January 2006

Feeding time
 Scott Hollembaek pushes a large hay bale out for his bison and elk during a feeding this winter.
 Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Notice of Filing of Petition for Incorporation 

Can be viewed on City's website

January 24, 2006

Terra Nova Examination

Fort Greely School will be administering the Terra Nova examination to all 7th grade students during the morning of Mon, Jan 30 through Wed, Feb 1. Make-up testing will be offered.

January 17, 2006  -- Brian J. Schaffer/Principal, Fort Greely School

Happy Birthday Jan 28 - Jan 31

Happy Birthday Jan 28 - Ray Shannon

Happy Birthday Jan 28 - Betty Lou Machado

Happy Birthday Jan 29 - Linda Sloan

Happy Birthday Jan 29 - Sandi Schultz

Happy Birthday Jan 29 - Cheryl Green

Happy Birthday Jan 29 - Richard Mauer

Happy Birthday Rita Ricaporte on 29 Jan

Happy Birthday Jan 30 - Steven Wrigley

Happy Birthday Jan 30 - Michael Adams

Happy Birthday Jan 30 - Hanne Hansen

Happy Birthday Jan 31 - Michele Trainor

Happy Birthday Jan 31 - Thea Levinson

Pine Martin
  This pine martin was chasing a squirrel when interrupted by the photographer and his son Tim. He seems to be checking us out to see we are friend or foe.  Photo Courtesy Art Lenon.

Article by Debbie Joslin

Ronald Reagan said, “ I know that when the true issue of infanticide is placed before the American people, with all the facts openly aired, we will have no trouble deciding that a mentally or physically handicapped baby has the same intrinsic worth and right to life as the rest of us.”

In 1999 my son was given a prenatal diagnosis of “fetal anomalies incompatible with life”. I was offered “choices”. I could’ve flown to Wichita, Kansas and had Isaiah’s life taken by inducing labor. The literature assured me I would deliver a dead infant. He would’ve been given a fatal shot so he wouldn’t have to “endure the painful birthing process”. How thoughtful! They’d even sell me a “miscarriage certificate”. I was given another “choice. We could arrange to give birth and not offer intervention. No, I didn’t like that either. Our choice rested in trusting God. If the child’s condition was truly “incompatible with life”, God would take care of when, where, and how he would die. Let God be God, the doctors could doctor and I’d be a momma.

There’s only One who can judge the quality of a man’s life, short or long. Isaiah had “quality of life”. Isaiah had two parents who loved him and showered him with kisses and holding. He had a big brother and two sisters who loved to hold him. His hospital visitors were so many the nurses scolded us. Once home from his twelve-day hospital stay, his nursery was set up in the living room near a sunny window. There he could feel the warmth of the sun and see his visitors as they came to admire him and bring presents and pray for him. He was born the day after Mother’s Day. His 32-day life meant he never knew what it was to be cold or experience winter. He liked to suck on his binky. Some babies don’t, but momma’s little Binky Boy did. He was only able to suck from a bottle maybe twice but oh, how he loved it! He sat in an infant swing a few times next to the teddy bear his sissy gave him. Being held was his favorite thing, especially by momma. A couple of his visitors said they saw him smile. I didn’t, but I knew he felt happiness and contentment. The oxygen saturation monitor allowed us to “see” how love can strengthen a failing heart. While being held, his oxygen saturation would rise to 100 percent for a few moments as though there were no hole in his heart.

On his last full day, the oxygen saturation sank until at evening it hovered at 65%. His big sissy, just turned five, asked to hold him one more time. Emily held him close and kissed him and told him things five year olds tell babies. Isaiah liked that! His oxygen saturation SHOT back up to 100 and stayed there for several minutes. Later his daddy (some little boys don’t have one you know) kneeled down to whisper sweet daddy things to his little boy and gently stroked his forehead. Oh, Isaiah liked that too! He loved his daddy. His oxygen saturation SHOT to the top once more and the LED lights of the machine glowed 100. We announced Isaiah was dying and might not be with us past the night. Everyone cried and kissed the baby and told him good-bye. Some people don’t have anyone to kiss them good-bye, but Isaiah did.

He made it through the night and was given another round of kisses and tears and good-byes the next morning by his adoring siblings. The babysitter arrived and scooted the children off so mommy and daddy could be alone with their son for the last time.

Isaiah died that morning with dignity. Dignity means no one killed him and he wasn’t alone. His momma’s arms were around him through the whole process. Some babies don’t die with dignity. About fifty million babies have died legally without dignity since January 22, 1973.

When will it stop?

January 22, 2006 --  Debbie Joslin
President, Eagle Forum Alaska
Former National Committeewoman for Alaska,
Republican National Committee


Mrs. Debbie Joslin resides in Delta Junction, Alaska with her husband and their four children. She is a full-time homemaker and home schooling mom. Mrs. Joslin is the former National Committeewoman for Alaska on the Republican National Committee and she sat on the Republican Party of Alaska Central and Executive Committees for eight years and served two years on the Alaska State Medical Board as a public member. Debbie Joslin is also the President of Eagle Forum Alaska and the Alaska Eagle Forum Educational Foundation.                                  

January 21, 2006

Volunteer Tutor Program

The RAP (Refugee Assistance Project) Volunteer Tutor Program is about to get underway; but we are still in need of volunteer tutors. Here’s how the program works:
Clients ask to be received in the program, and are received according to the following criteria: Clients must be official refugees, must be over 60, have lived in the U.S. for 4 or 5 years, thereby being eligible to take the US citizenship exam; and they must desire to do so.

Tutors will then be matched up with these clients. Tutors will set up a schedule with “their” client, go to their home for approximately 2 hours a week for 8 to 10 weeks. Scheduling is very flexible. You need not be bilingual; interpreters will be assigned as needed. An orientation class will be given to tutors toward the end of January; all materials needed will be handed out here and clients assigned.

This Volunteer Tutor Program is a short-lived granted program. We have a small window of opportunity to help our neighbors understand more about what it means to be an American citizen, and help them get the knowledge they need to pass the US citizenship exam and be confident when they have their citizenship interview.

Having personally attended a Naturalization ceremony in the past, I am very proud and grateful to have the opportunity to help integrate these folks into our society. Can you help?
Please call Fran at 895-5532 or 907-388-2008 for more information. Thank you very much for considering this opportunity.

January 20, 2006

Alumni Photos
For text and enlargements, click here

Seth Wisner and family   Russell Hollembaek

January 20, 2006

This picture of one of our main herd bulls, Longhorn, was taken this fall. The hay on his ear gives a humorous photo I thought. He was gentle and docile by nature. A very good bull. 
Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

School Sports - Cancellation for Wed

The game today against Tok has been cancelled due to cold weather. It  has been rescheduled for February 10 at 3:00 pm.

January 25, 2006

Fall colors
 Fall colors skirt along the bottom of the bluff at the confluence of the Delta and Tanana Rivers, September 2004. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos.

DNW is Needing Your Photos

The DNW is running low on photos.  Please submit your photos that would be of interest to our community.  The Delta folks are not the only ones who view our news web, there are many folks from the lower 48 who read the DNW daily. 

We have been told by many that have moved to our community that they have used this as a source of information before moving to Delta.  I would like to thank the community for all their efforts in keeping us up to date with community news and photos.

If you submit photos, please make sure they are GOOD quality photos and PLEASE type some text explaining your photo.  It sure is a great help to get photos that have text.  You, the photographer, are the only one who knows where you shot the photo and what it is depicting.

So please send in your photos.  I need community shots, events, wildlife, scenery, alumni and people photos.

January 18, 2006 -- DNW Webmaster

Polar Bear Plunge -- Updated Jan 17

Polar Bear Plunge

Currently, nominations and votes are being taken for the Polar Bear Plunge. Nominate or vote for your favorite or not-so-favorite friend, family member or co-worker to take the plunge…BRRR!


Polar Bear Plunge top three in the running:

Virginia Mancuso 96 votes
Richard Orozco 8 votes
1st Sgt. Dutton 5 votes

Other nominations include Brian Corty, Matt Willey and Cpt. Kyle Holt

It is not to late to nominate or vote for someone to take the plunge during the Festival of Lights festivities Feb. 11. Stop by one of our Polar Bear Plunge cans and cast your vote.  Voting cans are located at the Alaskan Steakhouse, Arctic Fox Safety & Supply, Buffalo Lodge, Buffalo Center Diner, Delta Texaco, Frontier Pull Tabs, Granite View Sports, Golden Valley Electric Association., IGA Food Cache, Buffalo Center Auto Parts, Jack’s Liquor, Delta-Clearwater Moose Lodge, Busy Bee Office Supply and Video Unlimited and there are two cans at Fort. Greely. Nominations cost $5 and votes cost $1.

Bull caribou
Few sights in Alaska are more regal than a majestic Bull Caribou against the waning fall colors of Alaska’s tundra. Look closely and you’ll notice this image was taken in a downpour. Photo copyright by Dwight Phillips

Happy Birthday Jan 14 - Jan 20

Happy Birthday Jan 14 - Krista Enderle

Happy Birthday Jan 14 - Audrey Shannon

Happy Birthday Jan 14 - Tiki Levinson

Happy Birthday Jan 14 - Celyse Weller

Happy Birthday Jan 15 - Kathy Fields.  Thank you for being a part of our lives.  The Dunks

Marshall Allen King Brown - Jan.15. Happy 16th Birthday!  Love You Chuck, Mom, Michael, Grizzly and Bear.

Happy Birthday Jan 15 - Breena Weller

Happy Birthday Jan 16 - Dwight Nissen

Happy Birthday Jan 16 - Debra Darland

Happy Birthday Jan 16 - Harold Stock

Happy Birthday Jan 16 - Denis Kozlov

Jan 16 Happy Birthday “Oh My Darland” Love R3

Happy Birthday Louis Glass - Jan 17.  Thank you for being part of our lives.  The Dunks

Happy Birthday Darlene Chaffin!!! Jan 17 From your family in Indiana. LOL

Happy Birthday to Cobey  - Jan 17, from all of us in MN - Dan, Kim, Daniel, Heather, Hillary, & Hali Moske

Jan 17 - Happy 7th Birthday Cobey – Love Mom, Justin and Cameron!!

Happy Birthday Jan 17 - Clair Wingfield

Happy Birthday Jan 17 - Paul Nistler

Happy Birthday Jan 18 - Chong Hoffman

Happy Birthday Jan 18 - Whitney Mock

Happy birthday Joe Grapengeter - Jan 19 Love ya Tons

Happy Birthday Jan 19 - David Mosley

Happy Birthday to Rick Swanson on Jan 20

Happy Birthday Jan 20 - Lenora Sears

Wild flower
A wild flower along the Richardson Highway, near Jarvis Creek, Summer 2004. Only (lol), 5 more months till they make their comeback. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos.

Spring 2006 Delta Junction Courses
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Tanana Valley Campus

This spring TVC will be offering several classes to help you gain the skills needed to succeed in Alaska’s 21st century workplace, or to be used towards a college degree. TVC has been helping prepare Alaskans for Alaska’s jobs for more than 30 years now...are YOU next on our list? Alaskans for Alaska’s s DCAC= Delta Career Advancement Center

For more information on “in town” and “on base” classes or registration information contact Cheryl Helkenn at (907) 895-4605 Delta Career Advancement Center (located on North Clearwater behind the Delta Greely High School)

UAF is an AA/EO employer and educational institution

HSV F250 TD1 Womens Wellness F133 1.0CR
Sat, 9a.m.-5p.m. DCAC Feb 4 and Feb 11  This course introduces basic concepts of wellness including theories and definitions of optimal health. Includes topics such as substance abuse, fitness, nutrition, mental health, stress management, cardiovascular disease, sexuality, breast care and other significant health issues, with particular emphasis on the needs and concerns of women. Instructor: Kristin Bowen

CPM F007C TD1 Interpersonal Communication Skills .6CEU Sat 9a.m. -  4p.m. DCAC Jan 28  Effective communication skills are integral to the success of any organization. This course provides supervisors and front line managers with effective presentation skills. Additionally this course covers stress management techniques and gives suggestions on how to brainstorm and problem solve. Program fee: $90 Instructor: Karen Cedzo

CPM F008C TD1 Powerful Presentations 1.2CEU
Sat 9a.m. - 4p.m. DCAC Feb 18 and Feb 25 Formal presentations offer you a great opportunity to persuade and influence others as a poised and competent individual. Polishing your speaking and presentation skills can always promote your career success. This course will provide you with the skill and confidence to stand up and speak effectively in almost any situation, even if you have no previous experience with public speaking. Program fee: $184 Instructor: Karen Cedzo

CPM F009C TD1 Key Issues in Employment Law .6CEU Sat 9a.m. - 4p.m. DCAC Mar 11 One of the most important aspects of being a supervisor is an understanding of employment law and how it impacts the workplace. This course reviews federal and state legislation on discrimination and harassment in the workplace. You will learn ways to identify inappropriate workplace behaviors and use case studies to practice addressing these as supervisors and co-workers. Program fee: $90 Instructor: Janet Boyer

ABUS F232 TD1 Contemporary Management Issues 3.0CR Tues and Thurs, 6 - 9p.m. DCAC Jan 19 - Mar 16  Management functions including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, human aspects of management, and decision making. (Prerequisite: BA 151.)
Instructor: Kristin Bowen

ASLG F101 TD1 American Sign Language I 3.0CR
Thurs, 6-9p.m. DCAC Jan 19 - May 11  Meets: Humanities degree requirement. Visual-gestural language used by most deaf Americans.Acquisition of receptive and expressive conversational skills. Cultural aspects of everyday life experiences of deaf people. Instructor: Diane Hill

ASLG F202 TD1 American Sign Language II 3.0CR
Wed 6 - 9p.m. DCAC Jan 25 - May 10
Expressive and receptive conversational skills. Understanding the culture that is an integral part of the language. Continuation of American Sign Language I. (Prerequisite: ASLG 101 or permission of Instructor.). Instructor: Diane Hill

CIOS F133 TD1 Microcomputer Software: PowerPoint 3.0CR Mon 6 - 9p.m. DCAC Jan 23 -May 8 Designing effective presentations. Includes organizing and designing an effective presentation of information using Powerpoint software. (Recommended: CIOS 150 or equivalent skills.). Instructor: Coby Haas

CPM F030 TD1 Strategies Supervising Supervisors .6CEU Sat 9a.m. - 4p.m. DCAC Mar 4  This course provides insight on how to motivate and lead others by understanding the importance of roles and relationships, supervisor characteristics, staffing, performance appraisals, meeting management, delegation, communication and conflict resolution. Program fee: $90 Instructor: Kristin Bowen

January 11, 2006

Native Foods of Alaska Potluck

Thursday, January 19, 2005 6 PM at the Community Center  Everyone is welcome to attend.
(Delta in and outlying community, guests, Fort Greely/GMD, etc.)

Just bring one of your favorite foods and come join the fun and celebrate the new year!

Menu suggestions:
Salmon - Or any fish you’d like to bring
Berries - Any dish that has berries in it
Meat - Moose, caribou, bison, elk, deer, grouse, duck, etc. welcomed
Seafood - Interior Alaska welcomes seafood
Breads - Any breads would be great
Alaskan vegetables
Coffee, Tea, Juices, Sodas appreciated
Contact: Ruby Hollembaek (907) 895-4008 or
Email: buffalogal@wildak.net

Potluck sponsored by Alamasu, Inc. (the Hollembaek’s)

December 22, 2005

Wood Preservative & Pesticide Safety Certification Classes
From the Cooperative Extension Service

Who needs to be certified? Certification is required by Alaska State Regulation 18 AAC90.300. You must be 18 years old to apply for certification:

1. Use or supervise the use of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restricted-use pesticide (RUP);
2. Use or supervise the use of an EPA general or RUP for commercial purposed (for hire);
3. Satisfy the requirements of a pesticide permit;
4. Act as a pesticide consultant;
5. Purchase or sell EPA Restricted-Use Pesticides.

Classes will be offered the week of Jan 23, to provide information on safe handling and correct application. An exam is included and required for those seeking certification.

Certification and re-certification dates and times will be determined as our office receives an indication of the number of new folks needing certification in any of the categories. An initial certification workshop for Demonstration & Research (category 2) Private Applicator (category 3), Turf & Ornamental (category 4), Right of Way Pest Control (category 9) and will be a 16-hour workshop. Re-certification workshops for all four categories will be an 8-hour workshop.

Wood Preservative (category 13) training will require 8 hours of instruction as DEC requires applicators to have increased knowledge in laws and safety.

CES is scheduling classes for the week of Jan 23. The initial certification workshop for categories 2, 3, 4, and 9 will be Tues, Jan 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This will join the re-certification class, which is planned for Wed, Jan 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (all will have a 1 hour lunch break). The initial certification and re-certification workshop for Wood Preservation (category 13) will be Thurs Jan 26 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. These dates are tentative and will vary depending on the needs of the participants.

Phil Kaspari, Pesticide Program Coordinator with the Cooperative Extension Service will be the instructor. Classes will be held at the Delta CES Conference Room in the Jarvis Office Center. Registration deadline is Jan 18. Contact the CES office at 895-4215 to register and inquire about certification/re-certification fees.

January 11, 2006

DGSD Town Meeting Regarding Bus Routes

There will be a Town Meeting held on Jan 17at 6:00 PM located in the Delta/Greely School District Conference Room (near the former Elementary School Office). Please not the following information:

As we have watched our new bus schedules this year there has been a growing concern about the time elementary students are on the busses in the afternoon waiting for all of the exchanges at the High School. We have also had concerns about the length of time students are on the bus.

Our contractor, Alaska Motor Coaches, has come up with a possible solution to both of these problems which will only affect change on the afternoon bussing schedules. Highlights of the plan are as follows:

1.Elementary students would no longer change busses at Delta High School. All but four elementary busses would leave immediately after loading High School students.

2.Two Fort Greely School busses would take students directly home.

3.The other two Fort Greely School busses would go to Delta High School, where the four remaining Elementary busses will redistribute students to go home.

Before any decision is made we would like to solicit public input on the proposed plan. If you would like more information or would like to provide input into the decision of whether or not to proceed with these changes, you are welcome to attend a town meeting to be held on Jan 17 at 6:00 pm at the Delta School small gym. If you are unable to attend you can get more information from or direct comments to Dan Beck at the District Office at 895-4658.

January 13, 2006 -- Dan Beck, Superintendent

What's for dinner?
I'm home, what's for dinner?. Photo Submitted by Jill Borg

Community Photos
For enlargements and text click here

Tracy Blais   Delta Figure Skating
Bill Todd   Joe and Grace Peters

January 10, 2006

Alumni Photos
For enlargements and text click here

Travis   Caleb, Isaac, Corey
Mike and Gail   Isaac

January 10, 2006

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 April 4, 1968) was a Baptist minister and activist who was the most famous leader of the Civil Rights Movement. King won the Nobel Peace Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom before being assassinated in 1968. For his promotion of non-violence and racial equality, King is considered a peacemaker and martyr by many people around the world. Martin Luther King Day was established in his honor.

To read the completed article click Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

January 16, 2006

American Dipper
The American Dipper alights momentarily on a mid-stream boulder, then dives into the torrent. After 15 seconds on the surging stream bottom, the bird bobs like a cork to the surface, and returns to the boulder. A juicy insect larva dangles from its bill. Just another dinner in dipper land! This image taken in Mentasta Creek by Dwight Phillips

Delta High Huskies


Delta Huskies Sports Jan 9 - Jan 14

Basketball - Fri - Jan 10 - Time 3:00 PM - Delta at Tok - JV/V level

Hockey - Fri - Jan 13 - Time 6:00 PM - Susitna at Delta

Basketball - Fri - Jan 13 - Time 3:00 PM - Cordova at Delta - JV/V level

Basketball - Sat - Jan 14 - Time 11:00 AM - Cordova at Delta - JV/V level

Hockey - Fri - Jan 14 - Time 11:00 AM - Susitna at Delta

Bohemian Waxwing
This Bohemian Waxwing stands on his head while dining on a meal of luscious red berries. Nothing quite like a fruit salad to enjoy our Christmas Holidays!  Image by Dwight Phillips

Interested Residents Needed
to Serve on City Council

The City Council consists of seven Council members. Due to recent resignation by Lynnetta Marcellus, Seat E is vacant. If you are interested in serving on Seat E of the Delta Junction City Council until the next regular election in October, please mail or hand deliver a letter of interest to City Clerk Pat White. A seat must be filled within 30 days of being vacated. Letters are being accepted until the close of business on Friday, January 13, 2006 to make appointment at the regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2006.

To serve on the Council, you must be a qualified voter who has resided inside the City limits for one year at the time of filing.

Questions? Call 895-4656  or stop by City Hall Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.

Thanks for your interest in serving your community. City Hall has a newly designed website.

December 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Jan 7 - Jan 13

Jan 3 - Happy Belated  50th Birthday Rose Edgren! 50th?!! Whoa...!!

Happy Birthday 7 Jan - to my lovely wife Carol. Joe Crandall

Happy Birthday Jan 7 - Justin Shay

Happy Birthday Jan 7 - Meghan Orona

Happy Birthday Jan 8 - Sandi Noonan

Happy Birthday Jan 8 - Brad Bagley

Happy Birthday Jan 8 - Aiden Frenzl

Happy Birthday Jan 8 - SSGT William Gallagher

Happy 21st birthday to Colton St. Peter on Jan 9! Love you, Dad, Mom, Lindsay & Garrett

Jan  9 Happy 40th Birthday SGT Jonathan Shivel Love your wife

Happy Birthday Jan 9 - Dale Huelskoetter

Happy Birthday Jan 9 - Deb Diviney

Happy Birthday Jan 9 - Bridget Fett

Happy Birthday Jan 9 - Colton St Peter

Happy Birthday Jan 9 - Allen Chaffin

Happy Birthday Jan 10 - Willy Blais

Happy Birthday Jan 10 - Nancy Johnson

Happy Birthday Jan 10 - Loyd Maggard

Happy Birthday to Jim Jennings Jan 10 from Debbie

Police Officer, James Bushey, stationed at Fort Greeely,  is celebrating a birthday on Jan 11

Happy 17th birthday, Kevin - Jan 11.  Love from Mom & family

Happy Birthday Jan 11 - Sue Heller Bailey

Happy Birthday Jan 11 - Kevin Morden

Happy 6th Birthday Makayla Gallagher
Jan 12

Happy Birthday Jan 12 - Damien McKinney

Happy Birthday Jan 12 - Melissa Jackson

Happy Anniversary Jan 7 - Jan 13

Happy Anniversary Jan 10 - Dave & Chong Hoffman

Alaska Range
Alaska Range, view from Nistler Rd., Memories of summer. Photo Courtesy Kathy Swartz

Pink sky
 The pink is awesome. I took this one leaning out my office window at 3am last July. Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

Bone Marrow Registry Follow-up

Please contact Blood Bank of Alaska Fairbanks Center for PSA information. I will be glad to keep you on our contact list if you send me a good email address. Mine is jkrupa@bba.org

January 5, 2006

Blanketed trees
Each day brings new scenery. One never grows tired of enjoying God's creation. This image I have named blanketed trees. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Delta Library Preschool Story Hour

Call the Delta Library @ 895-4102 to register your 3 to 5 year old for Preschool Story Hour. We meet promptly at 11:00 every other Wednesday and  each FREE session includes a story, simple craft and snack. A parent or caregiver must attend with each child, registration is required. Story  Hour is cancelled at -30 below.

January 11, January 25,  February 8,  February 22, March 8,  March 22.

December 20, 2005

Bill Todd
Delta resident Bill Todd lines up his shot in a game of Commando Ice Croquet traditionally played by a group of Delta residents on New Year's Day. Bill
did not win the game but was definitely the most colorful player on the course.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Joe and Grace Peters
Joe and Grace Peters.  Photo Courtesy niece, Sharon Newton.

Tracy Blais
Tracy enjoying a day on the river. 
Photo Courtesy Willy Blais

Delta Figure Skating
Delta figure skating class. 
Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

Christmas Photos
Click here for enlargements and text

Preschool School concert


Keely and Lisa Darby and Dawn

January 3, 2006

Alumni Christmas Photos
Click here for enlargements and text

January 3, 2006

Beautiful scenery
This image was taken last July in the Suzie Creek drainage south of Delta Junction.
Image by Dwight Phillips

Delta LIO opens for the 2006 Session

The Legislative Information Office, located in the Jarvis Office Center, room 218, is available to serve you this Legislative session with teleconferences, POMs and information.

Our office hours are 8:30 AM-4:30 PM during Session. We are available to assist you in your search for information. Call 895-4236 for more information.

The second regular session of the 24th Legislature is scheduled to convene on Monday, January 9, 2006.

December 24, 2005

Snow crystals

Snow crystals
Recently the snow looked like feather crystals.  Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Mt. Roberts
View from Mt. Roberts Tram in Juneau, July 2005. Photo Courtesy Kathy Swartz

Ice cave
Looking out of an ice cave from underneath a nearby glacier. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Ice formation
Clearwater river March 05 ice formation. Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

Library Holiday Hours

The Delta Library will close at 5:00 on Friday, December 23 through Monday December 26 for Christmas, and at 5:00 on Friday December 30 through Monday January 2 for New Years. The library will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday of Christmas week. Stop and check out our new CD collection, pick up a jigsaw puzzle, or check your email. Questions? Call 895-4102.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our patrons from the Delta Library Staff!

December 19, 2005

New Years Eve

If you are out partying for the New Year, please remember to be safe.  If you must drink, designate a driver.  It could save your life as well as others.

Happy New Year from the DNW
December 31, 2005

Donnelly Dome
Donnelly Dome. Memories of summer. Photo Courtesy Kathy Swartz


Delta Library First Anniversary Celebration

The Delta Library celebrated with a First Anniversary party held on Sunday afternoon January 22. The Library Board invited the entire community to an International Dessert Potluck - over 100 people attended and enjoyed delicious treats from countries all over the world.

Here's a sample of some of the days excitement:

Artist Award and Fellowship recipient Jane Oliver reveals her stunning glass window "Little Bear", featuring the aurora, the north star and the Big Dipper. The Foundation does NOT specify where the art goes, it is totally up to the artist.  Jane wanted to donate this piece to  the library.

The piece is indeed called "Little Bear" and the Russian Translation of that is "Misha".. which also happens to be her daughter's name...

Jane and Mary

On behalf of the Delta Junction - Fort Greely community, Delta Library Board President, Mary Leith Dowling accepts "Little Bear" window from legendary stained glass artist, Jane Oliver.

Jane's roses

Could it be spring in Delta already? Jane Oliver's family presented her with lovely roses to mark the unveiling of "Little Bear" - a project that took over a year for Jane to complete.

Flap Jack

Special guest at the anniversary party was Flip Flap Jack. The entire audience helped Miss Nancy sing along and tell the interactive story.


Scratch off bookmarks were a hit and competition was fierce to see who had the most original design!


Local Author Judy Ferguson spoke about her life in Delta, signed autographs, and answered questions about how she writes her Alaskan books for children and adults.

Local Sing Along Group

The local Sing Along Group was fantastic and performed a variety of music, including traditional train songs, always an audience favorite. Members include Rob and Sandy Wilson, Donna Ashby, Nancy King, Gina Hickson, Gwen and Andy Payne, and Ellie Schnieder.

January 24, 2006

Prayers and Encouragement Needed for Derek - Alma John's Boyfriend

Hello to the Community of Delta,

As many of you know Derek Ferdinand, Alma's boyfriend was assaulted in his home last night in Oxnard, CA. He is currently at St. John's hospital in Oxnard, California. He is currently in Intensive Care. I have set up a Care Page so friends and family may visit for updates and also to leave encouraging messages. The nurses at St John's will deliver these messages and Alma also has access to the website. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Gwendolyne Jenkins - sister of Alma

The instruction to get to the Care Page are:
www.stjohnshealth.com/.  Go to care pages by clicking on the link St. John's Introduces CarePages .  Go to Visit a Care Page the care page name is: derekf

Go to message board to post a message. Or you can read the update section where we will give updates as they occur

January 27, 2006

Delta High Huskies


Delta Huskies Sports
Jan 23 - Jan 28

Hockey -
Tue - Jan 24 - Time 6:00 PM -
Hutch at Delta

Basketball -
Wed - Jan 25 - Time 2:30 PM -  Tok at Delta - JV/V level

Hockey -
Fri - Jan 27 - 7:00 PM - Delta at Glennallen  - Rescheduled

Hockey -
Sat - Jan 28 - Time 10:00 AM
- Delta at Glennallen  Rescheduled

A winter sunset
A winter sunset makes a great backdrop for a small creek west of the Delta River, Winter 2003. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos.

Happy Birthday Jan 21 - Jan 27

Happy Birthday to my special friend Pam D. - Jan 21.  You make the world a better place to live in with your joy, laughter, and funny wit. So glad you're one of my best friends. From the other Pam D.

Happy Birthday to Jeannie Pinkelman on Jan 21

Happy Birthday Jan 21 - Debra Fortune

Happy Birthday Jan 21 - Pete Weidner

Happy Birthday Jan 22 - Carol Adams

Happy Birthday Jan 23 - Bettyann Steciw

A very happy birthday to a special sister-in-law Brenda Burke in Delta Junction on the 23rd of Jan. from Martha and Don Brenek in Lowell,Vt.

I'd like to wish my son Steven Morden Happy 15th Birthday on Jan.24  Love Mom & family

Happy Birthday Jan 24 - Steven Morden

Happy Birthday Jan 24 - Dave Kamrath

Happy Birthday Jan 25 - Jay Miler

Happy Birthday Jan 26 Dani O. We all think you're the greatest and we love you! XO

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Brenda Cavanaugh

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Doug Fett

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Mable Ecker

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Jon Carpenter

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Jacquelyn Frenzl

Happy Birthday Jan 26 - Chris Fales

Happy Anniversary Jan 21 - Jan 27

Happy Anniversary Jan 21 - Ed & Gayle Larson

Happy Anniversary Jan 26 - Julie & Tony Ore

Happy Anniversary Jan 27 - Steve & Debbie Joslin

CES Workshops

All workshops will be held in the CES conference room located in the Jarvis Office Center. There will be a $5.00 fee per person for this workshop. Pre-registration is required. Please contact the Delta CES office at 895-4215 to confirm your attendance. Seating is limited.

Artificial Insemination & Animal Reproduction
Mon, Feb 6, 2006 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
And will repeat Tues, Feb 7, 2006 from 9:00 a.m. to noon

Lactation & Calf Raising
Mon, Feb 20, 2006 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
And will repeat Tues, Feb 21, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to noon

January 20, 2006

Alaska Range Sunset
Alaska Range sunrise with a hoar frost view. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Community Photos
For text and enlargements, click here

Ruby Hollembaek   Lourdes Grace Lester

January 20, 2006

Former Delta Residents Seek Archival Items

Local Delta Residents as well as several former residents who at one time either lived here or were stationed at Fort Greely, have expressed an interest in seeing some older photographs of Delta area establishments such as restaurants, businesses, housing complexes and scenics of the area. Many of these people are not able to make the trip back to see how our small town has changed but would love to see the difference time has made.

We are attempting to do a comparison with the way things look now versus how they looked in the 50’s, 60’s 70’s etc.

Any old photos that you can provide, including text for, may possibly be used. Many of the original names of buildings and establishments have changed over the years, and for this reason, text is very important.

We reserve the right to either accept or reject and we can do the scanning of old photos, for use on The Delta News Web. We prefer clear concise pictures that depict life in Delta as it was years ago. Please call the Delta webmaster at 895-4919, if you have any questions.

January 20, 2006

A Special Birthday Wish

Philip Reynolds

Happy Birthday to Philip Reynolds, 15 years old today, 25 January 2006. Formerly a resident of Delta Junction, and a student of Fort Greely Junior High School. Proud father, Paul Reynolds, resident of Fairbanks, Alaska. I love you more and more every single day!

January 25, 2006

Delta Jct Ducks Unlimited Raffle

The Delta Junction Ducks Unlimited Chapter is selling raffle tickets!!

We are raffling off a Marlin 1895 M Guide Gun Lever Action Rifle.

The tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  To purchase see one of the committee members or call 895-5045.

January 18, 2006

Cruise ships
Cruise ships in Juneau. Taken from the Mount Roberts tramway. By local resident Tana Wood

You're Invited
Delta Community Library First Anniversary

International Dessert Potluck.  Sunday, January 22, 1 - 4 PM. 
Rasmuson Foundation Art Presentation at 1:30
Meet author Judy Ferguson at 2:00
Interactive Children's Story at 3:00
Kids Craft - Make your own Northern Lights bookmark.  Lots more surprises all day and LOTS of great treats!

Do you have a special dessert you'd like to share?  Call 895-4102 by Friday, January 20.  Sponsored by The Delta Library Association Board.

January 19, 2006

Delta High Huskies


Delta Huskies Sports
Jan 16 - Jan 21

Hockey - Wed - Jan 18 - Time 3:00 PM - Delta at Kenny Lake

Hockey - Fri - Jan 20 - Time 6:00 PM - Tri Valley at Delta

Basketball - Fri - Jan 20 - Time 3:30 PM - Delta at Valdez- JV/V level

Basketball - Sat - Jan 21 - Time 3:00 PM - Delta at Valdez - JV/V level

Hockey - Sat - Jan 21 - Time 11:00 AM - Tri Valley at Delta

Community Open House

Chapel Open House presented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There will be an informative meeting , along with a little presentation of what we believe. It will be about an hour long and refreshments will be served afterwards. Sat, Jan 21, 2006, at 7:00 PM. Location is 2378 Deborah Street, Delta Jct. For more information you can call 895-1899.

December 30, 2005

Festival of Lights Table at IGA

Fri, Jan 20 - 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. and Sat, Jan 21 -11 A.M. to 1 P.M. the Delta Chamber will have a sale table set-up inside IGA Food Cache. Folks can buy their Festival of Lights T-shirts and raffle tickets with a chance to win 2 round-trip tickets on Alaska Airlines and other great prizes.

Entry forms for the parade, arts and craft galleria, other contests and the schedule of events will be available. Can't make it but would like one of these items, just give the Delta Chamber a call at 895-5068 or stop by our office in the Jarvis West Building Lower level (L5).

January 18, 2006

Community Photos

Lourdes Grace Lester daughter of Richard and Mary Lester was born on Dec 6, 2005. Photo Courtesy Richard Lester

This Thanksgiving meant cleaning out the freezer and smoking some fish at Bobo's in Craig, Alaska.  Cheryl and Mike Bobo had a special recipe that included using REAL maple syrup added to the brine.  Absolutely delicious!  Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Annual Festival of Lights set for Feb 10-12

It will soon be time to light up the night with the 12th Annual Festival of Lights sponsored by the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Folks can look forward to a fun- filled weekend throughout the Delta Junction area.

The event starts Fri, Feb 10 night with a Spaghetti dinner at the Presbyterian/Faith Lutheran Church, and a video game tournament Xbox/Playstation tournament for 12 years old or older. 

The main events take place on Sat, Feb. 11 starting with an Arts and Crafts Galleria at the Delta High School. The Galleria will be filled with lots of shopping opportunities with local people displaying their handcrafted wares. The ever popular Polar Bear Plunge will also take place at the Delta High School. Both the Delta Library and Arctic Fox Safety & Supply will host kids’ craft times. The Photo contest will be held again this year at the Delta Library and the AGLOW ladies will be hosting an ugly lamp contest.

The annual “Winter Escape” raffle drawing will be held on Saturday with the grand prize of two round trip tickets on Alaska Airlines. the annual Northern Lights Gala hosted by the AGLOW ladies of Delta Jct,  there will be a Roast Beef Dinner and Dessert Buffet plus music for dancing.

Saturday night, the “Light up the Night” Parade will take place with entrants wrapped in lights for all to see along the parade route. The parade will end at the city park and a grand fireworks display will light up the night sky.

To wrap up the event join the ice-fishing derby on Sun, Feb 12. There will be fun for everyone! This is one event that will warm up your winter!

Specific event details with time and place will be printed in the Delta Wind’s Jan 26th issue.

Don’t miss out on your “Winter Escape” Raffle tickets. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the Delta Chamber Office, Busy Bee Office Supply, Granite View Sports or Frontier Pull Tabs. You could win one of three fabulous prizes. First prize is two round trip Alaskan Airline Tickets, Second prize is two round trip Alaska Railroad tickets and Third prize is a one night stay at the Sophie Station Hotel in Fairbanks.

If you are interested in booth space at the Art and Crafts Galleria or if you want to sign up a parade entry, forms are available at the Delta Chamber of Commerce office, L-5 on the lower level of Jarvis West.

Also… volunteers are always needed and appreciated, so if you would like to help with any aspect of this event, please give us a call. If you need additional information on any of the activities, please call the Chamber office at 895-5068.

January 14, 2006

Spring 2006 Ft. Greely Courses
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Northern Military Programs

This spring TVC will be offering several classes to help you gain the skills needed to succeed in Alaska’s 21st century workplace, or to be used towards a college degree. TVC has been helping prepare Alaskans for Alaska’s jobs for more than 30 years now... are YOU next on our list? *FTG = On Base at Ft. Greely School

JUST F110 FX1 INTRODUCTION TO JUSTICE 3.0 CR (DISTANCE DELIVERED COURSE) Jan 19 - Apr 27 Survey of the structure and processes of the agencies of criminal justice. Includes introduction to criminology, criminal law, policy, courts and corrections. Delivery Method: Web based. Instructor: G. Copus

Seminar Course Fri. 6:00 - 9:00pm, Sat. 8:00 - 5:00pm *FTG Mar 3 - Mar 25  Development of an appreciation of  all the visual arts. Course emphasis is on the theories, practice, materials, and techniques of the visual arts. Instructor: M. Mullins

ABUS F231 TG1  INTRODUCTION TO PERSONNEL 3.0CR MWF, 8:00 - 10:00am *FTG Jan 25 - Mar 17 Company organizational structure, job analysis, staffing and organization, employee
growth and development, employee supervision and developing leadership skills.  Instructor: K. Bowen

DEVM F105 TG1 INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 3.0CR Tues & Thurs 5:00 - 7:00pm *FTG, Jan 24 - Apr 11  Second year high school algebra. Operations with rational expressions, radicals, rational exponents, logarithms, inequalities, quadratic equations, linear systems, functions, Cartesian coordinate system and graphing. Also available via Independent Learning. (Prerequisite: DEVM 060, 062 or appropriate placement test scores.)  Instructor: T. Merrymon

For more information on “in town” and “on base” classes or registration information contact:
Cheryl Helkenn at (907) 895-4605 Delta Career Advancement Center (located on North Clearwater behind the Delta Greely High School) Preparing Alaskans for Alaska’s Jobs

January 11, 2006

Outdoor Safety and Survival Workshop

Topics included will be:
• emergency survival skills
• bear and firearm safety
• camp mobilization
• field communications

When: Saturday, January 21 and Sunday January 22, 2006 8am-5pm each day

Where: DMTC classroom, Delta Jct.

Cost: $25 non-refundable pre-registration fee paid to DMTC. The last day to pre-register will be Thursday, Jan. 19th.

Register : Call Carolyn Howard at 895-2051 for registration information.

More info: Email Cheryl Cooper at ccooper@dmtcalaska.org

Sponsored by Delta Mine Training Center and the Cooperative Extension Service

January 9, 2006

Clearwater River
Clearwater River taken March 05. Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

AK Range with alpenglow
 View of AK Range with some alpenglow from parking lot of First Baptist Church, early January 2006, Photo Courtesy Kathy Swartz

Ration Balancing

Second of Four Livestock Workshops Being Offered in Delta Junction.  From the Cooperative Extension Service

Milan Shipka, Livestock Specialist with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service will be conducting the second of four workshops, Mon, Jan16 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and will repeat the class on Tues, Jan 17 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

January’s topic will be, Ration Balancing, for ruminant species such as cattle, bison, yak, elk, and reindeer. Milan will also touch on other animals such as horses, and swine. He will discuss forages – a primary feed in Alaska, feed analyses, and how do we balance nutrient needs. Knowledge from the December workshop “animal nutrition and digestive systems” will be applied but not required.

All workshops will be held in the CES conference room located in the Jarvis Office Center. There will be a $5.00 fee per person for this workshop. Pre-registration is required; the registration deadline for this class is Fri, Jan 13, 2006. Please contact the Delta CES office at 895-4215 to confirm your attendance. Seating is limited.

These classes are being designed for current producers as well as those individuals interested in livestock production.

Delta Peewee’s Christmas Victory

Delta Peewees

The annual Peewee tier IV Christmas Tournament, sponsored by the Fairbanks Amateur Hockey Association (FAHA), was held on December 26th through December 28th in Fairbanks. The tournament consisted of the Delta Huskies, four Fairbanks Tier IV House teams, and one Tier III Squirt team.

Delta’s first game took place at 11:00 AM on the 26th against the Squirts (Seekins Ford Rangers) and fell 4-6 with a hard fought battle that was exciting till the end. Both teams displayed fast passing games with hard skating and great goaltending.

The next four games against the tier IV Peewees were very competitive with Delta being victorious in 3 of the 4 games, falling only to Adient Physical Therapy in a close loss. The noticeable element of these games was the increased hitting and resilience of our smaller skaters.

Delta winning 3 of the 5 games caused a tie with Pumphouse. Because of a large offensive presence and defensive tenacity, Delta’s point spread in each of their games resulted in a trip to the championship game against the undefeated Rangers.

With controversy surrounding the undefeated Rangers, the Huskies held their heads up and rose to the challenge. After giving up three quick goals in the fist period, the future looked grim. The defense looked shaky and the offence had no presence. Then Delta’s play picked up and Bret Smith scored 2 goals late in the first period as a result of good passing from his wingers. The second period seemed an extension of the first, with dynamic scoring as Delta outscored the Rangers 4-2. The third period seemed to be the most exciting with a hard two way battle. Delta once again won the third period by outworking and out skating the Rangers.

The final score was 9-7 with Delta reining victorious and winning the 2005 Christmas Tournament. Bret Smith scored 7 goals and had 1 helper in the game. Sam Trainer and Eli Erickson each had a goal and 4 assists came from Jared Smith. Although the stats point to one player, with great breakout passing and hard fought battles in neutral ice Brett Smith took the opportunity to position himself for the goals. It was truly a team effort.

We want to thank all the parents that were willing to set a part of their Christmas vacation aside for hockey (again). We would also like to extend a huge thank you to all the businesses and individuals that continue to so generously contribute to our hockey association. Without your support our skaters would not have the opportunity to compete with other teams through out the state. We can be proud of our skaters.

Bill Smith -- January 9, 2006

Boy Meets Girl
By Sam & Bella Spewack, Directed by Nick Nappo

The comedy is played against a Hollywood background and tells the story of a waitress who, coming in the office of a big-shot producer, announces that she is going to have a baby. Two clever writers get the idea of starring the as-yet-unborn infant with Larry Toms, cowboy film hero. The clever boys who had the idea in the first place are done out of a managing a contract and bent on revenge. They do their utmost to discredit the infant by hiring someone to claim to be his father. This comedy provides non-stop hilarity based on the competitive and wacky Hollywood movie industry.

Jan 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
Sunday Matinees at 2 PM on Jan 15, 22, 29
Location - Riverfront Theatre - Located in Fairbanks. (907) 456-7529 1854 2nd Ave

January 11, 2006

12th Annual Festival of Lights

The Delta Chamber of Commerce will be holding its 12th Annual Festival of Lights on February 10, 11 and 12 with lots of fun activities and events for the whole family.

The ever-popular Polar Bear Plunge is in the works with those familiar blue and white cans already located at many businesses around Delta and at Ft. Greely. Be sure to nominate and vote for your favorite person to take the plunge. The three top vote getters will be taking the plunge on February 11th .

Fireworks, a winter photo contest, parade, vendor Galleria and children’s games are just a few of the many activities and events that will be taking place in Delta during this fun-filled weekend. Volunteers are needed to help plan and carry out this event. Contact the chamber office at 895-5068 for information on this exciting event.

December 26, 2005

Grizzly logo


Grizzlies January Newsletter

Welcome back families! Here is a listing of upcoming events in January at Fort Greely School.

Second Semester Schedule
In approximately one week, you will receive a copy of your child’s second semester schedule, as well as a copy of the Fort Greely School master schedule. Every effort has been made to place your child in the most appropriate classes to suit their specific needs. Parents interested in making a schedule change request may do so three ways: completing the schedule change form available at the main office, calling Rebecca Jensen at 869-3105, or visiting our office with your request. Please be aware we will attempt to honor every request, however, requests for schedule changes may not be possible due to class sizes and scheduling conflicts. Parents have ten (10) school days from the start of the second semester to request any possible changes.

Important Bus Announcement!
Due to an increase of student incidents on the buses, I recently held an assembly to review established rules and expectations. After several audits, it was found that numerous students were riding on a bus other than the one they were assigned. Students were again assigned a bus, and received a slip of paper to reconfirm their bus assignment.

Students who do not follow the rules on the bus are subject to a bus or out of school suspension. I am asking all parents to support the school by reviewing expectations for riding the bus with their children.

Transition and Middle School Required Courses Policies
The transition from elementary to middle and middle to high school is often the most challenging in a student’s career. We at Fort Greely School are aware of some of the pitfalls of matriculation, and our staff has been actively discussing strategies to improve transitions. Using collaborative time, we will be developing a transition policy that will be presented at the February Parent Advisory Committee meeting.

During that meeting, we will also discuss a proposal for a Middle School Required Courses policy, which will be submitted to the Delta/Greely School District school board policy committee for review. Parent feedback is requested on either policy and may be made to me directly or at our February Parent Advisory Committee Meeting.

STAR Assessments
In an effort to gain more assessment data, every student at Fort Greely School took an informal STAR assessment in mathematics prior to Christmas break. Our hope is that in addition to the yearly Standard Based Assessments required by the state of Alaska, we will collect more assessment data to gain a comprehensive perspective of your child’s performance. One of the methods we will utilize is the STAR assessment series for mathematics and reading; we will administer each informal assessment at least twice a year. Parents will receive a copy of your child’s recent assessment results in the mailing with their second semester schedule.

When you receive your child’s results, please take a moment to discuss their results. If the results of your child’s assessment bring concern, I would encourage you to contact your child’s mathematics teacher to discuss those concerns.

Boys Wrestling and Girls Volleyball
Boys Wrestling and Girls Volleyball seasons have gotten underway at Fort Greely School. For more information on each team, please contact the school. The meet and competition schedule will be forthcoming.

8th Grade “Waterproofing”
Most people that recreate in Alaska do so on or around water. Despite our relatively low population, Alaska ranks nationally as one of the highest states per capita for the amount of drowning deaths. We at Fort Greely School would like to avoid that trend. In cooperation with the Moral, Welfare, and Recreation Department (MWR) and the Fort Greely Pool, Fort Greely School will be offering free survival swim lessons every Friday for every 8th grade student. Lessons are scheduled to tentatively begin on January 20th. Students will initially be screened for their swimming ability, and those who need additional instruction will be able to receive the free swimming lessons.

To participate, parents will be required to complete a release form, and understand that their child will be missing his/her afternoon classes every other Friday and that they will be responsible for any make-up work. Furthermore, parents will ensure that their child brings the appropriate swimwear and towel to school every other Friday, and if he/she does not, he/she will not be able to participate on that day.

Copies of the release form will be available at the front office on Monday, January 9th. To participate, forms must be returned to the office no later than Wednesday, January 18th.
Due to the size of the eighth grade, we will split the class alphabetically (beginning with the last initial A-K first Friday, and students with the last initial L-Z the following week) and alternate groups until students pass their swimming test. Please be aware that this is an optional program, and I would encourage every parent to consider your child’s academic standing and willingness to participate prior to submitting your signed permission form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school through the means listed above.

Janaury 6, 2006 -- Brian J. Schaffer/Principal, Fort Greely School

LIO Can Help with PFD On-Line Filing

A new year means another Permanent Fund dividend check for Alaskans.

Beginning 1/2/06 eligible Alaskans can begin applying for the 2006 Permanent Fund dividend check. To get your check deposited directly into your account Oct. 4, you must apply online in January. If you apply online or via mail after January, you'll get the deposit Oct. 19. Checks will be mailed in mid-November. The application period ends March 31.

The LIO Office located in Room 218 & 222 of the Jarvis Office Center can assist you with your on-line application. Hours are: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Mon through Fri. Call 895-4236 if you have questions.

January 5, 2006

Last Chance for King Crab

Eli and Crab

Annie Grossmann has one more opportunity to order Alaskan King Crab as part of her Girl's Hockey Fundraiser. Crab orders must be in and paid for by January 10th. A 10 pound box costs $109. Also available, delicious smoked hams 14-16 pounds for $50. To order call Annie at 895-1910 or 978 3786 or email dawn@wildak.net.  Enjoy delicious crab during the Super Bowl this year. It's how Alaska celebrates!

January 7, 2006

Hoar Frost Crystals
Hoar frost crystals inside a moose print. Photo taken by Amber Darland near Delta Junction

Hockey Home Game Dates

The Delta High School Hockey home game schedule is as follows:
Jan. 13th Susitna Valley vs Delta
Jan. 14th Susitna Valley vs Delta
Jan. 20th Tri Valley vs Delta
Jan. 21st Tri Valley vs Delta
Jan. 24th Hutch vs Delta

HS Greatland State Championships Feb 9-11
Big Dipper....Fairbanks!!!!

The Youth Hockey home game schedule is as follows:

Jan 6th & 7th Kenny Lake vs Delta
Friday 6th                    Saturday 7th
Mites 4:00pm                Mites 8:30am
PeeWees 5:30pm          PeeWees 10:00am
Squirts 7:00pm              Squirts 11:30am
Bantams 8:30pm           Bantams 1:00pm

Jan 27th & 28th Glennallen vs Delta
Friday 27th                   Saturday 28th
Mites 4:00pm                 Mites 8:30am
Squirts 5:30pm               PeeWees 10:00am
PeeWees 7:00pm           Squirts 11:30am
Bantams 8:30pm            Bantams 1:00pm

Bush League Tournaments are as follows:
Mites hosted by Glennallen March ??
Squirts hosted by Tok March 10-11
Bantams hosted by Kenny Lk March 3,4,5
PeeWees hosted by Delta!!! Feb 24 & 25

There is a new sign identifying The Liewer-Olmstead Ice Arena so watch for changes or additions to game schedules. There is Sunday open skate as long as the temperatures are not -20 degrees or colder. Free Style skating is from 1pm to 3pm and recreation hockey is from 3pm to 5pm. All hockey gear is required when sticks and pucks are on the ice. There is a $2.00 fee to rent skates and a $3.00 fee to use the ice. If you have any questions about the program, just ask the Sunday hosts because they are the volunteer parents of the Youth skaters. The hockey rink phone number is 895-5337 which will have information of up-coming events. Any other inquires, feel free to call the Edgrens at 895-4043. Do leave a message if no one answers. Thank you and lets play hockey!

January 9, 2006

Delta High Huskies


Delta Huskies Sports Jan 1 - Jan 7


Hockey - Fri - Jan 6 - Time TBA - Delta at Juneau

Hockey - Sat - Jan 7 -Time TBA - Delta at Juneau

Happy Birthday Jan 1 - Jan 6

Happy Birthday Jan 1 - Dan Zollman

Happy Birthday Jan 1 - Rex Heitman

Happy Birthday Jan 2 - Happy 14th Birthday Travis Mills, love always Mom.

Happy Birthday Travis. We love ya Aeron and Aunt Ann. Jan 2

Happy Birthday Jan 2 - Nancy McNeil

Happy Birthday Jan 3 - Birch Ann Allen

Happy Birthday Fred John - Jan 3.  From the Dunks

Happy Birthday, Freddy. Love, Linnea. Jan. 3

Happy 16th Birthday Angela Phillips. You're the greatest and we love you.  The Dunks - Jan 4

Happy Birthday Jan 4 - Dan Green

Happy Birthday Jan 4 - Merrill Mosley

Happy Birthday Jan 5 - Brittany Clark

Happy Birthday Jan 5 - Pastor Bear

Happy Birthday Jan 5 - Lawrence Gilbertson

Happy Birthday Jan 6 - Ursula Bagley

Happy Birthday Jan 6 - Larry Fett

Happy Birthday Jan 6 - Don Ilgenfritz

Happy Anniversary Jan 1 - Jan 6

Happy Anniversary Jan 2 - George & Totsie Pursey

Denali Lutheran Preschool presented a Christmas play for family and friends. The stable scene with Pepe, Keely, Seth, Gloria, Darby and Ally. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

Denali Lutheran Preschool presented a Christmas play for family and friends.  The joyful Shepherd on the hill with her sheep and black cat....Caylin, Katie, Aeron, Rafe and Sadie. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

Keely and her mom Lisa work on their Gingerbread house during the annual Denali Lutheran Preschool Family Gingerbread Party. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

Denali Preschool student Darby and her mom Dawn work on their Gingerbread house during the annual Denali Lutheran Preschool Family Gingerbread Party. Photo Courtesy Dawn Grossmann

I never saw anything like it. Congrats to all the kids and to Mr Halvorson for the first of (I hope) many entertaining school music programs. Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

DNW looking for photos

We are looking for photos.  Our supply is getting low.  If you have something of interest you would like to share with the community, please submit your photos.  The photo of the day is one of the favorite items on the DNW.  Also looking for community news to share with our readers.

Happy Holidays -  December 28, 2005




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