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Sierra (daughter of Julie Luke 93' and Jonathan Gibbs 92') at her basketball tournament during spring break!! Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Gabriella Elise Machuca
A photo of my daughter Gabriella Elise Machuca, she is now 11 months old.
Photo Courtesy Susan Bancroft

Rob Albaugh receiving his Achievement Medal at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.
Photo courtesy of Amanda Albaugh (Fox)

Naomi Boothe
Naomi Felicity Boothe was born on
March 1st, 2005 at 1:05 p.m. she weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. She is the daughter of Amber Boothe (Blake) and Daryl Boothe. She was born on Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland!  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

Ashley and Emily
Ashley and Emily Bevard enjoying a movie on a portable DVD player. Gotta love technology.
Photo Courtesy Rob and Sarah Bevard

Debbie and Brett
This is a pic of me (Debbie Heinbockel) and my fiance Brett Phillips....we will be getting married on June 25th at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. Photo Courtesy Debbie Heinbockel

Hanni and Brenna
Hanni Marchuk (DHS 98) and her 2 year old daughter, Brenna Marchuk. Hanni is currently working on Fort Greely for KAYA, Associates. Brenna gets to play with her friends at the post day care while mama works.
Photo Courtesy Hanni Marchuk

Rob Albaugh
Photo taken of Rob Albaugh when he was sent over-seas. Photo Courtesy Amanda Albaugh (Fox)

At Lael Echo-Hawk's 27th Birthday, October 25th 2004. From left to right, Ryan Kelly, Hillel Echo-Hawk, Colleen EchoHawk-Hayashi, Lael Echo-Hawk, Matt EchoHawk-Hayashi. Photo by Lael Echo-Hawk

Gregory and Maya
Gregory Diego, age 4 and Maya Estella, age 3 are the children of Rolando and Rita Ricaporte-Guzman.  Rita is a 1997 graduate of Delta High. Gregory and Maya want to say Feliz Navidad to their Grandma and Grandpa Muth, and Auntie Jo Jo.  Photo Courtesy Jamie Hollstein

Bird count

Merry Christmas
Isaac Parker celebrates Christmas at the South Pole as you can see here with the Christmas message being reflected on the ceremonial South
Pole. He also participated in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. He saw "0" birds even after placing a hummingbird feeder on top of the
South Pole. Photos Courtesy Barbara Parker

Buckley, Wesley, Leslie, Colton
Buckley and his son, Wesley, joined his sister, Leslie, and her son, Colton Bobo at the Blatchford family reunion in Palmer for Thanksgiving. Over 140 people attended the gala.
Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Albaugh family
A family photo of the Albaugh Family. Rob is a 2001 graduate from Delta and Amanda is a 2000 graduate. Their two children in the photo are Torrance Elizabeth Albaugh, age 3, and Tanner Cyress Albaugh, age 1 1/2. Rob is currently making a career out of the Air Force at Eielson AFB, Alaska. Soon we will be moving to Holloman AFB, New Mexico, in Mid-March.
Photo Courtesy Amanda (Fox) Albaugh

Olberg Family reunion
The Olberg family had a reunion of sorts in Anchorage over Labor Day weekend, at Kristen (Olberg - class of '90) Zayon's house. Back row: Harley Olberg, Kristen (Olberg) Zayon, her husband Jack Zayon, Dan Olberg (Class of '86), his wife Tracy Olberg. Front row: Alex Bravo, Al Bravo, Cindy (Olberg - Class of '81) Bravo, Lynn Olberg (holding Blythe Zayon), Aaron Bravo, Abby Bravo, Gabe Zayon and Emma Zayon. Dan and Tracy live in New Zealand, so seeing them is an infrequent treat! Missing was Jessica (Olberg - Class of '83) Oliver and her family; Ken, Candice and Graham. Photo Courtesy Kristen Zayon

Trevino family
Jaime (Kohler) Trevino, class of 1998, and her sons Tyler, 5, and Tysen, 19 months.
Photo Courtesy Jaime Trevino

Andrew Boothe and daddy
Andrew Boothe and Dad getting ready to go
trick or treating on Andrews AFB, home of
Air Force One. Andrew is the son of former
Delta resident Amber (Blake) Boothe.
 Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe


Class of 95
The Reunion For Classes 1992-1995
Has Been Cancelled
Sorry to inform you, but the reunion has been canceled. I received a HUGE amount of cancellations this last week, and I had too many "maybes" that couldn't quite commit to coming, therefore, the event has been canceled. I hope that we can try to connect again in 2010.

If you have any questions or comments please continue to email me at this address (available for the next couple months) or at my personal email which is

My apologies.  Cammy (Mason) Vasquez


Destin James Kohler
Derek Kohler and Celanise Scott welcome their new baby boy. Destin James Charles Kohler, born March 14, 2005 at 1:49 pm in Boise, Idaho, 9 lbs. 15 oz. 22 inches long. Derek is my brother, and went to school at DHS and works forestry in the summers, he met Celanise while going to college in Fairbanks. Photo Courtesy by Auntie Sarah Bevard

Curtis and Angie
Curtis Taylor Jr. (son of Delta Christian Center pastors Curtis and Belita Taylor) and his new bride Angie Titus of Anchorage were married on Friday the 11th of February. They will be living in Anchorage. Photo Courtesy Richard Mitchell

Lydia and Rob
Lydia Horschel, 19 (2000 Delta High Graduate) and her finance Rob Manders, 23 (of Breckinridge,
Colorado) at her bridal shower in Utah last week. They will marry at a small wedding on March 19,
2005 at a resort in Lake Tahoe.
Photo Courtesy Lydia Horschel

Dawson Atwell
Proud parents, Justin Atwell 1998 graduate (DHS) and Christina Decker of Fairbanks. Grandparents Charlie and Amy Atwell and great grandma Jo McBride all of Delta Jct. Dawson Lee Atwell was born Nov. 23. This photo was taken on Feb 21st, 3 months old.  Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

Caleb Blake
Air Force SSgt Caleb Blake in part of Operation Iraqi Freedom with old Iraqi AA gun. He was a 98 graduate of DHS. Photo Courtesy CB

Amaya and Acacia
Amaya Ann Johnson was born January 24, 2005 at 1:30am at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. She is the daughter of Mary Johnson (Kozarik), a 2000 graduate of Delta High School. Little Acacia Jin Johnson, Mary's first child, is enjoying her little sister. Photo Courtesy Amanda Albaugh (Fox)

Devin, age 8, Jaydon age 4 1/2 and Brynna Wilson 4months.They are the kids of Jayme (Braswell, 97 alumni) and Donald Wilson. They reside in Fallon Nevada. Photo Courtesy Jayme (Braswell) Wilson

Torrance and Tanner
Torrance Elizabeth and Tanner Cyress Albaugh smile for their Christmas photo.
Photo Courtesy Amanda (Fox) Albaugh

Santa and Nicholas
Nicholas Tyler Willard, son of '97 DHS grad Dawn Krebs, enjoying a visit with Santa (Mr. Ron Magee) at the Delta Christmas Bazaar 2004. 
Photo Courtesy: Gramma Jurgens "Mrs. J"

Sierra and Tyriq
Sierra and Tyriq Luke (Julie Luke's two little angels) enjoying a book:-) Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

John and Kyle

Sara and Kyle

Pictures of Sara and John Stolz playing with their son, Kyle, at their home on Eielson AFB. 
Photos Courtesy Amanda Albaugh

Eli Grossmann
Local skater Eli Grossmann is playing Major Junior hockey for the Seattle Thunderbirds in the Western Hockey League. Recently his Dad, Bruce and sisters Annie and Sarah flew down to watch him play 2 games. They were joined by older brother Ben who flew in from San Francisco to enjoy the games as well. The Thunderbirds won both games 6-4 and 6-0. The team is currently in first place in the US Division of the WHL. This photo is of Bruce, Annie, Eli, Sarah and Ben just after the first game in the Key Arena in Seattle. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

Isaac Parker
Isaac Parker: "Its going good here at the South Pole. I've been real busy fixing stuff for the past couple of weeks. The temp has been mighty cold (-60) for the past couple of weeks, but Its warmed up to (-39) today. Summers commin! . In the
background you can see Mt Erebus, an active volcano here in Antarctica."
Photo Courtesy Catherine Parker

Cammy and Ava
Cammy (Mason-class of 95) Vasquez and her daughter Ava (9 months) enjoying a Halloween party at their home in Seattle.
Photo Courtesy Cammy Vasquez

Savannah and Tyler
 Pictured is Savannah Gaiski (4 years) as Cinderella and Tyler Gaiski (7 months) with a mouth full of candy.  They are the children of 1996 Delta Graduate Autumn (Schoech) Gaiski. Photo Courtesy Autumn Gaiski.

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