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February 2000

Leo Palmer takes a break from hard fishing action while son Brian fights with the sandman on a trip last summer to Valdez.  Photo by Richard Mitchell.

an Orcutt and Helen Orcutt in Pease and Madore's one-horse-open-sleigh, in the winter of about 1978. It was taken in Big D.      Photo by Neil Orcutt

Dan Davis
Dad-to-be Dan Davis at his "dad baby shower" in early February in Delta.  Mike Rawalt had organized the gathering, and the main event was a simulated high speed baby diapering using emergency items.  There were three contestants: Dan (of course), Dave Seifert, and Steve Joslin.  Dan won.  As you can see the items provided by Mike (bungi cord, duct tape and game bag) worked, but in Dan's case important areas were left uncovered.  Dan got the speed prize, but Steve got the neat prize.  We trust Dan will learn how this works at the right time.  More pictures below.  Photo by Mike Rawalt

Carlene Smith (Chairman of the Deltana Borough Steering Committee) told the Delta News Web that rumors suggesting that the borough paperwork has been filed with the State of Alaska are not correct.  Carlene told me "we are in stage one of a very long process." 

David Johnson -- February 8, 2000

Satellite installation nearly complete

Jim Canada working on a satellite dish installation during the winter of 1999/2000.  Photo by Tami Canada.


Single engine DeHavilland Otter parked at the Delta "BLM strip."   Photo by David Johnson.

Wind Damage

High winds created quite a bit of damage in the Delta Junction/Fort Greely area throughout the day on Wednesday February 2nd.  Roofs were damaged, some severely, and some buildings were destroyed.  Sustained winds blew at around 50 mph and gusts were recorded at over 60 mph.  These pictures are just a small sampling of the damage caused by the winds. Wind damage
Wind damage at the Buffalo Center diner didn't slow down patrons during Wednesday's (2/2/00) wind storm.  In fact, staff said the restaurant -- never very idle -- served more meals than usual.  Photo by David Johnson.

Roof damage
A roof from a storage building at Ft. Greely blew off during the windstorm earlier this week (2/2/00) and smashed into this trailer.  Photo by Brian and Kay Eaton.

Dumpster dive
The wind picked up this dumpster, flipped it, and hurled it into the fence behind the Jarvis Office Center.  Photo by David Johnson.

Fallen light pole
It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but that object in the foreground is a light pole toppled by the wind.  Photo by David Johnson

The Mt. Hayes commercial center was one of the many area businesses and government buildings that lost significant numbers of shingles.  Photo by David Johnson.

February 4, 2000

While it doesn't seem like it sometimes, summer IS coming.  What could be more summer than a picnic?  Here Yvonne Echo-Hawk, Johnnie Benson and Paulette Vegoren preside over a pile of watermelons, chips and other comestibles.  Photo courtesy Viki Faber.

Spring Creek near Coldspot Farm flows even at -50F and colder.  Spring water comes bubbling up in a broad front along the Tanana River from near the Gerstle to the Little Delta River. These springs provide the water flow for the Delta Clearwater and Richardson Clearwater rivers, Clearwater Lake, and numerous small watercourses.  Photo by Charles (Andy) Andrews.  

Lunar eclipse sequence
Lunar eclipse sequence taken from near Ft. Greely by Brian Eaton.  The near total eclipse occurred on January 20, 2000.

Near total eclipse of the moon
 as seen from Ft. Greely, Alaska
on January 20, 2000

Photos by Brian and Kay Eaton

Lunar eclipse
The Delta Junction/Ft. Greely area enjoyed a rare near total eclipse of the moon during the evening hours of January 20, 2000.  This and the pictures below were taken by Brian and Kay Eaton.

Delta agriculture
The Tanana Valley with the peaks of the Alaska Range in the background showing a portion of the Delta Agricultural Project.  Photo by Don Quarberg. 



Brian with the trophy halibut!
Brian Geise caught a 61.6 pound halibut last July 19, 1999 out of Valdez aboard Tse'Guya owned by Don Latimer. IGFA (International Game Fish Association) is the world record keeper of all sport fishing, salt and fresh water. Brian's catch was submitted along with documentation and pictures. A long wait ensued,  until everything could be double checked. He was finally notified that he was officially the first place Junior holder of the world record halibut for his age group. 
Submitted by Beth Latimer

Dan Davis during the simulated emergency baby diapering contest.  Photo by Mike Rawalt.

Steve Joslin, an experienced dad, produced the neatest baby diapering....and in good time.  Duct tape isn't standard issue baby tack, but it will work in an emergency.  Photo by Mike Rawalt.


Tanana River bridge at Big Delta on a February day in 2000.  Photo by Brian Eaton.  

Salcha run
Area snowmachiners made the run to Salcha Lodge and back on Saturday.  The run was great but marred by a tragic accident which claimed the life of a Delta woman.  Photo by Brian Eaton.

Fishing at Quartz Lake
Dylan Canada fishing from the dock at Quartz Lake last June. He didn't catch any fish, but his Mom says he did catch the best sunburn he'd ever had.  Photo by Tami Canada.


As Alaskans we face some of the most severe weather conditions in the world. Accordingly we must continually look for innovative solutions to daily challenges in building and living.

Rich Seifert, Energy and Housing Specialist with the Alaska Cooperative Extension is offering a FREE workshop in Delta. The class will be held Saturday, March 4, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the A.C.E. Conference room at the Jarvis Office Center. Seating is limited so please register early to guarantee a space.

This workshop is being aimed at those who are buying or building this next year. Topics covered will include general building science, design features to assist in recognizing quality aspects of housing construction, current housing technology, house maintenance in Alaska, and many local issues; permafrost, indoor air quality, radon, and waste disposal. Anyone interested in attending this FREE workshop can contact the Alaska Cooperative Extension office in Delta Junction at 895-4215 or 1-800-478-8324. Registration deadline is March 2, 2000. If there is not enough interest this workshop will be canceled and possibly offered at another time.

Alaska Cooperative Extension February 8, 2000

Ice fog in Delta
While we are enjoying milder weather at the moment, cold weather is still possible.  This picture was snapped during the January cold spell by Steve DuBois.

Annual Delta Farm Forum 
Saturday, February 19th +  9:00am-4:30pm

Delta School - Small Gym

Topics will include:

Greenhouse & Truck Farm
Estate Planning
Game Ranching
AFES Trials
Conservation Achievement Awards - SWCD
SWCD Speech Winner
Haylage Production
Animal Nutrition
S & K Farms’ Operation
Legislative Report
Division of Ag Update

There will be two 15 minute breaks and a Potluck Luncheon.

Please review the schedule below and provide a dish:

A-E = Desserts 
F-J = Salads 
K-P = Vegies 
Q-U = Potatoes or Equivalent
V-Z = Bread or Rolls OR
bring your favorite “specialty dish”.

The District will provide major meat dishes.

Call 895-4215 for more information. Various agricultural interest groups will have booths with information available to attendants.

The 2000 Delta Farm Forum is co-sponsored by the Alaska Cooperative Extension and the Salcha-Big Delta Soil and Water Conservation District

Cooperative Extension Service - February 3, 2000

Delta farm tour July 1999
Here is a photo of Delta Meat & Sausage on the Alaska Highway with numerous participants in the Delta Farm Tour on July 7, 1999.  This event is sponsored annually by the Delta Chapter, Alaska Farm Bureau.  Photo courtesy Andy Andrews.

Matt Andreassen
Local auto mechanic Matthew Andreassen looks over a vehicle that he is overhauling in his shop.  Photo by David Johnson.


If you have received a cyan-colored message in your inbox recently - probably from a familiar address, carrying this message: " Hypercool Happy New Year 2000 funny programs and animations... We attached our recent animation from this site in our mail ! Check it out!" You have received a copy of the worm-type virus known as NewApt. This worm spreads with an attachment, usually given one of the following names: g-zilla.exe, cooler3.exe, cooler1.exe, copier.exe, video.exe, pirate.exe, goal1.exe, hog.exe, party.exe, saddam.exe, monica.exe, boss.exe, farter.exe, chestburst.exe, panther.exe, theobbq.exe, goal.exe, baby.exe, bboy.exe, cupid2.exe, fborfw.exe, casper.exe, irnglant.exe, or gadget.exe If the attachment is opened, the worm searches your system for e-mail addresses, sends a copy of itself to those addresses, and then stays resident in your machine. When you see one of these messages, delete it, tell the person who sent it to you that they could be infected, and remember to scan all attachments you receive in your e-mail. For more information, including instructions on removing the worm from your system, visit symantec's web page on this topic.  Or to scan your computer on the Internet, for free, click here. 

KNIX.NET -- January 28, 2000


Delta Postmaster Robert Welch
Delta Junction Postmaster Robert Welch at the counter in the post office today (2/2/00).  Photo by David Johnson.

Checking the mail at the Delta PO
Rena Case checking her mail at the Delta Post Office.  Photo by David Johnson.

Beth Ellis and Dawn Grossman quilting.  
Photo courtesy Emily Walton

Community Choir Seeks Adults and Youth to Celebrate Easter with Song

The Delta/Greely Community is preparing for an Easter Celebration to be held the end of Easter week. This will be the first year that community members join together for an Easter performance of this size and variety. The program will be divided into three segments that honor the Passion of Christ, the Resurrection, and the joyous Celebration of Life and New Beginnings.

Community Choir rehearsals are scheduled for Thursday nights, at Ft. Greely Chapel, from 7 to 9 p.m. and will start on February 3rd. Community Choir membership is open to all adults of the community. A Youth Choir has been proposed for students grades 7 through 12. Their first meeting will be held at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, February 2nd at the First Baptist Church. An ability to read music is helpful, but not a requirement for membership in the choirs. A Children’s Choir may be organized for ages kindergarten through 6th grade.

The Easter Celebration will include Youth Drama productions under the direction of Chap. Jim McNeal from Ft. Greely Chapel. Instrumentalists are being recruited to create an ensemble that would perform during the drama productions.

Students interested in a Youth Choir should attend the first rehearsal or contact Jeff Durham at 895-2075. Local Pastors wishing to volunteer toz lead prayers and read scripture should contact Chap. Jim McNeal at Ft. Greely Chapel 873-4610. Instrumentalists or people interested in choir can contact Music Director, Kathy Sharp at 895-4911.

Kathy Sharp -- January 26, 2000




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