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The Sharp men recently went out on a buffalo hunt at Hollembaek Farms.  Matt (DHS class of 2003) was quite thrilled to take down this really large bull with one shot from his dad's Sako 375 H&H.  Matthew, home on Thanksgiving leave, is in the Air Force stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, working as an Air Traffic Control Radar Operator.   Pictured left to right: Scott Hollembaek, Creig, and Matt Sharp.  Photo by Kathy Sharp.

DHS graduates Tony Sherman, Caleb Parker, and Travis DuBois are shown at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. The 3 guys are in Bend attending
school and working. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Elijah Aiden sleeping soundly on the couch after church. Elijah is now 4 months old. Son of Reuben B. John and Rachel H. Phillips.  Photo Courtesy Rachel Phillips

Joe and family
I had a chance to visit Holly Ricaporte, and newest addition Wesley (4 months) in mid October in Salt Lake City. Lucky for me, Heather was able to visit from Colorado, and Hillary was already nearby. Shown here, Hillary, myself, Holly and Wesley, Taylor and Heather. photo by Heathers friend John , Photo submitted by Joe Crandall.

Aaron and nieces
This is a picture of Aaron Scifres (1995 DHS Graduate) and his sisters children, Allison Scifres-Folwell (1992 DHS Graduate). Abigail, 4 years old,
Jacob, 1 year old, Amanda, 10 years old, Elizabeth 8 years old and Jessica,  6 years old. The proud grandparents, Kent and Coleen Scifres still reside
in Delta Junction.  Photo submitted by Allison Folwell.

SSgt Caleb Blake
USAF SSgt Caleb Blake fixing fiber optic in Iraq this is his second tour to Iraq. SSgt Caleb Blake is a 1998 DHS Graduate. Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

The whole wedding party and family plus some. Back row feft to right is Laure and Dale Simpson (Laure is Adam's mom), Jordyn Lester (ring bearer#1) along with Grandpa Lester, and Dave and Michelle Trainor. Middle row is Granny (Paul's mother), Erin Trainor, Beth Knopp, Jessica Miller, Teresa and Adam Knopp, Dave McCombs, and Ben and Paul Knopp. (Paul also officiated the wedding.) Front row kneeling are Ethel Knopp (Paul's sister), Amanda Trainor, Trinity Brant (ring bearer#2), Samantha Trainor, Chris Knopp, and James Dorff  Jr  Photo Courtesy Teresa (Trainor) Knopp.

The wedding party (minus the flowergirl and ring bearers.) Left to right is Amanda Trainor, Erin Trainor, Beth Knopp(all 3 bridesmaids), Jessica Miller(maid of honor), bride Teresa Knopp (formally Trainor), groom Adam Knopp, best man Dave McCombs, and grooms men James Dorff Jr., Ben Knopp, and Chris Knopp. Photo Courtesy Teresa (Trainor) Knopp

I just got back from visiting the old Delta gang in Seattle. While I was there Jacob and Asenath White came into town, so I got to catch up with them too. How strange it is that every time I'm in Seattle I always end up running into so many more people that I hadn't even planned on seeing. It's always so much fun to catch up with what everyone is doing. I will be coming back home to AK in Feb and hope to catch up with people while I'm in town. Just thought I would share the pictures of the group.  "Delta Gang"  Jacob and Asenath White, Shannon Bradley, Myong Gartz, and Jessica White.  Photo Courtesy Shannon Bradley

 "Delta Girls" are Jessica, Shannon, Myong, and Amber Gephart.  Hope to see everyone soon!
Photo Courtesy Shannon Bradley

(Sean Purucker Graduated on September 17th 2005 from the Fashion design program. This was his second walk down the isle with the Art Institute of
Seattle. Sean Previously studied the Industrial Design Technology program, graduating with honors from IDT, in June 2004. Hailing from Delta Junction
Alaska , Sean enrolled at the Art institute of Seattle Directly from high school. He has earned national recognition for his costume designs from the
NBC Today Show and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. His creative work has been featured on Seattle Evening Magazine, KOMO TV and KCPQ TV in Washington. He has twice earned top awards in the colleges annual student fashion show, taking home Best Theatrical Design two years in a row, and this year Beast Overall Construction prizes for his costume work.)

I not only graduated for the second time, but I was the student speaker at graduation, and out of the group of fashion design students who graduated
with me I won best portfolio for Fashion Design.
Graduating, Speaking as student speaker, and wining best portfolio for my program is the highest honor you can earn at my school.

Tay and Joe
Tay Sarver, 1998 graduate of DHS and Joe Key were married on Tay's Dad birthday, June 29, 2005 in Smiley, TX.  They reside in Nixon, TX. Photo Courtesy Liz Sarver

Ssgt Blake
USAF SSgt Caleb Blake fixing fiber optic in Iraq this
is his second tour to Iraq. SSgt Caleb Blake is a 1998
DHS Graduate.  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

My Granddaughter, Leilani who's Mom is a Delta High School/UAF graduate, Kim (Kingston) Eames. Photo Courtesy Michael Kiingston/CRTC

Dylan, Darby, and Samantha Jones after a long, hot day (106F) at the San Antonio Zoo. All three are the children of Tami (Turner) Jones DHS Alumni 1990 and Jamie Jones. They are also the grandchildren of Jeri and Alfred Preston, and the great grandchildren of Lois Cosgrove and the late Norman Cosgrove. The kids have been enjoying all the San Antonio sun since June, and are hoping Hurricane Rita brings some rain their way. It's only rained twice since moving to San Antonio. Photo Courtesy Tami (Turner) Jones

Andrea (Rogers) Lipo, class of ’91, gave birth to her first child in August. Her daughter’s name is Lexi Maudline Lipo. Andrea and her husband Jim live in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Courtesy April Rogers

Brian Aillaud
Brian Aillaud DHS class of 2002 near St. Anthony Pass south of Granite Mountain. Brian and dad, Whit, spent several days exploring the area on foot in June.
Photo Courtesy Whit Aillaud

Some of Stan & LaQuenta Musgrove's grandchildren...Breanna, Zachary, Michael (Tanya's little ones) and Tyriq (Julie's son) after some finger painting fun.  Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Sierra (daughter of Jonathan Gibbs 92' and Julie Luke 93') showing her soccer skills.  Sierra is a captain on her Eclipse 93 team. Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Isaac Waters dressed up for 4th of July. He is almost 9 months old.  He is the son of Renee (Welch) & Matt Waters. His grandparents are Bob & Julie Welch, formerly of Delta.. Graduate class of 94 from DHS.
Photo Courtesy Renee Waters

Starrlyn Murray (Daughter of Jennifer Murray class of 99, Granddaughter of Jaime and Mike Murray of Delta Jct) playing pumpkin guts. Wishing everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving.- Woodinville WA. Photo Courtesy Jennifer Murray

Lacey, Justin and sons
The wedding took place on August 6th at the Clearwater lodge. Outside Ceremony reception at the lodge. This picture is Bride & Groom and there two boys, Cameron Smith & Cobey Cupp.   Lacey Smith (Wheeling).  Justin graduated from Delta in 96 and Lacey in 93. Photo Courtesy Lacy (Wheeling) Smith

Wedding party
From Left to right the wedding party
Shelly Schaffer, Heather Shumar, Jessacah Hanson, Misty Lanegan, Terri Sexton, George Pursey, Totsie Pursey, Justin Smith, Lacey Smith, Rick Wheeling, Gabe Brannan, Erik Shumar, Ed Allain. Front row: Cameron Smith, Cobey Cupp and Haley Sargent. Photo Courtesy Lacy (Wheeling) Smith

Sara, Krysta and Sheena
Sara Stolz, Krysta Schultz & Sheena Wright in Alaska. I hadn't seen Sheena in 5yrs and I see Sara everytime I go home to visit from Great Falls, MT. Where I am still stationed and will soon be deployed to Iraq. Picture submitted by Krysta Schultz

Jessica, Hanni, and Nina
Jessica Marchuk (DHS 96’), Hanni Marchuk (DHS 98’), and their friend Nina Lainhart (college, Oklahoma) during their recent “girls weekend” in Las Vegas. It’s always nice to catch up with friends!  Photo Courtesy Hanni Marchuk

Captain Talbott
A picture of USAF Capt Todd Talbott (DHS 1987 Grad) at a forward operating location in Afghanistan. Photo Courtesy Todd E. Talbott, Capt, USAF

Caleb & Yayoi Blake in front of the
Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Caleb is
a 1998 DHS Graduate. 
Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

From Left to Right USAF SrA Sexton and SSgt Caleb Blake a former delta resident and 98 DHS Graduate in Iraq. Trying to figure out which way to go. Already know where there are (2nd from top of sign).  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

Jason, Rachael ((Dunklebarger) graduate of 2000 DHS and Christopher Woodcox. Taken at Tangles in September. Jason is deploying to Iraq on November 27 for his second tour.  He will be missed by all of us.  Photo Courtesy Pam Dunklebarger

Janis Sarver
Sister of the bride, Janis Sarver, 1999 graduate of DHS was maid of honor.  Janis resides in Salem, VA Photo Courtesy Liz Sarver.

Tay and family
Tay and her family.  Photo Courtesy Liz Sarver

Reuben and Elijah
Baby Elijah (son of Rachel Phillips and Reuben John) is enjoying cuddles from Dad. Elijah is Reuben John's second son and we are all enjoying another addition to the family.  Photo Courtesy Gwendolyn Jenkins

In April Candice Rogers (class of “94) married Huy Ngo of Maryland in Guaymas, Mexico. Photo Courtesy April Rogers

Pam Rule of Delta was the proud mother of the bride. Photo Courtesy April Rogers

Breanna and Wes
 Breanna Krawl, her sister Lindsay Krawl and her boyfriend Wes Pinkelman, went kayaking in Valdez to Shoup Glacier. The glacier is tucked away in Shoup Bay and can be accessed by boat, kayak, helicopter, or on foot. Kayak companies offer day trips that allow you to explore the icebergs, marine wildlife and more. Hikers, meanwhile, can take the 9 mile hike back to Shoup Bay for fabulous views and an amazing Kittiwake rookery. Photo Courtesy Breanna Krawl.

Bryanna Wilson
Brynna Dawn Wilson is 11 months old. She is the
daughter of 97 graduate Jayme (Braswell) and Donald Wilson. She will be turning 1 on September 16th. Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson

Chris Willis
Chris Willis (DHS class of '96) with his sister Stessie (Willis) Keith (DHS class of '90) and his new nephew Aidan (3 months old) in June at Camp Pendleton, CA. Stessie's husband, James (USMC), was deployed. Chris currently resides with wife Heather (Luddington)
 in Denver, CO. Photo Courtesy Stessie Keith

"Where do you want this?" Colton Bobo is helping mom, Leslie (class of 1997), with yard work at their home in Chugiak, Alaska.  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Wesley (son of Christy and Buckley Hollembaek) found his dad's old cowboy hat that dad Buckley (class of 1999) had when he was a 1st grader.  Proud Wesley shows it off in grandpa Scott's forklift on the farm outside of Delta Junction. Wesley is 2 1/2 years old.  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek


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