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August 2004

Roger Harris Memorial

Roger Harris

Roger Wade Harris 50, of Liberty Hill, Texas, formerly of Delta Junction , Alaska, passed away on Thursday, August 19, 2004. He was born on November 17, 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas, to Everett Carl and Ruby Harris.

Roger was an avid sportsman, he loved the outdoors, boating , and hunting. He was a talented musician playing in his own band. Roger loved going to work and enjoyed his co-workers at Action Lift.

He was a very generous person, always had a helping hand and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Roger always had a joke and a smile. He loved his family and he was loved very much by all that knew him.

Roger was preceded in death by his mother and son, Ruby Harris, and Thomas Harris. He is survived by his wife Lynn Harris of Liberty Hill, Texas; son, Ted Harris and wife Emi of Leander, Texas; daughter Heather Sanders and husband Ben of Austin, Texas; grandchildren, Thomas Harris and Savannah Sanders; father Everett Carl Harris and wife Lillie Harris of Lumberton, Texas; brothers, Everett Glen Harris, and Jerry Harris of Delta Junction, Alaska; Lewie Harris and wife Rita of North Pole, Alaska; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Roger will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him.

There will be a memorial service at 2:00 pm at the Fort Greely Chapel August 29th, 2004.

Ted Harris -- August 24, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY August 24 - August 31

Happy Birthday to Helen Orcutt on August 25th.

Happy Birthday to Vanessa John, July 27th. We love you much. Love, Mom and Dad

August 27 - Happy Birthday to Illene Jurgens! We love you and miss you! Love, Dawn and Nicholas

Happy Birthday to Jim Schooley on Monday, August 30!  L.

Grass species
While working on the Goodpaster River this summer one certain place on the river has an unusual aquatic grass. I'm not familiar with this species, it is similar in appearance to your lawn grass with a long flat blade. The picture does not really capture the luminescence color, best described as a lime green. The blades wave like a flags in the current. I'd be curious if anybody else has seen this type of aquatic grass elsewhere in the interior.  Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Russell Hollembaek riding in the the Delta Parade.  Photo Courtesy Leslie Bobo

And of course it wouldn't be a parade with out some clowning around.
Photo Courtesy James Youngblood


The City of Delta Junction will hold a regular election on Tuesday, October 5, 2004. The
following offices are available for election:

Council Seat B, 3-year term ending in October 2007
Council Seat D, 3-year term ending in October 2007
Council Seat F, 1-year term ending in October 2005
Council Seat G, 3-year term ending in October 2007

Candidate Qualifications:
Any person is eligible for city office if the person is a qualified voter of the city and a resident of the city for a period of not less than one year prior to the date of filing a nominating petition. Candidates shall provide proof that they are eligible, or shall be eligible by the date of the election, to be recognized as a candidate for the upcoming election. An
Alaska public Offices Commission Official Financial Disclosure Statement must be filed with the City Clerk at the time of filing a nominating petition, if one is not currently on file.

Nominating Petition
Nominating Petitions may be picked up from City Hall, 2288 Deborah Street, and must be
filed between August 24 and September 9, 2004 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM Monday
through Friday. Nominating Petitions must contain the signatures of at least ten registered
voters qualified to vote in the city election.

Withdrawal of Nominating Petitions
A candidate may withdraw from nomination at any time during the filing period by written notice to the City Clerk. After the filing period has closed, September 9, nominating petitions may not be corrected, amended or withdrawn.

For more information regarding the city election, please contact the City Clerk at 895-4656.
P.O. Box 229, Delta Junction, Alaska 99737

Pat White -- City Clerk -- August 20, 2004

Notice of Election

Seats B, D, F and G are available at the regular Delta Junction City Council election on Tuesday, October 5. The polling place will be open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM at the Community Center (Mile
266 Richardson Highway).

A person is qualified to vote who: a) is a citizen of the United States; b) has passed their eighteenth (18) birthday; c) has been a resident of the City of Delta Junction for at least thirty (30) days preceding the election; d) has registered to vote thirty (30) days before the election and is not registered in another jurisdiction; and e) is not disqualified under Article V of the State Constitution.

Those unable to vote when the polls are open may request an absentee ballot by stopping by City Hall any day prior to but not including Election Day, October 5.

If you have questions, contact City Clerk Pat White at 895-4656.

Pat White -- City Clerk -- August 20, 2004


Early fall
It seems like everybody's talking about an early fall. Early or not, daylight hours are definitely getting shorter and it's starting to get dark at night as illustrated by this picture showing the lights of Ft. Greely after dark, with Mt. Moffit and Pillsbury Peak in the background. Photo was taken in July. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

HAPPY BIRTHDAY August 17 - August 23

Happy birthday to a wonderful mother and grandmother.  Wishing you the best birthday on the 19th we love and miss you. Love Amber,DJ, Andrew


My name is Katie Reagan and I am a former Delta High student/resident (91-94) and my father Jerry Reagan still lives in Delta. I wanted to update everyone on my recent activities and share some pictures. I am entering my final year at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, where I am studying Latin America, or more specifically I study the effect of tourism on poor communities in the Caribbean basin.

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Cuba (legally) and Chile and wanted to share some pictures with the folks in Delta. I had a wonderful time studying and traveling and the people of Latin America continue to occupy a special place in my heart.

Chris and Katie

Chris and Katie, another new friend from New York right before we hit the slopes in a greatly appreciated snowstorm.

Havana Sunset

Taken from a rooftop in Habana Vieja (Old Havana) as the sun was setting and you can get a glimpse of the architecture and the bay.


A picture of Valparaiso, Chile, one of the more unique cities in the country and home to the Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso where I was studying.

Verado Sunset

Taken at the beautiful Veradero resort town in Veradero, Cuba, which is where the "Rat Pack" used to hang out before the revolution.


A picture of me after hiking seven hours up the path that Darwin took up to the highest peak in the Coastal Cordillera in Chile.  The Andes make a nice backdrop to a stunning view.

Sarah Grossmann
Like many other Delta folks, the Grossmanns headed south to Chitna to catch their limit. We got our 105 red salmon for the group all in one day. The weather was wonderful and we didn't even get rained on. Here is Sarah Grossmann catching the first fish of the day. Of course Chitna fisherman know that netting the fish is just the BEGINNING of the job! There's lots of smoking going on around our place these days. Photo Courtesy by Ollie

Sprinkler moose
Mom and the kids showed up this morning (8/19/04) for a shower.  The moose are on the front lawn of Our Lady of Sorrows Church. Photo Courtesy Fr. John B. Martinek

Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

The Delta Mine Training Center will be offering a Wilderness First Aid Certification course in mid-August. If you live, work or play in areas where emergency medical services are 30 minutes or more away, this course will enable you to make decisions about emergency care in rural, remote, or wilderness settings. Learn Emergency Survival Skills, Evacuation Techniques, and Patient protection & care of injuries while waiting for rescuers. Enrollment will be limited. Call Carolyn at 895-2051 for costs and further inquiries.

Carolyn Howard -- August 11. 2004

Connor and Grace
Conner and Grace Sharp are getting so big! Conner starts kindergarten this fall and Gracie is 6 months old! The kiddos live in Palmer with mom,
Michelle Sharp (DHS class of '99) and her fiance' Jason. Photo courtesy Michelle Sharp

Troop 56
Troop 56 Boy Scouts on top on Donnelly's Dome 8/10/04.  Fastest time by Steve Bealer at 50 minutes from the Richardson Hwy to the top.  The view was somewhat obscure by smoke.   Other scouts present Cody Jenkins, Ben Knix, Charlie Herman, Matthew Joslin, Bradley Gefroh, assistant scoutmaster Kevin Jenkins and Honda (retriever). Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Deltana Fair needs Farmer's Crop Exhibits

Last year we had a fine display of crops in the Deltana Fair.  I'd like to beat that this year.  Please remember to prepare your crops, seeds, etc. under the guidelines of the Deltana Fair Premium Book. You can pick them up in the AMC Building or call 895-FAIR. Let's have a great display this August. Agriculture and Alaska go hand in hand! Good Luck! Ruby Hollembaek 895-4008

Ruby Hollembaek -- August 9, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY August 10 - August 16

Happy 14th Birthday Gen Apolo on August 11th! We are so proud that you're playing football for the Huskies this year. EMUA! Love Mom & Dad!

Happy 9th Birthday to Cassandra Schmidt on August 11th! Love, Mom and Dad, and all your brothers!!!

Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend, John Gidlof ....He will be ?? on August 14! I love you, your wife, Susan

Tommy and Rachel
Former Delta residents Tommy Sauer and Rachel Groppel were married on Saturday, August 7th in Fairbanks.  Tommy and Rachel travel all over the
U.S working at Four Points Communications as a fiberoptic technician.

Football scrimmage

Cheerleader scrimmage
Delta High School's first football team held their first scrimmage on Sat., Aug. 7 and the cheerleader's also scrimmaged for the crowd. Photos by Steve DuBois

Summer Reading Program
Discover New Trails at Your Library was the theme of the 2004 Statewide Summer Reading Program. Here in Delta, the 53 kids registered read a 504 books in just six weeks!

The program ended on July 30 with the Reading Round Up barbecue on the library/city hall lawn. More than 65 Trailblazer Readers and their families attended. Thanks to Glen and Nora Goepfert for helping host the barbecue! Photos Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Seth and Joyce
Seth Jepsen won the grand prize book bag for the closest guess of total books read - his guess was 350. He's shown here accepting congratulations from Miss Joyce, Delta Librarian.

Shirley Beck
Library Board member Shirley Beck hands out smiles and ice cream.

Amelia Scandland was really surprised by what she found in the Pinata!

Nancy and the pinata
Miss Nancy supervises the Pig Pinata that Reader's made during Mexico Week.

Pitzer pals
Happy Readers are Hungry Readers!

Steve DuBois
Steve Dubois surveying an extensively burn area from the new Pogo road near Wolverine Creek.  The "Camp Creek Fire" is estimated to have burned nearly 151,000 acres this summer. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker


Environmental Assessment of Cold Weather Testing of the M56 Smoke Generator System (SGS) (Millimeter Wave Modifications) at Donnelly Training Area, May 2004

1. The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 is implemented by Army Regulation (AR) 200-2, Environmental Effects of Army Actions, March 2002.  Chapter 5 of AR 200-2 authorizes the preparation of a Finding of No Significant Impact (FNSI) after an Environmental Assessment (EA) review indicates that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not required.

2. ACTION: The Cold Regions Test Center plans to test Army�s newly modified M56 Smoke Generation System (Millimeter Wave Modifications) on Texas Range in Donnelly Training Area during the Winter of 2004-2005.  The purpose of this test is to determine if recent modifications to this system work properly in cold climate conditions.   The test requires the center to produce obscurant clouds of carbon fiber, graphite, and thinned fog oil.   Testing will occur on Texas Range.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTS:  An EA and FNSI have been prepared for the activity within Donnelly Training Area.  Copies of these documents are available upon request.  Interested parties are invited to submit, in writing, any comments or objections they may have concerning the proposed action.  Comments received will be reviewed and relevant issues will be addressed and incorporated into a revised EA.  If no comments are received during the Public Comment Period, the original EA will become the final EA document.  For further information, please contact Michael Nuckols, Environmental Specialist, United States Army Cold Regions Test Center, Fort Greely, Alaska, telephone (907) 873-1245 or  Written comments may be provided to the following address:  Cold Regions Test Center, Attn:  Environmental Manager, PO Box 665, Delta Junction, AK 99737.

4. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION:  An EA is prepared to determine the extent of environmental impacts of a proposed action and decide whether these impacts are significant.  If the proposed action may or will result in significant impacts, an EIS is prepared to provide additional information on the context, duration, and intensity of the impacts.  If an EA shows that the proposed action will not result in significant impacts, a FNSI is prepared and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance is satisfied.  A FNSI is a document that briefly presents the reasons why a proposed action will not have a significant effect on the quality of the human environment. 
5. The FNSI documents the decision that an EIS is not required for NEPA compliance.  A FNSI is complete when no comment period is necessary, a comment period was held but evidenced no significant public concern, or public concern resulted in reconsideration of the FNSI, which was still appropriate upon re-examination. 

Mike Nuckols -- July 26, 2004

  Car and moose Car and moose  



Car and moose
Car versus moose in Canada somewhere.  Moose accident. The Chevy lost but not sure of the
 passengers. Photo submitted to Mike Rawalt for the DNW by Delta/Ft. Greely resident Troy Eggum

Who Can Eat the Most Hamburgers in 2 Minutes
Sponsored by the Drive In at the 25th Delta Fair.  More photos will be posted in the September archives.

Hamburger eating contest

Hamburger eating contest

 Photo courtesy -- Marlin Dunklebarger

Kenna DuBois
Delta resident Kenna DuBois is shown with a silver salmon she caught while fishing in Valdez recently.  Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Sometimes a pie eating contest is just too close to call!  Photo Courtesy James Youngblood

I don't have to eat what I can carry away!
Photo Courtesy James Youngblood

Colton is now 3 months old and looks so much like his daddy and even more like his Papa Bobo. He can�t wait to come visit his family in Delta.  Photo Courtesy Leslie Bobo

Viewed this rainbow while traveling home from dinner at Tangles on Sunday, August 1st. Photo courtesy Joe Crandall

Wesley Scott Hollembaek
Wesley Scott Hollembaek enjoying time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Born December 30, 2002 at the Mitchell Expressway, Fairbanks, Alaska.  Photo courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Momma moose of 4 gone

I thought it important, especially to all those out in the Clearwater area, that the mother of our four baby moose died yesterday at around 4:30pm.

She and all the girls were out in the yard laying around and munching on various things. Later in the afternoon Momma got into the pool and stayed in almost 4 hours. Suddenly she was acting as though she couldn't get any air. I got off the porch and went in to call Fish & Game. They were trying to contact a vet to send out. In the mean time, Momma got out of the pool and came over to the grass under the porch roof where she'd bedded down the nite before. I noticed her eyes weren't blinking so went back out to check. She must have died when she hit the ground.

I've heard of this happening to moose around here that had some kind of brain thing? but she had not been stumbling around, did not seem to be disoriented in any way. From what I saw, might even been heart? No clue.

Fish and Game came out and retrieved her body this afternoon and I hope they'll be having her tested.

Sure am going to miss her.  Currently the little four are on their own. Fish & Game tells me they're old enough to survive and I pray they are. Especially the runt, as they were all still nursing and runt never left Mommas side for long.

Bob Miller of KTVF TV news will be at the Deltana Fair on Sunday afternoon. After his act is done he plans to come out to my place to do a short video piece/human interest story.

I invite anyone who wants to come, share antics of this unique little family or has any photos.... what ever comes to mind. Welcome, please come.
I'll be at the Fairgrounds and watching Bob Miller's performance then we'll get ready to head out to my place on Spriggs Lane. Would be so nice to have a few good photos to share. Babies probably won't be together very much longer and sure don't expect another extra large moose family to reappear any time soon. Feel free to call and leave a msg. if you have something to share but cannot come out. My number is 895-4459.

Lori Meek -- August 21, 2004

Good-bye momma
Many local folks have enjoyed this momma with her 4 young calves.   Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Deltana Fair Phone

Good news for the Deltana Fair and for fairgoers. Not only has ACS agreed to waive the fee for an "off-premises extension" at the Fairgrounds, a temporarily vacant line was found and telephone service has been restored to the fairgrounds for the duration of this year's Deltana Fair.

It's an "extension", so the telephone number is the same as in the phone book: 895-3247 or 895-FAIR.

The office at the fairgrounds will be staffed, most of the time, during the day starting Thursday. If there's no one close by, the call will go to the answering machine.

If you wish to leave a message, please speak clearly and distinctly and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

The Deltana Fair extends THANKS to ACS for their assistance!

The Deltana Fair will open at 12 noon on Friday, August 20, and close at 5 pm on Sunday, August 22. See you at the Fair!

Loretta Schooley -- August 18, 2004

Deltana Fair Talent Show

Do you have a special talent to share and possibly win $$$?  Don't miss the talent show on Sunday August 22 at 3pm.  Sign up at 2:30 at the Fair office. The prizes are sponsored by Dipper Fuel.

Mary Ellis -- August 17, 2004

John, Rueben and Kyra
Here are John, Reuben and Kyra making soft pretzels.  They even painted them with egg wash.  Yumm.  Photo Courtesy Gwen (John) Jenkins

The Carefree Gourmet - Joyce McCombs recipes

In this edition of the Carefree Gourmet, Joyce turns over the reins to Aunt Aggie, who happily answers many troubling questions ranging from etiquette to manners.  But don't worry, Joyce was sure to throw a tasty little recipe in the mix for all of us!

Glen's Knives June 11, 2004

Aunt Aggie tells all... May 14, 2004

Crazy about Catsup April 29, 2004

Carefree Clearance Special April 8, 2004

For more of the Carefree Gourmet, click here.

Delta News Web -- June 14, 2004

Delta News Web Forum offline

We are having software problems with the Delta News Web forum.  The forum home page is not displaying messages.  The messages are still there, and it is still possible to read messages from the small forum window on this page.

We hope to have this fixed shortly.

Delta News Web -- June 24, 2004

Steve and Kenna DuBois
Steve and Kenna DuBois would like to thank the staff of the Buffalo Center Drive-In for a memorable evening celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. In this photo, Sam Sloan is shown serving Steve and Kenna their anniversary burger baskets. The DuBois's were joined by Fronty and Barb Parker. Photo by Fronty Parker submitted by Steve DuBois.


Everyone is welcome and bring your friends.  We look forward to making your acquaintance at the J&J Specialties building on Richardson Ave. off Nistler Road. 

4:30 - 8:30, Saturday August 21.  Turn east on Nistler, between Texaco and Tesoro, turn right on Richardson Ave (2nd right)

Sponsored by The Bunk House, Delta Inspection and Testing, Wireless Delta and J&J Specialties.

Brian Corty -- August 11, 2004

Nicholas William Bartlett born August 7, 2004 at 1:12 p.m. to Chad & Ella Bartlett.  Proud grandparents Susan & John Gidolf of Delta Junction got some of the first pictures.

John Gidolf -- August 10, 2004

Kristen (Olberg) Zayon and her family enjoyed a berry-picking trip to Cantwell a few weeks ago. Pictured are Gabe, age 3; husband Jack; Blythe, 4 months; Kristen; and Emma, age 6. Photo Courtesy Kristen (Olberg) Sayon

Priscilla and Ashleigh

Priscilla Joslin and Ashleigh Lantz with baby doll "Hannah" at a Mike Miller for U.S. Senate rally in downtown Delta Junction August 5.  Photo Courtesy Debbie Joslin

Hi Noon

 High noon (sort of) in Delta Junction.  On the right side of the Richardson Highway, Senatorial Candidate Mike Miller's supporters face
off against Candidate Lisa Murkowski's supporters on the left side.  The show down remained cordial. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Alaskan parking violation
Alaskan parking violation. Just in case you can't read the sign, it states Reserved Parking, Expectant Mother.  Photo submitted to Mike Rawalt for the DNW by Delta/Ft. Greely resident Troy Eggum.

DNW Needs your community news input and pictures

We are looking for community news items to share with others in our community.  If you have something you would like to share, please submit it to the DNW.  We like to hear your stories, things that are happening in and around Delta. 

Hey kids, would you like to write a little story of how you spent your summer vacation?  Submit it and we will print it.

Delta News Web -- August 4, 2004

Peregrine falcon
Peregrine falcon (the fastest bird in the world) populations declined significantly several decades ago due to pesticide contamination. Peregrine
falcon populations have now recovered to the point that they have been removed from the federal endangered species list. The Tanana population of
peregrine falcons has also recovered well. This photo is of an immature peregrine falcon that recently fledged from a nest near Delta. This bird
will soon be migrating south and will likely over winter somewhere from the southern United States to Central or South America. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

HAPPY BIRTHDAY August 3 - August 9

Happy Birthday Dave Zimmerman. Hope the city folks treat you nice on the 4th.  The Blais Family

Happy Birthday to David Gardner on Aug. 8th. Have a good day, we love you, Uncle David, Aunt Karen & Jessica

Happy Birthday Grandma/Great Grandma - Lois Cosgrove August 9th.  Love Tami, Jamie, Samantha, Dylan, and Darby

May 14, 2004, graduation party for Brian Giese, Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell. Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

Kim Hardy, Hillel Echo-Hawk, Anne Baker, and Amy Vander Zwaag. Photo courtesy Amy Vander Zwaag

Cassie Green, Jesse Schlichting (Salutatorian), Brandon Jenkins, and Sarah Byam  (Co-Valdictorian) after graduation. Photo courtesy Cassie Green

Rachel Phillips caught a 60 pound halibut off of Bligh Reef, in Valdez while fishing with her father, Dwight and Charlie. Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY July 27 - August 2

Happy Birthday to Kevin Kelly on the 27th of July. Hope you have a great one!  TN

Vanessa John 22nd birthday July 27th
Happy Birthday, Vanessa.  With love from Dad and Mom.

TED, The number of candles are the Years you've made the World a better Place. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", July 29th..Love & Hugs, Aunt Clarice & Jim Littrell

Happy birthday. July 29, Ted EchoHawk from the EchoHawk/Kelly families.

Happy Birthday Teddy.  Dad and I wish that you were here so we could share in your birthday celebration.  Have a great day and know that we are thinking of you.  Love Dad and Sheri.

Happy Birthday too Leslie Bobo!! On July 30th. Love Christy, Buckley, and family.

Happy birthday Vanessa John. We miss you. xoxo from Gen and Matt.

Family Camp
Everyone  Is Welcome

Alaska Ablaze announces it's Eight Annual Camp July 29-30-31, August 1
This year it will be held in Mentasta Village, Mile 81 on the Tok Cutoff, up in the mountains. This is forty one miles from Tok.

Fire Knife Dancer
A Maori Missionary will be dancing.
Awesome Music
Scintillating Speakers
Big Top 200 Man tent
For all Nations and Ages.
RV dump station in the village.
Tent campground.
Mountain Climbing on Saturday- Bring daypack,
Vibram sole climbing boots, water bottle, rain gear, light jacket, hat, insect repellant.
Food served on donation basis.
Native crafts taught by tribal elder Katie John.

Check the DCC website for endorsements and more.

Howard EchoHawk -- July 25, 2004

Shilo and Dielisse
Shilo Dunklebarger, (graduate of 1997 DHS) and Dielisse Ramirez were married on February 14, 2004 in Puerto Rico. Shilo's parents, sister and little nephew traveled to Puerto Rico for the happy celebration. Shilo and Dielisse now reside in PA.  Dielisse has accepted a position as a preschool teacher for the next year.  Shilo is still working with Underwater Construction Company in CT and enjoys underwater diving and welding for the company.  He travels around the lower 48 with his job.  Dielisse loves the United States. Photo Courtesy Pam Dunklebarger

New school project
An aerial view of the new school project.   Photo courtesy of CRTC/Michael Kingston.



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