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January 2001

Huskies Take Monroe, North Pole

Delta Huskies - 8 / Monroe Rams - 2

The Delta High School Huskies Hockey Team traveled to Fairbanks to meet the Monroe Catholic Rams at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Patty Center in the evening of Thursday, January 11 for a Greatland Hockey Conference game.

Senior Tucker Yates scored a hat trick and two assists in his first game back after breaking his collarbone early in the season. Another hat trick and two assists was also reported by Brian Geise, a sophomore. Sophomores Ben Schultz and Waylon Hannan each added a goal.

The only goal in the first period was put in during the last three minutes of the period by Brian Geise with an assist by Cale Wingfield. During the second period, Yates scored twice -- the second on a power play. Wingfield and Schultz assisted the first goal; Geise assisted on the second.

The third period started out in the same fashion. After Delta put the puck into the net four more times, the Monroe Rams finally scored twice in the final six minutes of play. Goals in the third period were by Schultz with assists from Hannan and Yates; Geise, assisted by Yates; Yates (unassisted); Hannan with an assist from Geise. Delta's Geise got the final goal unassisted with 3 minutes and 11 seconds left on the clock.

The final score was Delta Huskies 8, Monroe Rams 2. It was not a tight game, the Huskies were ahead during the entire game. Sophomore goalie Chad Pinkelman saved 12 of the 14 shots that came his way. The goalie for Monroe saved 41 out of 49.

The coaches for the Delta Huskies are Mike Tvenge, Mike Yates and Aaron Apling-Gilman. Mark Weber is the coach for the Monroe Rams

Huskies - 8 / Rams - 2 January 11, 2001 UAF Patty Center Huskies 1 - 2 - 5 = 8 Rams 0 - 0 - 2 = 2 First Period: D - Geise (Wingfield) 2:15. Second Period: D - Yates (Wingfield, Schultz) 8:35; Yates (Geise) 2:38. Third Period: D - Schultz (Hannan, Yates) 13:59; D - Geise (Yates) 13:08; D - Yates (unassisted) 11:14; D - Hannan (Geise) 9:37; M - A.Plumlee (T.Plumlee) 5:53; M - Wood (DeBoer, R.Kissinger) 5:03; D - Geise (unassisted) 3:11. Saves: Delta's Pinkelman - 5-4-3=12; Monroe's Carlson - 13-13-15=41. Penalties: Delta - 8 for 16 minutes; Monroe - 6 for 12 minutes. Referees were Gaunn, Berrtan, and Culley.

Delta Huskies - 6 / North Pole Patriots - 5

The North Pole Patriots made the journey to Delta Junction for the High School Hockey game on Tuesday, January 16. Chad Pinkelman, Delta's sophomore goalie, did a superb job of defending the Huskies goal, making 54 saves during the game.

The Patriots got in the first goal within the first minute of the game, but couldn't score again during the period. Delta scored four times during the first period. The first goal was put into the net by Ben Schultz assisted by Cale Wingfield after 5 minutes of play; Brian Geise scored unassisted; Schultz put in his second goal with assists by Tucker Yates and Wingfield at 7:44 in the first period. About that time is when Tucker Yates' collarbone was re-broken. The first period continued with another Delta goal scored by Wingfield assisted by Cody White. Ben Schultz and John Sorensen were also injuried during the first period but continued playing after a break.

The second period saw only two goals, one by Delta's Geise assisted by Wingfield, the other goal was by North Pole's Philip Wells. The Patriots started off with a goal after 3:02 minutes of play in the third period by Robert Roof. Delta's Rob Albaugh scored unassisted with 8 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock. During the last twenty seconds of play, the Patriots scored twice more. Zach Yates and Scott Sikorski getting the goals with assists.

The Huskies are now 7-6-2 and will face the Kenny Lake Hawks in the Liewer-Olmstead Ice Arena on Nistler Road behind Delta School for Greatland Hockey Conference games at 7 pm on Friday, January 26 and again at 11 am on Saturday, January 27. In other action on this Friday and Saturday, the Delta youth hockey teams will face off against Glennallen's youth in Delta.

Huskies - 6 / Patriots - 5 January 16, 2001 Delta Junction Huskies 4 - 1 - 1 = 6 Patriots 1 - 1 - 3 = 5 First Period: NP - Hansen (unassisted) 14:12; D - Schultz (Wingfield) 10:16; D - Geise (unassisted) 8:48; D - Schultz (Yates, Wingfield) 7:44; D - Wingfield (White) 0:456. Second Period: D - Geise (Wingfield) 10:51; NP - Wells (Ricks, Sikoroski) 3:20. Third Period: NP - Roof (Hansen) 11:58; D - Albaugh (unassisted) 8:20; NP - Z.Yates (Sikoroski, Ricks) 0:195; NP - Sikoroski (B.Phllips) 0:002. Saves: D - Pinkelman 16-16-22=54; NP - Stenroos 11-12-5=29. Penalties: NP - 5 for 10 minutes; D - 8 for 26 minutes. Referees were Andrew Culley and Andrew Adams. 

Ann Geise -- January 23, 2001

-17F...but cold not likely to last, forecasters suggest
The weather is finally acting a little more normal this morning as the LED readout at the Triangle shows.  It's not particularly cold, as Interior Alaska mornings go, but, still a change from the far above normal temperatures of most of January. Wind in the forecast suggests the "cool snap" may be short lived.  Delta News Web photo.

Hockey practice
Practice, practice, practice.  Delta Huskies take turns whacking the puck at the goal.  Delta News Web photo.

Snowmachine raffe
Delta's Women of the Moose are raffling this youth-sized Polaris snowmachine.  Tickets are $10 and proceeds will benefit community activities. You can see the machine and buy tickets at Interior Building Supply here in Delta. Delta News Web photo.

Kenny Lake hockey team in Delta January 19 & 20
The Kenny Lake hockey team came to Delta for games on January 19 & 20.  Here's a portion of the team.  Delta News Web photo.

AT&T Alascom tower
The AT&T Alascom tower is a long standing landmark in Delta.  It was originally erected in 1960-1961 for the Alaska Communications System.  It stands 300 feet tall. Delta News Web photo.

Delta Junction logo
Delta Junction's community information website can be found on the Alaska-Highway domain.  Click here for the home page.  If you want to tell a friend or relative, the address also works.

Jim Cummings and Golden Eagle Outfitters supercub
Pilot Jim Cummings of Golden Eagle Outfitters.  Photo by Steve DuBois.

Long-time Delta resident Bill Mason celebrated his "39th and holding" birthday with friends at Pizza Bella recently.  Here Linda Johnson and Nicky Stephens give him a birthday hug.  Neighbor Diane Shultz organized the party and provided this picture.

Cold start
Every Interior Alaskan is familiar with the problems of starting vehicles in cold weather.  At -50F, most automobiles just will not start without some external heat.  Blankets and sleeping bags can help keep in the heat.  Note that the electric cord is stiff from the cold.  It would be nice to think that this will be a "warm" winter....we'll see.  Photo by David Johnson.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Biologists Tom Paragi of Fairbanks (shown) and Steve DuBois, recently conducted moose browse surveys along Shaw Creek.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Mike Coon and Wade Heller at work in the Jarvis Office Center
The Delta News Web caught Mike Coon and Wade Heller inspecting the new hand rails they 
installed in the Jarvis Office Center recently.  Delta News Web photo.



The Souper Bowl of Caring

The Souper Bowl of Caring evolved from the prayer "Lord, even as we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, help us be mindful of those who are without a bowl of soup to eat." This prayer was the start of something big.

Twenty-two congregations participated in the first Souper Bowl of Caring in 1990 and more have joined each year. The amount raised in 1993 was $144,000 from 885 congregations and last year the total was $3,100,000 from 11,300 congregations. The total generated by the Souper Bowl over eleven years is more than $10,000,000.

The concept behind this grassroots movement is remarkably simple. Congregations simply ask parishioners to give one dollar each as they leave worship the morning (or weekend) of the big game. Some groups are asking for $2 or $1 and a nonperishable food item.

Youth stationed at sanctuary exits collect the dollar donations in large soup pots, then send all the proceeds directly to a local charity of that group's choice. Organizers only ask for a phone (or email) report so that national totals can be determined.

Thanks to the Souper Bowl of Caring, the day traditionally associated with football is scoring in other ways as well. Over 15 different denominations are undertaking significant efforts to spread word of the effort, "Dear Abby" has run a column and the NFL has helped highlight the effort at a Super Bowl week press conference in Tampa. Super Bowl XXXV will be held in Tampa and two tickets for the game have been auctioned off as well as other items to raise money for the Souper Bowl of Caring. 

"The Souper Bowl of Caring offers people in churches across the country a simple but significant way to join together in caring and unity," says Souper Bowl founder, the Reverend Brad Smith. "We believe this idea is a gift from God and we encourage everyone to join the team." 

Advance registration is not required, churches can receive more information by calling 1-800-358-SOUP [7687] or via email: or check out the website at Participants should report their totals via phone or internet [] on Sunday, January 28. 

The combined congregations of Faith Lutheran and Delta Presbyterian are planning to have their soup pots ready on Sunday, January 28. This is an invitation to all other churches in the Delta area to fill their soup pots and make a difference in our community. This is a great way to donate always-needed funds to Project Christmas right here in Delta Junction! 

Ann Geise -- January 23, 2001

Zamboni man
Ronnie Riesgard rolls over the ice with the community's important ingredient in making the ice smooth.  Steve DuBois photo.

Jim Cummings of Golden Eagle Outfitters
Pilot Jim Cummings of Golden Eagle Outfitters and his SuperCub before a wildlife survey this winter.  Photo by Steve DuBois.

Ice hockey practice outdoors
There's more than one place to practice hockey skills.  Travis DuBois and "Rascal" hit the ice recently at Big Lake on Ft. Greely.  The wind we have been having swept the ice clean.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Cooperative Extension Service Plans Workshops in Delta


Persons interested in receiving specific food preservation training will have an opportunity in Delta on Thursday, February 15th.

Three classes are being offered: Morning Class 10:00 - 12:00, Baby Food Preservation, Afternoon Class 1:00 - 5:00, Canning Meats, & Fish, and Making Sausage, & Jerky, Evening Class 6:00 - 8:00Jams & Jellies.

Instructor will be Roxie Rodgers Dinstel with Cooperative Extension Service - Home Economist, Tanana District.

A materials fee per person to include supplies & publications for each class: Baby Food FREE, Canning Meat & Fish/Making Sausage & Jerky $10.00, and Jams & Jellies $10.00.

Lectures and labs to be held at the CES Conference Room in the Jarvis Office Building. There will be a 15-person class limit. Registration deadline is Monday, February 12th. For further information and to register call 895-4215. 

If there is low interest this workshop will not be offered locally.


The 2001 Annual Delta Farm Forum will be held on March 3rd at the Delta School small gym. This year's agenda will showcase a diverse group of presenters and a wide variety of agricultural topics.

Local producers are will present information hay production, livestock husbandry, dairy farming and potato exporting. State and Federal Agencies will report on grasshopper research, noxious weeds, crop reporting, and forestry. John Harris, local State Representative, and Rob Wells, Director of the Division of Agriculture are also scheduled to speak. The Salcha-Delta Soil and Water Conservation District will present the award for the cooperator of the year, announce the 2001 SWCD speech winner, and show a computer animated annual report presentation. The local FFA chapter is slated to perform a skit; FFA youth will be on hand to introduce the speakers.

This annual event is sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and the Salcha-Delta Soil and Water Conservation District. Detailed information will be provided in up coming issues of the Delta Wind and flyers will be posted around town. Call the CES office, 895-4215, or the SWCD office, 895-4241 ext 108 for more information.


Rich Seifert, Energy and Housing Specialist with the Cooperative Extension Service is offering a free workshop in Delta. The class will be held Saturday, February 10, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the CES Conference room at the Jarvis Office Center. Seating is limited so please register early to guarantee a space.

Topics covered will include general building science, design features to assist in recognizing quality aspects of housing construction, current housing technology, house maintenance in Alaska, and many local issues; permafrost, indoor air quality, radon, and waste disposal.
Anyone interested in attending this workshop can contact the Cooperative Extension Service office in Delta Junction at 895-4215 or 1-800-478-8324. Registration deadline is February 7th. If there is not enough interest this workshop will be canceled and possibly offered at another time.


The EPA classifies many pesticides as restricted use products. Certification is required for those who plan to use certain chemicals. Classes listed below will be offered to provide information on safe handling, correct application and toxicity. An exam will be included in the training for those requiring certification.

Date and time for the Wood Preservative (category 13) will be Thursday March 1, 2001 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, Agricultural Pesticide (category 3) will be a six hour course to be held for 2 evenings on Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Bob Gorman, Pesticide Program Coordinator with the Cooperative Extension Service will be the instructor. Classes will be held at the Delta CES Conference Room - Jarvis Office Center. There will be a certification fee per person/per class. Please register with the Cooperative Extension Service office at 895-4215 to reserve space and to insure adequate program materials will be on hand.

Cooperative Extension Service January 8, 2001

Christy Roden and her Christmas art
Christy Roden of the Cooperative Extension Services stands by her Christmas art that she drew to enliven the Jarvis Office Center annual holiday potluck.  Delta News Web photo. 

Winter landing spot
Steve DuBois stands by Jim Cumming's plane with Mt. Hayes in the distance in the background.  DuBois and Cummings were conducting wildlife survey work.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Winter sunrise
Sunrise on a winter morning near Delta Junction.  
Delta News Web

Mouse animal from a balloon
Tawnee Wardle [left] and Carrie Harris, show off the 'mouse' balloon animal that Tawnee made from the kit she got for Christmas. Photo courtesy Kay Wardle




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