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Caleb Parker listens intently to a Coast Guard representative in Sitka Alaska as he sits in the rescue swimmers seat aboard the rescue helicopter, basically a refitted Blackhawk. When asked, people working for the coast guard in Sitka say the movie the “Guardian” is a good representation of the type of work the coast guard does. One “coasty” said “the only thing a rescue swimmers do not do, is jump out of helicopters at night”. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Isaac Parker does a double take at the T-Rex that crashed through the roof of the Kettleson Library in Sitka Alaska. This aberration appears in the children’s room and is made by a local artist entirely from recycled material, mostly colored glass. At the time there were about 10-12 young children in the room, none seemed apprehensive, but I can’t imaging a young child coming into the room for the first time, would get a thrill! and run for mama. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Cindy and Joseph
Steve & Julie Helkenn invite you to share in the wedding of their daughter Cindy Ann to Joseph Wayne Renolds on Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 1pm on the Helkenn farm. Please dress warm and in casual attire, as the service will be held in the hay barn. Also, feel free to bring along a quilt or lap blanket. There will be an English Country dance following the ceremony. Please RSVP - 895-4416 or 832-5595. As Joe & Cindy are saving up for a minivan, you might consider a gift to contribute toward this need.

Miguel and Antonio Echo-Hawk/Lopez at a wedding in
Seattle. They are the sons of Abigail Echo-Hawk/Lopez and they want to say good luck to their Uncle Howie and the rest of the DHS Football team this season.  Photo Courtesy Abigail (Echo-Hawk) Lopez

Colleen and Matt Echo-Hawk/Hayashi are expecting their first baby Nov.2!! They live and work in Seattle and all the Aunties and Uncles can't wait for this baby to make his appearance.  Photo Courtesy Abigail (Echo-Hawk) Lopez

Wes and Lindsay
Wes Pinkelman (2000) and Lindsay Krawl were married Saturday July 1, 2006 at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. This picture taken on the Delta River. Photo Courtesy Lindsay Pinkelman

Wes and groomsmen
A picture of Wes Pinkelman and his Groomsmen from his recent wedding. Pictured from left to right..
Dan Knittel, Wes Pinkelman, Chad Pinkelman, Matt
Pinkelman, Landen Sonnichsen. Photo Courtesy Lindsay Pinkelman

Jennifer Murray (class of 1999), daughter Starrlyn Murray age 4, with grandpa Mike Murray of Delta Jct on a recent visit to Seattle. Photo Courtesy Courtesy of Jamie Murray

Starrlyn Murray (daughter of Jennifer Murray Class of 1999, Grand-baby of Jamie and Mike Murray of Delta Jct.) enjoying a treat from Grandma and Grandpa on their last visit to Seattle.  Photo Courtesy Courtesy of Jamie Murray

Steven Murray

Steven Murray (class of 2002) in Afghanistan serving our Country! We are extremely proud of you, Son!!!! Parents Mike and Jamie Murray. Photo Courtesy of Jamie Murray

Here's a photo of the Heinbockel family over the 4th of July weekend-fishing in Valdez!!  Lou & Sherry Heinbockel, Ed Heinbockel, Derek & Sheryl Mills & kids and Brett & Debbie Phillips.

3 generations. Courtney Yates, mom-Lorry & grandson celebrating grandma's retirement.  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Vanessa John - sister of the groom.  Rachel and Rueben's wedding on July 1.

Rachel Phillips and Rueben John were married on July 1 at the bride's home.  Marki Adams was the maid of honor.  Photo Courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek.


Jennifer and Gabriella
Hello From Georgia!!! I was just browsing the web and stumbled upon this website and found a whole lot of familiar names and faces. It was nice to see what everyone has been up to over the past few years. I was a student at DHS from 93-96, as I am sure many people remember my last name!!! I am currently living in Braselton, GA just north of Atlanta. In October my husband Humberto and I welcomed our 3rd Daughter Gabriella Maria Mejia, and I wanted to share a recent photo of the two of us together. Hello to everyone! Photo Courtesy Jennifer Mejia (Titterness)

Picture of three of the original Delta/Greely packers football team Mike Bahr, Lamone and myself (middle) from 1977. Former resident Michael Wilkins

Jason and Christopher Woodcox.  Jason returned from his second tour of duty from Iraq on November 2.  Christopher is so glad to have his daddy home again. They are currently stationed at Fort Hood, TX, and plan on moving back to Delta summer of 2007. Photo Courtesy Rachael (Dunklebarger class of 2000) Woodcox.

Cammy (Mason) Vasquez class of 95' would like to introduce her new little guy Caden! He was born on 6/20/06 in Seattle, WA. Photo Courtesy Cammy (Mason) Vasquez

Picture of Genevieve John (Class of '96), Libby Brennan-Childs (Class of '96) and Lael Echo-Hawk, (Class of '95) at Reuben and Rachel John's wedding July 2006.  Gen will complete her chiropractic graduate studies in Los Angeles in April 2007, Libby is a business owner living in Delta with her family, and Lael is an attorney in Seattle, Washington.  Photo Courtesy Lael Echo-Hawk

Justin Smith (DHS 2003) on right with cousins (left to right) Richard, Dianne, Sharon and Savannah Orcutt near Moab, Utah in May 2006. Photo courtesy of Niel Orcutt (DHS ????). 

Jessica, Brenna and Hanni
Jessica Marchuk (DHS 96’), Hanni Marchuk (DHS 98’), and Brenna Marchuk (Hanni’s daughter) got together in June for an aunt’s wedding in Two Rivers, AK. Jessica is currently working on the North Slope and Hanni is living and working in the Delta/Greely area.  Photo Courtesy Hanni Marchuk

Kenna and Christie
Kenna and Christie are basking in the seaside sun on England's southern coast in New Forest National Park. Photo Courtesy Christie DuBois

Christie DuBois
The DuBois' (minus Trav) enjoyed a trip around England recently...Christie taking a break by a creek during a hike through the hills in Dartmoor National Park.  Photo Courtesy Christie DuBois

Robert Gilpin (Class of ’92) with wife Bambi (from Wasilla) and their three children Alexandra Shareece (9), Mackenzie Rae (7), and Zachary Daniel (5). Robert is a Chief Petty Officer (E-7) in the United States Coast Guard currently stationed in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Mr & Mrs. Reuben John" were married of July 1st, 2006. Photo Courtesy Rachel (Phillips) John

Reuben and Rachel's wedding party included (From Left to Right) Dwight & Julia Phillips -father/mother of bride- Angela Phillips -sister/bridesmaid- Amy Seegers(Phillips) -sister/bridesmaid- Marki Adams -Maid of Honor- Rachel John (Phillips) -Bride- Reuben John -Groom- Rex Beck -Best Man- Buck Hollembaek, Joel Brennan -Groomsmen Linnea & Fred John -mother/father of groom- *not in picture* Reuben Jr. and Kyra Jenkins -Ring Bearer & Flower Girl.  Photo Courtesy Rachel (Phillips) John

Adrienne and baby

Mama and Baby
Spring is here and new ones are arriving. These are all pictures of a: Bay Filly by Miss Plaudit and Rock Zipper born 05-14-06 and myself.  Photo Courtesy Adrienne Leaskey

Antonio Lopez
Antonio Echo-Hawk Lopez, son of Abigail Echo-Hawk, relaxing at the pool at their home in Seattle. Photo Courtesy Abigail (Echo-Hawk) Lopez

Isaac Anderson
While out loading hay to feed the bison and elk at the Hollembaek wild game ranch, Isaac Anderson was clowning around with the barb wire fence. Scott and Russell Hollembaek load hay along with Isaac, life on the ranch is just about good old fashioned fun.  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Sierra Luke (daughter of Julie Luke 93' and Jonathan Gibbs 92') after her soccer game. She got a huge bruise, but scored a goal:-) Four throughout the whole tournament and they came in second.



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