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August 1999

UAF Summer Fine Arts Camp Congratulates
a Winner

The UAF Summer Fine Arts Camp would like to congratulate Sean Purucker for his hard work and noteworthy achievements at the 1999 camp, held in Fairbanks.  Sean received an "Outstanding Visual Art Student" award as well as the "Outstanding Dorm Camper" award.  Sean is the only one of our students to have received two awards this year.

Congratulations from the faculty and staff of the UAF Summer Fine Arts Camp!

Linda Harriger --  August 23, 1999

Hunter Education Required on Alaska
Army Lands

Beginning January 1

A regulation requiring hunters on US Army lands to possess hunter education certification will go into effect in Alaska on January 1, 2000. US Army Alaska Natural Resources Chief Bill Gossweiler says the regulation has been on the books for two years, but Alaska implementation has been delayed because of the impact on hunters.

Gossweiler said Army commanders have been concerned that many Alaskans who use Army lands for hunting do not currently have the required certification and cannot obtain it in a short time. In other parts of the United States, most hunters do have the certification because every other state has some form of mandatory hunter education. The regulation was scheduled for implementation here on January 1, 1999, but delayed because of this concern.

The new regulation will affect hunters on Fort Richardson in the Anchorage bowl, Fort Wainwright in the Fairbanks area, and Fort Greely in the Delta Junction area. In addition to the bases themselves, Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely each manage large areas of nearby military lands south of Fairbanks and west of Delta. Civilian and military hunters extensively use these military reservations. A long-standing military regulation requires all hunters to obtain permits before using military lands in Alaska. This allows military personnel to direct hunters away from areas containing unexploded ordinance or active live-fire training exercises.

The new regulation does not affect Air Force lands.

Meanwhile, Alaska volunteer hunter education instructors are gearing up to provide necessary training in the areas affected by the regulation. Fairbanks ADF&G regional hunter education coordinator Bob Hunter says instructors in Fairbanks and Delta Junction are developing classes this summer and fall to meet the anticipated demand. Class schedule information
can be obtained from hunter information and
training program staff in Fairbanks (Bob Hunter – 907/459-7211) and Anchorage (Rod Perry – 907/267-2373). Alaska hunter education certification is accepted in other states and provinces that have these requirements.

Hunter education requirements are widening in Alaska. Beyond the military requirement, some younger Southcentral Alaska hunters will need to be certified next summer. Beginning August 1, 2000, hunters born after January 1, 1984 must have completed a hunter education course to hunt in Game Management Units 7, 14 and 15 (the Kenai Peninsula, the Anchorage area and the Mat/Su area east of the Susitna River).

Reprinted from Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game Alaska Hunting Bulletin - August 21, 1999

Delta young people and a friend from Valdez at Alaska Ablaze!
Young people and adults gathered in Gakona in late July at Alaska Ablaze! a camp meeting sponsored by Valdez Faith Harbor Church and assisted by churches in Fairbanks, Delta, Mentasta, Copper Center, Glennallen and elsewhere.  Here are some of the Delta and Valdez youth who attended (l. to r.): Amber Martinez, Tony Dickenson (above), Ebony Fowler (below) Hillel Echo-Hawk, Rachael Dunklebarger, and Louis (Valdez).  Photo courtesy Pam Dunklebarger


Boating on the Clearwater
Boating on the Clearwater.  Linda Johnson rides with Shirley Davidson, a Tennessee visitor to Alaska with Ralph Miller of Deltana Outfitters at the helm near the outlet of Clearwater Lake.  Photo by David Johnson.

Grayling fishing

Summertime fishing fun....even if they do have to go back into the water!  Photo by Steve DuBois.

This is a "guess who" for women Deltoids

If you can guess who and are the first to contact the person in question, she will give you a 5 dollar bill. I am going to hit the double nickel in October. I am a grandmother of granddaughters. I like cats, dogs, kids (human kind), helping at the fair, kissing pigs, thinking up events for Delta, driving real fast, thinking about going quilting in Hawaii (never been but thinking 'bout it).  First one to give me a call and say you saw it on the Delta News Web wins a brand new, 5 dollar bill I made myself. 

Guess who - August 17, 1999


sign forest  at Watson Lake
Over the years a substantial sign forest has grown up at Watson Lake, near the midway point on the Alaska Highway.  Here Katie Johnson peers out from behind a sign "tree."  Photo by David Johnson.

Stone sheep along the Alaska Highway
Even Stone sheep rams come to the Alaska Highway in the Yukon.  They may be eating salts left over from winter road maintenance.  Photo by David Johnson.

First smoke on the June, 1999 Donnelly Flats Fire

Fish and Wildlife Trooper Don Bunselmeier and ADF&G Area Wildlife Biologist Steve DuBois were flying on the first day of the Donnelly Flats Fire back in June.  Here's a picture that Steve took showing the smoke plume from a distance.

Here's a plant common along gravel river bars in the Delta area.  It's a cousin of the fireweed.  It's called dwarf fireweed by some, or river beauty.  Photo by Harold Theisen.

Fire aerial
ADF&G area wildlife biologist Steve DuBois shot this picture of the Delta Greely area showing part of where the fire struck in June.   Thanks, Steve.

Interest in Delta News Web Remains High

An average of more than 100 hits daily are being recorded by the Delta News Web.  The master statistics pages for the website show over 6000 hits since we began testing the website in late May.

July hits are down somewhat from June, but we believe this is due to the high interest in the fire last month.

Many people tell us they are using this page as a "home" or "start" page.  With the ability to search right from the top of this page, you can "wake up" on the Internet on this page, and after checking for local events and news move right into searching.  There is information at the bottom of this page about how to make this your home or start page.  
It is an easy change in your browser settings.

Here are the statistics for the last couple of weeks.  Note that these numbers will vary somewhat from the hit counter at the page bottom because of the counting method.

07/11/99 81 ********************************
07/12/99 159 *******************************************************
07/13/99 139 *****************************************************
07/14/99 106 ******************************************
07/15/99 143 *******************************************************
07/16/99 122 ************************************************
07/17/99 133 ****************************************************
07/18/99 84 *********************************
07/19/99 135 *****************************************************
07/20/99 123 ************************************************
07/21/99 156 *******************************************************
07/22/99 153 *******************************************************
07/23/99 102 ****************************************

David Johnson -- July 25, 1999

Potentilla, a common flower of Alaska's taiga forest.  Photo by Harold Theisen.

Wild clover 
Alaska clover.  Photo by Harold Theisen.


Who said Delta is too far from what's hot and high tech? A 24-year Delta Resident, Robert Anderson, and his wife Theresa, are committed to Delta and moving Delta into the 21st Century. Their new business venture makes it easy to get connected to the Internet. WildAlaska is Delta's newest Internet service provider offering unlimited interactive access and 24 hour technical support. Owners Robert and Theresa Anderson said they aim to provide reliable, fast and affordable service to make it even easier for residents in the Delta/Greely area to be connected to the Internet. According to Robert Anderson, "Theresa and I also believe in courteous and knowledgeable tech support."

The WildAlaska handle in the address is also attractive for those who talk with others outside the state. As the Andersons said, "We chose the name because the Delta/Greely area is less developed then other regions of Alaska and we have lots of woods and wildlife. The name has meaning for us and suggests something about Alaska that those who live here and others find exciting."

Wild Alaska is affiliated with Internet Alaska, Inc., an Alaskan-based Internet service provider, which provides WildAlaska with network support.

The $30/month fee gives you unlimited access, 56K service, two independent e-mail address, access to over 30,000 newsgroups, 24-hour technical support, 5MB of web space, and local dial-in access from 10 Alaska communities.

The Andersons said, WildAlaska takes the issue of service seriously. "I believe you can only be successful if you have satisfied and happy customers." Check us out at and see what we offer." The Andersons said the WildAlaska web page is open for community news and announcements. The couple invites the community to send them local news items, announcements and pictures of the area with captions and will be placed on the WildAlaska website. "We want to make the WildAlaska website very community oriented."

Besides Internet access, WildAlaska offers web page design, database design, networking, computer purchase consulting, PC and Mac hardware and software repairs and installations, home and business computer maintenance, picture scanning, and on-site service calls.

WildAlaska opened for business on July 1 and they are located in Big D off the Richardson Highway.

Contact: Robert Anderson Tel. 895-4014 or FAX 895-4203 Web address:

Karen Cdezo -- July 30, 1999

Fish stocking
Fish stocking -- Ft. Greely's aviation detachment recently worked with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to stock fish in remote lakes.  Here the Hatchery truck is pulled up alongside a waiting military helicopter.  Photo courtesy Brian Eaton.

Fingerlings on their way to remote lakes

Fingerlings enroute to stocked ponds
US Army aviators handle fingerlings from an Alaska Department of Fish and Game fish hatchery enroute to a remote Delta area lake.  Photo by Brian Eaton.

Travis DuBois  
Travis DuBois shows off a lunker king salmon he hooked on the Gulkana River south of Delta.  Photo by Steve DuBois.

Larry Dorhorst

Larry Dorhorst on his big tractor ready to cut hay.  Picture by David Johnson.

Anabelle Basalyga wins a prize. 
Anabelle Basalyga wins a prize at the 1999 Deltana Fair. Picture taken by Cyndi Souhrada. 

US Army climbers
US Army troops making the steep downhill return after a training climb up Donnelly Dome.  Richardson Highway goes from left to right on the top of the picture.  Photo by Tom Lucas.

Retardant bomber  
Into the eye of the storm -- An Alaska Fire Service retardant bomber drops a load on the advancing Donnelly Flats Fire in June.  Photo by Steve DuBois.



Wildlife Mountain
This "mountain of wildlife" is near the junction of the Alaska Highway and the Haines Highway in Haines Junction, Yukon.  Photo by David Johnson.

The beginning of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek BC
When you head up the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek in B.C., here's what you will see at the beginning of the road.  The visitor center is nearby.  Photo by David Johnson


Caribou photo by Brian Eaton.

Yukon River canyon
The Yukon River passes through a narrow canyon just upstream from Whitehorse, not far from the Alaska Highway.  This was the scene of many a boat wreck 100 years ago.  The river is tame by comparison today, as it has been dammed just below this point.  Photo by David Johnson.

Sleepy bear
Summertime and the living is easy:  "Hey....I can't fish ALL day long...."  This big Alaska Peninsula brownie was caught taking it easy near Cold Bay by former Delta resident Orin Wear.  Thanks to his mom, Cinde for the photo.  See below for another photo of this bear. 8/19/99

Sleeping Bear
Staying awake was obviously too much work.  Back to the land of Nod.  Photo by Orin Wear. 8/19/99

hockey players
Delta PeeWee hockey players and their coaches turn out for a full team shot.   Photo by Steve DuBois.

Alaska Camp Ground Owners 
Association to meet in Delta

In mid September, 30 to 40 campground and RV park owners from across Alaska will converge on Delta Junction.

These ACOA business men and women will meet at the Community Center in downtown Delta Junction from Thursday, September 16, 1999 through Saturday, September 18, 1999. They will discuss the tourist business in the state, listen to local and state speakers, elect new officers, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Delta.

The plan is to show Delta to these important business people from across the state. This includes serving them Delta breakfasts, dinners cookouts with Delta meats, and tours of Delta farms and tourist attractions.

The Delta Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) is coordinating the event locally.

Local businesses are being offered opportunities to sponsor events such as lunches and speakers. Businesses who want to participate and showcase their businesses are encouraged to call the DCVB. In addition to sponsorship, "Welcome to Delta" gifts are needed. 

For more information about the ACOA Convention and possible sponsorship opportunities, contact Susie Kemp (895-4667/5077) or Larry Smith (895-4369).

Chris Christopherson -- August 18, 1999


North Slope crude oil carried by the M/V Tonsina
The M/V Tonsina on it's way through Valdez Narrows out into Prince William Sound with a load of North Slope crude oil.  The Delta connection?  Every ounce of crude oil in this vessel came under Nistler Road and through Pump 9.  Photo by David Johnson.

Deltana Community Corporation News 

Deltana Community Corporation's (DCC) monthly meetings are on the second Thursday of every month. The next meeting is August 12 at 7 PM. The public is encouraged to attend,

The State of Alaska has forwarded an application to DCC for the FY 2001 Capital Matching Grant Program. DCC will administer this grant on behalf of the community. At the regular meeting scheduled for August 12, 1999, DCC will identify projects that are a priority for the community. The public is encouraged to attend and submit input on what projects should be pursued. These projects must acquire or improve an asset with an anticipated life exceeding one year, including land acquisition, construction, repair or structural improvement of a facility, engineering and design for a facility and acquisition or repair of equipment. Please note that operations, training, feasibility costs or maintenance costs cannot be funded under this program. The anticipated grant will be $25,000 with a local share of $1,316. 

Donna Gardino, Administrator - August 8, 1999

DCC Elections this Fall

Deltana Community Corporation will hold its annual election on October 5, 1999. Seats D, E and F will be on the ballot this year. A Declaration of Candidacy must be filed by each candidate by September 5, 1999. The forms are available now. Candidates must be a qualified DCC voter and a resident for the required length of time for the office sought. Please contact Paul Knopp at 895-4150 for a form. 

Donna Gardino, Administrator - August 8, 1999


Boating on Clearwater Lake
Ralph Miller OF Deltana Outfitter's steers a riverboat through the shallows at Clearwater Lake in early July.  Photo by David Johnson.

Parachute drop over Greely
Parachute drop over Ft. Greely.  Note the C130 in the upper right.  Photo by Brian and Kay Eaton.

The Delta area is good habitat for moose.  These two were dancing in Richard Mitchell's yard.  Photo by Richard Mitchell.

Volunteering in Prison

One of the advantages to having a prison in the community is the opportunity to become involved in a volunteer capacity.  A private citizen volunteering his or her time to assist rehabilitation has had an impact on many inmates’ lives. The fact that YOU want to be there, are interested in them, and aren’t paid for it speaks volumes to men who have spent their entire lives thinking only of themselves.

Spiritual activities rank high among the volunteer opportunities and are very rewarding. Regular contact with church groups who are committed to prison ministry has turned many lives around permanently. These volunteers conduct worship services, Bible studies, and lead prayer groups. Other needs include teaching crafts, tutoring, recreation assistance and leading specialty classes. Activities are as varied as the volunteers themselves.

To qualify to be a volunteer you must:

  1. Be willing to commit your time.
  2. Be consistent and faithful to your commitment
  3. Not be a family member or on the visiting
    list of an inmate housed at the facility
  4. Not have a recent incarceration or arrest. Certain crimes, like drug offenses, generally mean a permanent disqualification.
  5. Be over 18
  6. Attend orientation class provided.
  7. Abide by the rules of the facility.

The amount of time spent is up to you. Some people will do a one-time class for a couple of
hours only. Others will come in every week for years.

While we cannot use volunteers until we are open and operating, once open we need a solid group of volunteers who are excited and ready to serve. We encourage Delta area residents to think about this now and be prepared to say "yes" when we issue an invitation to make a difference!

Fred and Tana Wood -- July 31, 1999 

Kenna DuBois
Crossing the finish line at precisely midnight!  Kenna DuBois running in the Midnight Sun 10K Race, June 1999. Photo by Steve DuBois.

Bison `gotta love summer.  The grass is deep and it's warm.  The only bad news is the bugs.  Photo by David Johnson.

Summer sunset
You know it's summertime when you are driving north on the highway and the setting sun gets in your eyes.  Photo by Clint Knix.

Web- Based E-mail now easy to access
from Delta News Web

We have added several new hyperlinks at the top of the page that should help people who use web-based e-mail like HotMail.  

The value of web-based e-mail is that it gives a person access to it wherever there is a browser: at work, in a public library, at SEA-TAC, at Uncle Joe's house....wherever.  Some of these programs can even be programmed to access e-mail on a local server. 

For example, if I have a HotMail e-mail account, I can receive mail at or even mail stored on the mail server at my local ISP.

Some ISPs allow users to check their mail via the web.  Robert Anderson reports that
Wild Alaska Net is working on a similar feature.

Another website that allows you to check e-mail from a web browser is MailStart.  

If you use other web based e-mail and would like to see a hyperlink to it here,
please e-mail us with the hyperlink.

David Johnson -- July 29, 1999

Parade picture
Members from Ft. Greely join up with Delta's Policemen for the Fair parade.  Photo by Brian Eaton.

Archives of Delta News Web material

We have been archiving material from the Delta News Web so it can be accessed later.  The archive link is found at the bottom of this column.

The amount of material grows quickly, so I'm not sure how long we'll be able to keep it....but it is there for now.  Here's a link to the archive index page.

David Johnson -- July 25, 1999

Delta parade clown
Our Delta parade clown giving smiles to everyone.  Photo by Brian Eaton.  

Girl Scouts
Photo by Brian Eaton.  

Outhouse Guys
Photo by Brian Eaton.  

Fire trucks
Photo by Brian Eaton.  

Fair Parade
A show of flags and horses at the Deltana Fair parade.  Photo by Brian Eaton.




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