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June 2000

Donna Gardino snapped this picture of a young great horned owl off Shaw Creek Road yesterday (6/27).  With a perpetually stern expression, one always wonders what is going through their minds.  

Voice Your Ideas on Reuse

Interested in shaping reuse at Fort Greely? Help to decide what the City should be doing about issues such as the potential landfill, the prison, the industrial park and the realignment of Fort Greely. Meet with the ILRAAC (Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority Advisory Committee) on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 5:00 PM at City Hall to voice your ideas. Call 895-1081 for more information.

City of Delta Junction -- June 12, 2000

Gerstle River Dike Complete!

After over six months of negotiations with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the Board of Deltana Community Corporation was able to secure funding through NRCS' Emergency Watershed Program to construct a dike to protect Cummings Road and prevent further erosion.  

The project involved the construction of an earthfill dike with a rock riprap armor.  Total length of the dike is approximately 1600 feet and approximate cost of the dike was $200,000. The contract was awarded by NRCS, with DCC as sponsor, to Alaska Unlimited, a Delta Junction contractor.  NRCS provided 75% of the funding to construct the dike with DCC providing 25% through the State capital matching grant program. Some funding also came directly from DCC's limited operating budget. 

Gerstle River dike

The project began early in May and was completed by the third week in May.  Thanks to Alaska Unlimited for a great job and completing the project prior to the summer's high water.  Although the dike is now complete, DCC is still requesting support from the region to maintain the dike.  

Gerstle River dike

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged.  DCC has a very limited revenue source, State Revenue Sharing, which decreased by a third last year and is expected to decrease again this year. Without operating funds, DCC would be unable to capture the funding to complete such projects in the future. 

Donna Gardino, DCC -- June 1, 2000

Delta High School 2000 Graduation Night

Christie DuBois gave the valedictory at Wednesday night's graduation ceremonies in the large gym at Delta High School.  Christie is the daughter of Steve and Kenna DuBois.

 Ben Glass
Ben Glass with a big smile and a diploma.  Ben is the son of Dan and Evelyn Glass.  

David Gibbs
David Gibbs was the keynote speaker at the graduation.  Gibbs is a long time Delta resident and DGSD employee.  The student who introduced him said that Gibbs was an encouragement to all the students with a friendly smile, an uplifting word and sincere interest in students' lives.  Gibbs spoke on moving forward, not giving up on your dreams, and keeping faith in God.


Sandhill Cranes by Schenk's dairy
A small group of Sandhill cranes have taken up residence along Clearwater Road.  These are often seen in the vicinity of Schenk's dairy.  Photo by Glen Johnson.

Jim Canada with a catch of 13 red salmon at Chitina.  Photo by Tami Canada.


Delta Wind Publication Schedule

The Delta Wind plans to publish on June 29, July 13 and 27.  The paper plans two issues in August before the beginning of the school year.

Delta News Web -- June 9, 2000

This is the welcome sign at the Alaska / Canada border on the Alaska Highway.  Photo by Delta News Web.

Moose patrols the fence outside Nickay's greenhouse
This moose was on the outside of the fence at Nickays Country Garden. Moose can wreak havoc in Alaska gardens....often right at harvest time.  Strong, high fences are needed to keep them out.  Photo taken by Nick Wardle.

Tanana Loop Agricultural sign
The Tanana Loop Map as seen from the Richardson Highway is a rough sketch of what lies along the loop and extension.
Marmot on Rainbow Mt.
A hoary marmot enjoys the warm summer sun on a rock outcropping far above the Richardson Highway on Rainbow Mountain.  Photo by Glen Johnson
.Tom & Enoch Pitzer with "Crimson"
Tom (r.) and Enoch Pitzer wait for their stallion "Crimson" to get up as the tranquilizer wears off.  Crimson was going to become a gelding, but close examination by Delta vet Clint Crusberg turned up an anomaly which caused him to recommend against the operation.  
 Rainbow Mountain
Preston Miller (on ridge, lower left) stands high on Rainbow Mountain in the Alaska Range in early June.  Photo by Glen Johnson.

Pipeline surveillance team
An Alyeska Pipeline surveillance team snapped this picture at a cathodic protection site where they stopped to  take some voltage and current  readings.  The site is  just above Summit Lake at about 3500 feet.  Al Nicoson (l.) and Howard Echo-Hawk are shown in this picture in front of their Air Logistics Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter.   Photo courtesy Howard Echo-Hawk
.Moose along the Richardson Hwy.
In early summer moose begin to use the lush vegetation growing in ponds.  Delta News Web Photo.

The graduates
Most of the graduates are shown in this pre-graduation photo in the small gym.  All photos by Delta News Web.

Delta News Web -- May 25, 2000

Father and Son reunited
Father's Day 2000 was special for Nick Wardle of Delta.  He and his father Nick Leras were reunited after 35 years.  Photo by Kay Wardle.

Donnelly Dome climber
Climbing Donnelly Dome near the first summit.  Delta News Web photo.




Brian Palmer takes in the scenery in Prince William Sound on a boat his dad, Leo, is piloting.  Photo by Richard Mitchell.

Hiker in the Alaska Range
A lone hiker stands on a small peak high in the Alaska Range.  Photo by Glen Johnson

Dipping for Salmon
Jim Canada dipping for salmon in the Copper River near Chitina.  The Copper is dangerous water, so Jim was tied off to shore for safety.  Photo by Tami Canada.



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