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January 2004

Delta resident Ellen Clark (r) and her 2 sisters, Karen and Cindy Clark on the trail to the Snow Bowl Hut near Mt. Rainier, WA earlier this month. Ellen’s husband Rob Gerber and cousins Val and Rob Forster of WA also made the trek of about 3 miles (1300 ft vertical) for an overnight stay. Beautiful country, “warm” weather and lots of snow! Photo courtesy of Delta resident Rob Gerber. 

The lights of Ft. Greely can be seen at sunset through the ice fog we experienced recently with -40+F temperatures. The location of the temperature inversion can also be seen where the steam plume levels off. Photo courtesy Steve DuBois

Sunrise over Ft. Greely
Sunrise over Fort Greely taken in September 2003. Photo courtesy of Terry Parnell.

Delta Elementary School Fifth Grade Photo Club Held Opening Night

Fifteen Delta Elementary School fifth graders have been meeting after school every Thursday for the last six weeks. They were learning about digital photography under the guidance of Cindy Lou Aillaud. Every week a new photo assignment was given and the young photographers would go out to capture images. Then they would return to the computer lab, download their images, save and critique them. Each student chose two of their favorite images to include in the photo exhibition and one self-portrait. Opening night for the exhibition was Thursday, January 8th. Photographers and their families were invited to attend. Everyone was impressed with the efforts of the young photographers. The exhibition will be on display until the end of January in the main elementary hallway if you would like to take a look. Be sure to register at the elementary school office when you arrive.

Cindy Lou Aillaud -- January 15, 2004

Ben and Leslie Feilner admire photographer son Bill's images in the fifth grade Photo Club Exhibition on opening night, January 8th. The exhibit is available for viewing at the Delta Elementary School until the end of January. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lou Aillaud.

Brian and Natalie (Floyd) Terry, both graduates of DHS, live in Independence, Oregon with their two children, Emily (6) and Kade (4). Natalie graduated from Western Oregon University in June, 2003 with a BS in Education and Brian will graduate in March, 2004 with a BS in International Business. Brian is starting a wild land firefighting and contracting business this summer. Natalie is substituting this year and is looking for a teaching job in Idaho, where they plan to move in the summer. Emily is in kindergarten and loves it. And Kade goes to preschool. You can contact them at nataliekterry@aol.comPhoto courtesy of Natalie Terry.

Maggie Rader (from Fairbanks) and Caleb Parker engage in a cold foot contest on New Year's Day to see who can stand the longest barefooted in the snow at -25F. They finally called a draw after about 3 1/2 minutes. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

New Worm Strikes MSN Messenger

Jitux.A worm is spreading rapidly via instant messaging app.

A new worm targeting users of Microsoft's MSN Messenger software has squirmed through the instant messaging application.  The Jitux.A worm comes in the form of an instant message inviting users to click on a URL. By clicking on the URL, users download the jituxramon.exe file, which then becomes resident in their computer's memory and sends new messages containing the link every five minutes to all contacts stored in MSN Messenger.

Additional Effects?
Jitux.A has no other apparent destructive effects, nor does it cause changes to the system configuration, according to Panda Software. Panda was among the first to detect the worm, which began spreading rapidly on Friday, largely in Portugal, Spain, and Mexico.

The malicious code is compiled in Visual Basic and runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP operating systems.

Several antivirus vendors, including Network Associates and Symantec, updated their products and recommend users update their antivirus software and scan for the virus.

Jitux.A isn't the first worm to wiggle into popular instant messaging networks, particularly MSN Messenger. More than 60 IM vulnerabilities have been published, according to security researchers from Symantec. They range from security holes that could be used to crash IM clients in denial of service attacks to those that allow attackers to install and run malicious code remotely on computers running the vulnerable IM clients.

John Blau, IDG News Service - Monday, January 05, 2004

Delta News Web -- January 6, 2004

Coast Guard Auxiliary to conduct Boating Course in Delta Junction

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will present their Boating Skills and Seamanship course in Delta Junction. The course starts on Tuesday February 17, 2004 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Delta High School; it will continue each Tuesday and Thursday evening for three weeks concluding on March 4, 2004.

“We are looking forward to bringing the boating safety course to the Delta area for the first time. Boating is a big part of the Alaskan experience and safety will help make this experience enjoyable” said Normand Lemoine, District Operations Officer for the 17th District, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Normand and his wife Regina, Vice Flotilla Commander of the Fairbanks Flotilla, will present the course. “Alaska is a beautiful but unforgiving area especially for those who take safety for granted as Alaska leads the country in per capita boating fatalities. Boating education can make exploring the remote areas of Alaska by boat a pleasure because you will be armed with the knowledge you prepared for this experience.” Lemoine further stated. 

The course is designed to be beneficial to boaters, regardless of their level of experience and covers a variety of boating subjects including boat handling, trailering, radios, navigation, and safety equipment requirements. The Auxiliary awards a certificate upon completion of the course that may qualify the holder for a reduction on their insurance rates. For more information and to pre-register for the course, call 895-1992 between 9am and 8pm. The cost is $50.

Congress established the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1939 to assist the Coast Guard in promoting boating safety. It boasts more than 35,000 members from all walks of life who receive special training so that they may be a functional part of Coast Guard Forces. Auxiliarists assist the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security and environmental protection and Coast Guard Academy introduction programs for youth. Auxiliarists volunteer more than 2 million hours annually to benefit other boaters and their families.

Jeanne Nason -- January 24, 2004


On a snowy night the judges drove around Delta looking at the nominated homes and businesses for the outdoor decorating contest and were enchanted with what they saw. There was wonderful and creative use of color and design and even one home, which looked like an old-fashioned picture postcard saying, “Welcome to Delta”. We saw several homes and businesses, which weren’t nominated but were attractive, creative and impressive to see as well. 

Honorable mention goes to the display of lights at the entrance to the school and the display at the Visitors Center. Thank you to all the residents in Delta who helped light up the Holidays with such beautiful decorations this year. They truly made our drive around a wonderful experience. 

The winner of 1st place in the business category goes to Bald Eagle Ranch Bed & Breakfast on the Richardson Highway, Delta Meat & Sausage on the Alaska Highway wins 2nd place and 3rd place is awarded to M2C1 Construction on the Alaska Highway. In the residential category, 1st place is awarded to Derek & Sheryl Mills who live on Tamarac Road. 2nd place goes to Doug & Cathie McCollum who reside on the Alaska Highway and David & Karen Sutherland who live on Northern Pike Avenue wins 3rd place. 

Winners in the Christmas in Delta Poster Contest are as follows: 1st place in the age 5 and under group goes to Angela Hannan, age 4, 2nd place is awarded to Derek W. Mills, Jr., age 5. In the 6 to 9 age group, 1st place is awarded to Rachel Hannan, age 7, 2nd place winner is Kailey A. Mills, age 7. Donald Hannan, age 11, is the 1st place winner in the 10 to 13 age group. The winning posters will be on display at the Delta Library. 

The winners of the $25.00 Chamber Vouchers are Kathy Sonnichsen and Sharon Seip. Marcia Ward, co-owner of The Calico Cow, graciously drew the two winning names out of the hat from the list of nominators for the decorating contest. Congratulations to all our winners! 

Brenda Peterson -- January 6, 2004

John Stolz and his dad Phillip take a break on a trip out of coal mine road after a successful hunt. John and Phil are both former delta residents. John, a '98 graduate, his wife Sara, and son Kyle are now stationed at Eielson AFB.  John is a Tactical Aircraft Mechanic and Crew Chief on an F16-C Fighting Falcons for USAF.  Photo courtesy of John Stoltz.

Happy Birthday January 5 - January 11

To Carol Crandall from your loving husband Joe 7 January

Happy Birthday to Carol Crandall January 7, 2004 from Mary and Joe Crandall 

Warmest Happy Birthday Hugs to David Robert McCombs on January 7, 2003! Love, Mom & Dad, Gramma Patti & Papa Chuck and all the Delta family - You're our favorite snow machinin', jet skiin' 4 wheelin', truck drivin', dog lovin', D.O.T. plowin' man!

This is a pregnant picture of both Michelle Bobo and Leslie Bobo taken on Dec. 28th.  Congratulations Ladies!! Photo courtesy of Leslie Bobo.

An annual Christmas holiday tradition within the Delta hockey community is to have games between the current Delta Huskies high school team and the alumnus home for the holidays. This year, there were several rousing games.  Pictured in this game from December 29 are Delta Huskies alumnus (left to right) Cody White (DHS '01), Chris Zachgo (DHS '00), and Jake Eggleston (DHS '95).  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Pictured above are Rachel Groppel and Tommy Sauer, both former residents and DHS graduates.  Tommy and Rachel have recently gotten engaged and plan to marry in Alaska in the fall.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Groppel.  

Happy Birthday  Dec. 28 - January 4

Jan. 3 Fred John - Happy birthday, sweetheart. You and Lil John are definitely the "toughest"
and "best lookin" guys around, but I'm still the smartest. I love you dearly. Linnea

Jan 3 - Fred John - Happy Birthday - Thinking of you on your birthday and praying you'll continue to discover the special things God has planned just for you! From your DCC church family.

Jan 4 - Angela Phillips - Happy 14th Birthday. Hoping your special day will be a time of peace and happiness for you...A time to remember all the good things God has given you...A time to look forward to His blessings in the year ahead. From Marlin and Pam

Happy 12th Birthday Kelly on Dec. 30th! Love you! Dad, Mom, Dan, & Rhandie.

Happy Birthday Dan on Jan. 1st!  Love, Dad, Mom, Rhandie, Kelly & Samantha

Happy Anniversary Dec. 28 - January 4

December 29 - Howard and Yvonne EchoHawk. Happy 30th Anniversary. Praying that the love and happiness you share continues to flourish year after year. From your DCC church family.

911 Emergency Phone at City Fire Station

A 911 Emergency Phone has been installed in the Artic Entry at the Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Station, located on the Richardson Hwy., just down the street from the Information Center.

To use the phone all you have to do is to pick up the receiver - it will dial for you automatically.  It takes about 35 seconds to reach the 911 Operator - the same as it does from any other phone.

Prior to its installation there were only two places in town where an emergency could be reported at any hour of the day - the Pay Phone at the IGA and at the Troopers.

Signs have been placed on the building and on the street stating that the 911 phone is in the entry.  A light for that side of the building will be installed shortly.  That light will light the parking area of the Fire Station as well as the sign on the building.

Jim Eden-Kilgour -- Fire Chief
Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Department
December 26, 2003  



Highway's End Farmers Market Update

Good things are happening with the Highway’s End Farmers Market (HEFM). Recently, HEFM received donations from the Salcha-Delta Soil & Water Conservation District and the Delta Chapter Farm Bureau to help with building vendor booths. We are excited to have some vendor booths available this season to protect vendor’s goods from that “wonderful” Delta wind! Gary Hall, Construction Trades Coordinator/Instructor from Delta High School, was asked if his class could help make this project happen. 

Gary was interested in the idea and took the information back to his class. With approval from the superintendent, the Construction Trades I Class went to work on booth designs. The designs were presented to the HEFM advisory board and construction will begin mid-late February on a proto-type. The HEFM advisory board would like to thank the Delta Chapter Farm Bureau and the Salcha-Delta SWCD for their donations, as well as, the Construction Trades I Class and Mr. Hall for their work. 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2004 season. Membership fee is $20/year and entitles the member to rent vendor space. Vendor space rental is $40/month or $100/season (May-September weather depending). 

The market will not be obtaining a DEC waiver for the 2004 season. Vendors who are interested in selling home-baked items this season will have to meet DEC’s requirements for commercial establishments. Contact Patsy Perkins at the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Food Safety and Sanitation for information at 451-2110 or by e-mail

A vendor meeting will be held on Thursday, March 18, 2004 at 6:30 PM in the Cooperative Extension Conference Room in the Jarvis Office Building. This will be an opportunity to review the policy manual and complete membership applications. Anyone interested in being a vendor is encouraged to attend this meeting.

If you are interested in contributing or being a sponsor, have questions or need a membership application, contact Becky in the Salcha-Delta Soil & Water Conservation District Office in the Jarvis Office Building, by e-mail  or at 895-4241, ext. 

Becky Peterson -- January 17, 2004

Thank you Delta!

I would like to thank everyone that has submitted pictures in the last few weeks to the Delta News Web.  We put out the call for photos and got more then we could have hoped for!  Thank you for your continued support of this website!

Delta News Web -- January 23, 2004  

Today (January 18th) I'm going to play inside!  Photo courtesy of Bill Dunham.

Jessica White and Shannon Bradley, both '98 DHS graduates, got the chance to catch up with one another when Jessica visited Shannon in Minnesota for a few weeks.  Photo courtesy of Shannon Bradley.  

A few weeks ago, Delta received a download of fresh snow!  Photo courtesy of Sue Fisher.

Ashley and Emily Bevard
Ashley and Emily Bevard in their NY Giants jackets they got for Christmas. Ashley is 3 years old and Emily turned 1 on Dec. 23rd. Photo courtesy of their proud parents Rob and Sarah Bevard.

Happy Birthday January 19 - January 26

Happy Birthday on Jan. 23 to Brenda Burke of Delta Junction. From the Brenek's in Lowell, Vt.

HAPPY DAY!! to Brenda Burke, from your cell group!!

The Delta high school hockey team played an exciting game against Lathrop on Jan. 13 at the Big Dipper rink in Fairbanks. After trailing in the game 8-3, Delta came from behind to tie the game with 3 seconds left on the clock and no goalie in the net. Delta finally lost the game after a 5-minute sudden death overtime during which neither team scored, and then a double shootout. The Delta team played an outstanding game against the much larger Lathrop team and they never gave up. The photo is #17 Jared Creviston checking a Lathrop player into the boards.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

The Marchuk family, Walter (DHS 74), Cheryl (DHS 75), their daughters Jessica (DHS 96) and Hanni (DHS 98), their cousin Alaina Kemp and Hanni's daughter Brenna enjoyed Christmas in a warmer climate this year. This picture was taken at Sea World, Florida during their two week vacation. Photo courtesy of Hanni Marchuk.

Myong Gartz, Delta High Graduate of '98, gave birth to a baby girl, Kenna Mae Sampayan on Nov 20, 2003. Photo courtesy of Susan Bancroft (Kenna's godmother, DHS graduate of '95).

Happy Birthday January 12 - January 19

Happy Birthday on the 17th to John Sorensen! We have had nineteen years of being blessed by him. Love Mom and Dad.

Kathy Fields - January 15 - Wishing you a day of celebration...for the good things God has given and the blessings He'll bring. Happy Birthday from your DCC church family.

Louis Glass - January 17 - Your birthday is the perfect time to celebrate the wonderful person God created in you! Happy Birthday from your DCC church family.

Sara Stolz a Delta Graduate of 2000 and son Kyle Preston Stolz who is now 7 months old, Are sitting at home at home on Eielson AFB. Kyle was born  June 6th 2003 at Basset Army Hospital on Ft. Wainwright.  Photo courtesy of John Stolz.

Interested Citizens Needed in Participation of Charter Commission

Due to recent legislation and the fact that our community has been identified as one that is capable of being incorporated into a borough, we ask for community involvement. The city will assist in establishing an independent charter commission to develop a draft home rule charter. We wish to have a committee composed of community members throughout the broader Delta area to develop such a charter. 

We are seeking members from each of the following interest groups: the City, Delta/Greely School District, Chamber of Commerce, Deltana Community Corporation (DCC) and Delta Regional Economic Development Council (DREDC). The City Council will also select six other individuals from the community at large to serve along with representatives from the listed organizations. Expect to attend one or two monthly meetings for a period of 5-6 months. 

All meetings will be advertised and will be open to the public. All information will be made available to the public as well. If a draft charter is written, the City is committed to place the question before the voters of the entire Delta region. If you wish to be considered for a position on the commission please contact City Clerk Pat White at 895-4656 no later than January 15, 2004. Thank you for your community interest and involvement.

Pat White -- January 9, 2004

Sunset over the Alaska Range on Jan 4, 2004. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

The Art Institute Report from Sean Purucker

Dear Delta News Web, 

I wanted to send a picture really quick of what I have been up to at the Art Institute of Seattle. Things are going very well, "Insanely busy"!  Many 
many late nights!

This costume is called Barbarian Bird (pictured below), it won 3rd Place in Washington's larges Halloween costume contest for 2003.

I'll have more good news by the end of March.  Thanks. 

Sean Purucker -- January 12, 2004

Above is Sean Purucker's newest creation, the Barbarian Bird, it won 3rd Place in Washington's larges Halloween costume contest for 2003.  For more on Sean, see the Community News below.  Photo courtesy of Sean Purucker.

Top Picture: On New Years Day several Delta folks and visitors from Fairbanks enjoyed a game of Crochet on Twin Lakes. Caleb Parker is shown in the picture hitting the ball out of the starting wicket. The game was vigorous and the Steve and Kenna Dubois team won. It was -27 but oh well this is Alaska after all!  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.  Bottom Picture: Kenna and Steve DuBois are shown holding the ceremonial croquet mallet after winning the 2004 Invitational Commando Croquet Tournament. Christie DuBois is cleaning up the course to their right.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Sunrise in June - by Terry Parnell
Sunrise north of Delta Jct. on June 22, 2003. You can see some of the haze from the Sand Creek Fire in the foreground. Photo courtesy of Terry Parnell.

Brooklyn Hollembaek and Duke at the Hollembaek farm summer 2003.  Photo courtesy Ruby Hollembaek.  

Search Engine Listings Updated

We have updated the search engines listed at the top of the Delta News Web.  Our hope is that the DNW will be a useful "start page" for Delta people. 

In order to be useful as a start page, we have from the first thought it important to have strong links to search resources near the top.  You can search directly from this page using Google and other top search engines, or you can follow the link to good search engines and directories.

We recently updated the search engine listings in rank by how much they are used.  Google has by far the largest share of search.  The others follow. 

We also added two top, award winning "meta search" engines.  These are interesting in that they do "parallel searches" on the top search engines.  You can find more information on how these work by following the links or reading the information about them and others on Search Engine Watch, the source for all of this information.

Delta News Web -- December 27, 2003





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