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August 2002

Spiderman was recently seen in Interior Alaska and captured on film by photographer Linnea John.  While the real identity of the masked hero is not known, a web of clues suggests that it could be John Jenkins, son of Gwen and John Jenkins.

Shown above is 1 and 1/2 month old Kaikoa David James Phillips.  Kaikoa is the son of former Delta Jct. resident Andrea Stephens and Hawaii resident David Phillips.  He was born at 9.05 oz. on the evening of July 1st on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Congratulations to Andrea, David and big sister Alana!  Photo courtesy of Andrea Stephens. 

Mikki and Julie Collins
Mikki and Julie Collins are heading to Delta for a slide presentation of their Alaskan adventures!  For more information on the show, read below.  Photo courtesy of Joyce McCombs.

"Trapline Twins" Authors Coming to Delta!

Everyone is invited to meet Mikki and Julie Collins from Lake Minchumina - News Miner Heartland columnists authors of several books including "Trapline Twins" and their latest "Riding the Wild Side of Denali" - on Tuesday evening, August 20 at the Delta Community Center at 7 pm. The Collins sisters will give a slide presentation on their many Alaskan adventures, including a recent trip to Iceland for an Icelandic pony that now helps them hunt and trap in their bush lifestyle. Books, furs and crafts made by Julie and Mikki will be for sale after the program. Admission is FREE! Autographs, too! The program is sponsored by the Delta Library Association. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet the Twins and enjoy a great family evening! For more information, call Joyce at the Delta Library 895-4102.

Joyce McCombs -- August 19, 2002

Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department update

The Deltana Fire Department wishes to thank Francesca Colombo for her generous donation of a 20,000-gallon water tank for one of our new fire departments. This water tank was donated as a memoriam for her late husband Dominick.

Also, we wish to thank J-L Ventures for their donations of several 100-watt radios, which we will use, as base stations and mobile communication in the fire vehicles acquired from the Fort Greely Fire Department.

At the last DCC meeting on 08 August 02, the Deltana Community Corporation Board of Directors voted to dedicate the FY04 Capital Project matching grant of $25,000.00 to the Deltana Fire Department to purchase requested equipment.

Thank you Loretta, Fran, and the DCC Directors!

At the last Rural Deltana Fire Board Meeting on 31 July 02, the Board and the community voted to raise the charge of fighting residential fires to $2500.00, and business fires to $5000.00. This is for non-subscribers ONLY!  This is also for the community outside the City of Delta Junction.

The Subscription rates will remain at $50.00 a year for residential, and $100.00 a year for business subscribers.  This will not change. For those who cannot afford a one time payment, we will be accepting $ 5.00 a month for residential ($60.00 annually), or $10.00 a month for business ($120.00 annually).

The Subscriptions help pay for Fuel Oil, Insurance, Heating Oil, Electricity, etc.  We rely on community subscribers to help pay operating expenses. Grants we apply for do not pay for these utilities. Grants do pay for equipment, training, etc. 

Both the City and the Deltana Fire Departments will have subscription tables set up around town in the coming months for your convenience. Look for the Fire Truck!

The City of Delta Junction has been downgraded to an ISO 8 (please check with City Hall for further information).  Chief Ted Hamilton of the Rural Deltana Fire Department has signed the paperwork and sent it off to the ISO office for our ISO 8 area downgrade.

The Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department covers over 1800 square miles, bigger than the State of Rhode Island (1,214 square miles). We are the largest volunteer fire district (area wise) in the USA.

To be eligible for a lower ISO rating, your dwelling has to be within 5 road miles of a Fire station. We now have a substation on the Alaska Highway (Heral Road), and have a new fire station on Tanana Loop Extension (City Landfill).

Steve Fields -- August 13, 2002

Local Teacher Participates in “Meeting of Frontiers”

Kathy Sharp, from Delta Cyber School, is one of eleven Alaska teachers joining eighteen teachers from Russia for this week’s Alaska Geographic Alliance summer institute being held in Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula. 

The institute focus is on utilizing the resources of the U.S. Library of Congress "Meeting of Frontiers" web site:  The Alaska Geographic Alliance states, "Meeting of Frontiers is a bilingual, multimedia English-Russian digital library that tells the story of the American exploration and settlement of the West, the parallel exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East, and the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It is intended for use in U.S. and Russian schools and libraries, and by the general public in both countries. Scholars, particularly those who do not have ready access to major research libraries, also will benefit from the mass of primary material included in Meeting of Frontiers, much of which has never been published or is extremely rare.”

The institute is led by coordinators Roger Pearson (Institute of the North) and Jody Smothers Marcello (Sitka School District), with special guests David Nordlander, Historian, Library of Congress; John Whitehead, Professor of History Emeritus, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The conference has been made possible by generous financial assistance of the Federation of Internet Education, Institute of the North, Alaska Pacific University, National Geographic Society, U. S. Department of Education, and U. S. Library of Congress.

“Meeting of Frontiers” Summer Institute teachers from Russia and Alaska enjoyed their visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage. They were joined by institute coordinators and representatives from the U. S. Library of Congress.

Kathy Sharp -- August 2, 2002

New Housing Starts in Delta Junction

One of the many new homes started in Delta this summer is the one being built by Art & Sara McKee on McRaDenn Road. The more then 2000 square foot home is the first in Delta Jct. using ARXX Polystyrene forms. These east to use, pre-assembled forms, when filled with concrete, remain in place to provide insulation for the home.
Any desired type of interior and exterior finish can be applied directly to the forms. McKees welcome anyone wanting to learn more about this building process. McRaDenn Road is 4 miles East of Delta Junction off Nistler Road.  

Mike Rawalt -- July 30, 2002

Delta Cyber School teacher, Kathy Sharp (l), is shown here with her new friends, Svetlana Yastrebtseva, and conference roommate, Sandra Bostian. Svetlana is a music teacher from Mordovia, Russia and is in traditional dress following her presentation on Mordovian dance and music. Sandra is a Digital Conversion Specialist with the U. S. Library of Congress. Photo courtesy of Kathy Sharp.



Layered Blues
Fort Greely's Big Lake on a windy day this past June. Donnelly Dome is in the background. Photo courtesy of Mike Nuckols.

Late evening on the Clearwater River.  It wasn't so many days ago that it was light all night in Delta Junction.  Photo by Dwight Phillips.

A familiar scene at Chitina
This is a familiar scene for many Delta folks.....the Copper River south of Chitina and a salmon dipnet ready for action.  Photo courtesy Dwight Phillips

Mike Bobo and Leslie Hollembaek tied the knot!

On July 27, 2002 Mike and Leslie, both formerly of Delta Jct. exchanged vows at the Hollembaek Family farm.  The crowd was seated in a large open field. Around 4 p.m., five cars lined up by the barn.  Slowly they drove up to the edge of the crowd and one by one, Leslie's bridesmaids emerged.  Leah Barron, Jessica Marchuck, Michelle Bobo, and maid of honor Jaci Edelen were all making their way down the isle when an open top, camo colored Jeep raced down the hill driven by none other than Scott Hollembaek!  Once parked, Scott lifted his daughter out of the Jeep and headed for the isle. 

Leslie being chauffeured to the isle by her father Scott in this camo Jeep!

From left: Buckley Hollembaek, ring bearer John Jenkins Jr., Brad Russell, Ted Harris, best man Wilson Caddel, Mike Bobo, flower girl Brooklyn Hollembaek, Leslie Bobo, maid of honor Jaci Edelen, Michelle Bobo, Jessica Marchuck, and Leah Barron.

The wedding was beautifully orchestrated and I can't say that I've ever been to a classier outdoors wedding.  Everyone from the Delta News Web would like to congratulate Mike and Leslie and wish you both the best!

Katie Johnson -- August 14, 2002

This picture was recently taken over British Colombia at 33,000 feet.  Photo courtesy of Joe Crandall. 

Pastor Curtis Taylor receiving his B.Th. degree in Fairbanks
Delta Christian Center Pastor Curtis Taylor received his Bachelor of Theology degree from Dr. Ian Bond of the Christian Life School of Theology Saturday night, August 10th at Door of Hope Church in Fairbanks.  Delta Christian Center now offers CLST classes in Delta Jct.  Photo by David Johnson

Michelle, Forrest, and Conner Trulove
PFC Forrest Trulove (U.S. Army) is spending his last hours with his family before being deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan. PFC Trulove is a former Delta resident, as is his wife Michelle (Sharp) Trulove and 3-year old son Conner.  Forrest will return to Fort Bragg, NC in 6-8 months. If you would like to support Forrest by sending letters or cards, you can write to him at: PFC Forrest M. Trulove, TF 1st-229th HHC, Operation Enduring Freedom, APO AE 09354.  Photo courtesy of Michelle Trulove.

Delta Lions Club President Ann Geise (right) with Dee Hess, winner of the grand prize of two round trip tickets donated by Alaska Airlines in the Delta Lions Club Raffle. Dee’s winning ticket was drawn on Sunday, July 28, during the Deltana Fair. The Delta Lions Club uses the money earned during the Deltana Fair from the raffle, the pancake & ham breakfast and the steak dinner to fund scholarships and other local youth and sight activities. Photo courtesy of Ann Geise.

Kaylee Anne Reierson is being held by her Grandfather, Steve Fields, down at the Tanana River Pipeline Crossing. Kaylee and her family came down from the North for a visit. Photo by "Ace Photographer" Richard Mitchell.

The water distortion gave this Grayling an eyebrow!  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.




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