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January 2003

Pilobolus ~ For more info call 907-457-2457
Pilobolus is as zany as the Marx Brothers, as clever as Houdini, and as impulsive as a Mad Hatter's tea party. Dancing is but one part of the multi-faceted talent of Pilobolus. For more here! Image submitted by Michelle Bartlett.

Photo by Carol J. Watkins
Welcome to our World!  This creative image was designed by Carol J. Watkins.  In the background is the Tanana Bridge and parts of the Alyeska Pipeline.

Kade Castleberry and Aunt Makayla Fellman
Kade Russell Castleberry and his Aunt Makayla Fellman reading a story.  Kade is the son of Katrina (Fellman) and Timothy Castleberry.  Kade is 4 months old in this picture. Photo by Pete Fellman.

Steve Reidsma and Ellen Clark are shown cleaning out a duck box on Fort Greely last spring. Photo courtesy of Ellen Clark.

IGA Food Cache Awarded WorkStar Employer of The Year by Governor Knowles

On November 26th, 2002, Governor Knowles
awarded six employers around the state with the WorkStar Employer of the Year Awards. These awards are given to businesses who have consistently hired, retained and promoted welfare recipients around the state. As stated in the Governor's Press Release:" The IGA Food Cache in Delta Junction, owned by Ed and Gail Larson was nominated for a WorkStar Award for their efforts over several years in the community. According to Judy Dewar of Adult Learning Programs of Alaska, 'Due to Ed and Gail Larson's generous spirit and willingness to take a chance on people with limited English, I have seen our second language students reach independence and regain their self-esteem.' Recently, when a mother of sixteen lost her husband, Ed Larson offered the woman's only son his deceased father's job, allowing him to help support the family. The Larsons are an integral part of the process of blending new immigrants into the community and gaining independence." Kudos the IGA Food Cache! 

Sarah Hunter -- January 10, 2003

Teresa and Dan Glass Jr.
Teresa Glass holds her new baby son, Dan Glass III.  Teresa and her husband, Dan welcomed little Dan into the world in late October.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Jackson Reiter proudly wearing his police uniform 
over his spider-man pj's.  We have dual protection around here since Santa brought these presents!  Photo courtesy of Janet Lee.

Delta Junction Real Estate Website

Ray and Sherwood Dinger, owners of Junction-Realtors (r) have recently completed a website to better serve the needs of buyers and sellers of property in the Delta Junction area. 

The new website lists homes and land for sale, but also has commercial properties, recreational land, and business opportunities. 

The Dingers wanted something easy to remember for a name and chose

Northwest Webcraft -- January 8, 2003

We're Having a Heat Wave in Fairbanks and we are inviting our Delta Neighbors. Fairbanks Concert Association Presents Paco Pena Flamenco in Concert, Saturday, January 18, 8PM Hering Auditorium.  For more information, click hereImage provided by Michelle Bartlett. 

Future of the Delta News Web

The Delta News Web (DNW) would like to thank those who sent in their encouragement and ideas regarding the future of the DNW. We received many uplifting emails and some very practical ideas. 

We have decided to keep the DNW operational at the present level and expand where possible. We are beginning to seek sponsors that would like to financially partner to help us provide news, pictures, and useful information about Delta. 

We are in the process of redesigning the home page in order to provide something fresh and new, and to accommodate the new sponsor ads. If your organization or business is interested in becoming a DNW sponsor, click here for more information. If you would like to speak to someone, don't hesitate to call us at 895-4919. 

Webmaster -- January 7, 2003

Uriah Fellman
Uriah Fellman talks to his dad after taking the state title in wrestling.  Uriah wrestles at 189 lbs.  Photo courtesy of Pete Fellman. 

Wesley Scott Hollembaek, born December 30 at 5:30 PM, is the first son for Delta Residents Buckley and Christy Hollembaek.  Wesley also has two other siblings who are very excited about his arrival!  Congratulations Buckley and Christy!!  Photo courtesy of Leslie Hollembaek. 

Andrew Boothe
Andrew Issacc Boothe is the son of Amber (Blake) Boothe and Daryl Boothe.  Andrew Boothe was born on October 30 2002 at 9:45 p.m. Andrew is now two months old and two weeks!  Photo courtesy of Daryl Boothe.

Shown above is Amy Vander Zwaag and Wanda, her guide dog puppy. Amy is volunteering to raise Wanda for one year until she is old enough to receive training to be a guide dog for a blind person. Amy received her in March of 2002 and will have her until at least March 2003. Wanda is from the Guide Dogs of the Desert School in Palm Springs, California. Here, the two are shown enjoying the last few days of summer. Articles about our experiences were featured on the Guidepost for Teens Website  Photo courtesy of Amy Vander Zwagg.

Oklahoma City Memorial
The Oklahoma City Memorial stands as a reminder to those who lost their lives in April of 1995.  Delta resident Joe Crandall recently visited the memorial and sent us this stirring photo.  Photo courtesy of Joe Crandall.  

Wesley Scott Hollembaek
Wesley Scott Hollembaek was born near Fairbanks enroute to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital from Delta on December 30 at 5:30 PM. Parents are Christy and Buckley Hollembaek. It is their first child but Wesley has a brother, Triston, and a sister, June, who can't wait for him to come home and start the new year. Wesley was 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was nearly 20 inches long. Both mother and baby are doing well despite the excitement of being born.  Wesley was born in the vehicle with only Buckley to assist in the birth. An ambulance was called and Buckley was instructed to tie the baby's cord off with a shoe string, bundle the baby & mother, and wait for assistance. It was a very blessed event. Paternal grandparents are Scott and Ruby Hollembaek, Maternal grandparents are Rick & Rebecca Schneckenberger.  Above, Grandma Ruby holds little Wesley.  Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek. 



Annual Board Meeting for the Deltana Fair Association

The Annual Board Meeting for the Deltana Fair Association will be held 7:00 PM, Thursday, January 30, 2003 at the new Jarvis West Building Conference Room located on the Alaska Highway. 

Elections will be held for two board members. Ann Giese and Nancy King's seats are up for election. 

All members are urged to attend. 

Anyone interested in joining the Fair Association can come pay dues at the meeting. Members can vote at the annual meeting, and automatically get into the fair for free. 

For more information, please contact any of these board members: Kelly Keaster, Dawn Grossmann, Gail Keaster, Ann Geise, Nancy King, Loretta Schooley, or Steve Fields.


Steve Fields -- January 24, 2003

Rachel Groppel in Kentucky 
Rachel Groppel, DHS graduate class of 1998, is shown working on the power for a job in Lexington, Kentucky.  Photo courtesy of Gail McBride.

Russell and Brooklyn
Russell Hollembaek and niece Brooklyn share a bike ride this past summer.  Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek.

Dustin Peterson and his new son, Dustin Shane
This is a picture of Randy Peterson and new son, Dustin Shane, who is two months old today! Dustin was born to Randy and Becky Peterson of Delta Junction on November 23, 2002. Dustin has one sister, 15 year old Kasey who attends school in Delta.  Photo courtesy of Brenda Peterson.

Rob, Ashley, and new baby sister Emily Bevard
Rob, Ashley, and the newest edition to the family, Emily Blake Bevard. Emily joined the Bevard family on December 23, 2002 at 6:59 p.m. She weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Photo courtesy of Sarah Bevard.

Gwen Jenkins, Julie John, Gen John, and Vanessa John
Gwen (John) Jenkins stands with her newly added sister-in-law Julie (Stephens) John, along with sisters Gen John, and Vanessa John.  Julie and Reuben John were married in Fairbanks on December 22, 2002.  Photo by Katie Johnson.

Leigh and Bill Dennison
Firefighter Leigh Dennison poses with his wife, Bill, after receiving a plaque commemorating 35 years of service.  Community groups honored volunteer and career emergency responders with a banquet on Tuesday night, December 10, at the Delta Jct. Community Center. Photo courtesy of Pat White/Ernie Wyrick.

Emergency Responders Banquet

Mayor Roy Gilbertson presented a lifetime achievement award to Leigh Dennison

This year's Emergency Responder's Banquet was held Tuesday, December 10th at the Delta Junction Community Center.
    Gary Johnson and Steve Fields
Trooper Sergeant Gary Johnson receives appreciation award from Steve Fields, Director with Deltana Community Corporation. Steve is also the Deltana Fire Dept. Captain.

The banquet was held to acknowledge these volunteer and career emergency responders who devote their talents, time, and resources to our community of over 1800 square miles.

Lynn Harris and Steven Wrigley
Lynn Harris, Delta Rescue Squad Chief is congratulated by Steven Wrigley.

The presenters of Certificates of Appreciations were Rex Wrigley of the LDS Church, Brenda Peterson of the Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce, Susie Kemp and Roy Gilbertson of the City of Delta Junction, Judith Farrow of the Delta Junction Kiwanis, and Steve Fields of the Deltana Community Corporation.

Virginia Headley, James Eden-Kilgour, Steven Wrigley, and Roy Gilbertson
Virginia Headley, firefighter and James Eden - Kilgour City Fire Chief pose in line up with other honorees, Steven Wrigley and Leigh Dennison.

Representing their groups to accept Certificates of Appreciation were Lynn Harris of the Delta Rescue Squad, James Eden-Kilgour of the Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Department, TedHonorees Leigh and Bill Dennison enjoy presentations by emcees Hamilton of the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department, Russell Snell from Alyeska Security/Pump Station 9, Al Edgren of Alaska State DNR-Div of Forestry - Al also accepted CoA's presented to the LEPC and the Alaska State Division of Parks, Trooper Gary Johnson from Alaska State Department of Public Safety-Alaska State Troopers, Jeff Bulger, P.A. from Family Medical Center, and Jim Williams from the Fort Greely Fire Department.

Velma and Sam
Sam, presently an auxillary member was the winner of the door prize donated by local business operators, Jim and Loretta Schooley.

A lifetime achievement plaque was presented to Firefighter Leigh Dennison of the Delta Junction Fire Department from Mayor Roy Gilbertson.

Mayor Roy Gilbertson and Leigh Dennison
Mayor Gilbertson honors Leigh Dennison for his 35 years of service to the City Fire Department.

Delta Rescue Squad Medics Roger and Lynn Harris sit with medic Bethe Ellis and her daughter Gracie Chief Ted Hamilton of the Rural Deltana VFD and Chief James Eden-Kilgour of the Delta Junction VFD gave individual honors to their departments.

Helping to sponsor this event were Ed & Gayle Larson, Jim & Loretta Schooley, Dwight Nissen, Gloria Hendricks, the Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce, the Clearwater Lodge, the City of Delta Junction, Acacia Floral, and Granite View Sports.

Firefighters Steve McCombs and Nancy Wyrick serve cake to honorary guestsStory by Steve Fields -- January 8, 2002 
Photos courtesy of Pat White and Ernie Wyrick





What Next for the Delta News Web

As I look back over the Delta News Web archives, I see hundreds of pictures stretching back over 2-1/2 years… of scenery, the fair, wildlife, military activities, fishing, baseball, fish stocking, hunting, flowers, river running, wood cutting, mountain climbing…..all kinds of things related to people and living in Delta.

It's been fun. We enjoy receiving pictures and community news items and publishing them. It has been our pleasure to be part of the life of Delta Junction. The webmaster for the Delta News Web, Katie Johnson, loves publishing it. Katie is a 1998 graduate of Delta High School and now in her senior year at UAA.

It has gotten more complicated for us. As our business has matured, we have found less time to work on the Delta News Web…..and it doesn't make money for us. It doesn't cost a lot, but the $50 or so that it costs each month adds up. Furthermore, while our business is headquartered in Delta Junction, most of the crew is now elsewhere in Alaska. Pam Dunklebarger does a great job of anchoring the operation in our home town, but she is pretty focused on selling Alaska outdoors books and has little time for the Delta News Web.

Last year, we instituted premium classified advertisements, and that has helped by bringing in some income. We have a number of banner advertisements, and they also help….but not yet very much. Perhaps more could be done with advertising.

We currently publish the Delta News Web most weekdays. We are considering reducing that schedule to twice weekly. Items that come in for publication (stories, photos, classified ads) would all have to wait until the day of publication. 

We have also talked about changing to a completely automated operation in which no photos are published, but community events, forum posts, and community news could be added interactively. 

Another possibility is to somehow increase revenue to continue the existing schedule and possibly even make the Delta News Web even more helpful. I think all of us like this idea that best. We are, however, stumped as to how to make that happen.

We're interested in your thoughts about where we should go with the Delta News Web. We will post this on the community forum. You can respond there, or via private e-mail if you like.  Please direct emails to 

David M. Johnson

Humpback Whale near Craig, AK
This Humpback whale was spotted near Craig, AK by the Bobo family.  Fortunately the whale and its partner decided not to cause too much of a stir!  Photo courtesy of Leslie Bobo. 




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