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February 2001

Festival of Lights This Weekend

The 8th Annual Festival of Lights takes place Saturday, February 24. Everyone is encouraged to attend the events.

Prepare for Saturday events by having a hearty spaghetti meal at the Presbyterian Church on Friday evening from 5-8:30. 

The Delta/Clearwater Dart League is sponsoring men and women's singles, blind draw doubles and cricket tournaments. For more information, contact Kathy Probert at 895-5158.

The Festival of Lights Bazaar will be held in the small gym at the Delta School from 10-6 on Saturday. There is no admission charge to attend the bazaar. 

Current standings in the Polar Bear Plunge have Karla Summers still with a commanding lead at 163 votes. Trailing Karla are George Sandlin with 64, Gary Frederick with 52, Isaac Payne with 46, Luann Cress with eight and Bruce Reiter who has been nominated but has not received any votes yet. There is still time to vote, voting cans will remain at Debbie's Wonderful Pull-Tabs and IGA until 5:30pm on Friday. Get YOUR votes in and then attend the Plunge at 4pm Saturday to witness the icy plunge! 

The Light House Contest is a great way for the youth of the community to be involved in the Festival of Lights. Cash prizes will be awarded. 

The always-popular Fireworks display will begin at 8pm at the City Park. 

Contact the Chamber of Commerce at 895-5068 with any questions and have a fun festival weekend!

Delta Chamber of Commerce -- February 20, 2001

Delta Youth Court

The Honorable Mary E. Greene, Superior Court Judge for the Fourth Judicial District traveled to Delta Sunday to swear in the second Delta Youth Court Bar Association. 

Heidi Eckman was Master of Ceremony. Elisheba Griswold represented Delta Youth Court with a special presentation to Peggy Christopherson, President of the Delta Youth Court Board of Directors. Peggy was instrumental in getting the youth court started and has been a guiding light ever since. 

Next, youth court director Linda Sloan made the "Spirit of Youth" presentation to Tim Huebscher, the December recipient of this award. 

Youth Court members Brian Aillaud, Meghan Steele, Tim Huebscher and Jennifer Bealer gave brief presentations on the role of judges and attorneys, the youth court process and the contributions of Delta Youth Court to the community. 

Youth courts present peer pressure in a positive manner, peer role models are often the key to young people buying into the justice system feeling that they actually receive justice by being judged by their peers. DYC can be a great prevention tool because it deals with first time, misdemeanor offenders, requiring teens to take responsibility for actions before they become more serious and habitual. 

Each year Delta Youth Court grows and has a positive impact on the community. DYC is proud of the contributions made to the Delta community and welcome the new members. 

Linda Sloan -- February 13, 2001

Reuben John Christened
Reuben Byron John is held by his father, also named Reuben John, as he is Christened or dedicated by Pastor Curtis Taylor at Delta Christian Center on February 18th.  Fred John (partly hidden by Pastor Taylor), Linnea John (not visible), Nicky Stephens and Jim Stephens stand behind their children Reuben and Julie. Photo courtesy Delta Christian Center.

Huskies Do Well in Seasons Last Games

The last six games of the season for Delta High School Huskies Hockey resulted in four wins and 2 losses. The Huskies’ record for the 2000-2001 hockey season is 11-8-2. Delta’s Greatland Hockey Conference record is 8-3-1. The next games they play will be at the state tournament for 1-3A schools. The ASAA/First National Banks State Greatland Hockey Championships will be held February 15-17 at the Brett Memorial Arena in Wasilla. 
On Friday and Saturday, January 26 and 27, the Kenny Lake Hawks came to Delta for two games. The game on Friday evening was won by Kenny Lake 2-1. During the first period there was a lot of back and forth action, but no goals were scored. Cody Oatman of Kenny Lake scored the first goal of the game in the second period. With nine-tenths of a second remaining in the period, Oatman checked a Delta player from behind and was relegated to the penalty box for 12 minutes. The third period was a little hectic - ten penalties were called and the puck was hit out of play several times. At 2:45 Kenny Lake called a time out as Oatman was released from the penalty box. Delta called a time out at 1:51 and pulled their goalie with one minute, 30 seconds remaining. There was a pileup of players near the Kenny Lake goal a few seconds after that, so the goalie returned. Four more penalties were called before the final buzzer sounded. Cody White scored the only goal for the Delta Huskies. 

Saturday’s game was a different matter. Delta beat Kenny Lake 5-1. Kenny Lake’s goalie Adam Lain made 69 saves and Delta’s Doug Orona made 19. The puck was hit over the boards six times during the game and the Kenny Lake goal was dislodged three times. Five different Huskies scored in this game. Hannan, Wingfield, Hebert, Schultz and Stewart. Geise had three assists and Smith and Sorensen each assisted once. Kenny Lake called a time out after Delta’s Laura Stewart deflected John Sorensen’s shot into the goal. The Hawks scored one minute after their time out. Coincidental penalties were called after the final buzzer. 

Tuesday, January 30, the Delta Huskies traveled to the Polar Ice Arena to do battle with the North Pole Patriots. North Pole took the win, 10-4. The Huskies were outnumbered on the Patriot’s home ice. North Pole’s #10 Cory Pringle checked Delta’s #15 Cody White from behind and everyone in the rink held their breath as White lay still on the ice; he got up and returned to play later in the second period. Hebert scored first for the Huskies. Two assists were made by Jennifer Knight. Geise scored twice, White scored once and assisted once, Hannan assisted once. 

Thursday, February 1, the Monroe Rams came to Delta. Although the Rams were ahead after the first period 2-1, they were defeated by the Delta Huskies 9-3. Jennifer Knight scored the only Delta goal in the first period. Cale Wingfield racked up four goals plus one assist. Hannan tallied one goal and two assists. Geise had one goal and three assists. White assisted twice, Hebert assist once. Albaugh and Stewart each added a goal for a final Delta score of 9 to 3 for the Rams. Two of the Rams’ three goals were unassisted. 

Friday and Saturday, February 2 and 3, the Delta Huskies took the bus to Healy to finish their season with two wins against the Tri-Valley Viking Warriors. Both games were hard-hitting games and frustrating for the scorekeepers since the clock and scoreboard didn’t work. That reminds me of the days of outside hockey rink games here in Delta with score numbers on little boards and stop watches and whistles for the scorekeepers. At least the scoreboard in our indoor rink works most of the time. 

Friday’s game resulted in a score of Delta 8, Tri-Valley 2. Cale Wingfield racked up another hat trick. Waylon Hannan scored once and assisted twice. Rob Albaugh scored once. Cody White scored once and assisted twice. Brian Geise scored twice and assisted four times. The Viking Warriors’ Venechuk scored on a break-away in the final second of the second period. 

Saturday morning the Huskies met the Viking Warriors again. The Huskies kept busy putting the puck into the Warriors’ goal. At the end of the first period, the score was Delta 5, Tri-Valley 4. Walker Milliken was involved in every goal the Warriors got on Saturday. The Huskies spread the goal-scoring around among their players. Wingfield scored four times and assisted once. Ben Schultz scored once and assisted three times. Ivan Hebert make one goal and assisted in two. Rob Albaugh scored once and assisted once. Brian Geise scored four times and assisted once. Hannan assisted with three goals and White and Stewart each had one assist. 

The Delta Huskies will leave Delta on Valentine’s Day, February 14, to attend the Team Banquet at Lake Lucille Inn in Wasilla before the tournament starts on the 15th. 

January 26, 2001 
Huskies - 1 / Hawks - 2
First Period: no goals; Second Period: KL - Oatman (J. Lain) 6:48; Third Period: KL - Hanson (Kimberlin, Larsen) 10:52; D - White (unassisted) 6:51. Saves: D - Orona 7-9-4=20; KL - A. Lain 21-7-20=48. Penalties: D - 11 for 22 minutes; KL - 6 for 22 minutes. Referees: Andrew Culley and Rex Tucker. 

January 27, 2001 
Huskies - 5 / Hawks - 1
First Period: D - Hannan (Geise, Smith) 10:27; D - Wingfield (unassisted) 9:14; D - Hebert (Geise) 0:29. Second Period: D - Schultz (Geise) 0:36. Third Period: D - Stewart (Sorensen) 6:23; KL - Larsen (Hanson, Carlson) 5:24. Saves: D - Orona 7-4-8=19; KL - A.Lain 26-30-13=69. Penalties: D - 6 for 12 minutes; KL - 7 for 14 minutes. Referees: Culley and Tucker. 

January 30, 2001 
Huskies - 4 / Patriots - 10
First Period: NP - Hansen (unassisted) 9:18; NP - Steve Sikorski (Rush) 8:50; D - Hebert (Knight) 8:32; NP - Seay (unassisted) 4:34; NP - Hansen (Scott Sikorski) 4:07; D - Geise (White, Hannan) 0:54; NP - Ricks (Richart) 0:25. Second Period: D - White (unassisted) 12:23; NP - Phillips (Seay) 12:01; NP - St. Sikorski (Sc. Sikorski) 8:18; NP - N.Boyd (Richart, Seay) 7:03; D - Geise (Knight) 2:50. Third Period: NP - Sc. Sikorski (Jorgensen, Ricks) 14:38; NP - Jorgensen (Hansen, Sc. Sikorski) 2:13. Saves: D - Riesgaard (first period) - 12; D - Pinkelman (2+3 periods) 14-12=26; NP - Stenroos 11-8-6=25. Penalties: D - 2 for 4 minutes; NP - 7 for 25 minutes and DQ for #10 Cory Pringle. Referees: Milles, Kadel, Carey. 

February 1, 2001 
Huskies - 9 / Rams - 3
First Period: M - LaBelle-Hamer (Wilson) 9:16; D - Knight (Hannan) 4:46; M - Andre (unassisted) 1:38. Second Period: D - Wingfield (White) 11:35; D - Albaugh (Hebert) 9:11; D - Stewart (Wingfield) 6:29; D - Wingfield (Geise, White) 3:44. Third Period: D - Geise (unassisted) 12:31; M - Weiss (unassisted) 6:46; D - Wingfield (Hannan, Geise) 3:50; D - Wingfield (unassisted) 3:01; D - Hannan (Geise) 2:43. Saves: D - Riesgaard 3-8-6=17; M - Carlson 12-23-13=48. Penalties: D - 4 for 8 minutes; M - 4 for 16 minutes. Referees: Skip Jantz and Andrew Adams. 

February 2, 2001 
Huskies - 8 / V.Warriors - 2
First Period: D - Hannan (Geise) 1:59. Second Period: D - Wingfield (Hannan, Geise) 14:27; D - Wingfield (Hannan) 6:04; D - Albaugh (Schultz) 3:50; TV - Venechuk (unassisted) 0:01. Third Period: TV - Venechuk (Guhrt) 9:10; D - Geise (White) 8:53; D - White (Geise) 6:49; D - Geise (White, Schultz) 2:39; D - Wingfield (Geise) 0:22. Saves: D - Pinkelman 12-8-3=23; TV - Lasell 10-7-13=30. Penalties: D - 6 for 12 minutes; TV - 6 for 12 minutes. Referees: Jantz and D. Gillam. 

February 3, 2001 
Huskies - 11 / V.Warriors - 7
First Period: TV - Venechuk (Milliken) 12:56; TV - Milliken (VanBebber, Miner) 10:43; D - Geise (Hannan, Stewart) 9:10; D - Geise (Schultz) 8:44; D - Schultz (Wingfield) 8:12; TV - Milliken (Van Bebber) 6:12; TV - Milliken (VanBebber) 3:43; D - Hebert (Schultz) 3:30; D - Wingfield (Albaugh) 3:09. Second Period: D - Geise (White) 12:39; TV - Milliken (Venechuk, VanBebber) 10:12; D - Wingfield (Geise, Hannan) 8:34; D - Albaugh (Hebert) 1:34. Third Period: TV - Venechuk (Milliken, Buron) 13:53; D - Wingfield (Schultz) 13:42; D - Geise (Hebert) 9:53; D - Wingfield (Hannan) 8:46; TV - Milliken (Venechuk, Lasell) 5:50. Saves: D - Orona (first period) 9; D - Pinkelman (second & third periods) 3-6=9; TV - Lasell 8-11-10=29. Penalties: D - 4 for 8 minutes; TV - 5 for 10 minutes. Referees: Jantz and Gillam. 

Ann Geise -- February 5, 2001

Puruker Selected as Art Finalist

Sean Purucker, a senior at Delta High School, has been selected as a top finalist in The Scholastic Art Awards Competition held recently in Anchorage. Entries from across Alaska were submitted in various categories. Sean won a Silver Award for his "Wire House" in the sculpture

Wire House
Photo courtesy Michael Kingston.

 category and a Gold Award for his "Reflective Gear" in the product design category. The "Reflective Gear" was one of the top five entries in the state in that category and will be sent on to New York to compete at the national level. Sean's work will be displayed at the Kimura Gallery in the Fine Arts Building of the University of Alaska, Anchorage from January 22, 2001 through February 11, 2001. This Alaska Regional Exhibition is sponsored by the State Council of the Arts Art Education Program, University of Alaska, Department of Art and Alaska Art Education Association. Sean attended the awards ceremony and reception on February 4 in Anchorage. 

Reflective Gear
 Photo courtesy Kim Puruker

February 5, 2001

Hoarfrost at Sullivan Roadhouse
Sometimes we don't "see" the beauty of winter.  Delta photographer Michael Kingston caught this picture downtown near the Sullivan Roadhouse.  Hoarfrost had coated the trees and made an ordinary scene extraordinary. 

Digital Delta Pictures Wanted

If you have some pictures of our town and the people in it, we would be delighted to review them for possible use on the Delta News Web.   Pictures should be of topics that relate to the Delta Junction community and people that live here.  

Send your pictures to  Please keep the file size under 1 mb so the e-mail doesn't get clogged up!  Ideally, pictures should be about 600 pixels wide.  That gives us room to do a bit of cropping.

Delta News Web -- February 5, 2001

Ice Fog
This is what it normally looks like around here in fog.  We have pretty much "dodged the bullet" so far this winter.  A few more weeks, and the chances for deep cold diminish substantially.  Photo in the IGA/Diehl's parking lot by Steve DuBois.

Buffalo Anecdotes Wanted

Do you have stories from years past about the Delta bison herd? Please contact R. A. Drebert, a freelance writer in Chugiak, who is collecting these interesting stories about bison in Alaska for possible publication. Include your name, e-mail address or postal address and phone number in e-mail communication, etc. You will be contacted for more details! He is interested in anything pertaining to the herd including: conflicts with the farmers, special bison stories (like old Joe), and opinions about the herd today, pre-Fort Greely days – even stories passed down about the herd coming to Alaska in 1928. E-mail:  Web page is:  Phone: 907-688-7732

R.A. Drebert -- January 30, 2001

High speed hockey action
Steve DuBois caught this high speed hockey action recently at the rink on Nistler Road.

Denali Highway country'
ADF&G biologists Fronty Parker and Steve DuBois (pictured here near Glacier Lake) traveled to the Denali Highway country last week.   Parker wrote "there has been lots of traffic from snow machines along the highway for good trail conditions......This area is experiencing warm temperatures as well, the Tangle River is ice free, with only 16 inches of ice on the lakes.  People must be aware danger lurks anywhere near the water."  Photo courtesy Fronty Parker.

End of the Alaska Highway in Summer
Summer IS coming.  The days are steadily lengthening again.  This is a mid-June picture from the Delta Junction visitor center at the triangle at the REAL end of the Alaska Highway!  Delta News Web file photo.

Travis DuBois straps on skates for some hockey practice at Big Lake recently.




Husky Hockey Action in Wasilla

The Delta High School Huskies Hockey Team traveled to Wasilla for the 1-3A Schools ASAA/First National Bank State Greatland Hockey Championships. Schools are classified according to size of student enrollment. [1A=5-50; 2A=51-100; 3A=101-400; 4A=401+] The Huskies returned with the second place trophy. The Houston Hawks took first place with their depth of 27 players overcoming Delta's fewer numbers. Kenny Lake ended in third place and Nikiski took fourth. The other teams include Glennallen, Monroe and Tri-Valley.

Delta Husky Hockey
This is Ivan Hebert as he shoots the game-winning goal in overtime against Kenny Lake on Friday, February 16, 2001.  Photo courtesy Ann Geise.

The opening banquet was at the Houston High School. The Hawks Booster Club served a lasagna dinner that Garfield would have loved. Tournament Director Michael Janecek introduced several people involved with the tournament and the coaches. The coaches introduced their team members. Several awards were presented, including the All Conference Team.

The coaches of all the teams voted on the players to be named to the All Conference Team. The Delta Huskies honored were Cody White, Cale Wingfield and Brian Geise. Other members of the All Conference Team were Tom Kimberlin and Jackson Lain [Kenny Lake], Lucas Vanbuskirk, Bret Styers, Bruce Vanbuskirk and Jake Williams [Houston], Alec Venechuk [Tri-Valley], Zack Tollman [Glennallen]. Most Valuable Player was Adam Lain, goalie from Kenny Lake.

On Friday morning, during the skills competition, Delta's Cody White won second place in speed skating. The other skills events included shooting accuracy (both shooter-tutor and goalie-guarded net) and one-on-one goalie.

After the Championship Game, there were more awards presented. The Glennallen Panthers earned the Academic Award as well as the Sportsmanship Award. The Good Sport Team, consisting of two players from each team, were presented with special T-shirts. The Delta Huskies honored as Good Sports were Laura Stewart and Chad Pinkelman.

The All-Tournament Team (selected by independent judges) included: Forwards - Kenneth Larsen and Cody Oatman, Kenny Lake; Alex Venechuk, Tri-Valley; Cale Wingfield and Brian Geise, Delta; David Newman and Jake Williams, Houston; Defensemen - Cody White, Delta; Jackson Lain, Kenny Lake; Bret Styers, Houston; Goalies - David Branholm, Houston; Adam Lain, Kenny Lake. All-Tournament Honorable Mention awards went to Ben Schultz and Ivan Hebert of the Delta Huskies, Mike Andre [Monroe], Quincy Bird and Seth Taurianen [Nikiski], Ben Kramer, Galen Nelson, Zack Tollman and Nick Leeper [Glennallen], Lucas Vanbuskirk and Bruce Vanbuskirk [Houston], Tom Kimberlin and Sarah Carlson [Kenny Lake].

The Delta Huskies faced off against Nikiski on Thursday, February 15 and defeated them decisively with a score of 9-1. Three of Delta's goals were made while the Huskies were short-handed and one was during a power-play. Cale Wingfield made four of the goals, Ben Schultz got a hat trick and Waylon Hannan put in the other two. Five of these goals were unassisted -- two by Wingfield, two by Schultz and one by Hannan. Assisting the other four goals were Hannan, Schultz, Ivan Hebert, Cody White, Brian Geise and Jennifer Knight.

According to Michael Quinion on his website [], the term 'hat trick' has quite a history. "Hat trick comes from the English game of cricket and refers to a bowler who takes three wickets with three successive balls. For those more familiar with baseball, this is an impressive achievement, similar to a baseball pitcher striking out three batters in a row, but much less common. It seems to have been the custom in the nineteenth century for such a paragon of the art to be awarded a new hat by his club as a mark of his success. However, it is sometimes also said that the phrase alludes to a distinctly more plebeian reward in which the bowler was permitted to take his hat around the crowd for a collection (not necessarily a bowler hat, of course: that was named after a couple of completely different chaps, Messrs Thomas and William Bowler, hatmakers). Hat trick was first recorded in print in the 1870s, but has since been widened to apply to any sport in which the person competing carries off some feat three times in quick succession, such as scoring three goals in one game of hockey or soccer."

Other action on Thursday included Tri-Valley upsetting Glennallen, 8 - 7 and Kenny Lake defeating Monroe, 4 - 1.

In Friday games, Nikiski defeated Monroe, 5 - 2; Houston trounced Tri-Valley, 13 - 5; and Delta vanquished Kenny Lake, 4 - 3 in overtime.

The game-winning overtime goal was floated past Kenny Lake's goalie Adam Lain by Ivan Hebert with 3:57 left in the 8-minute overtime period. Cody White assisted in all three goals made during regulation time. Tucker Yates and Brian Geise both scored in the first period. Ben Schultz put the puck in the net during the third period with Yates also assisting. All three of the Kenny Lake goals were made by their exchange student from Denmark, Kenneth Larsen.

Fourth place was awarded to Nikiski as they defeated Glennallen, 2 - 1 on Saturday. Kenny Lake sewed up third place by thrashing Tri-Valley, 9 - 1.

The Championship game between the Delta Huskies and the Houston Hawks was a very close game. In the Valley Sports section of the Anchorage Daily News, Ron Wilmot reported that "Houston, which prides itself on playing physical hockey, found Saturday that Delta was plenty ready to mix it up in the corners." Houston's sophomore winger Jake Williams was quoted "They were a lot more physical than we expected. They've improved a lot." Houston had defeated the Delta Huskies twice during regular conference games 10-2 and 9-3 in mid-December.

Delta outshot Houston 30-24 overall, and 16-5 during the third period. Somehow the eighteen Huskies wore the 27 Houston Hawks down, coming really close to forcing overtime play. Delta pulled their goalie near the end of the third period to have six offensive players on the ice, but the Hawks' goalie David Branholm ruined that plan by making Houston's "play of the game" during the final seconds of the game as he turned back a breakaway chance by Delta's Brian Geise. Last year the Delta Huskies came out on top by defeating Houston 5-2, winning the historic first ASAA Greatland Hockey Conference title.

Next year there is a possibility of three more teams joining these seven in the ASAA Greatland Hockey Conference. Barrow, Dillingham and Su Valley are in the process of deciding whether to add hockey to their list of interscholastic activities.

The Alaska School Activities Association included a report on the importance of interscholastic sports and activites in their program for the 2001 Hockey State Championships. Under the heading "It's Important", ASAA states "Interscholastic sports and activities provide young people an opportunity to embrace the concepts of teamwork, citizenship, sportsmanship and acceptance of positive instruction. ASAA believes that interscholastic activities: 1)exist for the intrinsic values they provide for students of member schools; 2)are an integral part of the overall educational program; 3)provide an opportunity to learn and apply skills beyond the classroom; 4)promote character, citizenship, leadership and personal responsibility; 5)provide for fair and equitable opportunitites for students of member schools; 6)provide opportunities for students to benefit from cross-cultural contact; 7)encourage and enhance the connections between communities and schools, adult and students, and among students; and 8)promote academic growth and develop sportsmanship. Research demonstrates: 1)Students who participate in activities tend to have higher grade point averages. 2)Participation in high school activities is often a predictor of later success in college, a career, and in becoming a contributing member of society. 3)Participation in activities directly correlates to greater school attendance. 4)Student activities promote sportsmanship and a cooperative spirit among communities, schools, coaches, teachers and students.

Before each of the games, Tournament Director Michael Janecek read the Sportsmanship Creed: ASAA and its corporate sponsors appreciate your attendance at this tournament. This contest is being played under the authority of the Alaska School Activities Association. ASAA rules provide for fair play and good sportsmanship among athletes and coaches. Since booing and jeering do not suppport anyone, we encourage you to give positive support to your favorite team. We ask that the spectators promote the ideals of good sportsmanship by applauding fair play and by showing respect for all participants and officials.

Thursday, February 15 Delta Huskies - 9/ Nikiski Bulldogs - 1 First Period: 1-Delta, Ben Schultz, 5:48 (sh+u); 2-Delta, Waylon Hannan, 14:48 (u). Second Period: 3-Delta, Cale Wingfield (Hannan, Schultz), 1:15 (pp); 4-Nikiski, Bringham (Harrison, Pepper), 3:47; 5-Delta, Schultz (Ivan Hebert, Cody White), 7:06 (sh); 6-Delta, Wingfield, 10:23 (sh+u); 7-Delta, Wingfield, 10:34(u). Third Period: 8-Delta, Hannan (Jennifer Knight, Brian Geise), 6:41; 9-Delta, Wingfield (Hannan), 9:59; 10-Delta, Schultz, 10:50(u). Penalties: Nikiski- 6 for 12 minutes; Delta- 9 for 28. Goalie Saves: Nikiski, Nigel Penhale, 14-13-3=30; Nikiski, Jonathen Parnell, 3 in the third period; Delta, Jake Riesgaard, 3-2-4=9. (sh) = short-handed, the scoring team had a player in the penalty box. (pp) = power-play, the opposing team had a player in the penalty box. (u) = unassisted goal scored

Friday, February 16 Delta Huskies - 4/ Kenny Lake Hawks - 3, OT First Period: 1-Tucker Yates (White) 3:42; 2-Delta, Brian Geise (White) 10:08; 3-Kenny Lake, Kenneth Larsen (J.Lain) 10:59. Second Period: 4-Kenny Lake, Larsen (Kimberlin) 13:37. Third Period: 5-Delta, Ben Schultz (Yates, White) 1:12; 6-Kenny Lake, Larsen(u) 14:58. Overtime: 7-Delta, Ivan Hebert (u) 3:57. Penalties: Delta, 2 for 4 minutes; Kenny Lake, 2 for 4. Goalie Saves: Delta-Jake Riesgaard 5-6-7-0=18; Kenny Lake, Adam Lain 20-14-6-3=43.

Championship Game Saturday, February 17 Houston - 5/ Delta Huskies - 4 First Period: 1-Houston, S.Newman (Fisher) 10:42; 2-Houston, Blake Fisher (J.Williams) 7:10. Second Period: 3-Houston, Fisher (u) 11:02; 4-Delta, Ivan Hebert (u) 10:38; 5-Delta, Yates (Schultz) 6:20 (pp). Third Period: 6-Houston, Williams (B.VanBuskirk) 9:42; 7-Delta, Wingfield (Geise, Yates) 6:45 (pp); 8-Houston, Williams (u) 5:16; 9-Delta, Schultz (Yates) 1:07 (pp). Penalties: Houston - 8 for 16 minutes; Delta - 2 for 4. Goalie Saves: Houston - David Branholm 6-6-14=26; Delta - Jake Riesgaard 12-4-3=19.

Coach Mike Tvenge of the Delta High School Huskies Hockey Team will schedule a local awards ceremony as soon as the awards arrive.

Ann Geise -- February 20, 2001

We're ready for the test!
Delta Mine Training Center evening mine safety training class prepared for testing Thursday night, February 22.  Pat Sheppard is the instructor.
  Photo courtesy Debbie Jennings, DMTC.

Field of moose
These eight moose were standing in the fields along Clearwater Road in late February.  Delta News Web photo.

Delta photographer Michael Kingston shot this hoarfrost covered tree at the Sullivan Roadhouse in Delta.  

Kay and Tawnee (in front) Wardle know how to have fun in the snow.  Nick Wardle caught a picture of them coming down a hill at Hansen Hollow.

Deltana firefighters
RDVFD volunteers train with their equipment in this picture from their new website. Photo courtesy Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department.

Spruce trees become soft and fluffy with a coating of hoarfrost.  Photo courtesy Michael Kingston.

Brian Eaton
This little guy is Brian Chris Eaton Jr.  He was born on Feb 2, 2001 @ 8:24am.  He weighed 6lbs 12.1 oz and was 19 1/4" long.  His Dad and Mom are Brian and Kay Eaton.  Brian and his parents live at Ft. Greely.  Photo courtesy of Brian's dad.

Judge Greene and Youth Court
Judge Mary Greene came to Delta last week to swear in the new Youth Court Bar Association.  Photo courtesy Linda Sloan.  (See story in community news, below).

Deltana Community Corporation Report

The Deltana Community Corporation full board met on Jan.11th, the first regular meeting since November. During the December time frame Deltana was pleased to meet with State auditor Sherrie Thomas. An audit of Deltana records was requested through legislative channels by board members Jim Schooley and John Hite. As it had been ten years since a full state audit this was welcome by the board. The auditor spent about a week going over our books with the help of Deltana administrator Donna Gardino. When the work was complete the results were given personally to the executive board. As reported by President Knopp at January's meeting the auditor gave Deltana a sound bill of fiscal health. She had high praise for the quality of work done by our current administrator. She also applauded our system of checks and balances between the offices of executive/administrative/treasurer.

Following the administrative report President Knopp related to the board some recommendations that he had worked on for policy and bylaws that came out of the executive meeting. The recommendations were closely tied to the standards of Roberts Rules of Order. Paul included ethics and personal conduct in his discussion. Executive issues should not be discussed outside of the meeting. Discussing personal issues should not occur: no politics, no personalities, and no profanity. Conflict of interest and recognizing it prior to voting is also something each boardmember should consider. The board discussed his findings and voted to have them made part of each Deltana board person's packet.

Kel Weidner was present at this meeting. He was there at the board's request to discuss a possible property exchange. The proposal involves Deltana property on the Alaska Highway and Weidner's property adjacent to the Clearwater firehouse. No decision was made at this meeting.

According to the administrator's contract the board needed to make a decision to re-hire her at this meeting. A motion was made and passed unanimously. The administrator's rates did not change for the next year. Donna told us that she might not be able to continue as administrator depending on her job status with her regular work. She may not be in the Delta area this summer. The board said that they would cross that bridge when they come to it. Donna said that she would give 60 days notice in case of such an event.

Under the legislative committee report Russ Bowdre passed out copies of pre-filed legislation (HB 2, HB 16) relating to taxing of unorganized boroughs. He also had another bill proposed to create boroughs and set up a tax base for unorganized boroughs. This bill is SB 48. There is also HB 10 that, Russ stated, is an attempt at a statewide personal income tax. He urges all to send POM's to their legislators stating their opinion on these bills. 

For the Local Emergency Planning Committee Ron Lester gave a brief report. He is not overly impressed with the purpose of the Committee or the real need for it. He is requesting to be released as committee member. Joint committee member John Hite was not present at the meeting to give his view.

Under Public Roads and Utilities the committee reported that a letter had been received from Salcha-Big Delta Water Conservation District concerning Clearwater Extension. Steve Fields said that he homeowners had also received a copy of the letter. Paul read the significant findings; woody debris is clogging up some of the culverts and some of the culverts are caving in. Their recommendations are for dealing with the culverts and raising the surface of the roadbed. Jim Schooley was not at the meeting to report to the board any findings on the Sourhada Road proposal. On the Clearwater Boat Launch/road proposal Ron Lester and Paul looked at the boat launch in the company of Art Sarloos. A preliminary survey would be needed and the right of way legally defined. They figured that an 18-ft. wide base to the road with a one-foot ditch would be sufficient. The road would be upgraded to a screened gravel surface. There is some possibility that the Dept.of Parks would be interested in helping on the actual boat launch. Paul will follow through with that. It was determined that we do have the grant monies to go forward with this project. A motion was made to appropriate for the project. The motion passed with six yes votes and one no vote. 

Discussion went next to the topic of the Pogo Mine Permit Process. Paul felt that Deltana should take a stand on their preferred route as stated in their permit request. In the balance was to encourage a private/temporary or public/permanent status for the road. Russ made a motion to support the Shaw Creek Route with a condition that if they want to close the road they only close the last three to five miles to public access but keep the rest of the road open to the public. Pogo should undertake the maintenance of the road. Kassie Farrar stated that of the nine people she randomly polled only one person wanted the road to be public/permanent. A vote was taken with the motion passing five for and two against.

The next meeting will be February 8, 7:00 p.m. at the Clearwater firehouse. This is a public corporation and all members of Deltana area are encouraged to attend. 

Diana"Kassie"Farrar, Deltana Community Corp., 
895-4282 -- January 24, 2001






Delta Huskies:  Front Row: Goalie Doug Orona (Jr#18); Rob Albaugh (Sr#8); Brian Geise (So#11); Tucker Yates (Sr#7); Justin Smith (So#10); Alex Marchuk (Jr#5); Laura Stewart (So#20); Jennifer Knight (Fr#22); Goalie Jake Riesgaard (Sr#31). Back Row: Assistant Coach Aaron Apling-Gilman; Assistant Coach Mike Yates; Ivan Hebert (Jr#14); Ben Schultz (So#4); Cody White (Sr#15); Cale Wingfield (Jr#12); John Sorensen (So#16); Waylon Hannan (So#13); Manager Pete Miller (So); Goalie Chad Pinkelman (So#1); Coach Mike Tvenge. Photo by Ann Geise.


 Delta Fish and Game Advisory committee members meet February 8, 2001 to comment on Game related proposals to the Board of Game. Many of the proposals had to do with Game unit 13, where declining numbers of moose will reduce hunter opportunity. The Advisory committee had guests from Fairbanks, Mike Tinker who is chairman of the Fairbanks Advisory Committee and Bud Burris also from the AC. There are 81 local Advisory Committees across the state, each play an important role to provide expert information on Recourses in their area to the Alaska Board of Fish and Game. The Board of Game, appointed by the Governor, deliberates on proposals by the public and puts new game laws into effect if necessary. Members shown in the picture last night from right to left are; Don Quarberg, Darrell Darland, Richard McDonald, Don Bunselmeier, Tim Webb, Clint Crusberg, Nat Good (Secretary), Patrick Dalton, Larry Fett (Chairman), Tom Geyer, Russ Pinkleman (vice chairman), Tony Williams and Steve Dubois. Not shown in the picture are Dean and Dean Jr. Cummings also members. The committee meets 7pm the last Wednesday of each month during the winter (September - May) at the Fish and Game office. Photo and text by Fronty Parker

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