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April 2002

As dusk approaches, these Bison begin to settle down for the evening.  Photo by Delta News Web. 

Klez Worm wrecking havoc on e-mail systems

I am getting quite a few messages infected with the w32/klez worm -- anywhere from 2-5 per day lately. My copy of Norton Anti Virus has been working overtime to filter it out. 

This is an ugly worm in that it can spread simply by being seen in the preview mode of vulnerable e-mail clients.

It can also spoof the from: line in outgoing e-mail. Some of the messages I have received have actually been generated by computers other than the one indicated in the from: line.

It also generates fake e-mails. Here is some text from an infected message I received today. Had I clicked the link, I would have infected my system: "Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.  It's very dangerous by corrupting your files. Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic, most common AV software can't detect or clean it. We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus."

How to stop it? 

1) Make sure anti-virus software has the most recent definitions. Many AV programs allow updating virus definitions over the `net.

2) Make sure the Windows operating system and e-mail programs are up to date. Microsoft has a free update service for some of its products. Some computers may allow access to this feature from the <START> button (Windows Update). It should also be possible to do the same from here:

3) Consider carefully whether or not to open attachments, especially from unknown sources, but even trusted sources.

4) Read up on it: (McAfee) and
avcenter/venc/data/w32.klez.h@mm.html (Norton)

David Johnson -- April 23, 2002

A 10 Warthog at Eielson AFB

An A10 Warthog lifts off the ground at Eielson Air Force Base on Monday.  Eielson had plenty of excitement on the base starting with the landing of a B-2 "stealth" bomber.  Photo courtesy of Joe Crandall. 

This beautiful Arctic Fox was spotted by several workers in Prudhoe Bay.  The fox stealthily crept up to the men to get a better look at them and they snapped this picture.  Photo courtesy of Roger Gibson.     

Dwight Phillips, above left, shows a high school student some tricks of the fly tying trade last Wednesday during a clinic held at the high school.  Each of the students completed several flies during the two-hour clinic given by local fish gurus.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Trevor Fulton, Katie Johnson, and Luke Horning
Former Delta residents Trevor Fulton and Katie Johnson along with Valdez resident, Luke Horning, pose for a picture in Thompson Pass, Valdez.  Thompson Pass has an elevation of 2,678 feet and is gorgeous on a sunny day.  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson. 

Judy Ferguson's stories to be back online soon!

A few months back, the Fairbanks New Miner website lost all of Judy Ferguson's stories.  Fortunately, she has found most of them and has been sending them to the Delta News Web!  

We hope to have her stories restored to her page within the next month, so please keep checking in!  Judy will also be sending in one of her newer stories, Nana's Legacy of Lifting up the Young to the Delta News Web to be posted.  

Delta News Web Staff -- April 10, 2002 

Shown above on the right is Whit Hicks, Delta resident and executive director of the Delta Mine Training Center.  Hicks is showing a visitor around the Gerstel River Mine, which is used by the DMTC.  Photo courtesy of J. Leon Vialpando.

Judy Ferguson's "Parallel Destinies" book review and where to buy!

"Parallel Destines" intertwines the stories of two early residents of the Delta area - the late John Hajdukovich and Rika Wallen. Hajdukovich, an immigrant from Montenegro, at one time owned the roadhouse he later signed over the Wallen, who operated the business on the Tanana River, near Delta Junction, for around 30 years. It is hard to tell the exact nature of their relationship but they were at least good friends for 50 years. In telling their stories, Delta Junction resident Judy Ferguson also provides a history of the area and the Native residents, whom Hajdukovich befriended and supplied as a trader. Her book also includes asides about the early exploration of the area and milestones in its development, including the construction of the Washington Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System (WAM-CATS) and the trail from Valdez to Fairbanks. 

When he followed a trail out of the rocky Montenegro Mountains in 1903, Jovo (John) Hajdukovich left a pregnant wife and a hardscrabble existence. He hoped to find gold in Alaska and to send for his family. Hajdukovich arrived in Fairbanks in 1904 and spent years prospecting, guiding, trading, freighting, and running the roadhouse where a ferry crossed the Tanana River. Unable to get his wife and daughter to join him, Hajdukovich never returned to his homeland. 

He operated several stores, but after the Alcan Highway was built, traders became an anachronism, said Ferguson. His stores became moot. Wallen left her home in Swede when she was 16 and lived in Minnesota and San Francisco with family members. Fortune lured her to Alaska in 1916, when she was 42. After stints cooking at the Kennicott copper mine and for a Fairbanks boarding house, Hajdukovich persuaded her to cook at his roadhouse, which was know as McCarty's, near Big Delta. 

When Wallen had not been paid for a year, Hajdukovich turned the roadhouse over to her in 1918. Hajdukovich's generosity to most he dealt with did not translate into a fat bank account. At one point, he supplied the military with milled lumber for the Alcan but was never paid because he lacked records. 
"In Montenegro, not even land and marriage records were routinely documented on paper," writes Ferguson. "John hadn't been raised with 'the paper trail'". 

Practical and hard working, Wallen did not lack for business acumen. But the construction of the Alaska Highway would change her existence as well. 
"Overnight, a way of life disappeared," writes Ferguson. "The leisurely winters of Alaska's roadhouses evaporated like a Chinook wind blowing through a forest." Hajdukovich died in 1965 and Wallen four years later. 

The stories in "Parallel Destines" seem disjoined at times, because they hop around in time and subject matter. Ferguson provides a good local history and an interesting look at two local characters who had a long lasting impact on the area. Ferguson wrote a series of articles for the News-Miner in 1998 about Wallen and Hajdukovich. Her columns were supplemented by additional research at the University of Alaska archives and Ferguson traveled to Montenegro (a part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) to meet Hajdukovich's relatives and provide additional background.

Ferguson will sign copies of her book at Gulliver's Books in early April and at New Horizon's Gallery on April 20th from 1-4 p.m.

Book review by Debbie Carter.

Parallel Destinies sells for $17.75 and can be purchased through Judy Ferguson at 907-895-4101 or  It is also for sale at Diehls', Granite View, Kelly's Country Inn, Tanana Trading Post. 

Judy Ferguson -- April 5, 2002

Sunset at Shaw Creek
Local photographer Michael J. Kingston snapped this shot of an April sunset from the Shaw Creek pullout.  

Bethany Mitchell is shown above kissing her brand new niece (14 hours old) Kaylee Anne Reierson, who was born Saturday April 6th. Her parents are Gene and Anne Reierson of North Pole. Paternal Grandparents are Joel & Krys Reierson of Delta. Maternal Grandparents are Steve & Kathy Fields of Delta. Photo courtesy of Steve Fields.

Local Delta resident Judy Ferguson's new book "Parallel Destinies" is now available for purchase.  For more information click herePhoto courtesy of Judy Ferguson.

Christopher Isaiah Ferranti does his best "Where's Waldo" in his pile of stuffed animals.  Christopher is two months old and is the son of Rachael (Dunklebarger) and William Ferranti.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

From left to right the winners are: Coral Skovrinski, Shana Wilburn, Triston Edwards, Eli Erickson, Jaren Smith, Carina and Kathleen Smith.  Also in the picture is Ole Reuter, exchange student from Germany. He came with Lion John Sloan to help hide the eggs. Thanks, Ole!  Photo courtesy of Ann Geise.

Local ice fishermen Dwight Phillips and Marlin Dunklebarger caught a largish Alaska pike recently.  Marlin reports that he had to fight the fish for an extra hour and a half while Dwight went back into town for a larger auger.  Once the bigger hole was put in, the hard part was threading the fishing pole (pike still on) down through the small hole and back out the larger hole -- but Alaska ingenuity prevailed.  Photo courtesy Pam Dunklebarger.  [Happy April Fool's Day!]

Delta News Web Forum Down For Upgrade

The Delta News Web Forum is being upgraded.  We found a software glitch.  Glen Johnson is working on an upgrade.  He is hoping to complete it by mid-April.

Delta News Web -- March 25, 2002



Delta representatives from Team Alaska's Arctic Winter Games attend a recent Delta City Council meeting to thank the council for helping finance their trip to the hockey games. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awards contract to construct Alaska Missile Defense Test Facilities 

Anchorage, Alaska (April 16, 2002.) Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) awarded a construction contract to Fluor Alaska, Incorporated for test bed facilities that will be used to validate the U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD) operational concept. The GMD is an element of the multi-level Ballistic Missile Defense System. The contract contains basic requirements and various options that could amount to $250 million in construction, or possibly more, if all items are executed.

The contract covers ground-based midcourse validation of the operational concept test bed facilities at Ft. Greely, Alaska and Eareckson Air Force Station (AFS) on Shemya Island, Alaska. The Corps' Alaska District, headquartered in Anchorage, will supervise the construction. The project will be incrementally funded and includes amounts allotted for optional construction of a similar nature at other unidentified sites. There are no optional years written in the contract, which was awarded by the Corps's Engineering and Support Center (Huntsville, Alabama) contracting office. 

The GMD being developed is intended to defend the entire United States during 
the midcourse segment of a hostile missile's attack. The test bed facilities that will be constructed under this contract at the Fort Greely and Shemya installations will allow validation of potential activities associated with the GMD operational concept by testing the interoperability of the GMD components in a realistic environment. These testbed facilities will also assist in the validation of the GMD operational concept by validating activities such as construction techniques, operational procedures, installation, checkout, assembly and maintenance. The new GMD test facility will cover about 260 acres at Fort Greely and a small area at Eareckson AFS. 

The Corps of Engineers has been assigned major responsibilities in the design, contracting, and construction of the test phase facilities. The Alaska District of the Corps will manage the construction through an on-site resident engineer office at Fort Greely, which is located about 95 miles southeast of Fairbanks (and 400 miles northeast of Anchorage), and at Eareckson AFS, which is about 1,500 miles west of Anchorage at the tip of the Aleutian Island chain.

Fluor Alaska, Inc., and their subcontractors, will provide several hundred personnel at the high point of the Fort Greely construction activity. The government's intent is to provide a maximum opportunity for Alaska firms and qualified Alaskans to be employed in this construction project. 

Construction is a phased process anticipated to begin in June at Fort Greely and be completed during 2004. Construction season for this area is usually April - October due to cold weather conditions. The expectation is for the contractor to have the exterior of four buildings completed by October 2002, as specified in the contract. With the outside finished, construction can continue inside the buildings until the next spring. The 
Facility should be fully operational in October 2004. 

The detailed specifications for construction materials required for the project may be found in the solicitation. Details of the program and the solicitation are on the Corps' Huntsville website which can be accessed on the Internet at  and then clicking on the button "doing business with us."

The Missile Defense Agency, formerly the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, earlier selected the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as its agent for facilities design and construction for this portion of the GMD program. The official charter between the organizations was signed Dec. 15, 1998. Along with the Alaska District as the construction manager, the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, Alabama, is acting as the Corps' GMD Program Manager. 

Delta News Web -- April 19, 2002

Pictured above are two Delta grads: Heather Crandall (standing, second from left) and Christie DuBois (kneeling, first on left). These ladies are celebrating the weekend after their Fairbanks Women's Hockey Association team won their league's championship. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

B2 landing at Eielson AFB - photo by Joe Crandall
This B-2 bomber landed at Eielson AFB recently.  The B-2 "stealth" bomber has a wing span that is larger than half a football field, but is virtually undetectable by radar.  Delta local Joe Crandall was fortunate enough to be close by with his camera.  Thanks Joe!  

Tom Bowley at Volkmar Lake
Tom Bowley hauls his customized sled while at Volkmar Lake.  His sled consists of a 14 foot boat and two pairs of ski's.  Photo courtesy of Dwight Phillips. 

Delta resident Mike Rawalt checks out one of the many paintings in the Dom Krykan Cathedral in Uppsala Sweden.  Mike and Barb were in Sweden visiting David and Linda Johnson and various family members.  To see more pictures of Mike and Barb's travels, go to courtesy of David Johnson.

Annette Donaldson
1997 Delta graduate Annette Donaldson was selected Ms. FNA (Fairbanks Native Association) for 2002. Annette is pictured in a dress that she made herself. She will be competing in the Ms. WEIO (World Eskimo-Indian Olympics) in July. Annette is the daughter of Dee Hess and Don Donaldson of Delta. Photo by Joe Crandall.

Delta Lions Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Too much snow? That’s a strange report for the weather in Delta Junction this year. However, that was the situation at the Deltana Fairgrounds on Easter Sunday for the annual Delta Lions Easter Egg Hunt. The Delta Lions hid the eggs quickly and waited to see how many brave egg hunters would show up.

The hunt started at approximately 1:30 pm on Lion John Sloan’s watch. The hardy egg hunters were off to find the eggs. There were 60 dozen regular colored eggs. There were also plastic eggs with quarters in them that rattled nicely.  And then there was one special plastic egg with bunny ears for each group of egg hunters. The children who found these special eggs turned them in to the Lions and received Easter
baskets or large stuffed bunnies as prizes.

Congratulations to these sharp-eyed egg hunters! Preschool with helper winner: Kathleen Smith with the help of her sister Carina, parents of Kathleen and Carina are Roberta and Carl Smith, grandparents are Willie and Janie Smith.

Preschool without helper winner: Shana Wilburn. Shana’s parents are Becky and Ed Wilburn.

Winner of the Kindergarten group was Triston Edwards.  Triston’s mom is Christy Edwards.

The first grade winner was Jared Smith. Jared’s parents are Sherry and Bill Smith, grandmothers are Betty Smith and Helen Orcutt.

Coral Skovrinski won the special prize in the second grade group. Her parents are Patti Wendt and Steve Skovrinski.

The winning third grader was Eli Erickson. His parents are Robert and Janell Erickson.

The Delta Lions extend thanks and appreciation to all the parents and community members who came to the hunt and participated. Thank you for being considerate of all the other egg hunters.

Ann Geise -- April 5, 2002

Former Delta resident Michelle (Sharp) Trulove and her two and a half year old son, Conner, smile for the camera.  Michelle is a '99 Delta High grad and is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with her husband Forrest Trulove.  Photo courtesy of Michelle Trulove. 

Daniel Case
Daniel Case, son of 1995 DHS graduate Derek Case, looks mischievously at the camera. Daniel's grandparents are Dan and Rena Case of Delta. Daniel is 4 1/2 and lives in Valdez, where he was born. He attends preschool with his friends and always looks forward to attending Vacation Bible School in Delta with Grandma. Photo courtesy of Ruth Case.

How can you build a house with every side facing North?  By building it here, at the geographic South Pole of course!  This picture was taken by former Delta resident Matthew Andreassen who is currently working in the Antarctic.  Photo courtesy of Matthew Andreassen.

Brett (McClain) Younger ~ 1983 DHS graduate
Brett (McClain) Younger is a 1983 graduate of Delta High. She was visiting her mother Cynthia on Blue Creek in the fall of 2001. Photo by Joe Crandall.




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