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Sylvester Waters
This is Isaac Sylvester Waters born to Matt & Renee (Welch) Waters on 10/19/04 at 7:18 pm in Fairbanks.  Renee is a 1994 graduate of DHS.  He is Robert & Julie Welch's first grandson and 2nd grandchild. He is 6 days old in this picture. Photo Courtesy Renee Waters

This is Devin (8) Jaydon (4) and Brynna (11 days old).  They are the children of Don and Jayme Wilson (Braswell). Jayme is a 97 grad of Delta High School.  Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson (Braswell)

Issac Parker Isaac Parker - Delta Junction resident has been working far from home and family these past two years. His work and travel experiences have taken him as far away as New Zealand and the South Pole, as well as other regions of the state. In Sitka this summer, Issac enjoyed hunting and sport fishing on his days off from work with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Presently at home, Issac is visiting with family and friends while preparing for another four month tour at the South Pole research station in Antarctica. .  Good luck Isaac!  Eric, Cathy and Erica Parker, Sitka, AK  Photo Courtesy Catherine Parker

Issac Parker
 Caleb Parker
This is a picture of Caleb Parker sheep hunting with his Dad this past week in the upper Gerstle River drainage.  No luck getting a sheep but it was worth the while to get above the smoke and be in this spectacular country.  Caleb who graduated from DHS in 2003 and Tony Sherman (2004 DHS grad) are in route (driving) to Bend Oregon to go to school there. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Kristen (Olberg) Zayon and her family enjoyed a berry-picking trip to Cantwell a few weeks ago. Pictured are Gabe, age 3; husband Jack; Blythe, 4 months; Kristen; and Emma, age 6. Photo Courtesy Kristen (Olberg) Sayon

Shilo and Dielisse
Shilo Dunklebarger, (graduate of 1997 DHS) and Dielisse Ramirez were married on February 14, 2004 in Puerto Rico. Shilo's parents, sister and little nephew traveled to Puerto Rico for the happy celebration. Shilo and Dielisse now reside in PA.  Dielisse has accepted a position as a preschool teacher for the next year.  Shilo is still working with Underwater Construction Company in CT and enjoys underwater diving and welding for the company.  He travels around the lower 48 with his job.  Dielisse loves the United States. Photo Courtesy Pam Dunklebarger

Matt and Creig Sharp
Matt Sharp is shown with his dad on a turnout along the Alcan Highway in late June. Parents, Creig and Kathy, visited relatives in Washington and shared the Alcan trip with Matt as he moved to his next Air Force duty station. In recent weeks, Airman Sharp has settled in at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada and completed his indoctrination training. He is now starting a 15-month on-the-job apprenticeship training program that will earn him FAA certification as an Air Traffic Control Radar Operator. Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp

Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell
Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell.  2004 graduates.  Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

Matt, Creig, and Kathy
Proud parents, Creig and Kathy Sharp, are shown at the Fairbanks International Airport welcoming home their son, Matthew Sharp.  Matt is enjoying his career in the Air Force and has been attending Air Traffic Control School in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he finished top in his class, achieving the "Distinguished Graduate" award.  Airman Sharp's next duty station is at Nellis AFB outside Las Vegas, Nevada where he will move into his "hands on" training phase as a radar operator. Photo courtesy Kathy Sharp

Grant, Amy and Tony
Grant Giese, Amy Vander Zwaag, and Tony Sherman. Graduation night, May 14, 2004.
Photo courtesy Amy Vander Zwaag

Christie Dubois
Here's one of me at a rehearsal for my friend Adam's Senior Project. It was a play called "The Invention of War." It was composed of battle scenes from various Shakespearian plays like Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet, Macbeth, etc. I got to fight with swords in choreographed fight sequences. I'm sitting on one of the 8ft. high platforms that we fought. Photo courtesy Christie DuBois

May 14, 2004, graduation party for Brian Giese, Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell. Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

Cassie Green, Jesse Schlichting (Salutatorian), Brandon Jenkins, and Sarah Byam  (Co-Valdictorian) after graduation. Photo courtesy Cassie Green

Starrlyn Murray
Starrlyn Murray is now 3! Happy birthday Baby! (daughter of Jennifer Murray class of 99, Granddaughter of Mike and Jaime Murray Delta residents) Photo Courtesy Jaime Murray

Antonio Echo-Hawk Lopez
Antonio Echo-Hawk Lopez having a good time at his auntie Gwen Jenkin's house in Fairbanks early August.   Antonio was visiting his Grandma Chaddie Kelly along with his mom (Abigail Echo-Hawk Lopez 97DHS grad) dad and older brother. Photo Courtesy Abigail (Echo-Hawk) Lopez

Brynna Wilson
Don and Jayme Wilson (Braswell)  welcomed their daughter Brynna Dawn on September 16th, 2004. She was born at 1:10pm and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. She was 19 3/4 inches long. Brynna joins brothers Devin (8) and Jaydon (4). Jayme is 97 graduate of Delta High School. Their family resides in Fallon, Nevada. 
Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson (Braswell)

Savanah and Tyler
Here is a picture of Savannah Hope and Tyler William. They are the children of 1996 Delta Graduate Autumn (Schoech) Gaiski and her husband Joe. Savannah just turned 4 years old and is Pre-K this year. Tyler was born on March 11, 2004 and will be 6 months old in a couple of days.  Autumn and her family now reside in a suburb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Photo Courtesy Autumn (Schoech) Gaiski

Colton is now 3 months old and looks so much like his daddy and even more like his Papa Bobo. He canít wait to come visit his family in Delta.  Photo Courtesy Leslie Bobo

John, Rueben and Kyra
Here are John, Reuben and Kyra making soft pretzels.  They even painted them with egg wash.  Yumm.  Photo Courtesy Gwen (John) Jenkins

"Former Delta residents, Kelly and Konnie Kohnen, now residing in Juneau, announce the engagement of their daughter Felicia to Kashif Shah of Juneau,
Alaska. A June 2005 wedding is being planned. Felicia will graduate May 2005 from UMT-Missoula with a bachelors in biology and microbiology. Kashif graduated from the University of Punjab with a bachelors in economics and business. He is currently working as the apparel assistant manager for Fred  Meyer Inc. in Juneau." 

Felicia Kohnen -- August 9, 2004

Tommy and Rachel
Former Delta residents Tommy Sauer and Rachel Groppel were married on Saturday, August 7th in Fairbanks.  Tommy and Rachel travel all over the
U.S working at Four Points Communications as a fiberoptic technician.

Dave and Dani
"Smoke may get in your eyes, but love was definitely in the air on Friday July 2, when long time local sweethearts Danielle Boadwine and David McCombs became Mr. and Mrs. in a lovely outdoor ceremony officiated by Danielle's brother, Greg. David's best man was his dad, Steve McCombs, and Danielle's "maid" of honor was her dad, Dave Boadwine. Mom Barb and Mom Joyce were close by and cried right on cue. The newlyweds, friends and family then enjoyed an Alaskan style barbecue and jet skiing under the midnight sun at Quartz Lake. Dave and Dani are building a new home on their property in Ester and are currently living in Fairbanks. Congratulations, kids! Photo Courtesy Brian Aillaud

Miguel Lopez at his Auntie Lis EchoHawk/Kawe's(2000 DHS grad) wedding in Kona, Hawaii. Miguel would like to say get well soon to his great-grandma Chaddie Kelly, he loves you very much and can't wait to see you at Christmas. Photo Courtesy Abigail EchoHawk/Lopez

Jamie, Michael and Starrlyn
Jamie, Michael, and Starrlyn Murray (daughter age 2 of Jennifer Murray class of 99) all enjoying grandma (Jamie) and Grandpa's (Mike) recent trip to Issaquah last June.  Photo Courtesy Jennifer Murray

Graduation weekend
A picture from graduation weekend.  It was taken at a BBQ on Sunday May 16th.  From left to right the seniors are, Anne Baker, Amy Vander Zwaag, Jesse Schlichting, Cassie Green, Tony Sherman, Kim Hardy, Brandon Jenkins, and Sarah Byam. Photo courtesy Cassie Green

Colton, turned 1 month old on June 2. Photo courtesy Leslie Bobo

Blythe Isabel Zayon
My name is Kristen Zayon (formerly Olberg). My husband Jack and I have been living in Anchorage for about 10 years now.  I grew up in Delta and graduated from DHS in 1990. The newest family member, Blythe Isabel, who was born on March 19th, weighing 10 lb 8oz!!! In this picture she is ten weeks old. Photo courtesy Kristen Zayon (Olberg)

2004 Graduating Class Graduation was May 14,  shown is the entire graduating class from Delta High School.   Photo courtesy Cassie Green

  Kim Hardy, Hillel Echo-Hawk, Anne Baker, and Amy Vander Zwaag. Photo courtesy Amy Vander Zwaag

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