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January 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jan 24  - Jan 31

Happy Birthday Rita (Ricaporte)!! Jan 29th From Jessica Diviney

Happy Birthday,
Liz Sarver
January 27th. From your friend you left behind!

Lordy Lordy Cheryl Green is 40 on January 29  Happy Birthday Cheryl on your special day. Love Mom and Dad.

Happy (belated, but no less heartfelt) to Rob Wilson, from all of us @ Alpha Omega Life care Inc.   

Delta High School Sports  - Jan 24 - Jan 30

Hockey -Fri, Jan 28 - Time 7:00PM - Nikiski at Delta

Hockey - Sat, Jan 29 - 10:00AM - Nikiski at Delta

Basketball - Fri, Jan 28 - 3:00PM Delta at Cordova JV/V

Basketball - Sat, Jan 29 - 3:00PM Delta at Cordova JV/V

Summer smoke
Sun shining through the smoke - Summer 2004. Photo Courtesy Lindsay St. Peter

Town Meeting Concerning the fate of Fort Greely School

Parents, Students, Staff, and interested community members are invited to participate in a town meeting to discuss the future of Fort Greely School.

Where: Delta School Small Gym

When: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 7:00 PM

The Delta/Greely School board is soliciting public comments in preparation for a decision to be made concerning the location of the Middle School for the 2005-2006 school year. Since the Elementary School will be vacating space at Delta School, the choices are to keep the middle school at Fort Greely or to move it to the Delta School campus. Your opinions are critical to making a decision reflective of the opinion of the community as a whole. If you are unable to make the meeting, written comments can be submitted to the Superintendent’s office until February 3, 2005.

January 19, 2005

UAF-Tanana Valley Campus to Offer
Classes in Delta

UAF/TVC will offer five 3 credit classes in Delta. Micro Computer Spreadsheets - FULL not accepting registrations at this time. Human Relations - OPEN accepting registrations. Fundamental of Supervision - OPEN accepting registrations. Individual Society and Culture - OPEN accepting registrations.

Introduction to Academic Writing - OPEN accepting registrations. There will also be several Professional Development Seminars/Certified Public Manager classes offered from January - April on selected Saturdays. Call the CES office - 895-4215 for information. Classes begin the week of January 24th.

January 20, 2005

At Lael Echo-Hawk's 27th Birthday, October 25th 2004. From left to right, Ryan Kelly, Hillel Echo-Hawk, Colleen EchoHawk-Hayashi, Lael Echo-Hawk, Matt EchoHawk-Hayashi. Photo by Lael Echo-Hawk

Festival of Lights 2005 Photo Contest

Amateur photographers only
Entry form and photo should be received by Feb 10
One entry form must accompany each submitted photograph
Entry forms available at the Delta Library or the Delta Chamber of Commerce office
Entry form and photo can be dropped off at the Delta Library or the Delta Chamber of Commerce Office
Limit 4 photos per person
Theme for submitted photos is “Alaska in Winter”
Submitted photos should be colored
Submitted photos should be 8” X 10”
Photos should not be framed
All photos will be on display for 1 week after judging is complete at library
Winning entries in each age category will be awarded ribbons for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place

Awards in each age category will be:
FIRST PRIZE --------$100.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)
SECOND PRIZE-----$ 50.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)
THIRD PRIZE -------$ 25.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)

Age Categories are:
Junior up to 12 years old
Teen 13-19 years old
Adult 20 +

January 18, 2005

Festival of Lights Galleria, Crafts & Tradeshow

Come to the Festival of Lights Galleria, Saturday, February 12th at the Delta School from 10-5.  This popular arts, crafts, and tradeshow will feature local talent and be a great spot to find your sweetheart’s gift for Valentine’s Day.  Stay for the Polar Bear Plunge at 4pm and the drawing afterwards.

Vendors can reserve space by calling Martha Bryant at 895-5068.

January 18, 2005
Delta Chamber of Commerce - Martha Bryant

Winter picture
I snapped this picture last winter on the way back from Summit Lake area. This was one of the highlights. Photo Courtesy Pat Schlichting.

Delta High School Sports  - Jan 17 - Jan 23

Hockey -Tues, Jan 18 - Time TBA - North Pole at Delta

Hockey - Fri, Jan 21 - 6:00PM - Delta at Houston

Hockey - Sat, Jan 22 - 6:00 PM Delta at Houston

Basketball - Tues, Jan 18 - 3:00PM - Delta at Monroe -  JV/V

Basketball - Fri, Jan 21 - 3:30PM Valdez at Delta - JV/V

Basketball - Sat, Jan 22 - 3:30PM Valdez at Delta - JV/V

Artists Invited to Submit Applications

The Fairbanks Arts Association is accepting applications for ArtEXPO 2005.  ArtEXPO is a two-day showcase of traditional and fine art held in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, March 19 & 20, 2005.  All artists are invited to apply for a space at ArtEXPO.  Artists will be accepted on a space available basis.

Application deadline is February 10, 2005.

For more information please contact the Fairbanks Arts Association at (907) 456-6485, ext. 224 or e-mail

January 15, 2005

Great Horned Owl
This Great Horned Owl was not afraid of the photographer. Photo Courtesy Art Lenon.

Changes in the Delta News Web

We have been working hard this week to make a number of changes in the Delta News Web.  Some you can now see; others are coming.  One effect of this is that we are running into some problems with "bugs."  So....if you see the DNW is looking a little sick when you look at it....that's probably why.  Don't hesitate to fire us an mail if you see a problem.

As a result of our review of responses to our DNW questionnaire back in November, we have made several changes.  We made an addition today based on one suggestion: Alaska news headlines.

You can see them on the home page, below the picture of the day.  These headlines come from a news feed provider.  They scan headlines around the world, and pick out those that relate to Alaska.  They are updated frequently all day long.

How is this going to work?  We are not sure, but we thought we would give it a try.  We are interested in your comments on this as it plays out in the weeks ahead. Comment as a response to this message on the forum, if you like, or send us an mail.

We are also pleased to announce that we once again have a forum operational for the Delta News Web. We have been working on bringing this back for months, and Wednesday 11 January, we installed a “beta” version available for use.

The Delta Forum is designed for all things relating to Delta Junction, Alaska. Anyone is welcome to post, so long as the subject matter relates to the Delta area and its people and organizations. As before, we ask that discussion be civil, positive, and non commercial. We have posted forum FAQs that include some basic rules for use. We will regularly monitor this forum to make sure that it remains consistent with the community motto, “the friendly frontier.”

Unlike the older forums, this one requires registration. It is not necessary to use your real name online – a screen name is just fine. However, during the registration process the system asks for your real name and a working email address. The system then sends the final registration instructions to your email to confirm that we have the correct address.

Don’t worry about your email address, however; it will remain completely hidden from other users and the spammers. All that is visible is your screen name, and however much information you choose to include about yourself.

We also have a forum search function. This isn’t so interesting right now, but as the forum message content continues to build, a search function becomes necessary.

There are a number of interesting features in this forum. We suggest taking a little time to see how it works. For example, it is possible to email people who post messages through the system. This protects the email address of people who post, but still allows them to receive private correspondence coming via the forum software.

You may be interested to hear that this forum software was originally developed by a Delta HS graduate, Glen Johnson, DHS ’97. As Glen is now working full time on other projects elsewhere in Alaska, we have worked with a British friend now in Sweden to modify the forum software for use on the Delta News Web. The original forum implementation is currently working on where it serves thousands of page views every day.

As mentioned earlier, this is a “beta” version. We have killed quite a few “bugs” to get this far, but we know there are some left. We would appreciate your letting us know about bugs as you run into them. Send them to

We hope you like the changes!  More are coming.

David Johnson, Publisher
10 January 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jan 10  - Jan 16

 Have a wonderfully Happy 29th Birthday to Candy Corty, January 15. With love from Brian.

Happy 29th Birthday to Candy Corty
on Jan.15th. We love you,love Brandy, Jennifer, David,Jeffery Leonard and Chrystal

Happy Birthday to Debra Darland --- Jan 16th—Lots of Love Tammy, Keith & Jenna


Happy 25TH Anniversary to my lovely wife and dive buddy Chong Hoffman, January 10,  from your husband Dave, thanks for the wonderful time

Delta High School Sports  - Jan 10 - Jan 16

Hockey -Tues, Jan 11 - 6:45PM - Delta at West Valley

Hockey - Thurs, Jan 13 - 6:45PM - Monroe at Delta

Hockey - Fri- Jan 14- 5:00PM - Glenallen at Delta

Hockey - Sat - Jan 15 10:00AM - Glenallen at Delta

Basketball - Fri, Jan 14 - 3:30PM Eielson at Delta - JV/V

Ice fog
This image was taken the morning of January 11 with the temperature at -48.
Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CTRC

AGLOW for 2005

Just a reminder that AGLOW will start up again next week.  AGLOW is now offering two meeting times for women of all ages.  On Monday morning AGLOW meets at 9:30 in the Arctic Fox building on Nistler Rd. (under the leadership of Kathy Fields). All women are welcome; and this group is particularly handy for mothers who can drop their children at school or daycare, have a couple hours of "me" time of Bible Study and prayer, and be done in time to do the Post Office, Bank, Grocery, then pick up the kids for lunch!  What a plan!

Evening AGLOW is set up for working women or others who simply can't get to a morning group.  Evening Aglow meets on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 in the home of Fran Hallgren.  Evening AGLOW welcomes all women, and recognizes the time constraints of working women, by offering a stream-lined Bible Study and prayer time, so you can get back home before 9:00.

Both AGLOW groups are friendly and supportive, and offer solid (trans-denominational) Bible study and prayer.  For more information, you may call the local officers:  Kathy, Pres.  895-1950 or Fran, V-P 895-5532.  Or talk to any regular AGLOW attender.  They'll all tell you, AGLOW is great!

January 8, 2005

Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski
Rachel Phillips took this image of Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski while she was in Washington DC attending CLOSEUP last year.
Photo Courtesy Rachel Phillips

Send your good wishes to a good friend!

Cards, flowers, & prayers wishing Delta's Linda Sorensen a speedy recovery can be sent to:

Room #1264
Swedish Medical Center
12 East Oncology
747 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

January 7, 2005

Christie and friends
Christie recently went to Hawaii to visit her friend Rachel. Here they are at a restaurant on the North Shore of Oahu getting burgers with some friends.  Photo Courtesy Christie DuBois

Dave Hoffman
Dave Hoffman is seen at the bottom of the Ft. Greely pool with his SCUBA gear. In this shot he was checking a gauge to see how much air he had left in his tank. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Delta High School Sports  - Jan 3 - Jan 9

Hockey - Fri/Jan 7, 7:00 PM Delta at Homer - Kenai Ice Rink

Hockey - Sat/Jan 8, 10:00 AM - Delta at Homer - Kenai Ice Rink

Basketball - Fri/Jan 7, 3:30 PM Nenana at Delta - JV/V

Basketball - Sat/Jan 8, 2:00 PM Glennallen at Delta - JV/V

Bull Moose
This mature bull moose image was captured while he nonchalantly munched a willow.
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

This photo was taken about 20 miles west of the Richardson Highway on the Denali Highway just before one gets to the Tangle Lakes. The Alaska Range is seen in the background. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Festival of Lights Tee Shirts

T Shirt

Tee Shirts for this year’s Festival of Lights will be for sale at the Delta Chamber of Commerce Office and Frontier Pull Tabs on January 21, 2005 for $15.00 each.  The 2005 logo was designed by Mike Stockinger of Clearwater Signs.  Sponsors’ logos/business names will be displayed on the back.  Quantities are limited.  If you want to reserve your tee shirt now you may do so by contacting the Chamber Office at 895-5068.  

December 31, 2004

Christmas In Delta Poster Contest Winners

The Delta Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the three 1st place winners in the December Christmas in Delta Poster Contest. Jaden Thomas, 9 years old, also received an award for “Best Use of Theme”. Her picture showed Santa and his sleigh being led by a moose with a sign that reads Delta, 1 mile – Hawaii, 2328. Wesly Treybal, six years old, drew a beautiful picture of Santa delivering Christmas presents under a Christmas tree. Leslie M. Thomas, age 7, drew a festive angel in Christmas costume holding a star. The posters are on display at Mt. McKinley bank for all to enjoy over the holidays. Congratulations to our poster winners!

December 31, 2004

City Council Meeting

5:00PM, Tuesday, January 4, 2005
City Hall Conference Room (Old Library)
Delta Junction, Alaska
Agenda topics are posted at as well as the PO, IGA and City Hall.  Contact City Hall at 895-4656 for more information.

January 4, 2005

Gregory and Maya
Gregory Diego, age 4 and Maya Estella, age 3 are the children of Rolando and Rita Ricaporte-Guzman.  Rita is a 1997 graduate of Delta High. Gregory and Maya want to say Feliz Navidad to their Grandma and Grandpa Muth, and Auntie Jo Jo.  Photo Courtesy Jamie Hollstein

DWI sign in Salcha

Compared to last year there is a slight increase from 634 for the DWI's north of us. Remember to drive safely. This photo was taken on 29
December 2004. Photo Courtesy Joe Crandall

As a reminder, if you must drink, please don't drive.  Give your keys to a friend.  Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve.  From the DNW staff.

Christmas tidings
Have a safe and happy holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the DNW staff.

Special New Year greeting

Happy new year to Glenn and Trudy Shields. Jürgen Frey, Germany

December 27, 2004


Happy Birthday to my dear husband, Mike Burcham on Dec. 27.  Letha Burcham

Happy Birthday Dad (Bubba Bray), December 29.  Love You Lots, Cody Bray

Well Happy Birthday Philip , December 29.
Love Ya, Belinda and Jackie!

New Library to Open

The Delta Community Library will open in it's new location at 2291 Deborah Street (next to the Community Center) on Monday, January 3, 2005 at 10:00.

Library service will be limited as we continue to get settled. We appreciate your patience as we try to bring you the very best service possible. Come check out YOUR new library!

The library phone number is the same: 895-4102 Fax: 895-4457

December 29, 2004


Northern Lights
This shot of the Northern Lights was taken from the photographers home on the morning of the 19th of January during an unusually awesome display of God's handiwork. Photo by Dwight Phillips

Devin, age 8, Jaydon age 4 1/2 and Brynna Wilson 4months.They are the kids of Jayme (Braswell, 97 alumni) and Donald Wilson. They reside in Fallon Nevada. Photo Courtesy Jayme (Braswell) Wilson

Aglow Lights up Festival with 4th Annual

Delta Aglow will host their 4th Annual dinner/dance on Friday, February 11 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm at the Community Center Ballroom. The Northern Lights Gala features a served, sit-down catered dinner with dessert, a beautiful candle-lit decor' for an elegant atmosphere, a live band, the Legends, for listening or dancing. You won't want to miss this event. Tickets are $36 for couples and $20 for singles; and are available at Arctic Fox, Aglow members, or call 895-5532 (fran). You must get your tickets early, as there is limited seating (on the new padded chairs). Tickets are first come/first served. There are only 90 tickets on sale. Get yours soon! We're looking forward to seeing you there.

The Northern Lights Gala is sponsored by the Delta Womens Aglow and is a non-alcoholic event.

January 21, 2005

Scrabble Alert 

Are you a Scrabbler? (def. One who loves to play Scrabble, face to face, computer, or on-line). If you are, please call 895-5532. We are putting together a "Scrabble Day" where we can bring our boards and spend a while in face-to-face gaming, but need to know how many of you might be interested in participating so we can get the proper sized room. It would be open to all levels of ability; Anyone who loves to keep those brain synapses firing away. Please call before the end of January so we can plan a "Scrabble Date" in February. 895-5532

January 21, 2005  

Seniors - Delta Huskies
The seniors on this year's Delta High School hockey team are shown at a recent game. The Huskies last home games of the season will be Friday and Saturday, Jan. 28 and 29 against Nikiski. There will be a short program before the game to honor the seniors, who will be playing their last home game before heading to regional and state competition. These seniors have all played together since they were about 5 years old and have amassed an amazing record in the process traveling 10,000's of miles and winning an
estimated 70% of all their games. As youth hockey players they won numerous conference championships and 2 state championships, they were regional champions once in high school and placed 2nd in two state high school championships. Come celebrate their accomplishments at the game Friday and cheer them on against Nikiski. Pictured left to right they are: center Jared Crevison, left defense Travis DuBois, right defense Caleb Bialik,
right wing Ben Blais, right defense Krista Waldo, and right defense Ryan Gilbertson.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Festival of Lights
Light House Contest for Kids

Mt. Hayes, Inc.-Realtors is sponsoring this year’s Light House Contest. Prizes will be awarded in three age categories. Class I – Preschool through third grade, Class II – Fourth through fifth grades and Class III – Junior High and High School. Awards in each class will be: First Prize - $100.00, Second Prize - $50.00, Third Prize - $25.00. All prizes will be awarded in Chamber Vouchers.

Judging will be held at the Festival of Lights Galleria, Saturday, February 12th in the Delta School. Pick up your entry form and more detailed construction information at Mt. Hayes, Inc.-Realtors, The Delta Chamber office, the Delta Library or Busy Bee Office Supply.

January 18, 2005

Arctic Fox Safety & Supply Arctic Tug-Of-War

Got muscles?  Sign up for a Tug-of-War on ice. This slippery show of strength is part of the many events being planned as part of this year's Festival of Lights.  Tug-of-war will be Saturday, February 12, 1pm at Arctic Fox Safety and Supply. Teams  will consist of 3 people on each side.  There will be four categories, Men, Women, teen, and kids. You can sign your 3-person team up by calling Steve at Arctic Fox, 895-2057

January 18, 2005
Delta Chamber of Commerce - Martha Bryant

Festival of Lights 2005 Photo Contest

Amateur photographers only
Entry form and photo should be received by Feb 10
One entry form must accompany each submitted photograph
Entry forms available at the Delta Library or the Delta Chamber of Commerce office
Entry form and photo can be dropped off at the Delta Library or the Delta Chamber of Commerce Office
Limit 4 photos per person
Theme for submitted photos is “Alaska in Winter”
Submitted photos should be colored
Submitted photos should be 8” X 10”
Photos should not be framed
All photos will be on display for 1 week after judging is complete at library
Winning entries in each age category will be awarded ribbons for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place

Awards in each age category will be:
FIRST PRIZE --------$100.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)
SECOND PRIZE-----$ 50.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)
THIRD PRIZE -------$ 25.00 (In Chamber Vouchers)

Age Categories are:
Junior up to 12 years old
Teen 13-19 years old
Adult 20 +

January 18, 2005

This photo was taken at the Gerstle River area. There was a lot of  smoke still in the air but it didn't seem to effect the photo.
Photo Courtesy Carol J Watkins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jan 17  - Jan 23

Happy 6th Birthday to Cobey Cupp! We love you: Mom, Justin, Cameron, Grandma and Papa George. - January 17th.

Happy Birthday to Cobey Cupp on Jan 17th!
Love your friends in Minnesota - Dan, Kim, Daniel, Heather, Hillary & Hali Moske

Happy Birthday to Chong Hoffman on the 18th, From Dave, Joshua and Jessica.  Have a great Day

Happy birthday to Joe Grapengeter Jan. 19 From everyone who loves you!

Happy _0th birthday Pam Dugas.  You're not over the hill yet.  From you pal, the other Pam D in Delta.  January 20th.

Skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbage is found in wet, swampy areas. The leaves and roots have calcium oxalate crystals in them that will irritate and burn the throat of
anyone who eats it. Strangely enough black bears are known to dig and eat the roots to clean their intestines after winters fast. It is not known how
they can tolerate the crystals.
Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

DHS hockey team - captains
The Delta high school hockey team has new jerseys this season. The home game jersey is modeled here by team captains (left to right) Jared
Creviston, Travis DuBois, and Ben Blais prior to their January 15 game against Glenallen which the Huskies won 7-4. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Summer flowers
Summer flowers. On a cold day like today, it's nice to have a reminder of what summer looks like..  Photo Courtesy Barb Rawalt

This fall, Creig and Kathy Sharp got to enjoy a short weekend trip, in Glennallen, with their daughter's (Michelle's) family. Conner is five years old and started kindergarten this year. Grace had just turned 9 months old.
Photos submitted by Kathy Sharp

Help find an elderly man in Delta

Trying to locate an elderly man that lives in Delta. His first name is Nelson. I can't remember his last name. This guy is a wonderful old dude. If anyone might know who this person is, contact me as soon as you can. I know he hangs out in the coffee shop there in Delta. I met Nelson when I was up there working at Ft. Greely for Boeing. Old Nelson opened his home up to me and my brother while we were there and was very hospitable to us.  Phone: 1-256-722-2117

January 11, 2005

Sawmill Creek Lodge - Everyone is invited

Fri- Jan 14th, there will be a Bar-Ath-Alon.  $20 team entry fee for a blind draw partner.  This will include 2 games of shuffleboard, 2 games of pool and 3 games of darts.  Events will start at 5:00 PM

Sat - Jan 15th,  Sir Kegalot and Friends on stage. Guest appearances welcome.  Starts at 8:30 PM and will play until whenever.

Sun - Jan 16th, 9AM football, 5:00PM potluck/pool tournament.  $10.00 per person entry fee, best  2 out 3 double elimination - the fee is for the pool tournament only.  Potluck is free, you are welcome to bring side dishes or dessert.  The lodge will provide the main course. 

Location:  Sawmill Creek Lodge, Mile 1403
Contact the lodge at 895-4924 or Chris at 895-4799

Chris Alfonsi
January 13, 2005

Swans against the blue spring sky.
Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

Delta Community Library

Winter Hours Open:
Mon - Thurs  10AM - 6PM
Fri - 10AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun Noon to 5PM

Public Internet Access
Copier and Fax service
Books on Tape ~ Paperback Exchange
PFD Application & IRS Tax Forms
Magazines ~ Newspapers ~ Jigsaw Puzzles
& LOTS of great books!

Now Open in our new location
2291 Deborah Street
Next to the Community Center

Reference Questions?  We have answers
Call us at 895-4102

January 8, 2005


Yes, Project Christmas is over and done for another year...sort of. Even as I give some statistics here, there are a couple more loose ends to tie up. However, here's the scoop:
Project Christmas 2004 gave food/gift boxes to 96 families, which totals up to around 375 individuals. These are lower figures than in the past, and I consider this to be a good thing. If our town is beginning to prosper, there should be less need. Financially speaking, fund-raising was down also. We did come up short $586.02. On the positive side, Project Christmas is always forward-funded, meaning, the funds we raised this year will pay for next year, therefore we will adjust the budget accordingly for next year.

At this point, I would like to say that I have enjoyed being your Project Christmas Coordinator these past 4 years. It has been a tremendous experience. I believe I have built upon those good things that others brought before me, and I believe that your next Coordinator, Heidi Shoemaker, will be a wonderful blessing to you also. She has a wonderful heart, and learned the ropes quickly this year. I found Heidi a joy to be around and immensely organized. (And Heidi, if I'm still around here next year, I'll gladly come help you!)

Anyway...we'd like to thank the many volunteers this year. Had plenty! What a difference from last year. All those who picked up, delivered, wrapped, hauled, set up and cleaned up. We were out of the Community Center in record time this year! Woohoo!

We also thank, from the bottoms of our hearts, those who help make it possible to get so much food at such low prices: Ed and Gayle at IGA, Sandy at the Greely Commissary, Lyle and Jeanette Brasier for their Delta potatoes, Northern Lights Dairy for milk, H & S Warehouse for our many boxes, the Greely Middle School and Delta Elementary School for canned food drive, Gary Wilken for their WonderBread, the Delta Chamber of Commerce for shopping vouchers, and the Key Club for putting out our donation boxes, Fred Wood and volunteers from Alaska Motor Coaches. (Please, God, don't let me leave anyone out here. If I do...make them forgive me.) Oh! The Delta Christian Ministerial Association who oversees and prays for me throughout the PC work.

And of course, nothing could be bought, food or gifts, without the tremendous financial support of the Delta Community. I can't name everyone here, the list is too long. BUT we know who most of you are, because your stars were on the wall at the Wells Fargo Bank (thanks WF folks). Then there were those that donated to the collection cans at the IGA...several hundred $$ there. Chaplain Santos took a collection at the Ft. Greely Thanksgiving Eve service, too. There were the regular benefactors ...thank you for your continued faithful support. And there were many new names...way to go and get in there!

I will certainly miss Project Christmas next year; it has a hold on my heart. I have loved meeting and working with many in the community. But I know it is in good hands.

May God continue to bless Delta through Project Christmas.
Your friend and servant,  Fran Hallgren

January 8, 2005

Delta Legislative Information Office

The Delta Legislative Information Office is open effective 1/4/05. We are located in the Jarvis Office Center Suite 218. Phone 895-4236. Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and special hours as needed for teleconferences. Stop by and say hello to the new staff member Eileen Herman and returning staff member Toni Lee.

January 6, 2005

Bohemian Waxwing
This Bohemian waxwing was
sitting in a mountain ash tree in Anchorage. 
Photo by Dwight Phillips

Guard Shack
This image was taken Jan 5,  at the main gate in Ft. Greely. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC


Happy birthday to Carol Crandall from her Lower 48 family: Mary, Joe, Bill Crandall, Ann and John Mason, Jessica and Chris Whitby--January 7.

Happy Birthday Debbie Diviney!!  January 9.  Love Jessica

Holiday Contest Winners

“The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow”….came to mind as the judges drove around Delta observing the nominated homes and businesses for the outdoor decorating contest. Mystical lighted creatures in sparkling enchanted forests danced in unison with the colorful lights delighted the judges and their companions as they made their way around Delta. Thank you to all our residents, those who were nominated and those that weren’t, who light up our community with such beautiful decorations.

The Chamber is pleased to announce the following winners: The 1st place winner in the business category goes to Bald Eagle Ranch Bed & breakfast, Buffalo Center Drive-In wins 2nd place and 3rd place is awarded to IGA Food Cache. In the residential category, 1st place is awarded to Lisa & Roger Sturgis, 2nd place goes to James Schooley and Doug & Cathie McCollum wins 3rd place.

The nomination winners of the $25.00 Chamber Vouchers are Jody Zollman and Joyce Bendell.

Congratulations to all our winners!

December 31, 2004

High Speed Internet Now Available In Big D

High speed WDSL Internet is finally up and running in the Big Delta Area. We At WDI are pleased to have the newest part of our network up and running, Thanks to the help from our friends at Whitestone Farms we were able to complete and turn up our newest tower located at one of the highest points in the area. We are offering a full service level packages to the Big D and north most points of the Area.

Installations are about one week delayed at this point but if your interested please call early to get scheduled.

For the people in Clearwater the tower has been assembled and we are in the process of scheduling a crane and operator for the first or second weekend of the new year, we will advise you when the tower and radios are online.

Please call 907-895-1056 or 907-895-5005 for more info. Thank you, from the Growing staff at WDI

December 31, 2004

Torrance and Tanner
Torrance Elizabeth and Tanner Cyress Albaugh smile for their Christmas photo.
Photo Courtesy Amanda (Fox) Albaugh

Toklat Grizzly
 Toklat Grizzly in Denali.
Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

New Years Eve Service

If you are looking for a place to go on New Years Eve, come and visit the folks at Delta Christian Center. 

This will be a time of singing, sharing, fellowship and refreshments. 

Service will start at 10:30 PM.  For more information contact Pastor Curtis Taylor 895-5279.



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