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December 2003

Be careful this New Year!
This sign should be a pretty familiar sight for most Delta residents. It is the sign posted by the Salcha Rescue team regarding the number of DWI's in 2003. It was taken on December 27th and the count hasn't been updated in several weeks.  Please remember to drive safely and responsibly! Photo by Joe Crandall

Holiday Contests in Delta

There is still time! The deadline for entries in both the Outdoor Decorating Contest and Christmas in Delta Poster Contest have been extended until 12 noon on December 24th.

OUTDOOR DECORATING CONTEST: *Keep your lights up after the Holidays! They will fit right in with our Winter Fest activities in January and February. *Judging the Outdoor Decorating Contest will be the week of December 29th. *Prizes will be awarded for Commercial and Residential categories. *Nomination forms are still available at the Delta Chamber of Commerce office and Help Secretarial.

Turn in your artwork on an 8 1/2" X 11" paper, with your name, address and phone number on the back to the Delta Chamber of Commerce Office or Help Secretarial by noon on December 24th. The theme is "Christmas in Delta". Prizes will be awarded in the following age groups: 5 and under, 6-9, 10-13, 14-17 and adult.

Brenda Peterson -- December 23, 2003

Former Delta Junction resident Mike Sissell, bringing home Hannah Michelle Sissell who was born October 22, 2003 at a weight of 7 pounds and 11 ounces.  Photo Courtesy James Youngblood.

Andrew Boothe
Andrew Boothe son of Amber (Blake) Boothe and Daryl Boothe. Grandparents are Steve and Cindy Blake of Delta Junction. Andrew is playing with a early Christmas gift.  Photo courtesy of Amber Boothe

Happy Birthday  Dec. 22 - Dec. 28

Jeff Howard - December 24 -Happy Birthday and a warm Mele Kalikimaka.  Love, Carolyn

Christine Boerst - December 26th - Happy 29th Birthday.  May you always be happy and looking good?  Love ya girlfriend! Cheryl

Happy Anniversary Dec.  22 - Dec. 28

Steve and Kathy Fields December 24 - Happy 22nd Anniversary.  The love of Christ shines brightly in the love you have for each other...bringing honor to Him and encouraging others to seek His best.  From Marlin and Pam

Bruce Grossmann - December 27 hard to believe it has been 28 years. It's always an adventure, You keep it interesting. I am ready for another 28.  I love you. Dawn

Steve, Lisa, Ernie
Greetings from the End of the Alaska Highway
On Dec. 19th at a ceremony in Fairbanks, Sen. Lisa Murkowski presented Rural Deltana VFD Safety Officer, Steve McCombs and Asst. Chief Ernie Wyrick a check for $185,899.  This was an award of a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant.  RDVFD will need to match with a contribution of $20,656.  Details on the grant can be found in Dec. 19th edition of the Delta Wind. If you would like more information, please call me at 895- 4909. Photo Courtesy Steve McCombs

Snow laden tree
This picture of sunset on a snow laden tree was taken just before 2 PM on December 20th, the day before the winter solstice. Now that we're on the
other side of the solstice we'll be gaining daylight.  Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

This was taken last month from Nistler road about 1:00 in the afternoon. The rainbow circled the sun. Photo courtesy of Kelly Humphrey.

Happy Birthday December 15 - December 21

Tommy Williams - Happy 4th Birthday on December 15! This cheery greeting is coming your way to show you everyone at DCC is thinking of you today.

Tammy Trulove - Happy Birthday on December 21 from you DCC church family. Wishing you twice the fun, twice the excitement, and twice the blessings of any birthday you've ever had.

Happy '17th' Birthday On December 19th Lisa Green! We love you! From Mom, Dad and Lana

This picture was taken in Prudhoe Bay at the Northern end of the Alaska Pipeline which passes through Delta Jct. What you see here is a 40' insulated water tank and this bear cub and its sibling would climb the ladder to sleep on top of the tanks at nights. Photo submitted by Tony Smith.

Taken from the Alaska Railroad tracks near Hurricane Station, Denali stands tall in the distance.  Photo courtesy of Delta News Web.

DHS Hockey players Travis DuBois and Ryan Gilbertson
Delta Husky high school hockey player's Travis DuBois (foreground) and Ryan Gilbertson (background) work the puck into the Nikiski Bulldogs zone during their recent 16-0 win over Nikiski. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Happy Birthday December 8 - December 14

Happy 39th Birthday on December 12th Cheryl! From the entire staff at DPW. 

Happy 5th Birthday Derek Mills, Jr. on December 12th. We love you very much! Dad, Mom and Kailey.

Delta Community Choir Concert This Week!

The Delta Community Choir is holding their annual Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 11th at 7:30 p.m. For the first time in three years, the performance will once again be held at Ft. Greely Chapel. Arrangements have been made for the post to be open for ALL members of the community to attend the concert. Admission is FREE.

The choir, under the direction of Conductor Kathy Sharp, has the largest number of members ever! They will be performing many new songs and festive favorites of the season. Maribeth Miller, Gaylene Hosier, and Rev. Carin Bjorn von Letzendorf (Pastor Bear) will take turns accompanying the choir on the new grand piano. Don Marsh is sure to thrill listeners with his performance on the Ft. Greely Chapel organ, and there are several opportunities for the audience to join the fun and sing along.

As portions of the Chapel are still under renovation, there will be no child care services available this year. However, parents are still encouraged to bring their children who would enjoy hearing beautiful holiday music, and share the event with them. The traditional Christmas Cookie Social will follow the concert, so bring a plate of your favorite cookie recipe to share! You won’t want to miss this favorite community event!

Kathy Sharp -- December 9, 2003

Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston
This photo of a strange Sky at Bolio Lake Test Complex was taken by local photographer Michael J. Kingston.

Matt Sharp recently enjoyed a very successful deer hunt in Sitka, bagging two bucks with his scoped Desert Eagle .44 mag. His hosts while in southeast Alaska were Eric and Cathy Parker. Photo courtesy of Kathy Sharp.

Happy Birthday
December 1 - December 7

Happy Birthday to Eula Nistler from TC and Patti Dull

Delta Huskies high school goalie Grant Geise eye's a puck making it's way toward the net in a recent game against North Pole, while defensewoman Krista Waldo (13) looks on. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois

Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston
This is a circular sun-dog image caught recently. The mountain in the lower right corner is Mt. Moffitt. Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

Isaac Parker AT the South Pole. He is working there as a diesel mechanic. The temperatures average 30 - 50 below. He indicated that a highlight was experiencing the total solar eclipse with a team from National Geographic. Photo courtesy of Barbara Parker

In the early part of November a rare rain storm swept toward Delta (one last attempt to thwart winter), while the sun was shinning near Donnelly's Dome. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.



The Delta News Web needs pictures!

We are running low on pictures here at the Delta News Web!  If you have an image that you would like to share with the community, send it to with a short explanation and we will post your images!  

Also, if you have any information regarding upcoming events in the Delta area, why not submit it to the Community News section?  Submit your news here

Webmaster -- December 25, 2003

Attached is a photo of the Christmas play at Denali Lutheran Preschool. Cast members were: Samantha Smith, Trinity Brant, Derek Mills, Cobey Cupp, Madison Gardner, Ashleigh Lantz and Aurora Truelove. The children did a fine job on their play and then enjoyed a special hour of decorating Gingerbread houses with their families. Photo courtesy of Dawn Grossman.

Dawn Grossman's preschoolers visited the library on Wednesday, December 17th and had a surprise visit from Santa Claus. 

Virgil and Santa Claus
Virgil isn't sure what he wants.  Then he tells Santa that he would like him to bring toys to his kids once he's a grownup.

Aurora and Santa Claus
Aurora Trulove whispers what she wants for Christmas to Santa. See more photos below.  Photo Courtesy Pat White

Trinity makes sure Santa is listening

Do you hear what I hear?
What is that jingling noise? 

It's Santa Clause.

Pat White -- December 22, 2003

Isaac Parker at the South Pole
This picture is at the ceremonial South pole. Isaac is a grad from DHS (2000), says he get up at 6:30 AM, has a "fabulous" breakfast and works in a large under-the-snow shop. He works on diesel machinery, of which "much is in disrepair", he said. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Mrs. Claus
This photo was taken of Mrs. Claus just before the lighting ceremony at the Visitor's Center on December 12. In her "off season", Mrs. Claus can be found working in the Delta Chamber office as executive director.  Photo Courtesy Becky ?

Riley is a 5 week old Basset Hound.  She is enjoying her first Christmas playing under the tree with her 8 brothers and sisters .  Here she is posing for her Christmas photo.  Riley is owned by Dani McNabb.  Photo Courtesy Dani McNabb

The Carefree Gourmet - Joyce McCombs recipes

The Delta News Web is trying something new!  We have asked Delta resident Joyce McCombs to grace us with her delicious recipes on the weekends!  We are planning on updating the Delta News Web once a weekend and featuring recipes from Joyce!

Carefree… by Joyce McCombs - December 11
Everyone I know is a bit breathless getting ready for Christmas since it comes so quickly after Thanksgiving this year. I was looking at our calendar the other day and mysterious events and parties and other excitements are rapidly filling up the few blank days we had in the first place...For more on Joyce's Adobe Dip, Shaken Shrimp, Fake Fudge, Carmel Sauce, among here.

These recipes below are also featured in the December 11th issue of the Delta Wind.

Webmaster -- December 14, 2003

How many moose can you see?
How many moose can you count in this picture?  This photo was taken during November aerial moose surveys in southern Game Management Unit 20D. Based on November's surveys, the southern Unit 20D moose population is continuing it's steady growth and has grown from 2,507 in 1995 to 4,456 in 2003, with a current ratio of 23 bulls:100 cows and 32 calves:100 cows.  Total shown above is 17 moose! Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Light up Delta for the Holidays

DATE CHANGE: FROM DECEMBER 6TH TO DECEMBER 12TH AT 5:30 pm (*Note – depending on weather conditions.)  Refreshments and entertainment. There may even be a special visitor! 

The deadline for entries is Friday, December 12th. Nomination forms will be available at the Chamber Office, Help Secretarial and Delta Wind issue (Nov 21st). Nominators can win too!  Prizes for Commercial and Residential categories

Enter your work on a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper. The Theme is “Christmas in Delta”. Artwork will be displayed around town. Prizes will be awarded to the following age groups: 5 and under, 6-9, 10-13, 14-17 and adults. Turn in your completed artwork at Help Secretarial by December 12th. Be sure to put your name, age and phone number with artwork.

Brought to you by the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the City of Delta Junction. The Boeing  Company is the Gold Sponsor of these events. Please contact Martha Kimball, 895-2004 if you would like to volunteer your time (we need judges!!) to help make this a wonderful Holiday Season in Delta.

Brenda Peterson -- December 9, 2003

Delta Community Choir Concert
The Delta Community Choir concert was held at Ft. Greely on December 11th for the first time in three years.  The choir is under the direction of Delta resident Kathy Sharp.  Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

Delta Husky high school hockey player Jared Creviston (17) shots the puck in front of the Nikiski Bulldogs net during recent action. The Huskies recently completed a 5-day road trip where they beat Homer on Thursday, Dec. 4 by a score of 9-6, beat Nikiski on Dec. 5 by a score of 7-4, and beat Nikiski again on Dec. 6 by a score of 16-0. Delta played defending state champion Monroe in Fairbanks on Dec. 9 and returned to home ice for games against Houston and Homer this past week. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Starrlyn and mom enjoying a day out on the ranch. Starr and Mom (Jennifer Murray DSH grad 99) are living in Issaquah WA. Looking forward to coming home to visiting Grandma and Grandpa (Jaime and Mike Murray) with uncle Steven this Christmas.  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Murray.

This picture shows a natural arch in one of the rock formations that was burned over by the Goodpaster Fire this past summer. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Above, DHS graduate Christie DuBois is pictured at Whitworth College in Spokane on the set of the play "Agnes of God" where she played the character of psychiatrist Dr. Livingston. In the second photo, Christie DuBois is pictured with DHS graduate Cale Wingfield, who traveled from the University of Idaho to the watch Christie perform in "Agnes". Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.




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