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April 2003

Matt Sharp
Matthew Sharp has been looking forward to the warmer weather and ordered new safety gear in preparation for the riding season ahead. He finds motorcross provides excellent physical exercise and is good "clean" fun, even if you get covered in mud! Matt graduates on May 16th, with the rest of his classmates, and is planning to pursue an Air Traffic Control job in the Air Force this fall. Photo courtesy of Kathy Sharp.

Correction: Deltana Fair Logo Contest...

Correction: the Deltana Fair is 24 years old, not 25, as previously stated.

If there are any logos that have been completed for the Silver Anniversary Fair, we will let the fairgoers vote on them at this years Fair, and the winner will have their logo become official for next year's Fair.

Please continue to make logos for this year's contest. The deadline for submitting entries is still 5:00 pm Friday, May 9. Entries may be mailed to Deltana Fair Association, PO Box 408, Delta Junction 99737-0408 (allow time for mail to get into the box) or entries can also be dropped off at Help Secretarial in the AMC Building on the Alaska Highway.

The person who submits the winning theme and logo will win $50 and a T-shirt imprinted with the winning design. This contest is open to everyone in the community. Artwork should be done in black and white, as much as possible, and submitted on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of white paper.

The Deltana Fair started in 1980, so next year will be our Silver Anniversary edition.

Thank you, sorry for the confusion, and we'll see you at the Fair!

Steve Fields -- April 28, 2003

Volleyball fund raiser bake sale

Last week it was the 7th grade volleyball players having a bake sale, this week it's the 8th graders. Please come to IGA this Saturday and get some delicious baked goods. We're trying to raise enough money to stay in Fairbanks for the upcoming tournaments. There will also be cake raffles during the home games this week, Monday and Tuesday, 3:30 at Delta school. 

Kay Wardle -- April 24, 2003

Dylan Jones at the Fairbanks Ice Sculptures
Dylan Jones enjoys the 2003 World Ice Carving Championships in Fairbanks. A past Delta resident, Dylan's parents are Jamie and Tami (Turner) Jones of North Pole. Dylan and his family love returning to Delta often to visit with grandparents, Jeri and Alfred Preston; and great-grandparents, Norm and Lois Cosgrove.  Photo courtesy of Tami Jones.

New born Maxwell Rawalt
Here is a picture of Mike & Barb Rawalt's latest Grandson. His name is Maxwell (Max) Rawalt, born to Christian & Suzi Rawalt of Anchorage at 1:55 AM, 23 April (also grandma Barb's birthday) and weighed in at 7 lb. 10 oz. He joins older brother Micah and sister Molly.  Photo courtesy of Mike Rawalt.

Three judges, Michelle Trulove, and Becca Frenzl
Michelle Trulove and Rebecca Frenzl pose with three of the judges from the Karaoke contest that Michelle had just won.  Michelle took first place and won two round trip tickets to sunny California!  Rebecca also sang and tied for fifth place!  Congrats to both former Delta residents!  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Easter Celebration

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to join us on Easter Sunday, April 20th.  Bring the family and friends and enjoy a drama with songs and dance titled "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD"!

Photo from last Easter's drama at the Delta Christian Center

You are also invited to join us for a banquet after the first show for good food and fellowship.
Located at Delta Christian Center on Jack Warren Road, near the corner of Fales Rd. 4.6 Mile (measured from the Richardson Highway) Jack Warren Road, Delta Junction Alaska. 
Sunday April 20, 2003.  2 shows: 11 AM and 6 PM

For more information contact: Delta Christian Center 895-4531, Kathy Fields
895-1950 Or Evelyn Glass 895-4723

Delta Christian Center -- April 13, 2003

Jenni and Judy Dewar
Jenni Dewar, DHS alumni, and her mom, Judy at Amy Gappa's recent baby shower.  Amy is due to have a little boy within the month.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Jesse Addison and Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson, cuddles with Jesse Addison while she visited his mom, Amy Gappa, in Fairbanks in late March.  Jesse will turn four in May and is expecting a baby brother soon!  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson.

David Johnson at Alyeska Ski Resort
David Johnson pauses for a picture while skiing at Mt. Alyeska in early March.  Behind him is Turnagain Arm.  Photo courtesy of the Johnsons.


At the recent CTSO State Conference held in Anchorage, VICA Advisor Jack Morris was honored as VICA teacher of the year. Mrs. Illene Jurgens, BPA and FCCLA Advisor, was honored for her many years of service; she is retiring this year. Caitlyn Hebert was a 2002-2003 FCCLA State Officer and help put on the conference. Voting delegates for BPA were: Kelly Hartman, Brooke Leslie, Ashley Martinez and Lindsey Sanders. For FCCLA, Erin Trainor was a voting delegate. The Delta FCCLA made and presented four baby quilts that will be given to Unwed Teen Mothers as a Civic Project sponsored by State FCCLA at the conference.

Justin Smith, 1st Extemp. Speaking
Amy VanderZwaag, 2nd Extemp. Speaking
Elected as a 2003-2004 State Officer
Amy Sorenson, 1st Graphic Design
Chad Pinkelman, 2nd Graphic Design
Ben Schultz, 3rd Graphic Design
Jeanette North, 2nd Fund. Word Processing
Staci Blum, 3rd Fund. Word Processing
Brooke Leslie, 1st Keyboarding & App.
5th Job Interview & Application
Kelly Hartman, 5th Extemp. Speaking
Travis Dubois, 3rd Keyboarding & App.
James Dorff, 2nd Cisco
4th Computer Technology
Erin Trainor, 3rd Career Exploration
Brian Geise, 3rd Welding
$1,000 Scholarship to Denver

Illene Jurgens -- April 8, 2003

Kathy Sharp and grandson Conner Trulove
While at dinner, Kathy Sharp and her grandson, Conner Trulove smile for the camera.  Kathy recently visited her daughter Michelle (Sharp) Trulove in Anchorage for her 22nd birthday.   Photo by Katie Johnson.

Samantha and Darby Jones
Samantha and Darby Jones enjoy the 2003 World Ice Carving Championships in Fairbanks. Their parents are Jamie and Tami (Turner) Jones of North Pole. They love returning to Delta often to visit with grandparents, Jeri and Alfred Preston; and great-grandparents, Norm and Lois Cosgrove. Photos courtesy of Tami Jones.

The Delta Volleyball team won the Game

The Delta Jr. High 7th grade volleyball team won 2 out of 3 games with Monroe today. Monroe won the first game easily, but Delta won the last 2 games. The next game is on April 2nd, at 4:15 at Ryan. 

The 8th graders won their first match too.

Tawnee Wardle -- April 1, 2003

Delta Regional Government Options Study Committee 

The next meeting of the Delta Regional Government Options Study Committee will be held on Tuesday, April 8th, 2003 at 6:00 pm in the City Hall Conference Room.

Our ongoing discussions includes the feasibility of a regional government, NOT the making of one.

Our committee does not, and will not, advocate pursuing a regional government. We will study the facts, and present the findings to groups and individuals.

Committee members include: Lou Heinbockel/City of Delta Junction, Steve Fields/Deltana Community Corporation, Paul Knopp/Delta Regional Economic Development Council, Barbara Craig/Delta Chamber of Commerce, and Mike Schultz/Delta-Greely School District. Community (at-large) members include Pat Schlichting, Mike Murphy, Anne Mauer, Pete Fellman, Tana Wood, and Fred Sheen.

Chairman is Steve Fields and Pat Schlichting the Vice-Chairman.

The City received a grant for this study, and awarded it to Lamar Cotten, who will be at all meetings for informational purposes.

All interested persons are invited to these meetings. There will be a public comment and question period at all meetings.

Steve Fields -- March 31, 2003

The Butler Family
Wayne and Jenny Butler are going to be Delta's newest arrivals! The couple, along with their two boys Patrick (5) and Jimmy (3) and their St. Bernard, Scooby, are relocating to Delta from Ellensburg, WA. Wayne will most likely be teaching language arts or history at the middle school and is interested in coaching baseball. Jenny will be teaching 5th grade. Patrick will be starting 1st grade, and Jimmy will be making new friends at day care! The family is looking for a 2+ bedroom home to rent, preferably with a yard for Scooby! If you have any information on rentals, please contact them at or call 509-933-2391. They will be moving to the Delta area in May or June and are looking forward to becoming part of the community!  Photo courtesy Jennifer Grindrod. 

Barb Rawalt
A year ago, Mike & Barb Rawalt visited some of Barb's relatives in Sweden and brought back an old family gardening secret. Seems Barb's Swedish uncle Arvid, a robust 92 year old, fertilizes and waters his berry plants with the liquid brine leftover from the lutefisk preservation process. (Lutefisk is cod fish that is soaked & preserved in a lye brine and is a Scandinavian .....umm......favorite). After a lot of negotiating with Mike and Barb to show this picture, the Delta News Web finally gained permission to show the image. This is believed to be the largest raspberries ever grown in the New World. Happy April Fool's Day. Photo courtesy Mike Rawalt.



Congratulations to Amy Gappa!

I would like to send out a big hug and my congratulations to Amy Gappa who welcomed a new baby girl into the world this morning (4/25/2003)!

Khia LaShaun Daniels was born at 9:24 am in Fairbanks and weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz.  She joined her very excited older brother, Jesse, who will soon be turning four.  

Katie Johnson -- April 25, 2003


The Delta Christian Ministerial Association is sponsoring observance of the National Day of Prayer in Delta Junction on Thursday, May 1, from 12 noon to 1 PM at the Delta Community Center. The entire community is invited to join in on this "hour of power" as citizens unite to pray for our nation and for our leaders and fellow citizens in Delta.

Coffee and light finger foods will be available. For additional information, call 895-4723.

The National Day of Prayer is a tradition first proclaimed by President George Washington, with subsequent declarations in the ensuing years. A joint resolution of Congress in 1952 was signed by President Harry Truman, establishing a day to call the entire nation to prayer, and to specifically focus on the need to pray for our nation and for all those in positions of leadership and influence.

In 1988, legislation setting the first Thursday in May each year as the National Day of Prayer was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. Every president since then has issued a proclamation encouraging Americans to participate.

Written and used with permission by Jo McBride
Also submitted in the Delta Wind

Jo McBride -- April 23, 2003

Volleyball Fund Raiser Car Wash

The volleyball players are trying to raise enough money to be able to stay in Fairbanks during the upcoming tournaments, May 1st-3rd. They will be washing cars in the Granite View parking lot from 11-4 on Saturday the 26th. Please come support the team and get your car washed in the process. Thanks

Kay Wardle -- April 24, 2003

Holly, DHS class of '98, (Crandall) and daughter Taylor Ricaporte have been visiting relatives in the Delta area. They are about to depart on one of many four wheeler rides that four year old Taylor enjoys. Photo by Joe Crandall.

John Jenkins Jr. and his Aunt Gen
John Jenkins Jr. hides by his Aunt Gen from the camera.  Lil' J is the son of former Delta residents John and Gwen (John) Jenkins.  Genevieve currently lives in the Los Angeles area.  She plans to marry this summer.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

St. Joseph church in Nome was originally built in 1901 and has a 96 ft. tall steeple.  In the 1940's a new church was built and the old church was used for storage by a mining company. In 1993 the Alaska Gold Company donated the old church back to the city and it was restored in 1996.  Photo courtesy of Gary Cooper.

Debbie Johnson and her son Josh and daughter Shannon
Debbie Johnson, a 1976 DHS graduate, her son Josh, DHS 1996, and daughter Shannon, DHS 1998. Debbie lives near Rochester, Minnesota, and works in the Molecular Genetics Lab at the Mayo Clinic as a medical secretary. Josh will graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May with an Electrical Engineering degree. Shannon is working toward a degree in Dental Hygiene in St. Paul. This picture was taken the last time the three were together.  Photo courtesy of Debbie Johnson.

Reuben John Jr. gives a solemn glace at the camerawoman in late March.  His Auntie Katie snapped this picture while visiting him and his parents in Fairbanks.  Photo by Katie Johnson. 

Resolution of Support for the Pogo Mine Road

The Delta Regional Economic Development Council (DREDC) would like public comment on a Resolution of Support for the Pogo Mine Road. THIS IS A DRAFT RESOLUTION, AND CAN BE CHANGED. Please contact a DREDC Board Member, or Delta Junction City Hall, with your questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns. We will be voting on this resolution at our next meeting:


WHEREAS, the Delta Regional Economic Development Council is a nonprofit organization that represents the economic and social service interests in the greater Delta Junction community

WHEREAS, Teck-Pogo, Inc. (Tech-Pogo) has invested over $70 million to study, design, and permit the Pogo Gold Mine Project, and

WHEREAS, Tech-Pogo, upon receipt of the agency permits, will employ over 500 people during construction and over 300 hundred people for the life of the mine, and

WHEREAS, the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on March 14, 2003, and

WHEREAS, the DEIS presents the EPA’s and cooperating agencies preferred alternative, titled Environmentally Preferable and Preferred Alternatives on pages 5-34 through 5-37, including Figure 5.3-1, and

WHEREAS, DNR has requested public comment on the DEIS,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Delta Regional Economic Development Council supports the Preferred Alternative for the final Environmental Impact Statement with the following amendments:

The road/power line corridor will be closed at the end of the existing Shaw Creek Road to all access except mine traffic and limited access to Division of Forestry timber sales,

Any use of this corridor other than CURRENTLY PROPOSED Teck-Pogo operations will require a public comment opportunity, and additional permits as required by State and Federal regulations,

The entire road/power line corridor will be closed to hunting for mile on each side of the road until the corridor is reclaimed,

Teck-Pogo is permitted to construct a secure parking and staging area SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN Shaw Creek Road or the access corridor to reduce traffic on the residential section of Shaw Creek road, and

Until other uses deem it necessary, Teck-Pogo will be responsible for reclamation of the entire road/power line corridor after reclamation of the mine.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT this resolution be distributed to:

EPA, City of Delta Junction, Deltana Community Corporation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Teck-Pogo Inc., Commissioner Tom Irwin, DNR, and the Alaska State Legislature

Steve Fields -- April 9, 2003

Help Wanted: Fair Manager Deltana Fair Association

The Deltana Fair Board is seeking an experienced manager, for a part-time, salaried position April-September to manage, organize and coordinate all the staff, volunteers, activities and events required to present the Deltana Fair.

Individual must be able to work with Deltana Fair Board and members of the community to the success of the Deltana Fair, August 15-17, 2003.

Work hours increase as fair time approaches. Application may be picked up at Help Secretarial in the AMC building on the Alaska Highway. Application Deadline is 5 PM, April 17th. More information and a complete job description are available from Dawn at 895-1910.

Steve Fields -- April 2, 2003

4 month old Andrew I. Boothe, son of former
Delta Jct. resident Amber Boothe (Blake) and 
Daryl Boothe. Andrew tries on grandpa's hat! 
Andrew currently resides in Anchorage where his 
dad is stationed at Elmendorf A.F.B. Photo courtesy Amber Boothe.

ADF&G applies a toxin (rotenone) in three Fort Greely Lakes to rid Chet, Nickel, and J-lakes of Longnose Suckers. Suckers repopulated these lakes in the early nineties from the Delta River and have become overly competitive with game species stocked in lakes. ADF&G will restock the lakes with Arctic char this summer. In the meantime, there is no point in trying your luck fishing these lakes. Any questions call 895-4632.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Chamber of Commerce and Sponsors bring Storyteller to Delta

Brett Dillingham - World Class Storyteller will be performing on April 4th at 7:00 pm at the Delta Community Center.  Brett is a professional storyteller who has performed and taught storytelling in Alaska, Canada, Ireland, Africa and the lower 48 states. He has also performed on National Public Radio, the Calgary Intl. Children's Festival and the Yukon Intl. Storytelling Festival.

(a sample review of his performance)
"Brett Dillingham offers storytelling at its best - timeless and entertaining with the tone of the campfire intimacy and the drama of theater....." - Riley Woodford, Arts Editor, Juneau Empire

This event is free thanks to the following sponsors: Delta Chamber of Commerce, Golden Valley Electric Assoc, Mt. Hayes Realtors, Kelly's County Inn, Buffalo Fuel, Delta Texaco, Delta Library Board, Insanity Acres, The City of Delta Junction, Interior Building Supplies, Craig County Cottages, David & Letha Burcham and the Buffalo Diner.
For additional information please call 895-2004.

Martha Kimball -- March 31, 2003

Pictured is Miguel EchoHawk Lopez on his second birthday Nov. 2,2002. Miguel is the son Abigail EchoHawk Lopez, a 97' DHS graduate, and Christopher Lopez of Seattle, Wa. His proud grandparents are Howard and Yvonne EchoHawk of Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Abigail EchoHawk Lopez.

Pam Dugas out fishes the guys again with this nice 27" lake trout caught and released at Paxson Lake on March 22. Photo courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger.

Delta Mite Hockey Team
Pictured above is the Delta Mite Hockey team right before a game in Kenny Lake. They were playing in the Bush League tournament. They didn't win the tourney, but they sure had a good time!  Photo courtesy of Sherry Smith.



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