships in Reno, Nevada. This was a pre-qualifying lift for the Youth Olympics  James  is  a recent graduate from DHS (2003). His parents, are John and Janette Rogers. Photo Courtesy Nanci Ruthschild-Kennedy

Leslie Bobo

Mike Bobo
Mike and Leslie on their trip to Red Rock Mountain outside Las Vegas. Photo courtesy Leslie Bobo

This is 9 months old Alessandra Mykayla Gibbs, David Jr and Maria Gibbs youngest daughter. The family resides in Palm Springs CA. Proud grandparents? Why David Sr and Frieda Gibbs of course!  Photo Courtesy David Gibbs
Howard and Yvonne EchoHawk have the pleasure of announcing the engagement of their daughter Elisabeth Echo-Hawk to Eruera Kawe son of Huikakahu Brian and Janice Kawe of New Zealand. Lis is a 2000 graduate of DHS. Lis and Eruera are pictured above in Kona, Hawaii where they both live and work with Youth With A Mission Island Breeze, a missionary organization. The wedding will be held in Kona, Hawaii at the Keauhou Beach Resort Aug. 30, 2003. If you would like to offer your congratulations or attend the wedding you can write to Lis at PO Box 1137, Kapa'au, HI 96755 or email her at Photo courtesy Abigail (EchoHawk) Lopez

Derek and Kailey Mills
Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Derek & Kailey Mills seen here as they register for the 2003 Delta Library Summer Reading Program "Laugh it Up @ Your Library". That's Library Aides Amy VanderZwaag and Anne Baker lending a hand. Derek and Kailey's parents are Derek and Sheryl Mills, and their grandparents are Sherry and Lou Heinbockel and Charles and Carmelita Mills. Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Amber, Daryl and Andrew
Amber (Blake) Boothe a former Delta Resident,
husband Daryl Boothe of Woodstock Alabama
with their seven and half month old son Andrew Boothe.  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

Miguel Lopez
Chris and Miguel Lopez pose for a picture in their apartment in Seattle. Chris is the husband of Abigail EchoHawk, a 97' DHS graduate. Miguel is their two year old son. Picture by Abigail EchoHawk Lopez. Photo Courtesy Abigail (EchoHawk) Lopez

Jaydon and Deviin
This is Devin and his little brother Jaydon hiding in clothes racks at the store. Devin will be 7 in September and Jaydon will be 3 on May 30th. Both are the sons of Jayme (Braswell) Wilson. 1997 Graduate of Delta High. We reside in Rochester Minnesota where my husband is a Navy Recruiter. Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson

Graduating Class of 2003

Graduating Class of 2003
Delta Greely School District, Graduating Class of 2003.  Click to see an enlargement.
Photo Courtesy  Kathy Sharp -- May 19

Caleb Parker

Matthew Sharp
Caleb Parker and my son, Matthew, have been friends since kindergarten. Both young men
selected new Bibles as their graduation gift from the Delta Ministerial Association. Photo courtesy Kathy Sharp

Vicki Jurgens and her two dalmations
Vicki Jurgens, a 1985 Delta graduate, with her two Dalmatian dogs. Vicki is a flight attendant with United Airlines and lives in the San Diego area. She's hoping to "bop" back into Delta for a short time to see everyone this summer and help her mother, "Mrs. J," enjoy her retirement from teaching.  Photo courtesy of Ilene Jurgens. 

John Jenkins Jr. and his Aunt Gen
John Jenkins Jr. hides by his Aunt Gen from the camera.  Lil' J is the son of former Delta residents John and Gwen (John) Jenkins.  Genevieve currently lives in the Los Angeles area.  She plans to marry this summer.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Three judges, Michelle Trulove, and Becca Frenzl
Michelle Trulove and Rebecca Frenzl pose with three of the judges from the Karaoke contest that Michelle had just won.  Michelle took first place and won two round trip tickets to sunny California!  Rebecca also sang and tied for fifth place!  Congrats to both former Delta residents!  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Jenni and Judy Dewar
Jenni Dewar, DHS alumni, and her mom, Judy at Amy Gappa's recent baby shower.  Amy is due to have a little boy within the month.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Jesse Addison and Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson cuddles with Jesse Addison while she visited his mom, Amy Gappa, in Fairbanks in late March.  Jesse will turn four in May and is expecting a baby sister soon!  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson.

Holly (Crandall) and Taylor Ricaporte
Holly, DHS class of '98, (Crandall) and daughter Taylor Ricaporte have been visiting relatives in the Delta area. They are about to depart on one of many four wheeler rides that four year old Taylor enjoys. Photo by Joe Crandall.

The Marchuk family, Walter (DHS 74), Cheryl (DHS 75), their daughters Jessica (DHS 96) and Hanni (DHS 98), their cousin Alaina Kemp and Hanni's daughter Brenna enjoyed Christmas in a warmer climate this year. This picture was taken at Sea World, Florida during their two week vacation. Photo courtesy of Hanni Marchuk.

Myong Gartz, Delta High Graduate of '98, gave birth to a baby girl, Kenna Mae Sampayan on Nov 20, 2003. Photo courtesy of Susan Bancroft (Kenna's godmother, DHS graduate of '95).

Above is Sean Purucker's newest creation, the Barbarian Bird, it won 3rd Place in Washington's larges Halloween costume contest for 2003.  For more on Sean, see the Community News below.  Photo courtesy of Sean Purucker.

Sara Stolz a Delta Graduate of 2000 and son Kyle Preston Stolz who is now 7 months old, Are sitting at home at home on Eielson AFB. Kyle was born  June 6th 2003 at Basset Army Hospital on Ft. Wainwright.  Photo courtesy of John Stolz.

John Stolz and his dad Phillip take a break on a trip out of coal mine road after a successful hunt. John and Phil are both former delta residents. John, a '98 graduate, his wife Sara, and son Kyle are now stationed at Eielson AFB.  John is a Tactical Aircraft Mechanic and Crew Chief on an F16-C Fighting Falcons for USAF.  Photo courtesy of John Stoltz.

Pictured above are Rachel Groppel and Tommy Sauer, both former residents and DHS graduates.  Tommy and Rachel have recently gotten engaged and plan to marry in Alaska in the fall.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Groppel.  

Starrlyn and mom enjoying a day out on the ranch. Starr and Mom (Jennifer Murray DHS grad 99) are living in Issaquah WA. Looking forward to coming home to visiting Grandma and Grandpa (Jaime and Mike Murray) with uncle Steven this Christmas.  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Murray.

Above, DHS graduate Christie DuBois is pictured at Whitworth College in Spokane on the set of the play "Agnes of God" where she played the character of psychiatrist Dr. Livingston. In the second photo, Christie DuBois is pictured with DHS graduate Cale Wingfield, who traveled from the University of Idaho to the watch Christie perform in "Agnes". Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Jason Aillaud and Rebekah Todd, DHS 1999 graduates, and Miska the Dog, enjoying (?) a canoe ride on Tangle Lakes on the single rainiest July day in Interior Alaska weather records.  Photo courtesy of Cindy Aillaud.

Tommy Sauer playing with his daughter, Katie Paige Sauer, in West Palm beach, Florida. Katie will be 3 years old October 30th. Tommy is the son of Debbie Diviney and DHS grad, class of 94. Photo courtesy of Rachel Groppel.

Christy & Wesley Hollembaek at DHS Graduation 2003 (seeing Uncle Russ graduate). Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek.

Pictured are Amy VanderZWaag and her new puppy, Mandy. Amy raised "Wanda" to be a guide dog for a blind person. Wanda is currently training at the Guide Dogs of the Desert School in California. Mandy is going to be dog
"for keep."  Photo courtesy of Amy VanderZWaag.

Brian Aillaud

Brian Aillaud, another Delta High School grad, rock climbing at Grapefruit Rocks. Photos Courtesy Cindy Aillaud

Heidi Eckman
Delta High School grad, Heidi Eckman, rock climbing at Grapefruit Rocks off the Elliot Highway.

Cammy and Michael
Cammy Mason and Michael Vasquez were married among friends and family on July 11th, in Las Vegas Nevada. Both Cammy and Michael reside in Seattle, Washington. Photo Courtesy Cammy (Mason) Vasquez

Cammy and Sarah
Cammy Mason (DHS 95) was married July 11th, in Las Vegas Nevada to Michael Vasquez. Her Matron of Honor was Sarah (Wager) Hand (DHS 95) who flew from Maine to take part in the event. Photo Courtesy Cammy (Mason) Vasquez

Hillary, Brad and Shane
Hillary (Crandall) Ricaporte, Brad Russell and Shane Fett had a chance to visit while at Brad's business, Fish Central, in Valdez on Sunday afternoon. Photo by Joe Crandall

Buckley Hollembaek
Buckley  Hollembaek with his first Halibut.  Taken in Valdez June 13, 2003. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Ryan Parton
Here is a photo of Ryan hiking the Grand Canyon in the state he now lives in Arizona. This is the Angel Bride Trail.  Ryan is a DHS graduate from 1994. Photo Courtesy Ryan Parton

Travis and Michelle
Travis Zernick and Michelle Bobo (DHS '91) were married among family on Saturday, June 21st. The wedding and reception were held at Wolf Lodge in
Coeur D'Alene, ID.  Photo Courtesy Michelle Zernick (Bobo)

Genevieve and Matt
Genevieve John and Matt Dickenson exchanging vows in the presence of many friends and relatives. Their wedding date was June 21, 2003 in sunny San Diego.  Photo Courtesy Gwendolyne John Jenkins

Michelle (Sharp) Trulove
Michelle (Sharp) Trulove recently completed her education to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. She graduated top in her class and will take her state exams at the end of the month.  She received her new hospital scrubs (uniform) as a graduation present from Mom and Dad. Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp

Lael EchoHawk
Lael Echo-Hawk (in the middle) celebrates with friends the end of class. Lael is graduating from the University of Washington Law School on June 15, 2003. She is a 1995 graduate of DHS. She graduates with the prestigious positions as the Vice-President of the Student Body and the President of the Native American Law Student Association. She has been hired to work as a lawyer for a Native tribe in the Seattle area.  Her family has joined her in Seattle to celebrate this
occasion, if you would like to offer you congratulations or join us for the party in Seattle o the 14th email her at
Photo Courtesy Abigail Echo-Hawk Lopez

Barbi and family
Barbi "Kephart" Ouellette, a 1986 graduate of Delta, who currently resides in Palmer.  Pictured in the photo are her family at a recent fishing trip to Homer 6/6/03. Seen is Tyler (8), Mark, Ryan (15), and Barbi.

Eagle Scouts graduate
Three long time friends graduated together this year. Left to right: Paul Bealer, Caleb Parker, and Matthew Sharp. Each of these young men achieved the rank of Eagle Scout during their scouting careers and were also recipient's of the local Spirit of Youth Award. Their Eagle Scout projects have made a lasting impression on the community. Paul built the reading gazebo at the city library, Caleb built picnic tables for Pioneer's Park, and Matt's project was the "Prayer Garden" on the bank of the Delta River behind the First Baptist Church. 
Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp -- May 29

Justin and Brian
Justin Arthur Smith and Brian Lowell Geise just after graduation. Photo courtesy Bill Smith

Ryan, Holly and Taylor
After a three month tour in Kuwait and Iraq, with the 82nd Airborne from Ft. Bragg, SGT Ryan Ricaporte, his wife Holly and daughter Taylor are able to spend a few days visiting relatives and friends in Delta. Photo courtesy Joe Crandall

Douglas Edward Christopherson
His first Haircut! Carter Douglas Edward Christopherson, son of Mikel Eric Christopherson (DHS '86), did not cry until the end... And this looks like it is about the end! Carter, born on November 13, 2001, lives in Anchorage with his mom, Nicole, dad, Mikel, and 3 year old sister, Erica. Mom (University of Alaska Fairbanks, '94) is a CPA with the ASRC Service Center Inc (a wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native owned for profit corporation). Dad is walking for his graduation at the University of Alaska Anchorage, on May 4. He actually completed his BS in Finance last December and now works as a Program Analyst for Alutiiq, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Afognak Native Corporation (ANC), an Alaska Native owned for profit corporation. ANC represents some of the Alutiiq peoples of the Kodiak Island group and southern coastal Alaska.)


Reuben John Jr. gives a solemn glace at the camerawoman in late March.  His Auntie Katie snapped this picture while visiting him and his parents in Fairbanks.  Photo by Katie Johnson. 

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