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April 2001

Mt. Drum as seen from Glennallen
Mt. Drum looms large over Glennallen in this recent evening picture taken on the Glenn highway 150 miles south of Delta.  Delta News Web photo.

Alaska Range spring
The Alaska Range stands in shimmering white contrast to the browns and greens of the forest emerging from spring.  Delta News Web photo.

He’s Alive Drama at Delta Christian Center

“He’s Alive,” a series of mini dramas about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus will take up the entire meeting of the Church at Delta Christian Center this Easter Sunday. The drama starts at 11 AM and will be followed by dinner.

"Leper" waiting outside the cave for JesusDCC members have been practicing and preparing props for months. The drama uses background curtains and props and period costumes.

A ham and turkey Easter dinner will follow the production. Everyone is invited to both drama and dinner. Come early to get a good seat. Delta Christian Center is located at 4.5 Mile Jack Warren Road. Call 895-5279 for information or to get a ride.

April 16, 2001

Mt. Moffit in late March
Mt. Moffit is an impressive sight from Clearwater Road in late March.  Delta News Web photo.

Horseback riding
Horseback riding at the Bald Eagle Ranch B&B in Delta.  Photo by Bald Eagle Ranch B&B.

Little Dribblers
The Little Dribblers teams, Jazz and Players with Jazz team coach Isaac Payne, playing their last game of the season Saturday, April 7th.  Photo by Connie Knix.

Deltana Community Corporation Report

The regular monthly meeting of the Deltana Community Corporation quickly got underway on March 8th with the nomination of Pat Schlicting to fill the vacancy in board seat F. We are pleased to welcome Pat aboard! The board voted to make Ron Lester Treasurer. Ron accepted the nomination and the motion passed unanimously. The board also accepted the resignation of former board member John Hite. Thanks to John for his efforts over the years on behalf of the community. There are two remaining board seats to be filled. Deltana faces many challenges in the next few years and would like to encourage area citizens to help steer development in ways compatible with local philosophy. The state legislature looks to Deltana as a quasi-governmental board elected by popular vote to serve the area residents. Please contact Deltana president Paul Knopp at 895-4150 if you are interested in devoting time and energy on this board.

Deltana continues its efforts in the control of noxious weed control with a resolution to approve the Noxious Weed Grant. This will enable Deltana to help area farmers in the purchase of equipment and the hiring of labor to carry out weed control.

Our current administrator has asked us to advertise for her position. Donna will be sorely missed. The board agreed to advertise immediately. The skills needed to fill this position are grant writing experience and competence with Quickbooks. It will be approximately 20 hours per month with some evening time recording minutes of regular meetings. This is a contract position with a negotiable wage and carries no benefit package. Send resume to Deltana Community Corporation at Box 930, Delta Jct. Ak. for consideration by the full board.

The draft plan for solid waste management is into City Hall. There are four options and four scenarios on each option. The plan is available at City Hall for review. It was reported to the board that the City Council has reached a settlement agreement with council member Rick Johnson. The agreement was reached in executive session and the particulars are therefore confidential.

After the 2000 census the state is considering reapportionment of various election districts. Evidently our district is one of the ones being looked at. Russ passed out a petition for the board members to look at. It is his belief that the state can massage the boundaries of our current district in such a way as to shift Delta into another voting district without going to a vote of the people. After discussion the board has agreed to print up some petitions for placement around Delta to gather signatures opposing any such change. There are only two weeks in which to gather the needed signatures. Deltana requests that area residents pursue this matter quickly. Read the petition carefully and sign if you find yourself in agreement with the stated position. The petitions will be placed at I.G.A. Food Store, Texaco, City Hall, Interior Bldg. Supply, Jack's Liquor and some other places around town. 

Deltana resident Matt Frenzl addressed the board concerning the improvement to the Clearwater boat launch and access road. He stated that he was rather a minimalist as far as any improvements were concerned. Paul brought up a suggestion by absent board member Kassie that the board consider creating a maintenance fund to allow Deltana to pursue projects that are outside the scope of our capital matching funds grant programs. The board constantly runs into the limitations created by having no funds to perform maintenance. A case in point is the possible portable toilet at the Clearwater boat launch. Without such a fund we simply have no ability to contract for the cleaning. Without that ability we cannot even consider placing the toilet. 

Deltana is looking at helping the City in the fencing of the Cemetery. Ron would like to see a fence on two sides of the cemetery. Ron has agreed to volunteer for this project and Deltana can purchase some materials. The City has about $5000.00 to contribute to the project.

The next meeting of Deltana Community Corporation will be a 7:00p.m. Thursday April 12th at the Clearwater Fire station. The public is always welcome at the meetings!

DCC - March 23, 2001 



Gulkana Glacier alpenglow
Mountains surrounding the Gulkana Glacier are colored by alpenglow in this April late evening picture taken near the Isabel Pass summit.  Delta News Web photo.

Horsing around in the summer
Bald Eagle Ranch B&B sent this summer picture of an Interior Alaska horse.  If I was a horse, I'd think summer was pretty nice.  

Wavemakers eat with Senator Stevens at Nome
The Delta Greely Wavemakers Swim Team recently went to Nome to attend Nome's 100th birthday celebration and participate in the Gold Rush Centennial Swim Meet. The picture includes members of both the Delta Greely Wavemakers and the Nome Northstars Swim Teams. The Wavemakers attended and helped the Nome Northstars with a pancake breakfast fundraiser. One of the guests served at the breakfast was Senator Ted Stevens. This trip was made possible due to the generosity and support of our community.  Photo by Cheryl Green.


During the recent military exercises at FT. Greely, the Air Force dropped numerous 2,000 lb. bombs. These were the ones that severely shook homes & businesses even many miles away. Due to the frozen ground this time of year, the large bombs created an "earthquake tremor effect" by rippling the ground and causing structural damage to many concrete floors, foundations, driveways, basements, etc.. Please check your property for damage, and if found, report it to the Eielson Air Force Base Claims Office at 377-2284.

While it is unknown at this time whether there would be any payment for damages, the awareness may cause a change in future exercise planning by not using such large bombs to "play war" games with ----at least not in the winter. Additionally, suggest you contact the City Hall at 895-4656 if you did have damage, so our city officials can be made aware of the severity & extent of the problem for our Delta residents. Then they may have a more favorable effect than we can individually if they also register a complaint as the city of Delta.

Mike Rawalt April 2, 2001

Satan and Jesus

Jesus (Steve Fields) talks to Satan (Viki Faber) during a dress rehearsal sequence in He's Alive.  The drama details scenes from the life of Jesus, and starts at 11 AM on Easter Sunday, April 15 at Delta Christian Center.  The church is providing dinner for everyone at the conclusion.  Delta Christian Center photo.

Elizabeth Jennings incredible "marbles to eggs" machine

Elizabeth Jennings displays the product of her incredible "eggs-out-of-marbles" machine.  She puts a marble in the tube on the wall, it rolls down and operates a great many devices and swinging gizmos and lo and behold, an egg appears at the other end!  Delta News Web photo.

Fred and Reuben John
The little guy on the right is Reuben John, Jr.  His grandfather, Fred John, Jr. is enjoying the moment.  Delta News Web photo.

Horse logging
Here's another horse logging photo from Tom Pitzer.  Tom is logging from the `99 burn on Ft. Greely. 

Delta Figure skaters
Delta figure skaters group pictures.  Thanks to Connie Knix for the photo.




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