More pictures from the Donnelly Dome Fire - June 1999

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Updated June 24, 1999

Thanks to Reb Ferguson for the 
images on this page.

Defending structures...
Reb Ferguson Reb Ferguson standing on Waldo's driveway with fire creeping around the corner.
Waldo's driveway Same place; fire getting closer.
Wall of flame The wall of flame roars by...
Meanwhile, out on the highway....
Stranded tourist ..... tourists are stopped on the Richardson Highway as the fire rages nearby.
Firestorm Firestorm over the Richardson Highway
Retardant bombers slow the advance of the fire....
Retardant bomber Retardant bomber just before the load is released
Retardant plume Orange retardant gushes from the belly of the bomber making forest fuels burn poorly.  The bomber is just visible at the right edge of the plume of retardant.
...while smokejumpers and ground attack crews hammer relentlessly on spot fires
Smoke jumper Smoke jumpers used specialized parachutes for pin-point landings in critical areas of the fire.
State Forestry attack engine 


Delta Forestry crews hit spot fires wherever they popped up, halting the spread of the fire, or slowing fast-spreading tongues of fire.

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