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August 2003

Nick Wardle

Nick Wardle had company while he dug potatoes. Photo Courtesy Kay Wardle

Tawnee and her cat

Tawnee and her cat Ki-Ki chilling out in the lawn. Photo Courtesy Nick Wardle

Tom and Holly Thorne

Here is former resident Tom Thorne and his new wife Holly. They were married at the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage June 14. Tom worked at Fort Greely from 1994 to 2001 at DPW.  Photo Courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger

Chains of the Primitive

Local band "Chains of the Primitive" played for the Youth Court Teen Dance Saturday night at the fair. Band members from left to right are Eddie Barkhurst on bass guitar, Travis DuBois on guitar, Tony Sherman on vocals and bongo drums, Caleb Parker on guitar, and Ken Stine on drums. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Sam Vose - Spam carver

Sam Vose was the Grand Champion in the inaugural Spam carving contest at the Deltana fair. The piece was titled "Spam-I-Am (a self portrait)". Sam said he got the inspiration for the sculpture while looking in the mirror. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Happy Birthday August 18 - 24

Rob King - August 19 From the ECC crew

Happy Anniversary August 18 - 24

"Bill" and Leigh Dennison - August 20 From Bob and Ann Geise

The reality of it all! Winter is coming! The birds are feeding! Oh No!  Photos Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Alaska Range

I captured this gorgeous view of the Alaska Range early Tuesday morning (8/19). It was taken near the end of our driveway (close to the intersection of Clearwater Rd. and the Alaska Highway).
Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp

Holly Crandall and Mr. Ermey

Holly (Crandall) Ricaporte met R. Lee Ermey, when he interviewed Tom Clancy at a book signing at Ft. Bragg on the 16th of August. You may recognize Mr. Ermey as the 1st Sgt from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Photo Courtesy Joe Crandall

Charlie Atwell at Chitina

This picture shows Charlie straining to lift a hefty stringer of reds just dipped from the mighty Copper River. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Charlie with his new pickup and Marlin

This is Charlie Atwell (in his new pickup) and Marlin Dunklebarger ascending the hill from O'Brian Creek after limiting out on red salmon last weekend. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Dahlia from Gary's yard

The warm temperatures and long days of summer are great for growing flowers in interior Alaska. Here some bees are active around a large dahlia flower. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Lois Cosgrove

Lois Cosgrove was 80 years old on August 9th.  During World War II, Lois was a cadet nurse.  She met and married Norman while stationed in Oklahoma.  They moved to Alaska and homesteaded on the Clearwater 50 years ago.  Photo Courtesy Jeri

Thank you, Uncle Todd!
Andrew, Austin, and Brent

Uncle Todd! Thank you for sending the money for us to enter the chess tournament. We love you and miss you.  August 4, 2003

"GHOST SHIP RISING - The Strange Fate of the Clara Nevada"

History that is stranger than fiction is the theme of the upcoming historical mystery play entitled “Ghost Ship Rising – The Strange Fate of the Clara Nevada” coming to perform in Delta on August 7th at 7:00 pm at the Delta Elementary School Gymnasium (the small gym).

During the frenzy of the Klondike Gold Rush, on February 5, 1898 in Lynn Canal, Southeastern Alaska the Clara Nevada went down in a ball of flame taking passengers, crew, and 850 pounds of gold. The cause has never been determined and the gold never recovered. At least that is what history tells us. What really happened that fateful night in 1898? What caused the Clara Nevada to explode and sink? Were there any survivors? And what happened to the gold? That question has yet to be answered. One hundred and five years later, the gold has not been found. Salvage crews have explored the Clara Nevada since one week after the wreck, but no trace of the gold was located.
Daniel Henry and Pamela Himsworth Randles, of Haines, Alaska have produced a play about this fascinating historical mystery and are bringing it to Delta on August 7th.

This play is a project of The Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center in Haines, Alaska. Because of the wreck, there was a furor in Congress, and money was appropriated to build navigational aids in Southeastern Alaska. One of those lighthouses was built on Eldred Rock, the site of the wreck, in 1906. The Sheldon Museum in Haines is working to restore Eldred Rock Lighthouse and this live drama of the story of the Clara Nevada was conceived as a fundraiser for the Eldred Rock Lighthouse Restoration Project.

Come and enjoy the performance on August 7th. There will be no admission charge. This project is funded in part by the City of Delta Junction, Delta/Greely School District and the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Additional sponsors are needed. If you are interested in contributing to this event please contact either Martha Kimball 895-2004 or Brenda Peterson 895-5068.

Brenda Peterson -- August 4, 2003

B1 Bomber

This B 1 Bomber was parked at Eielson AFB last Friday morning, August 1 and was  gone that same
day. Photo Courtesy Joe Crandall

Kathy Sharp

We recently took a mini-vacation and decided to return from Anchorage via the Parks Hwy; spontaneously taking the Denali Highway to cut across to Paxson on the Rich Hwy. Taking time out for a couple of picture stops and a great lunch at the McClaren River Lodge, it took 5 hours to travel 135 miles on the Denali. The road is full of "washboards", but not as bad as we thought it would be.

Bull moose


The wildlife was wonderful and the scenery was breathtaking. We saw caribou, moose, swans, and ptarmigan, and there were "loads" of ripe blueberries on the hilltops. The trip will always be a reminder that even us long-time Alaskans need to take time out once in a while to play tourist.  Photos by Kathy and Creig Sharp

Happy Birthday July 28 - 31 and August 1 - 3

Ted Echo-Hawk - July 29 From the Echo-Hawk's, Lopez's, Hayashi's, Kelly's, and Kawe's.

Action Jackson Reiter  5th birthday   - August 2 . He's celebrating in Alabama with his Memaw and will celebrate again with his Alaska family when he returns home.


As you can see, it's time again to get out the keyboards and get those fingers to typing.  The DNW is in need of news.  Our online newspaper is only a success because of people like you.

Please take the time and submit your articles to the DNW, so other folks can read about our community and the things that happen here in our small town.

THANKS:  Webmaster -- July 25, 2003

Hillary, Brad and Shane

Hillary Crandall, Brad Russell and Shane Fett had a chance to visit while at Brad's business, Fish Central, in Valdez on Sunday afternoon. Photo
by Joe Crandall



Happy Birthday August 25 - 31

Lindsay St. Peter -  August 27 Happy 17th Birthday!  WOW!! Love, your family

Charlie Atwell  - August 29 From your loving wife!

Levi Atwell -  August 31 Happy Birthday 1 more year - hooray!   We love you, mom and dad.

Happy Anniversary August 25 - 31

Mom and Dad - Happy 19th Anniversary!
Love, Cassie, Daniel, Chelsea, and Crystal


A Harvest Festival is scheduled at the Highway's End Farmers Market for August 30th, every Saturday in August except the weekend of the Deltana Fair. Each Saturday will feature musical entertainment, drawings every 1/2 hour, cash prizes for contests and ice cream for all contest participants.  The 30th is “Harvest Day”. Events planned are vegetable contests, “Lil Farmer” contest, pie contests and a cake walk. Vendor space for Harvest Festival days will be $5.00. For more information call Nancy at 378-2241. Everyone welcome!

Support your local farmers market!

Brenda Peterson - August 25, 2003

Attempting to Distribute Senior Videos to 2003 DHS Graduates

The DHS Multimedia class produces a Senior Video every year. When the new teacher, Mrs. Kathy Sharp, was reviewing class materials for the upcoming year, she discovered that many of last year’s seniors did not receive their complimentary video. Unfortunately, a lot of these seniors will be difficult to locate since they have now joined the work force or moved away. If you are a 2002-03 senior, family member, or friend, please contact Mrs. Sharp at Delta Cyber School (895-1043) to make arrangements for pickup or mailing of the Senior Video. If you know an updated mailing address for a senior that moved, it would be appreciated if you’d share it so they can receive their video.

Kathy Sharp -- August 21, 2003

Quilt entered in the 2003 fair as a group project

I had the pleasure of attending the Delta Fair on opening day. I snapped is photo of this unique quilt that shows the transition through the distinct seasons found in Alaska. The Presbyterian Church made the quilt as a group effort. Titled:  Making Christ known for the healing of the world.  Revelation 22:2 Photo Courtesy J. Leon Vialpando

Tin Man

Hello Delta News Web. Just wanted to tell you what I have been up to. Things have been busy here with school. We are into our summer quarter now and it is half way done.

This picture is of a Tin Man Costume that I made for the production of a Wizard of Oz play. The show went on 8 times at the Outdoor Forest Theater in Bremerton. Rain or shine it went on. The costume took off and on about 4 weeks to make. It is not made out of Metal. It is constructed out of shiny silver fabric and Styrene plastic spray painted chrome. It looked just like metal. The Tin Man was played by Jeff Rocco from Renton, Washington.

Sean Purucker -- August 19, 2003

Young Bulls

You can always tell when Fall is right around the corner.  The young bulls have velvet on their antlers.  Photos Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Fall sunset

And our evenings are getting darker. Beautiful Fall sunset over the Tanana River. 

The Deltana Fair...Long Ago and Far Away

Look at this site...

What about including some of these ideas in the Deltana Fair?

Traditional Alaskan native music, crafts, dances, foods, etc. Russian traditions, crafts, dances, music, and food.  Pioneer Alaskan-trapper-homesteader skills and traditions, from Rika's day.

Go look at this site and think how much fun (and work, work, work) it would be to have an Alaskan interior heritage and cultural fair.

Of course include all the modern Alaskan-Deltoid traditions back to WWII and the building of the Alcan.

Sincerely wish I was back there in Delta, with good health.
And some of the yellow gold in them thar hills 'round Pogo.
Or the black gold zooming 'long in that there long pipe.
Or the other riches that one can take from the forests, lakes and rivers.
And even a few pennies the farmers and ranchers are taking from the land.
'Course one must collect a few of those greenbacks from the "white hairs" and other outlanders in their RVs and big articulated busses.
Heck, I would even use the monies from the feds (base readjustment dole doncha know!)
..To redo the Deltana as an Alaska tradition.

What 'bout cable cat competitions 'stead of mud boggers?  Heck, actually, those boys of the Army engineer regiments, black and white, and those civy guys from Green and Co., were among some of the first, real Alaska "mud boggers!"

Methinks that would be a fun redo of the Deltana Fair. And betcha it would more than make up for some of the lost income from the big "Golden Wheel!"

Ah but, home is so far away these days. It is a place I definitely ain't goin' no more...not how. So one just sits here in this computer-generated electronic glow (in a million colors) and dreams.

Bye for now... Remember I used to be a Deltoid long, long ago and far, too far away... Where once upon a time the buffalo always disappeared in the late morning mists before the midday sunrise. That was Camelot oops, I mean Delta. ....

P.S. Good luck to the2003 Deltana Fair.

Chris Christopherson -- August 12, 2003

Flowers on the Clearwater

Flowers on the Clearwater River.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Tanana Valley - Roses

Tanana Valley. Summer is just about over, but we can't complain.  It was a fantastic summer and these pictures are the proof.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Happy Birthday August 11 - 17

Hillel Echo-Hawk August 11 From Delta Christian Center

Bridgette Stanley August 12 From Pam

Aaron Gifford 3rd birthday - August 13  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!! Love Mom, Dad, Skylar, Andrew, and Lessley

Michael Carnevale 48th - August 15  From C.C. Hugs XOXOX

Happy Anniversary August 11 - 17

Curtis and Belita Taylor  36th anniversary --August 12  From your cell group

Curtis & Belita Taylor --  August 12 from DCC church family


The mystery lady has been revealed.  Kay Wardle submitted her name, because she knew Lois used to be a nurse and was nearing 80.  Thanks Kay for your guess. 

Webmaster -- August 11, 2003

Captain and Mrs. David Bragg

"May I present to you Captain and Mrs. David Arthur Bragg. Rhetta Kristina Hosier and David Arthur Bragg were married at the Princess Hotel in Fairbanks on Friday evening, August 1, 2003. They will live outside Alaska for several years while David is in the military, but plan to return to Alaska to make their home. Kristy is the daughter of Myron and Rhetta Hosier. She attended Assembly Christian School and graduated from Delta Christian Academy. David is formerly from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He served in Iraq during the war, and is now stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. Congratulations, David and Kristy."  Photos Courtesy  of Rhetta Hosier

David and Kristy Bragg


Mark Hem

Mark Hem (Hem's Charters Chitina) shows approval of the bow of his boat.  She has kissed alot of rocks during 16 years on the river.  Photo Courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger

Happy Birthday August 4 - 10

Tana Wood - August 9 From Marlin and Pam

Jackie Nelson - August 9 From Marlin and Pam

Mike Jenkins --  August 9 From Mike & Barb

Joshua Knix -- August 9th From Connie Knix

Marlin Dunklebarger - August 10 Happy Birthday Pappy from Christopher, Happy Birthday Dad from  Rachael, Bill,  Shilo and Dielisse

Marlin Dunklebarger - August 10 Happy Birthday  from Dwight, Julia and family. Here's hoping you get your limit of reds as well as a huge King this weekend in Chitina!

Happy Anniversary August 4 - 10

Butch and Nancy Johnson - August 4 From Nancy Johnson

Louis and Evelyn Glass - August 5 From Marlin and Pam

Mystery picture

Most everyone will know the famous Abbot and Costello.  But what about the pretty lady, who is about to turn eighty?  Photo Courtesy will be revealed on Monday.  If you want to take a guess of who the birthday girl is, we would like to hear from you.  Please submit your inquiry to DNW. 

Isaac Parker

This is a picture of Delta resident Isaac Parker who is working for Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game in Sitka Alaska. Isaac is surveying fish streams and as this picture shows there is a bumper crop of Pink Salmon in the region. The hazards of this work is evident by the shotgun Isaac is carrying. Isaac reports his bear count is up to 56 so far. Photo Courtesy Isaac Parker

Colorado's Railcar

Delta News Web publisher David Johnson steps off Colorado Railcar's demonstration "Diesel Multiple Unit" at the Anchorage depot of the Alaska Railroad. Colorado Railcar brought the DMU to Alaska to demonstrate the concept. The unit is self propelled, and can carry up 92 passengers in commuter service. It can easily travel at 60-70 mph, and does not strain even at 100 mph.

The Alaska Railroad's interest in this concept is to meet future demand for commuter rail service between the Mat-Su, downtown Anchorage, the Anchorage airport and points
south of Anchorage. The DMU can be inspected at the Fairbanks ARR depot from 2 - 6 PM on Monday, August 4, 2003.

Kids Swimming

The gravel pit on The Old Rich Highway July 28,  this picture is of a couple of boys swimming. Just last Monday was a great reminder that we are still having summer in the Interior.   Both of our photos are Courtesy of Dwight Phillips

Clearwater Flowers

Flowers on the Clearwater.  Just wanted to add some sunshine to DNW for the weekend.  This is a reminder, that summer is not officially over, even though the weather this week has that in question. Do you know that it was 38 degrees this morning? 




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