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July 2002

Mike Bobo Jr. and Leslie Hollembaek tied the knot on Saturday, July 27th.  The wedding and reception were held at the Hollembaek family farm.  A photo story will be published on the Delta News Web later this week.  Photo courtesy of Katie Johnson.

Caleb Parker, Fronty Parker and Meta, along with several others recently visited the Alaska peninsula.  In the background is Constantine Bay.  Photo by Isaac Parker. 

This photo was taken one mile south of Donnelly Dome on the left side of the road.  Because of the thick vegetation many don't notice the runway.  Photo courtesy of J. Leon Vialpando.

Summer Tiger Lilies in Delta Jct.  Photo courtesy of Lindsay St. Peter.

These condensation trails were formed by several jet aircraft flying northeast of Delta on Monday morning. Photo by Joe Crandall.

Christopher Ferranti and his new friend Shamu get ready for a nap on the couch.  Christopher and his parents, Rachel (Dunklebarger) recently visited Sea World.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

Russell Hollembaek
True fishermen won't be stopped by the cold!  Russell Hollembaek displays his freshly caught Trout.  Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek.

Caleb Parker with an Alaskan King Crab
Caleb Parker displays an Alaskan King Crab that was recently caught in Dutch Harbor.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Duke, Russell Hollembaek's yellow lab, sits anxiously ready for some summer time fishing action.  Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek.

Ben Sherrill and Diane Maye
Ben Sherrill of Brooks AFB, Texas and Diane Maye of Washington pose for a picture while in San Antonio. Ben was a '94 DHS grad and Diane would have graduated with the class of '97 had her family not relocated.  Both Ben and Diane are commissioned officers (Lieutenants) in the Air Force.  Photo courtesy of Diane Maye. 

Delta River Rider, Scott McBride with Chris Groppel and 'Swzabo' on a ride in Defiance, MO. saying hello to the Delta River Riders!  Photo courtesy of Gail McBride.

The Parker's went to Dutch Harbor this last week and were able to do a lot of hiking in the sunshine while Delta was basking in the liquid sunshine. This picture was a rest break climbing Mt. Ballyhoo, just behind Dutch Harbor airport. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

David and Linda Johnson stand in front of their apartment in Uppsala, Sweden which has been their home for the past 11 months.  David and Linda just returned stateside and plan to stay in Alaska for an "extended visit".  Photo courtesy of Northwest Webcraft.  

Today was Pam Ellis's last day as City Clerk/Treasurer. She has worked for the City of Delta Junction for 16 years and is now eager to pursue new horizons.  Toasting Pam's future, from left are: Library Clerk Nancy King, Pam's mother Ruth Graham, Admin Asst. Letha Burcham, Pamela Ellis, new City Clerk Pat White, Finance Officer Dave Zimmerman, and Library Director Joyce McCombs. Pam says, "Everybody keep in touch!" Photo courtesy of the City of Delta.

This cow moose avoided the bugs and stayed cool in a snow bank behind the Ft. Greely school.  Photo by Joe Crandall.

These Wolf overmitts were handmade by Alaskrafts, a local Delta business.  Overmitts are designed to fit over your gloves and are great for Alaska's winters!  For more information, visit our premium ads or visit their websitePhoto courtesy of Alaskrafts.  

   Reese Edwin Mitchell was born Tuesday, July 2, 2002, 11:43PM. His parents are Bethany and Richard Mitchell of North Pole, Alaska. Paternal Grandparents are Tom Mitchell of Portland, Oregon and Roberta Sharp of Hermiston, Oregon. Maternal Grandparents are Steve and Kathy Fields of Delta Junction, Alaska. Photo courtesy of Steve Fields.

Sang-Jin Holland was a 2002 Delta High School graduate.  Sang-Jin will be attending the University of Alaska Sitka this fall.  Photo courtesy of BG Holland. 


Cauliflower power!  Courtesy of Nickay's
Now this is the way to harvest cauliflower. . . by the wheelbarrow load. As you can see, things are growing great this year at Nickay's!  Photo courtesy of Nickay's.

Pictured while pouring concrete are (left to right): Mike Rawalt, Art McKee, Phil Summers (ARXX Distributor from Fairbanks), and David Gibbs. Also helping but not pictured were Sara Mckee, Fred Wood and Butch Goodno.  For more pictures and a story, see the community news below.  Photo courtesy of Mike Rawalt.

Leslie Hollembaek's Bridal Shower!

Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek

Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek

Photo courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek

On July 13th, the Barron's hosted Leslie's bridal shower.  In less than a week from today, Leslie will become Mrs. Leslie Bobo!!  Congratulations Leslie!  

Delta News Web -- July 23, 2002

 "Grandparents row to victory" Fred and Linnea John and Steve and Diane Selfe finished first in a rowing race at Birch Lake on July 4th.  Both couples received a winning prize, 3 nights in a cabin of their choice. Go Granny Go!  Photo courtesy of Linnea John. 

Please note:
  The views expressed in the following guest editorial are not necessarily those of the Delta News Web.  Any questions or feedback should be directed to the guest commentator.   

Guest Editorial concerning the Steese Highway closure

Five elected and appointed (non-elected) people in Alaska are in the process of crafting the certain demise of three Alaskan communities. These five are: the Governor of Alaska, Tony Knowles; Alaska Lieutenant Governor Fran Ulmer; Alaska State Budget Director Annalee McConnell; Alaska DOT Commissioner Joseph Perkins; and Alaska DOT Northern Region Director Ralph Swarthout. These five have decided that 'the most efficient way to balance the budget' is to close 18 community airfields and stop maintenance -- either year-round or in the winter months -- on 70 roads leading to remote communities. This arbitrary and capricious action, an act of terrorism by five individuals against their fellow citizens, includes the ONLY highway, the Steese Highway, that connects Central, Circle City and Circle Hot Springs to Fairbanks, Alaska, 135 miles from Central. The website for more on this is:  At this website you may send a single letter to the editor/editorial to many publications at once. Also, a single email may be sent at once to ALL the Alaska Legislature: 
Alaska Has At Least $7.70 Billion In Potential Surpluses of the Taxpayers Money it is not using. This analysis does not, repeat does not, include the $26+ billion in the Permanent Fund, which is approximately $41,000 per capita: 

As usual, those in power never mention the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report -- CAFR -- of which 'the budget' is only a fraction. All the posturing about 'balancing the budget,' when mega-billions are stashed -- hidden -- within the CAFR, is criminal, nothing less. There is plenty of money to keep roads and airfields open and maintained; if the light can be shone on this FACT, many lives will be spared this winter, and our fellow human beings will not be reduced to being FORCED to move into a large city against their will.

No matter where we live in America or the world, we simply MUST help our neighbors in the north before they are left to die by their elected/appointed 'officials.' This is America! This MUST NOT HAPPEN -- and yet, it WILL happen, if you and I and many, many more don't rise to this challenge. There is no time for saying "I'm too busy." Winter is serious business in Alaska -- please, help these folks with your emails, phone calls, faxes, letters -- and by sending/delivering guest editorials to your local papers, worldwide, letting the world know about this horrific act being committed by those in power! As of July 6, 2002, just 86 days remain in which to stop a juggernaut from leveling hundreds of lives and three communities, their custom and culture and very existence. What if it were you, your home and community? If these actions in rural areas are not stopped NOW, the time will be soon when it WILL be you!

Miss Julie Kay Smithson
213 Thorn Locust Lane
London, OH USA 43140-8844

Dedicated to property rights, resource providers, generational land stewards, consumers and freedom.

Julie K. Smithson -- July 8, 2002

Joseph Holland is pictured with his wife Lorrie, and daughters Melinda and Heather and sister Sang-Jin Holland (a 2002 graduate of Delta High).  Joseph graduated with honors this year from UAF with a degree in Process Technology. He is presently employed as a Field Security Officer on the Trans-Alaska Oil pipeline at Pump Station 5. Photo courtesy of BG Holland.


“The Primary is closed this year.” “You have to be a Republican to vote the Republican ballot.” Both of those statements are erroneous. The correct name for the type of primary system we are now under in Alaska is the “Classic Open”. The primary is open! Here is another misquote regarding the new balloting system in place this year, “It is really confusing.” It is so simple a third grader can understand it.

As the result of a lawsuit brought by the Republican Party of Alaska, the Alaska Independence Party, Alaska Libertarians and the California Democratic Party, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a decree that says that political parties do NOT have to let members of other political parties decide who their candidates will be. Certainly it would not be right for someone who is a Democrat or a Green party member to help the Republicans pick their candidate. That would be like letting the opposing team pick your starting line up in a basketball game. Who do you think will win that game?

A primary is NOT an election, it is simply the process used by the political parties in our state to pick the candidate they want to represent their party in the general election. The top vote getter from each political party in the Primary on August 27 will go on to represent their political party in the general election in November. In Alaska this year there are seven house races and two senate races where all of the candidates belong to one political party so the winner of the primary will have their name alone printed on the ballot for their particular seat in November. In House District 12 for example, there are three Republicans running for that seat, John Harris, Mike Pearson and Scott Smith. Because there are no candidates from opposing parties, i.e. Democrat, Libertarian, AIP, etc. whichever of those three gentlemen receives the most votes in the primary will have their name alone printed on the ballot in November.

You do NOT have to be a Republican to vote the Republican ticket in the primary. You must be a Republican, Undeclared or Nonpartisan (just remember RUN). Since there are actually more U’s and N’s in our state than belong to any political party, the majority of Alaskan registered voters may still pick the Republican ballot at the primary. When you go to vote on August 27, simply tell the nice person at the table you want a Republican ballot.

On the other hand, if you belong to another political party you may not pick the Republican ballot. That seems fair, doesn’t it? If you don’t know what your party status is you can call the Division of Elections and they can tell you which district you are in and what your party affiliation is. To change your party affiliation, you can fill out a new voter registration form at the Division of Elections, DMV or City Hall. You must do this before July 28 to be eligible to vote the Republican ticket in the Primary.

The choices are much greater in the primary than in the general election. In some state-wide primary races there are as many as eight or ten folks vying for an office. Those numbers will be considerably pared through the primary process. The people who take time to come out and vote in the primary will decide what names are on the ballot in November. How often have you voted in the general election and thought you really weren’t being presented with many choices. Oh, but you were, in the primary! Your vote counts and you really shouldn’t let someone else make such important decisions for you. 

A terrible price has been paid by our forefathers and is now being paid by our sons and daughters so that we can have this privilege to vote. As we have seen this last year, it is vitally important who we elect to represent us in all levels of government. We are among a very few people in the world who have this privilege and responsibility to vote. Because of the great sacrifices of our fellow countrymen we are able to affiliate with any political party we choose in America, or none at all. Rich or poor, obscure or famous, every vote counts the same. We can all vote and we all should vote in the primary! The Primary is open!!

-Mrs. Debbie Joslin,
National Committeewoman for Alaska
Republican National Committee
907 895 4565 phone/fax  

Mrs. Joslin was Chairman of District 35 in the Republican Party of Alaska from 1996-2000. In 2000 she was elected National Committeewoman for Alaska. She resides in Delta Junction with her husband and their four home-schooled children, one of whom is a third grader!

Debbie Joslin -- June 30, 2002




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