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December 2001

This beaded aquarium is done in Japanese beads by local artist Viki Faber. The next piece she will add is going to be a moray eel in a cave and a sea fan.  For more information on Viki's work, visit www.wolfhillstudios.comPhoto by Northwest Webcraft.

Moose often congregate during the fall rut on Washington Range near Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

DELSA Christmas & New Year's Hours

DELSA Job Service Center will be closed for Christmas:

Monday-December 24th
Tuesday-December 25th, and
Wednesday-December 26th.
We will reopen Thursday-December 27th.

We will also be closed for New Years:

Monday-December 31st
Tuesday-January 1st, and
Wednesday-January 2nd.
We will reopen Thursday-January 3rd.

Our dedicated hours of operation are:
12:00 noon to 4:00 PM

If you have to get in touch with the center, you can leave word on the answering machines 907-895-3216 or 907-895-3217.

You can also fax us at 907-895-3218 or email us at

Happy Holidays to Everyone from Stormie & Steve!!! 

Steve Fields -- December 20, 2001

The Hale-Bopp Comet blazes across the skies with a  meteor at it's left side.  Photo courtesy Michael J. Kingston. 

Photo by Mike Kingston
Local photographer Michael J. Kingston captured this incredible picture of a Alaskan sunset during the winter.  

This beaded candle holder was done by local artist Viki Faber of Wolfhill Studios.  Viki can coordinate any color/design you need to match your decor.  For more information on this particular item click herePhoto courtesy of Northwest WebCraft.

Three Boy scouts went fishing at Quartz Lake last weekend. The catch-of-the-day was by Jack Zachgo who caught a 24" Rainbow trout shown here (r). Other scouts present were Bradley Gefroh and Steve Bealer. The Icehouse was comfortable despite cold temperatures.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Update from DELSA Job Center

Alaska State Department of Labor (DoL) officials visited the DELSA Job Center last week. They have agreed to work out of our center when they provide services to the Delta area. DELSA will work jointly with the Tok (DoL) Job Center.

The Employment Services Department will be here in Delta at our DELSA office on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month starting in January 2002.

We will set up appointments for those individuals that would like to have assessments. They can assist with Job Placement, Vocational Counseling, and Job Search Assistance. They have a Veterans Representative that is available to come down as well. They can help translate military terminology into civilian resumes and other assistance. If you would like to meet with either representative please contact DELSA for an appointment. (DoL) can help identify the sources for financial assistance for training if a person is eligible.

Examples: We have one customer who is receiving six weeks of training in Anchorage. He will receive a CDL, HAZWOPER, and all other certifications to go to work. The class, hotel, meals, transportation, & local daycare are all being paid through a (DoL) re-training program. Another customer has had a full month of training for a CNA course paid for by (DoL), and another person is receiving up to $16,000.00 for pursuing certified Computer Networking classes. 

DELSA is forming an Entrepreneur Manufacturing group. The group will network with local businesses. We will assist each other to create a successful partnership for the local community. DELSA will work with (DoL) to bring information resources to the group to assist in their success - such as customer service, networking, and other resources. Any business(es) interested in joining the group, please give DELSA a call. This group is open to all new and existing businesses.

For further information, please call Steve or Stormie at 895-3216/895-3217 or email us at  Our fax number is 895-3218. Our dedicated hours are Monday-Friday 12 noon to 4PM.

Our DELSA office is located on the west side of Mile 269.1 Richardson Highway (north of Hendricks Auto Parts).

Steve Fields -- December 5, 2001

Practice for the upcoming concert
These local ladies are rehearsing for their ensemble which will be part of the upcoming concert December 13th.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Shown above is Caleb Parker who bagged his first Sitka Black tail Deer on Baranof Island near Sitka over Thanksgiving break.  Caleb climbed up to snowline and his dad, Fronty, called the buck out of the heavy timber. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

This shot was taken from our "power plant" during the Hyjuchovich fire. Many flyers along the Alcan know this tower of power - the 75 footer with bright yellow Bergey on it. Tim is checking out the results of a plane dropping fire retardant.  Photo courtesy of Chris Webb. 

With a strong team of 10 dogs, the team "Silent Power" is a good way to get around and see the area. This picture was taken from the runners while on a conditioning run around the Granite Mountains.  Photo courtesy of Chris Webb.

Katie John and Reuben John Jr.
Katie John of Mentasta holds her great-grandson Reuben John Jr.  Reuben is the son of Julie Stephens and Reuben John, both formerly of Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Julie Stephens.

This picture is of Coho salmon fingerlings that appear to be swimming in the parking lot at the Clearwater River campground area. This was part of an aquatic education program back in September when things were a little warmer and water not so stiff.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

The Gulkana Glacier in late April.  This picture was taken in the morning and the sun was beginning to make an appearance.  Photo by David Johnson. 



Delta Hockey

The Delta Huskies high school hockey team have had lots of action lately. There have been five home games for the Huskies since the last Delta Wind was published. North Pole on Thursday, December 6; Tri-Valley on Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8; Lathrop on Tuesday, December 11 and West Valley on Thursday, December 13. The Delta Huskies won 3 out of 5 of those contests. Their conference record is now 4-0-1 and the overall record is 10-4-1.

The large heater provided by Alyeska made the hockey games possible on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was about -28F outside the rink, but +4F inside for the game on Thursday. After City Councilman Lou Heinbockel noticed that it was kind of dark in the rink, 40 new light bulbs were purchased by the City of Delta Junction and installed by Bill Smith, Kevin Ewing and Jeff Hannan using Alyeska equipment to reach the ceiling light fixtures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thursday, December 6 North Pole Patriots - 5, Delta Huskies - 3
While Delta's defenseman Ivan Hebert was in the penalty box for tripping, the North Pole Patriots scored their first goal during the "power play". The second goal of the first period was put into the net on a one-on-one breakaway.

During the second period, both the Huskies and the Patriots made two goals. The Huskies scored about 3 minutes into the period on a power play as Cale Wingfield was assisted by Brian Geise and Jared Creviston. The second Delta goal was scored by Waylon Hannan with an assist by Blake Knight with 42 second left on the clock.

Goalie Chad Pinkelman made 26 saves during the first two periods of the game and Doug Orona took over for the third period and made another 7 saves. The Patriots' goalie made 32 saves during the game.
Both Delta and North Pole scored once in the third period. The last goal of the game was made by Creviston with assists by Wingfield and Ben Blais with 2:06 left on the clock.

The Huskies were charged with three penalties and the Patriots, two. The first penalty for each team resulted in a goal by their opponent. The final penalties for both teams were co-incidental.
The referees for the game were Keith Berrian and Mike Rogers.

Friday, December 7 Tri-Valley Warriors - 3, Delta Huskies - 9.
18 seconds into the game, Brian Geise scored unassisted and the Huskies accumulated three more goals to make the score 4-0 at the end of the first period. Geise scored again with an assist by Waylon Hannan. Cale Wingfield and Ben Schultz also made goals with assists going to Ben Blais, John Sorensen, Hannan and Justin Smith.

The Huskies continued during the second period, making another four goals while the Tri-Valley Warriors scored twice. The Delta goals were made by Ben Blais, Ivan Hebert, Waylon Hannan and Jennifer Knight with assists by Wingfield (2), Smith, Geise, Schultz and Brandon Jenkins. Both Tri-Valley and Delta netted one goal during the third period. The Huskies' final goal was the third made by Geise during the game (a hat trick). Blais picked up an assist on the play.

Goalie Doug Orona made 31 saves during the game while the Warrior goalie made 39 saves. None of the goals were during a power play while a player was in the penalty box. There were 3 penalties for Delta and two for Tri-Valley.

The referees for the games Friday and Saturday were Darren Kadel and Mike Rogers.
Saturday, December 8 Tri-Valley Warriors - 4, Delta Huskies - 12

The second match between the Huskies and the Warriors resulted in hat tricks for both Brian Geise and Waylon Hannan. Four Delta goals were made in the first period, the last one was made by Justin Smith on a power play with assists by Wingfield and Blake Knight. Hannan got the first goal of the game after about four and a half minutes of play, Geise assisted. The other two goals for Delta during the first time period were made by Geise with assists going to Schultz, Hannan and Travis DuBois. Tri-Valley scored once during the period.

The first goal of the second period was unassisted on a breakaway by Brandon Jenkins. Ben Schultz scored twice and Hannan and Geise each scored once during the second period. Assists were credited to Geise (2), Hannan (2), Schultz, Wingfield (2) and Jenkins.
During the third period both Delta and Tri-Valley scored during a power play. Delta had three goals during the final period, two by Wingfield and one by Hannan. Assists were made by Wingfield, Blais and Creviston.

Delta players were assessed for six penalties for 15 minutes; Tri-Valley had three penalties. Delta scored during two of Tri-Valley's penalties while the Warriors scored during Delta's 5-minute major penalty.
Delta's goalie Doug Orona made 24 saves and Tri-Valley's freshman goalie made 28 saves.
Tuesday, December 11 Lathrop Malemutes - 1, Delta Huskies - 3

The Delta Huskies played a great game against the Lathrop Malemutes and came away with a big win against the larger school. Goalie Doug Orona had a good game, saving 26 of the 27 shots made by the Malemutes. Lathrop's goalies saved 40 of the 43 shots made by the Huskies.
Delta made one goal each period, two by Brian Geise with assists by Schultz (2) and Smith. Delta's goal in the second period was made by Justin Smith, unassisted. None of the goals were made during a power play.

Lathrop's only goal was made mid-way through the second period, unassisted.
Four penalties were assessed against Lathrop including a two-and-ten check from behind; two against Delta including one major 5-minute penalty for high stick. Referees were Andrew Culley and Jim Fisher.

Near the end of the third period with less than three minutes left on the clock, Lathrop decided to change goalies. This necessitated a one-minute warm-up for their goalie and then, as soon as the puck was dropped, the goalie skated back to the box and another Lathrop player joined forces with the other 5 offensive Malemutes, but didn't manage to score against Delta, even on the power play. The Delta Huskies held their own during the final 4 minutes 43 seconds of the game with a player in the penalty box.
Perhaps a record was set during the first period of the game, 9 minutes and 45 seconds passed after the initial puck drop until the first whistle.
Thursday, December 13 West Valley Wolfpack - 11, Delta Huskies - 1

Delta's only goal was made about a third of the way through the third period by Ben Schultz, assisted by Waylon Hannan and John Sorensen. Huskies' goalie Chad Pinkelman saved 29 of the 40 shots made by West Valley and the Wolfpack's goalie saved 31 of 32 shots made by Delta.

High school hockey will continue after Christmas break when Glennallen travels to Delta on January 11 and 12. Monroe will come to Delta on January 17. Delta will travel to Kenny Lake January 25 and 26. On February 7 and 8, Houston will be in Delta for the final games of the season before the State Tournament in Wasilla, February 14--16.

Come add your voice to the "roar of the hometown crowd"! Admission is only $3 for adults and $2 for students and senior citizens. You can watch from the warmth of the observation deck, or put on your insulation and get close to the action so you can roar. If you go by the hockey rink and see lots of vehicles in the parking lot, stop in to check on the action -- or call 895-5337.

During the Christmas break, the Delta Huskies have practices scheduled for December 27 and 28 and January 2 and 3 from 10 am to noon each day. The Delta High School alumni hockey players are welcome to join the practices and skate with the team.

There will be a game between the Delta alumni hockey players and the current Delta Huskies team on Friday, January 4, at 7 pm. Spectators are welcome.

Ann Geise -- December 20, 2001

This picture was taken at the community center on Tuesday during the Christmas wrap for gifts given for project Christmas. The boy scouts were involved on Tuesday and had a great time.  Picture courtesy of Fronty Parker. 

DELSA News Update

December 12, 2001

We received news from the State Department of Labor Workforce Investment Office that they will assist in the development of a One-Stop Facility (Alaska Job Center) here in Delta Junction. We will be a part of the Alaska Job Center Network…where people and jobs connect. The Employment Services Unit and the Job Training Unit have agreed to provide on-sight services. Services that will be available are job search classes, computer assisted job search, resume writing, labor exchange, vocational counseling and job training assistance. Specialty services will include Veteran services, and Employer assistance. Services will be available to all residents as well as those affected by the Base Re-alignment. 

The One-Stop Facility can assist the local community with their employment, and training information. The facility will be a centralized place for individuals that seek employment and/or training to go to locally. The facility will also have information about local employment and business information. 

The facility is a positive step for the state to assist the local community with their Employment and Training needs by providing the services locally.

The facility will be able to assist anyone in the local area that wishes to work the capability to furnish them the information to gain employment and training.

For further information, please call Steve or Stormie at 895-3216/895-3217 or email us at Our fax number is 895-3218. Our dedicated hours are Monday-Friday 12 noon to 4PM.

Our DELSA office is located on the west side of Mile 269.1 Richardson Highway (north of Hendricks Auto Parts).

Steve Fields -- December 13, 2001

Cold day in Delta Junction
Ice fog in Delta at fifty below zero.  Fortunately it isn't this cold yet but as everyone knows, it can be.  Photo courtesy Steve DuBois.

This bull moose was photographed last September off of Triple H road.  Photo courtesy of Kevin Trapper.

Joshua Knix
Shown above is Joshua Knix with his first grayling.  He was fishing on the Clearwater River in July of this past summer.  Photo courtesy of Dwight Phillips.

Delta News Web Forum Returns

Alert Delta News Web (DNW) readers will notice a "new" feature on the home page: hyperlinks to recent posts on the forum.

The Forum has been a DNW feature in the past, but was taken off for software upgrade. There had been a hyperlink to the revised forum on the DNW home page in recent weeks, but as of December 4, 2001, links to new messages show on the home page.

This allows readers to go directly to the content of new messages for review or reply as appropriate.

We hope you find the new forum software helpful!

DNW Staff -- December 5, 2001




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