April 2005

Class of 95
Class of 1995 is celebrating there 10 YEAR REUNION this July! Classmates from 1992-1994 are invited and the main event will be Friday, July 1st at the Clearwater Lodge. DJ from Fairbanks, drinks and tons of fun!! Many are coming, it should be a great night to go back in time and rekindle any old friendships!! Also, other events being planned for the weekend. Family BBQ picnic, a tree planting ceremony on school grounds to remember those that have passed, along with a farewell family breakfast on Sunday. For more information please contact Cammy Mason class of 95' at deltahighreunion@yahoo.com or at 206-856-1977. SPREAD THE WORD...and please RSVP to the contact information above. YOUR RSVP is very important to make the list!!  Click here for an enlargement.  Photo Courtesy Cammy Mason

Family recently moved to Ft. Greely

I'm writing this article from my home in Robinson, Illinois. My son (Rob Carson) and his family (wife, Patti; and two children, Josh and America) have just moved to Ft. Greeley (they arrived on Thursday evening April 21). My grandchildren will be attending school at Delta Junction and have already seen the school. They are VERY excited about this new adventure in their lives. I have been reading all I can about Delta Junction and Ft. Greeley and have come to the conclusion that it is a beautiful place. The people in the area sound really nice and the photos on the web give me some indication of how the area looks.

My son's last assignment was 18 months in Iraq. This will be so much better for all of them. And they get to be together as a family, I hope I will be able to visit in the summer of 2006.

I look forward to hearing lots of wonderful things about Delta Junction and Ft. Greeley from my son and my grandchildren.

Please welcome them as well as the other new people moving to your area.
I will be reading updates on your website.

Thank you so much for this web and allowing an "outsider" to write an article.
Sandy Millsap, P.O. Box 555, 409 S. Lincoln, Robinson, Illinois 618 544 2593

April 23, 2005 -- Sandy Millsap

Wheel art
Wheel art. I took this picture after driving to Fairbanks April 16, after an evening snow. Roads were slushy and after arriving in Fairbanks we noticed that we had these custom hubcabs, reminiscent of something I seen on a chariot wheel from an old Ben Hur movie. Photo Courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger

City of Delta is Accepting Bids for Flowers

The City of Delta Junction is accepting bids for flower baskets, boxes and flowerbeds in front of City Hall

Deadline for receipt of bids at City Hall is 4:00PM,
Friday, May 13, 2005

More information can be found in the classified section of the Delta Wind and the City website
or stop by City Hall for a bid packet.

April 19, 2005 -- Pat White

City of Delta is Accepting Bids for Lawn and Plant Care

The City of Delta Junction is accepting bids for the Lawn and Plant Care Maintenance Contract. Three separate bids are required:
1) City Hall/Community Center/Richardson Highway
2) City Park and 3) the Cemetery

Deadline for receipt of bids at City Hall is 4:00PM,
Friday, May 13, 2005

More information can be found in the classified section of the Delta Wind and the City website
or stop by City Hall for a bid packet.

April 19, 2005 -- Pat White

Log Home
This shot was taken of a log home completely lit by just the moon on a cold, minus 20 degree January night on the Tok Cutoff Highway. 
Photo by Dwight Phillips

Delta Library Open House and Silent Auction

The Delta Library annual Open House and Baskets of Books Silent Auction is  Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Over 100 Baskets of Books will
contain everything from swim passes to computer gear, gourmet cookies to Hawaiian coffee, and Olympic Games souvenirs to auto parts.

There will be free bookmarks and pencils for kids all day, with refreshments provided by the Library Board. A free children’s craft will allow parents a few quiet minutes to bid on baskets, and don’t miss the Preschool Story Hour puppet show at 1 p.m.

Two lucky visitors will win gift certificates to Gulliver’s Books, and the popular Delta Merchants Raffle tickets are still just two dollars each.
The traditional recliner raffle has a great new twist – this year TWO matching recliners have been donated – be sure to stop by the membership
desk to find out how you can win.

The Library still needs empty baskets! Call 895-4102 anytime to donate baskets or auction items, or drop them by the new Delta Library on Deborah
Street next to the Community Center.

April 17, 2005


AGLOW is sponsoring a community yard sale at the Delta Community Center on Saturday, April 23 from 10 til 3. You can buy a table/space for $10 to sell your stuff.

Call Kathy @ 895-1950 or Fran @ 895-5532 now to reserve your spot! Plus! AGLOW will have a huge table of nice items to sell including many nice kitchen items.

April 16, 2005

It's hard to beat some of the spectacular sunsets that we get which are often enhanced by the beautiful Alaska mountain range. Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

March 11, 1:32 pm, moments before the horses all spooked themselves and ran away after checking out the telephone guy climbing a pole to replace the phone lines. The tree in the background fell across the lines and tore them down.
Photo Courtesy Dale Pelzer

Gardening Workshop in May
From the Cooperative Extension Service 

Thursday, May 5th, Michele Hebert – Land Resources Agent with the Tanana District will be offering an afternoon class from 1:00 – 4:30 and repeat an abbreviated version later that evening from 5:30-8:30 in Delta.

Please consider what topics you might wish to have her address: organic gardening, pest control, composting, raised beds, landscape plants, etc.

Please contact the CES office at 895-4215 or stop by the Jarvis Office Center and choose one or two of the mentioned topics or something else that might be of interest. There will be a $10 registration fee to cover costs of this workshop. The class will be held in the CES conference room located in the same building. If there is low interest this class
will not be held locally.

April 12, 2005

Sunset in Anchorage
While overlooking Cook Inlet from the west end of 9th street in Anchorage, a great winter sunset in Anchorage. Photo Courtesy Reggie Salinas

Sunrise in Anchorage

Following the winter sunset overlooking Cook Inlet, I then captured an equally great sunrise the following morning March 30th rising over the Chugiak Mountains bathing Anchorage and its fresh fallen snow.  Photo Courtesy Reginald Salinas

Delta All School All Class Reunion
set for July 4, 2005

Upcoming events will be featured on the website www.delta-alaska.com and on the www.deltanewsweb.com website. Former students & their families, friends, (current & former) teachers,
and community members are invited to attend this fun gathering.

Remember, if you attended Delta/Ft.Greely, Healy Lake,Correspondence/New Horizons (formerly
Alternative), Cyber, Gerstle River Schools at any time, we'd love to see you!!!!

Please log on to the Guestbook and let us know who you are, what you've been doing and what class you graduated with!

Even if you can't make the reunion, we'd love to hear from 'ya!

Do you have family members who live in or near Delta? Did you know that this would also be a great time to have a family reunion?

Contact has been made with the City to find out when and where the picnic will be held this year. In all likelihood, it will be at the Fairgrounds.

For Food: People whose last name begins with A-G = Bring a main dish (will find out about grills, etc) H-M = Salads or Vegetables, N - S = Desserts and T - Z = Drinks (non-alcoholic please)

Ruby Hollembaek -- April 9, 2005

Mr. Cooley and Mr. Shaffer
Mr. Cooley shaves Mr. Brian Shaffer's sideburns before the beginning of the show. Hannah. Nicole, Thomas and Mr. Shaffer
The winners from left to right are:
Hannah Fellman - 3rd place Nycole Smith - 2nd place, Thomas Sidlowski - FIRST Place, (2 yrs. in a row)  Photos Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC


Alaska Annual Library Association Conference

Each year Librarians from around the state gather for the annual Alaska Library Association conference, and this year we traveled north to beautiful Barrow - an exciting change from the usual “big three” cities. Delta Library Director, Joyce McCombs and Library Clerk, Nancy King attended, along with Delta School Librarian, Tiki Levinson. Nearly 200 librarians from all over Alaska spent five very busy days attending classes and workshops, exchanging ideas with colleagues, meeting authors and of course, buying and discussing books. Joyce says it’s like a whole college semester crammed into a long weekend, but worth every minute! The people of Barrow showed us warm hospitality that made us forget the cold winds blowing outside. The local Native dancers perform twice, and they shared the legends behind everything from hand made drums to traditional dancing outfits. Nancy even learned to dance a “fun dance” and showed off her talents during the first night welcome reception. That was the night that whale meat or “mak tak” was on the menu – and Nancy was the only Deltan brave enough to try a taste! Joyce was privileged to meet whale captain Luther Leavitt, and was invited to watch him pieces carve baleen. In the Elder’s room at the Heritage Center (a world class museum) we also watched village ladies stretch, scrape and sew seal skins to put on the whale boat frame that will be used for the hunt at the end of April.

Barrow Fun Facts: Our hotel, one of only three, was literally on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the sunsets on the edge of the world, with the pack ice piled up on the beach, was an unforgettable sight. Every taxi ride is five dollars, with a dollar more for each passenger or for each stop. You can call a taxi for free from any business, office, restaurant or hotel in town. All the restaurants deliver all meals 24 hours a day, even breakfast! The walk from the plane to the terminal is outside, long and very windy – be prepared and keep your hood up – yes, it’s really much stronger than here in Delta. The airport is very small, about the size of a 3 bedroom house, but has the friendliest and most concerned and helpful Alaska Airlines employees any of us have ever dealt with.

The Alaska Commercial store, known locally as “The AC” is the biggest one in the state and worth the hour it takes to explore. Bananas were $4.99 a pound, but since all the avocados got ripe at once, they were two for a dollar. Most of the buildings are up on pilings or stilts and the schools have incredible indoor playgrounds, and huge, well-equipped gyms. There’s a public swimming pool and roller rink, lots of well plowed streets and nicely designed office and government buildings. There are large, comfortable and warm city buses that go all over town every few minutes. All of the public buildings have incredible Alaskan art and often there are local artists selling their creations in the lobbies. The public library has a million dollar view of the ocean, lots of Internet access, and a stunning movie collection. The local residents have the most beautiful parkas, boots and mitts you’ve ever seen and are proud to tell you when they’ve sewed their own. We all left Barrow feeling like we’d made new friends and had a once in a lifetime adventure. If you ever get the chance to go, we all three highly recommend the trip!

April 9, 2005 -- Joyce McCombs


The following pictures Joyce has shared with the DNW.  On Wednesday, we will add the other four pictures that Joyce has shared with us. 


Living in Delta Jct.  I have to admit that I had a whole different mindset of what Barrow would be like.  You hear many lower 48 people refer to us as not being as civilized as they are.  They have a mindset that we  live in igloos and have cold weather all the time,  they can't even imagine that we are as civilized as they are, until they come to Alaska and visit.

I have to admit that this was not my idea  of Barrow, the way Joyce has described it.  I had no idea that it was so inhabited and was so modern.  They have a wonderful school, nice buildings and sounds to me like they are as much, if not more civilized than Delta.  <Smile>


Webmaster -- April 9, 2005


Librarian Joyce McCombs at Pepe's North of the Border (farthest north tacos in the world)  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Native dancer and Daughter.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


MakTak platter  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Nancy King tries maktak - whale meat.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Native elders showing a new generation how to sew seal skins for the whale  boat.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Children's Librarian Nancy King at the Top of the World.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Whaling captains putting the final touches on whale boat frame.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Sun setting at the top edge of the world.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs


Younger generation dancers.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Arctic hare
Arctic hares will not be seen in this color phase for much longer as Spring is quickly approaching here in Interior Alaska, and these critters will soon take on their summer coats. 
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Happy Birthday Apr 4 - Apr 10 

April 4..To Shelly Ward...Happy Birthday from Laura Redden! It's been a long time, and you must think I'm crazy reading the Delta Junction Paper online. I remember when you found out you were moving there and we were looking at the different sites online. I think of you often and wish you a wonderful birthday! Love ya! Laura

A very happy happy birthday to Harvey Burke  Apr 4, to a great guy, and many more birthdays. from sister Martha and brother in law Don


Happy Birthday Apr 4 - MaryLou Larrabee

Happy Birthday Apr 4 - Dean Cummings

Happy Birthday Apr 4 - George Marchuk

Happy 18 Birthday to Tiffani Souhrada on Apr 5 Love yea girly have fun Erin Trainor:)

Happy Birthday Apr 5 - Glen Wright

Happy Birthday Apr 5 - Hugh Wingfield

Happy Birthday Apr 6 - Joe Chapman

Happy Birthday Apr 7 - Bunnie ONeill (Harris)

Happy Birthday Apr 7 - Dana Nichols

Happy Birthday Apr 7 - Emma Sparks

Happy Birthday Apr 7 - Nanci Ruthschild

Happy Birthday Apr 7 - Shanen Hanson

Happy Birthday Brenda Pursey Apr 8 -you used to say you should be taller than me because you are older and now you are forty before me so you must be a giant by now! Have a great birthday and many more. Love, Gayla O'Brien (formerly Isenhoff)

Happy Birthday Apr 8 - Jane Kenney

Happy Birthday Apr 8 - Anthony Harris

Happy Birthday Apr 9 - Russell Hollembaek

Happy Birthday Apr 10 - "Bill" Dennison

Happy Birthday Apr 10 - Rex Beck


Happy Birthday Jimmy Rogers III Apr 10

Happy Anniversary  Apr 4 - Apr 10 

Happy 23rd Anniversary Harvey and Connie Anderson - Apr 10.  Just as God has blessed you with each other, may He continue to bless your lives with joy.  From Marlin and Pam

Happy Anniversary Apr 5 - Fronty & Barb Parker

Wesly Treybal
Wesly Treybal found the special egg to win the big prize basket for the  1st grade group at the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Delta Lions Club on March 27, 2005. Wesly's parents are Eva & Clay Treybal. Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

DYC Fashion Show & Tea

Delta Youth Court is hosting a Fashion Show & Tea party Saturday, April 2, 2005 with proceeds going to benefit local families dealing with cancer. We have several donations of lovely prom dresses and formalwear that will be auctioned by silent auction at the benefit. Several DYC members will be modeling the dresses. There will be coffee, tea, and light refreshments. Admission is $2 per person. Call Jody at 895-5328 for more information.

April 2, 2005

Nathaniel Ketschek
Nathaniel Ketschek found the special egg to win the big prize basket for the kindergarten group at the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the  Delta Lions Club on March 27, 2005. Nathaniel's parents are Nicole  Ketschek and Robert Eilers.
Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Happy Birthday Mar 28 - Apr 3  

Happy Belated Birthday Mar 27 to our daughter Jessica Hoffman, We love You, Dad and Mom

To my little sis, I would love to wish my sister, Dee Davis, a huge happy birthday. Your package is on the way. I could have said it was "in the mail" but we know how quickly it would get there. Love you mostest, big sis

Happy Birthday Mar 28 - Aurora Wright

Happy 43rd birthday Donna Mills on Mar 29.Love Derek Sr, Sheryl, Kailey, Derek Jr & Pokey J

Happy Birthday Mar 29 - Jerry Barger

Flower Happy Birthday Mar 30

Happy Birthday Mar 31 - Linda Maggard

Happy Birthday Apr 1 - Lillia Mock

Happy Birthday Apr 1 - Bill Adams

Happy Birthday Apr 1 - Lyle Hennager

Happy Birthday Apr 1 - Jessica Robertson

Happy Birthday Apr 2 - Roy Gilbertson

Happy Birthday Apr 2 - Patsy Cummings

Happy Birthday Apr 2 - Larry Veihl II

Happy Birthday Apr 2 - Austin Sparks

Happy Birthday Apr 2 - Jonathan Miller

Happy Birthday Apr 3 - Jerry Harris

Happy Birthday Allie Pelto, Apr 3 ,Your friend Angie D.

Happy Anniversary Mar 28 - Apr 3

Happy Anniversary Mar 30 - Dwight & Janize Nissen

Tanana Bridge
Everyone in our local town of Delta is familiar with this bridge either going to or coming from town. It is often said it is a very welcome site after having driven the 200 mile round trip to Fairbanks. Photo Courtesy Thomas Pernau


Truck on thin ice
This truck was observed taking an early "dip" through the ice out at Quartz Lake yesterday. The local area is experiencing extremely warm temperatures lately which has led to rapid deterioration of the lake ice.  Anonymous photographer.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts
Boy Scout Troop 56 took a 20-mile hike last Saturday along Meadows Road, windy ridge, and to Donnelly's Dome. It took 11.5 hours and was quite an accomplishment for these young scouts. Photos Courtesy Fronty Parker

Gabriella Elise Machuca
 A photo of my daughter Gabriella Elise Machuca, she is now 11 months old.
Photo Courtesy Susan Bancroft

Thank You

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to the Delta High School shop class for building 10 beautiful dog houses for our homeless friends. And to the IGA for giving us a place to communicate with the community. And to the loving people who have adopted and helped our community's lost and homeless pets. Thank you all again.

April 19, 2005 -- Heart Fur Animals

Happy Birthday Apr 18 - Apr 24 

Happy Birthday Apr 18 - James Cummings

Happy Birthday Apr 18 - Fran O'Leary

Happy Birthday Apr 18 Rachel Phillips

Happy Birthday Apr 19 - Caitlin Milligan

Happy Birthday Apr 19 - Hannah Nichols

Aprl 20 Happy 15th Birthday Annie. You are such a blessing to us. Keep working hard for your dreams. We are proud of you. Love Mom and Dad

"Happy Birthday Annie, Apr 20. You made it to 15. now only 90 more years. love Elias"

Happy Birthday Apr 20 - Yvonne Ward

Happy Birthday Apr 20 - Donald J Waldo

Happy Birthday Apr 20 - Jan Wrigley

To my wife Brenda Hardy on Apr 21 she will be twenty-four, darn her she’s older then me.

Happy Birthday to my awesome wife Barb Rawalt of almost 38 years. Apr 23.  Who would have thought that a Swede & German could be together this long---and I don't even like Lutefisk! Love Mike

Dear Laura Jennings,  I'm proud of who you are, and all that you've accomplished in your short fifteen years here on this earth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey on Apr 23, and God bless you!
Love, Mom

Happy Birthday To Tom Grapengeter, Apr 23

Happy Birthday Apr 23 - Michele Helkenn

Happy Birthday Apr 23 - Drew Renaud

Happy Birthday Apr 24 - Goodlookin' Joe Peters

Happy Birthday Kathy Rogers Apr 24

Happy Anniversary Apr 18 - Apr 24 

Happy Anniversary Apr 18 - Mike & Misty Lanegan

Happy Anniversary Apr 23 - Ray & Sherwood Dinger

To my husband Jeff Howard, Thank you for a wonderful year! Apr 23.  Happy Anniversary, Love Carolyn

First day of spring
First day of spring, March 21. Mother natures ice sculptures. Pile of pushed up snow just north of delta along the side of the road in a parking lot.  Photo Courtesy Dale Pelzer

Dear Editor 

I would like to thank the community of Delta for supporting me in a time of need. I knew Delta was filled with nice generous people but not as much as they turned out to be for me. I would like to thank Rance and Angela Lence, Bridget and Walter Stockwell, Gary Schoening, Papa Smurf and Loraine for setting up the auction that was held for me at the Moose Lodge. Thanks everyone for donating so much stuff. I also want to thank Rance and Angela for setting up the donation cans as well as whoever else participated. I will use the money to pay bills until I can get back to work.

Thank you Delta for helping me get through this accident.

April 16, 2005 -- Russ Hollembaek

Creig and Kathy Sharp

Creig and Kathy Sharp visited Washington, D.C. during spring break. They enjoyed seeing all the sites, including a special tour of the White House. Lingering cold weather delayed the cherry blossoms that were just starting to appear when it was time to return to Alaska. Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp.


Destin James Kohler
Derek Kohler and Celanise Scott welcome their new baby boy. Destin James Charles Kohler, born March 14, 2005 at 1:49 pm in Boise, Idaho, 9 lbs. 15 oz. 22 inches long. Derek is my brother, and went to school at DHS and works forestry in the summers, he met Celanise while going to college in Fairbanks. Photo Courtesy by Auntie Sarah Bevard


Happy Birthday Apr 11 - Apr 17

Happy Birthday Apr 12 - Jordan Marchuk

Happy Birthday Apr 12 - Connie Morley

Happy Birthday Apr 12 - Ruby Hollembaek


Happy 13th Birthday to Crystal Green on Apr 13. It's your LUCKY day!  


Happy Birthday to Daniel Green on Apr 16. Both of you have a great day and I will see you in less than a month. Love Cassie

Happy Birthday Apr 13Demian ONeill

Happy Birthday Apr 13 - Tom Bowley

Happy Birthday Apr 13 - Patsy Ewing

Happy Birthday Apr 13 - Crystal Green

Happy Birthday Apr 13 - Demian O'Niell

Happy Birthday Dana Peoples Apr 14

Happy Birthday Apr 14 - Paul Miller

Happy Birthday big brother.  Timmothy J. Sivertsen a very happy sweet and carefree 28th birthday on April 15. Love his baby Sis.

Happy Birthday Apr 15 - Janell Gilbertson

Happy Birthday Apr 15 - David Hecimovich Jr

Happy Birthday Apr 15 - Janine Sears

Happy Birthday Apr 15 - Becky Jensen


Happy Birthday to Jessica Wilburn Apr 16
We Love you. Mom, Dad, Shana & Kayla

Happy Birthday Apr 16 Devin Huff


Happy Birthday Apr 16 - Cleo Green

Happy Birthday Apr 16 - Daniel Green

Happy Birthday Apr 16 - Steve McCombs

Happy Birthday Apr 17 -Christopher ONeill

Happy Birthday Apr 17 - Brittany Hill

Happy Birthday Apr 17 - Gene Green

Happy Birthday Apr 17 - Louis Treybal

Happy Birthday Apr 17 - Tracy Hollembaek


Happy Anniversary Apr 11 - Apr 17


Happy Anniversary Apr 11 - Rich & Anne Mauer

Happy Anniversary Apr 13 - Jerry & Cleeta Barger

Happy Anniversary Apr 13 - Butch & Bethe Ellis

Kailey Mills
Kailey Mills found the special egg to win the big prize basket for the 3rd grade group at the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Delta Lions
Club on March 27, 2005. Kailey's parents are Sheryl & Derek Mills. Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Tax Forms and Info At Library

Have you filed your 2004 IRS Return? The deadline is Friday, April 15. The Delta Community Library has a wide variety of tax forms, information booklets and a copier for your convenience. The library will be open until 9 p.m. on Friday April 15 for last minute filers. IRS Forms are also available on the Internet at http://www.irs.gov/

April 9, 2005

Early mowers
Same twins as seen in the Texaco photo. Early lawn mowers at work.  March 21, 2005 at  7:49AM next to airport  Photo Courtesy Dale Pelzer

Ruth Morden
Ruth Morden found the special egg to win the big prize basket for the 2nd grade group at the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Delta Lions
Club on March 27, 2005. Ruth's mom is Wanda Morden. Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

National Honor Society DHS Chapter Accepting Applications

The Delta High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is now accepting applications for membership. Any students in grades 10 through 12 who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher meet the scholarship requirement for membership. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character. Membership selection will be made by a Faculty Council. Applications are available from the NHS Adviser, Mrs. Kathy Sharp. She is in the high school computer lab before school and during first period, and at Delta Cyber School during the remaining hours of the school day. Deadline for submission is April 20th.

April 5, 2005

I Stand and Watch 

I stand and watch as my child explores the world.
I laugh when new discoveries bring him joy.
I cry when there is hurt in his eyes.
But I know that he must discover the world on his terms.
As it has been for every generation.
Life is to be re-explored, rediscovered and delighted in.
Some say how can you let him go?
I am not sure it is me that should tell him no.
I must stand and watch as my child explores the world.
I laugh when new discoveries bring him joy.
I cry when there is hurt in his eyes.

By Ruby Hollembaek

Thank you so very much for your loving concern, the help you have shown us brings tears to our eyes.  We are humbled by all of your generosity. Thank you.
Scott and Ruby Hollembaek -- April 5, 2005

Here is an image for our Dear departed Friend, Larry Fuller. He has been an Honorary Deltoid for the past 20 years, especially in the sharing of his Incredible guitar playing at local clubs and the Deltana Fair.
He was my Best Friend.  To see an enlarged image with the writing, click here. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Jim and Arthur
Delta residents Jim and Arthur Cummings are shown taking a break during a recent
snowmachine trip in the Alaska Range.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Record Keeping Workshop Postponed

The Farm Record Keeping Workshop that was originally scheduled for Thursday, April 7 has been postponed. We are hoping to be able to conduct to workshop towards the end of April.

April 6, 2005

Charter Commission Meeting
6:00 PM, Wednesday, April 6, 2005

(Old library)

April 6, 2005

Moose in the Moon
"Moose in the Moon" - Second Place winner of the Fairbanks Open, the Amateur division of the Fairbanks Ice Classic. This Ice Sculpture was designed by Delta Junction resident Sam Vose. Sam was assisted by another Delta Junction resident Ray Dube on the first 2 days of the competition and Sam's wife Diane helped with the finish.  Photo Courtesy Sam Vose

FG logo
April News from Fort Greely School

Dear Fort Greely School Parent,

For up to date information on our calendar, activities, lunch program, PowerSchool, or to subscribe to our daily homework service in “Homework Central,” please navigate to www.dgsd.k12.ak.us, and then follow the “Schools” link to “Fort Greely School.”

Standards Based Assessments (SBA’s):

Probably the most important event of our school year will occur during the first week of April when we administer the newly developed Standards Based Assessments (SBA’s) to all students in grades 6 though 8. Parents interested in more information on the upcoming SBA’s can visit the Alaska Department of Education assessment website for more information.

General test information, item samplers, teacher resources, test coordinator resources, and soon to come, parent/student resources will be available at this site. I encourage every parent to visit this site to gain a better understanding of our new assessment system. I would also encourage parents to ensure their child’s attendance during the April 5th – 7th administration. Many important funding, planning, and program decisions are made based on the results of the SBA’s.

Fort Greely School Idol:

Dress rehearsal for Fort Greely School Idol will be held after school on Wednesday April 6th from 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. The competition will take place during the afternoon of March 8th starting at 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited!

Parent Advisory Committee Meeting (PAC):

The next PAC meetings will be held Thursday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m. in the school’s Conference Center.

Fort Greely School Career Fair:

I have begun searching and have received multiple commitments from service vendors on Fort Greely to volunteer an afternoon for our first Career Fair. My end goal is to host a school-wide event where our students can better understand the range of career opportunities that exist on a military installation such as Fort Greely. Presenters are being asked for a brief “bells and whistles” format to best spark our students’ interests. I have currently only contacted organizations working on Fort Greely, however, would like to extend this opportunity to any professional working in the Delta Junction area. If you or your organization would like to be involved, please contact me at the school.

If I can be of assistance to you at any time, please feel free to contact me through the means listed above.

Brian J. Schaffer
Principal, Fort Greely School  -- March 29,  2005

Hot day
It  was a little warm in Delta according to the IGA's
marquee.  A roasting +275 degree's Fahrenheit Photo Courtesy  Richard Mitchell


MSNBC is taking a poll on whether or not ANWR should be opened for drilling. Right now "No" is in the lead - If you'd like to cast a vote, here's the link.


March 29, 2005 --  Donna Waller

Pick up your Festival of Lights
Photos at the Library

Missing your Festival of Lights Photo Contest entries? Stop by the Delta Library and pick up your folder at the front desk. Many thanks to all the talented photographers who shared their work with our community! The display was a big hit with all our visitors. Watch for an even better display area coming next year.

March 31, 2005

Library Needs Baskets!

Here it comes! The Delta Library Basket of Books Silent Auction and annual Open House Celebration is Saturday, April 23. Medium and large size baskets are needed! Drop them by the library or call 895-4102 to have them picked up. All donations for the sale are welcome - thank you in advance! Watch the Delta Wind for more information.

March 31, 2005

Summer Sunset
A sunset from last summer is reflected off the water on a calm night on Clearwater Lake. 
 Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Startled moose
Mike Rawalt sent us this picture of a bull moose that had been hanging out near their house. The bull had been coming to the porch to lick the salt on
their porcupine feeder, and since the feeder is up fairly high, the moose had started to walk on the log rail at the edge of their parking spot in
order to more easily get to the salt. Mike snapped this picture of the startled moose which spun around and walked carefully back out the rail to
the woods. Happy April Fool's Day!

Public Review and Comment Invited on “Fort Greely Environmental Sites Decision Document, March 2005”     

THE “FORT GREELY ENVIRONMENTAL DECISIONS DOCUMENT, MARCH 2005” PROPOSES REMOVING 68 OF 132 SITES FROM FORT GREELY ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM—Some not contaminated. Some not requiring cleanup under Alaska regulations. Some with cleanup completed.


DOCUMENT AVAILABLE AT—Delta Junction Community Library, 2289 Deborah Street, Delta Junction, AK, telephone 895-4102 or Fort Greely Restoration Advisory Board website

COMMENTS / QUESTIONS TO MS. CHRISTINE BOERST, FORT GREELY ENVIRONMENTAL COORDINATOR— Postal address IMPA-GRE-PWE, Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Office, PO Box 31310, Fort Greely, AK 99731; phone 907-873-4665.


March 26, 2005 -- Edward H. Vaughn/ RAB Support Subcontractor

Fort Greely Environmental Sites Decision Document, March 2005 Available for Public Review and Comment

Fort Greely, Alaska—The Fort Greely Environmental Sites Decision Document, March 2005 has been completed and is now available for public review and comment. The document was prepared by the Fort Greely Environmental Office in close coordination with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Fort Greely Installation Restoration Advisory Board.

After the Army assumed responsibility for Fort Greely in October 2002, records and physical sites were surveyed to identify any environmental work needed within the redefined borders and reduced area of the post. The survey included sites that had undergone some degree of restoration under the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process from which Fort Greely was withdrawn in 2000 by the Department of Defense. The survey ultimately identified 132 sites on Fort Greely for closer scrutiny that might have potential for significant environmental impacts.

The sites were investigated and this decision document proposes removing 68 of the 132 sites from consideration in Fort Greely’s environmental program. Investigation of these sites confirmed either (1) absence of contamination, (2) low levels of contamination that do not require cleanup under Alaska state regulations or federal regulations, or (3) cleanup activities completed at these sites.

The remaining 64 sites are unaffected by this decision document and will be addressed by future investigations, any necessary cleanup efforts, and subsequent decision documents.

The Fort Greely Environmental Sites Decision Document, March 2005 is available for review at the Delta Junction Community Library, 2289 Deborah Street, Delta Junction, AK, telephone (907) 895-4102, and on the website of the Fort Greely Restoration Advisory Board at

With this announcement, the Army is releasing the document for public review and comment. To be considered, all comments must be in writing and received or postmarked by April 30, 2005. After all comments have been considered, any changes to the document will be made available to the public and the decisions will become final.

Questions and comments can be directed to Ms. Christine Boerst, Fort Greely Environmental Coordinator, at (907) 873-4665 or postal address IMPA-GRE-PWE, Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Office, PO Box 31310, Fort Greely, AK 99731.

March 26, 2005 -- Edward H. Vaughn/ RAB Support Subcontractor



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