Pictures from the Donnelly Dome Fire - June 1999

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Updated June 18, 1999

Thanks to Kay Eaton, Sue Miller and
Clint & Colleen Knix for the images on this page.

Guard shack A temporary guard shack sits at the Ft. Greely main gate.   June 16.   Photo by Kay Eaton.
Vet Clinic repair Workers repair the burned roof of the Veterinary clinic.   Photo by Kay Eaton.
Sprinkler A sprinkler is used in the still smoldering woods to put out hot spots on Ft. Greely.  June 16.  Photo by Kay Eaton.
Fire fighter waits A Ft Greely firefighter awaits takeoff of an aircraft at Allen Army Airfield.  June 16.  Photo by Kay Eaton
Along the Richardson Highway in the fire's wake Burned trees along the Richardson Highway south of Delta Junction.  Photo by Kay Eaton.
Fort Greely main gate Returning Fort Greely civilian employees were greeted on Tuesday by a burned out guard shack at the Richardson Highway entrance.  Some wag erected a "welcome home" sign and a stick figure with firefighter gear.   Did the same wag provide the petunias?  Photo by Kay Eaton.
Retardant tanker loading A retardant tanker is shown here being loaded for another drop on the fire.  Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
990614_smokydelta.jpg (3354 bytes) Downtown Delta Junction a little after midnight on Sunday night, June 13.  Gas stations have long lines and many people are headed north.   Photo courtesy C. Knix.
Donnelly Flats fire with Ft Greely in foreground Fire and smoke to the south of Ft. Greely on Sunday June 13.  Photo by SPC Kerensa Hardy, Ft. Greely Public Affairs.
Defenders set up shop Defenders set up equipment and lines in preparation for fighting the gathering inferno.  Photo by Tom Lucas.
Helicopter loading State Forestry helicopter picking up a load of water at a lake on Saturday, June 12.  Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
Smoke plume over Greely Looking south towards the fire over Fort Greely.  Saturday, June 12.  Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
Fire from Ft Greely Smoke and fire rolls from the terrain in this Sunday June 13 view of the fire.  Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
This fire burned HOT This fire burned HOT.  Image by Tom Lucas.
Closer The fire is closer now in this June 13 view.  Note flames at base of smoke.  Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
Smoke Another view of the smoke plume on Saturday, June 12. Photo courtesy Kay Eaton.
Donnelly Flats Fire Donnelly Flats fire from Ft. Greely.  Photo by Kay Eaton.
Start up
Donnelly Flats fire day 1 View of fire from the Richardson Highway.  Photo by Sue Miller.
Ft. Greely tender enroute to the fire Ft. Greely water tender on the way to the fire.   Photo by Tom Lucas.
Smoke over the visitor center Smoke from the fire on Friday, June 11, 1999,   the day it started.  Photo by C. Knix.

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