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Little Dan Glass
Little Dan Glass in December 2005, in Sea World San Diego California.  Photo Courtesy Teresa (Dorff) Glass

Ava Grapengeter sitting with her big brother Shane. Shane just turned 3 this January and as you can tell, loves his little sister. Photo Courtesy McKenzie Grapengeter

Colton Bobo with Grandpa Hollembaek visiting the bison and elk. Photo Courtesy Mike and Leslie Bobo

Rafe Grossmann
Rafe Grossmann, son of Sarah at his grandparent's home in Delta.  Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

June Edwards
June Edwards throws a flake of hay off the wagon for the bison and elk at the Hollembaek's game ranch. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Cindy Blake on the right and Amber (Blake) Boothe a 00 DHS graduate on the
left. This was taking at hard rock cafe in
Washington DC.

Grandma Holmberg comes to visit Devon in Fairchild AFB, WA to help out while John is deployed.  Photo Courtesy Sara Stolz.

Grandpa Holmberg comes to visit Devon in Fairchild AFB, WA to help out while John is deployed.  Photo Courtesy Sara Stolz.

Sgt. Shetler
Mike Shetler (Class of '02) was promoted to E5 at Ft. Carson, CO on March 1, 2006. Photo Courtesy Gail Shetler

Reese and Emma
This is a picture of Reese Thomas Addison, born January 9, 2006 and his big sister Emma Terresa Addison, who is 21 months old. Reese was 8 lbs 6 oz at birth, and still growing. Reese and Emma are the children of Hillary (Dowling) Addison and Jonathan Addison.  Photo Courtesy Hillary Addison

Here is Dade Lentz youngest son of Rance and Angela Lentz 1997 Delta High grads. Our little guy is ready to drive his 4x4 in the summer. He thinks he is so cool!!!  Photo Courtesy Angela Lentz

Cammy (Mason) Vasquez (95' grad) having fun together in Lincoln Park, Seattle.
Pictured left to right-Cammy, husband Michael, step-son Michael, step-daughter Brittany. Front row is Cammy's daughter Ava 2 years old. Photo Courtesy Cammy Vasquez

Well, Russell Hollembaek is enjoying what we all do in Alaska-fishing and the gorgeous scenery. Russ went fishing this last summer in Valdez with his dad, Scott. It was a trip worthwhile!  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

This is a picture of Seth Wisner (Class of 1993), his wife Dawn and his girls Madison and Mackenzie. Photo Courtesy Seth Wisner

Ssgt Caleb Blake
SSgt Caleb Blake a 1998 DHS graduate.
With a moose crossing sign in Iraq! I guess
there is a big moose problem there!!  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

Travis DuBois
A Delta Christmas tradition in the hockey community is a game between the Delta High School varsity team and alumnus home for the Christmas holidays.
In this picture Delta hockey taken during the varsit  vs alumni game, alumnus Travis DuBois struggles with a varsity player for the puck. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Caleb, Isaac, Corey
Delta residents Caleb Parker, Isaac Parker, and Matt Corey pose with caribou they killed during a successful hunt over the holidays. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Mike and Peggy Floyd family, Christmas 2004. Starting top left: Natatlie Terry(1996 Graduate), Nathan & Cathy, Joelene, Peggy & Mike, Lori Tomkinson (1990 Granduate), Stacey, Camille, J.P. Tomkinson, Brian Terry(1995 Graduate), Kade Terry, Greg (1989 Graduate) & Samantha, Jason Tomkinson, Kaleb Tomkinson, Jeremy (1993 Graduate) & Thomas, Jacob, Liann Tomkinson,
Emily Terry, Alyssa Tomkinson, Danielle Tomkinson, Benjamin, Jonathon, Daniel.  Photo courtesy Peggy Floyd

Triston and Wesley
Triston Edwards and his brother, Wesley Hollembaek, going out to feed the bison on the farm. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Triston A. Edwards, son of Trent Edwards and Christy Hollembaek, learning how to kayak while at the Gravel Pits in Delta. Photo courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Jayme and Brynna
Jayme (Braswell) Wilson and her daughter Brynna. Jayme is a 97 graduate of Delta High School. Brynna will be 15 months on the 16th of December. They live in Fallon NV, with husband Don and Brynna's brothers Devin and Jaydon. Photo Courtesy Jamie Wilson

Teresa and Dan Glass III
Teresa and  Dan Glass III in Valdez for Valdez in July 2005 for the Valdez Magic Softball Tournament, doing some fishing on the side. Photo Courtesy Teresa (Dorff) Glass

Dan and Nevaeh Glass
Dan and Nevaeh Glass, Dan will be 4 in October and Nevaeh just turned 1 the end of April.  Photo Courtesy Teresa (Dorff) Glass

Michelle (Bobo) Zernick and husband, Travis, welcomed their little girl, Ayla Michelle into the world the day before Mother's Day. Ayla weighed 7.5 lbs and was 21 ¼ inches long.

Big sister, Reia, is all ready to help take care of her new baby sister. Grandma & Grandpa Bobo are up in Fairbanks helping out. Travis' parents live in Fairbanks and also are there to share the joy.  Photos Courtesy  Ruby Hollembaek

Cousins Wesley Hollembaek 3 years and Colton Bobo 20 months enjoying their fort at Gramma and Grandpa Hollembaek’s. Photo Courtesy Mike and Leslie Bobo

Lourdes Grace Lester daughter of Richard and Mary Lester just recently turned 5 months.

Ava Josephine
Here's the newest addition to the Grapengeter family. Little Ava Josephine was born weighing 6 lbs 7 oz on March 1st 2006 to John and McKenzie Grapengeter (formerly Allen 00-02).  Photo Courtesy McKenzie Grapengeter

Colton Bobo
Colton Bobo, son of Mike and Leslie (Hollembaek) Bobo, on one of his many trips outdoors with his favorite hat (Thanks Grandma Ruby J). Colton will be two on Cinco de Mayo.  Photo Courtesy Mike and Leslie Bobo

Kevin and Kim Bender (Schmidt). Married August 27, 2005 in Yachats Oregon. Former Delta High School student from 1995-1998. Photo Courtesy Kim Bender

Kevin and Kim Bender- Maui Hawaii Feb 2006. Former Delta High School student from 1995-1998.  Photo Courtesy Kim Bender

Christie is enjoying London's St. Patty's Day parade near Buckingham Palace. The city had a huge festival with music, dancing, and green everything. Photo Courtesy Christie DuBois

Christie DuBois is pictured here in the British village of Castlecomb. It only has a couple hundred residents and was the site of the filming of the original "Dr. Doolittle." It is in a lush area of Britain called the Cotswolds.. Christie currently lives in London.

Here is a family picture of Sara, John, Devon, and Kyle Stolz. Devon was born on
Jan.18th 2006 in Spokane Wa. John is currently deployed.  Photo Courtesy Sara Stolz

Flower Cole in front of a burly wood moose at the Knotty Shop in Salcha, Alaska. Photo Courtesy Flower Cole

Grandpa and Colton
Colton, with his Grandpa Hollembaek outside in Chugiak.  Photo Courtesy Mike and Leslie Hollembaek

Mike and Colton
Colton, with his dad outside in Chugiak.  Photo Courtesy Mike and Leslie Hollembaek

Sierra Luke (daughter of Julie Luke 93' & Jonathan Gibbs 92') Sierra's team went undefeated this season, here she is proudly wearing her first place medal and she also made the All Conference Team:-)  Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Wesley Hollembaek
It's time to do lots of indoor stuff.  Wesley Hollembaek is helping his grandma take the frozen fish, clean it, fillet and skin it out in order to can it.  The fish is frozen whole and glazed several times to keep from getting freezer burn and dehydrating.  When the fall is so busy with farming, it's nice to have the winter to can.  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Chris and Adam
Christopher Paul Knopp and daddy lounging on the couch. "Lil' Chris" (as we call him) was born November 4, 2005 at 2:36 am to Adam and Teresa Knopp.  Photo courtesy Teresa Knopp

Mike and Gail
Former residents Mike and Gail Shetler spent Christmas in Taos, NM. They were at Gail's sister and brother-in-law's home.  Photo Courtesy Gail Shetler

Ice thickness of 18 inches or more on Quartz Lake is allowing fishermen to set up their ice houses.  Ice houses can give fishermen an escape from the cold and the darkened interior allow visual contact with the fish through the ice hole.  Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Bruce and Dawn Grossmann enjoyed the Christmas holidays with all their children home. Ben and Sarah came in from Venice Beach, CA where they finished up working on the TV Mini-series "The Triangle." Eli came in from Seattle where he plays hockey for the Seattle Thunderbirds. Annie was happy to have her older siblings home to pick on her. Photo courtesy Dawn Grossmann

June Edwards, daughter of Trent Edwards and Christy Hollembaek, loving the water at the Gravel.  Photo courtesy Ruby Hollembaek



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