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June 2003

Sand Creek Fire update -
Thursday evening - June 26

Delta, AK –The Sand Creek Fire illustrated the dry conditions on Wednesday by making some runs in the late afternoon.  The acreage was unavailable last night due to smoky conditions hindering accurate measurements.  The size was 41,200 acres on Tuesday evening.   The southwestern edge of the fire is continuing to back towards the cabin area.  At 8:00 PM Wednesday evening the fire was within ¾ of a mile of a cabin located at mile 31 on the Goodpaster River.  The fire began receiving precipitation beginning at 5:00 am this morning.  The fire is receiving light rain.  This will certainly cool the fire temporarily but will fall short of extinguishing it due to the extremely dry conditions.   

Crews continue to assess and improve defensible space, install sprinklers & pumps, and institute structural protection.  The fire was also active in the north of the Sand Creek drainage but has not crossed into the Shaw Creek drainage. 

The Type 2 fire organization is now in place and has taken command of the fire.  The Incident Commander is Rex McKnight.  The new incident command post is set up at mile 7 on Sawmill Creek Road.  Sawmill Creek Road is located at Mile 1403 of the Alaska Highway.

There will be a check point set up on the Goodpaster River at Jolly’s Cabin located at Mile 4 on the Goodpaster River.  This will be staffed from 10 AM and Midnight beginning 6/27, Friday.  It is requested that all river travelers check in on their way in and out.  The Incident Management Team is requesting that only property owners travel on the river until further notice.  Cabin owners on the river are reminded to stay at their cabins so the firefighters know where they are.  There will be informational boards posted at the Tanana River boat launch Mile 275 of the Richardson Highway, and the IGA Store in Delta.

The staffing of the fire has increased to 203 total personnel.  There are now 8 crews, 4 helicopters, and 12 boats working on this fire.    

Paul Slenkamp -- June 27, 2003

Sand Creek Fire update -
Wednesday evening, June 25

DELTA, 1730 6-2 The Sand Creek fire is remaining relatively quiet on the Liscum Slough (southern area of fire) there is a small amount of activity in the area nearest the cabins on the river. The fire remains app. 1 mile north of the closest cabins on the river it has made little advance since Monday evening. The conditions remain very dry..

Crews are to do structural protection and continue to assess and improve defensible space, install sprinklers and pumps along the Goodpaster drainage.

Crews also continue to mop up and secure around structures at Gustafson, smeltzer, Central Creek Cabins, and 7 mile cabin.

There is some fire activity on soutwestern portion of the fire in the upper Sand Creek area. The fire has not yet crossed into the Shaw Creek Draiage.

Paul Slenkamp -- June 26, 2003

Sand Creek Fire update - Wednesday, June 25

Click on image for an enlargement

Sand Creek Fire MapDelta, AK -The Sand Creek Fires growth slowed Tuesday with an addition of only 1200 acres. The fire, now at 41,200 acres, had little movement on the southeastern front that is threatening 25 cabins on the Goodpaster River 25 miles northeast of Delta. Today, fire managers are assessing the possibility of direct suppression on some areas of the fire to check its spread toward the cabins.

The forecasted red flag warnings for high winds and low humidity on Tuesday were moderated by cooler temperatures and moderate humidity levels in the afternoon dampening the growth of the fire and provided a temporary reprieve to cabin owners and firefighters on the river. The red flag warnings are still in effect through Wednesday for winds from the south at 15 to 20 and low humidity levels. Wednesday's morning wind in Delta was not felt at the fire where it was calm.

Cabin owners along the upper Goodpaster River between miles 25 and 35 remain at risk. 47 structures are still considered threatened, but no losses have occurred except an outhouse. Fire personnel are still working with homeowners in preparation for the approaching fire. Setting up sprinkler systems, limbing trees as high as they can safely reach, removing firewood, propane, and fuels from around the cabins and clearing brush within 30 feet of the structure are some of the precautions being taken. Property owners are working closely with firefighters and have preplanned safety zones for retreat should the fire become too intense.

The Sand Creek Fire is in management transition as a Type 2 team took charge of the fire organization at 6:00 AM today. This will allow the fire organization to be removed from the Delta State Forestry Compound allowing that office to concentrate their efforts on Initial attack of local fires.

The staffing of the fire has increased to 197 total personnel. There are now 9 crews, 4 helicopters, and 12 boats working on this fire. 3 of those crews arrived yesterday. Further resources may be ordered as the new overhead team further analyses the situation.

Paul Slenkamp -- June 25, 2003


After talking with Cindy Gentz from Department of Motor Vehicles today, she said that Duane Dannock, the director for DMV came to the City Council meeting that was held last Tuesday evening and announced that our DMV will remain open.  We will still have our DMV office here and won't have to wait in lines in Fairbanks. 

Webmaster -- June 20, 2003

Derek and Kailey Mills

Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Derek & Kailey Mills seen here as they register for the 2003 Delta Library Summer Reading Program "Laugh it Up @ Your Library". That's Library Aides Amy VanderZwaag and Anne Baker lending a hand. Derek and Kailey's parents are Derek and Sheryl Mills, and their grandparents are Sherry and Lou Heinbockel and Charles and Carmelita Mills. Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Rapids Roadhouse needs help, one week left to put the roof on!

Progress Is Great, Need Financial Help to Finish and will only take a Week!

The Rapids Roadhouse or commonly known as the Black Rapids Lodge is over 100 years old and is one of the last remaining roadhouses on the Valdez to Fairbanks trail. It is on the national historic register and has been under historic restoration since 2000 thanks to two grants from the State of Alaska Department of History and Archeology.

Recently, the roadhouse became part of the newly formed non-profit group called the Black Rapids Trust, Inc. whose mission is to preserve the memory of those that came before us. The roadhouse will eventually house a museum that depicts the history of the gold rush on this route, mountaineers in the area, and create an outdoor education program for youth in Alaska. The roadhouse almost fell into the glacial grit, but now with its sound foundation established, it has already held its own against the big earthquake.

The crew, owners and volunteers have been ambitious this summer are almost done with this summers goal, four stabilized sections of the 11 section structure. Last summer they completed two main sections. We are only a week away from making our goal and completing four additional sections. But because of the magnitude of this project, we are having to stop midstream, with only one week more needed to get the roof on the last two sections. The project is short $14,000 to complete this phase. We need help to simply get the roof on! We are all proud of the progress and commitment of the group of folks pulling this whole thing together, and preserving the history that has so long eluded us on this historical trail. If you can help, please call 455-6158 or visit our web site at for updates.

Help us raise the roof! We will in exchange engrave donors names of over a $1,000 on special plaques. The legacy will continue. The Timing of this is immediate and crucial to not only save the logs and work already completed, but to save our history! Many thanks.

Annie Hopper  -- June 17, 2003

Sand Creek Fire Update

Sand Creek Fire Information @ 895-2115

Delta, AK - The Sand Creek Fire located 25 miles northeast of Delta increased an additional 5,000 acres Saturday to reach a size of 30,000 acres. The fire spread southwest, crossing over Sand Creek, putting cabins on the Goodpaster in more imminent danger. It also moved within a ½ mile of Central and is expected to spread past Central Creek toward Pogo Mine. A hotshot crew protected seven mile cabin in an area where the surrounding fuels burned.

Goodpaster Cabin owners above the south fork are now faced with an increasing threat of fire activity. The central complex will be fire tested today as the fire continues to move up the Goodpaster River. Cabin owners above Hubers (mi. 27) on the river are asked to be ready and prepare for the fire.

Warm and dry weather conditions and high fire danger necessitates suspension of burn permits today. Fires are still permitted in developed recreational areas. Campers are encouraged to use fire pits or self contained stoves. Please be sure fire is dead out before leaving. Children caused a fire near Delta Junction yesterday which State Firefighters quickly brought under control. Human caused fire starts increase the workload and resources that are needed to attack natural lightening caused fires such as the Sand Creek Fire.

The water level on the Goodpaster River continues to drop making river travel very difficult. The Division of Forestry is requesting that recreational boating be avoided on the river. The extremely low water conditions coupled with the fire support and smoke are creating hazardous and congested travel conditions on the river.

Staffing remains at 136 people are working on the fire, including 2 hotshot crews, 4 type 2 crews, 3 helicopters and 8 boats.

Fire Information -- June 23, 2003

Sitka Fishermen

The Parker's and Dubois take photo's of five King Salmon they caught in Sitka last week.  King salmon fishing is the reason for 400 charter operators in Sitka, a substantial economic boon for the town.  King salmon are being released by a local hatchery which has increased the number of kings returning.  Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Greatlander Show Band To Perform in Delta June 23rd

The USAF Band of the Pacific - Greatlander Show Band will be performing in Delta on June 23rd from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Delta Elementary School Gymnasium (the smaller gym). Admission is free!

Entertainment is the mission of The Greatlanders, the U.S. Air Force Band of the Pacific's 14-piece show band. These versatile professional musicians project a positive Air Force image with world-class music. The ensemble plays a wide variety of styles that appeal to almost everyone. Their energetic concerts include Top 40 hits, Classic Rock, Funk, and Contemporary or Big Band Jazz. The Greatlanders thrill military and civilian audiences alike, performing over 100 programs a year to more than 150,000 people.

This event brought to you by the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the City of Delta Junction.

Martha Kimball - June 16, 2003

This photo was taken of Seth Blankenship, age 21, Dwight's nephew from Anchorage last weekend while fishing for "Lakers" at the Gulkana River. Note the "smolt pattern" hanging out of the lakers mouth. Seth caught this beauty at 1:00 AM, just as it was getting light again!  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Coal Mine Road

The following shot was taken on Saturday, June 14, at the coal mine on Coal Mine Road. Photo Courtesy Mike Nuckols

Is Your Dog Missing?

Is Your Dog Missing

FOUND:  May 29, Mile 300 Richardson Hwy. between Delta and Birch Lake.  Young male, friendly.  Call 895-4332 or 895- 4893

Gene Eggleston -- June 12, 2003

Lael EchoHawk

Lael Echo-Hawk (in the middle) celebrates with friends the end of class. Lael is graduating from the University of Washington Law School on June 15, 2003. She is a 1995 graduate of DHS. She graduates with the prestigious positions as the Vice-President of the Student Body and the President of the Native American Law Student Association. She has been hired to work as a lawyer for a Native tribe in the Seattle area.  Her family has joined her in Seattle to celebrate this
occasion, if you would like to offer you congratulations or join us for the party in Seattle o the 14th email her at
Photo Courtesy Abigail Echo-Hawk Lopez

Highway's End Farmers Market Grand Opening - June 14th

The Highway's End Farmers Market will have it's opening day on Saturday, June 14th. The market will be open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. It is located behind the Sullivan's Roadhouse on the Richardson Higway. There will be a variety of vendors selling their wares - vegetables, crafts, flowers and more. Come join in the fun! For further information please contact either Martha Kimball 895-2004 or Brenda Peterson 895-5068.

Martha Kimball -- June 10, 2003

Barbi and family

Barbi "Kephart" Ouellette, a 1986 graduate of Delta, who currently resides in Palmer.  Pictured in the photo are her family at a recent fishing trip to Homer 6/6/03. Seen is Tyler (8), Mark, Ryan (15), and Barbi.

Fort Greely Continuing Its Restoration Advisory Board

Fort Greely, Alaska--Fort Greely is continuing its Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to obtain the public's assistance with the installation's environmental restoration program, and is seeking participants to be part of the board. Additional members are needed from Delta Junction and surrounding community because some former members have resigned or moved.

Individuals interested in being considered for RAB membership should complete a community interest survey form available at the Delta Junction City Hall or from the web site The completed survey may be submitted electronically to; faxed to (907) 895-4375; or sent to Steve Fields, Community Co-chair, Fort Greely Installation RAB, MI 275.4 Richardson Highway, Delta Junction, AK 99737-1013.

The next RAB meeting is scheduled for the Delta Junction City Hall, June 24, 2003, at 7:00 p.m. and is open to the public. Completed interest surveys may be also be brought to the meeting.

The RAB assisted with the restoration efforts required by the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process from 1995 until Fort Greely was withdrawn from BRAC in 2000 to support the U.S. missile defense program. The RAB was not disbanded and remained available to assist with the installation environmental restoration program.

The word "installation" is being added to the board's formal name, which now becomes the Fort Greely Installation Restoration Advisory Board. This reflects the change in focus from assisting restoration for an installation slated for closure to assisting restoration for an operating installation with an expanding mission.

The goal of the RAB is to give individuals who represent the diverse interests of the community the opportunity to regularly review progress and interact with the decision makers on Fort Greely's environmental restoration program. This increases public understanding and the quality of the installation environmental restoration program.

The RAB meetings are to be held quarterly and are open to the public.

Public participation on the RAB is strictly voluntary. The Army does not provide financial support to the public members for their services nor will members be compensated for work hours lost, or time invested.

Interested RAB participants should be willing to attend all RAB meetings (which could last from two to four hours each) and be willing to devote ample time to review any related Army documents within prescribed time frames.

For more information on participating in the RAB or obtaining a community interest survey, call Christine Boerst at Fort Greely, telephone 907-873-4665.

Edward H. Vaughn -- June 4


Denali Lutheran Preschoolers perform “The Seeds That Grew To Be 100” at their annual Spring Program held on May 22, 2003. My son Derek Jr. (standing on the far right) truly enjoyed his year in preschool and is looking forward to returning in September! THANKS to Dawn, Eli and Annie Grossmann for all of their hard work with these eager preschoolers!!  Photo Courtesy Sheryl Mills

Deltana Fair Update -
"The Place to Bee... 2003"

The winning theme/logo for this year's Deltana fair was submitted by Ann Geise: The Place to Bee... 2003 Deltana Fair, August 22, 23, 24. There were 20 entries in response to the extended deadline and some may be used for other Fair activities or for future fairs.

VENDORS: Information/Reservation Packets are available to all who may be interested in having a booth or space at the 2003 Deltana Fair. Pick up a packet at Help Secretarial in the AMC Building or call (907) 895-FAIR (3247) and a packet will be mailed to you.

PLACEMAT ADS: Advertising space is still available on placemats which will be printed and distributed to restaurants in the greater Delta area to promote Delta and the Deltana Fair, "The Place to Bee...". The ads are one size only at a cost of $90 each. This is a good opportunity to tell people what your business has to offer when they come to Delta Junction! (For more info, call Ann Geise at (907) 895-4466.)

PREMIUM BOOK: The Deltana Fair Premium Book offers advertising space at prices ranging from $40 up to $195, with prime space on the back cover and inside front and back covers at "premium" prices. For more information, call (907) 895-3247 or send a fax to (907) 895-4628, or call Ann Geise at (907) 895-4466. Ad forms are also available at Help Secretarial, (907) 895-4439. The deadline for reserving space in the Premium Book is Friday, June 6. Ad content material must be received by Wednesday, June 11. The Fair Association wants to have the books available to the public by mid-summer, well in advance of the fair, to be held August 22, 23 and 24.

THANK YOU! Many thanks to Unit Company for stepping up to sponsor the 2003 Deltana Fair T-shirts! Two other sponsorships have also come in, without specific "earmarks", from Mt. Hayes Inc. Realtors and from Bucher Glass. We appreciate you and hope there are still more sponsorships "in the mail"!

(FYI: Deltana Fair is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, if that helps your business help the Fair.)

Steve Fields -- June 2, 2003


Buckley and Scott Hollembaeck

Buckley and Scott Hollembaeck getting their boat fired up over Memorial Day for their first run up the ClearH20 of the year. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Coho Carcass

The picture shows a remnant of last year's coho run on the DCR.  The flesh from dead coho salmon contribute to the food chain which feeds the many millions of salmon and whitefish fry found in the river.  Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Delta News Web Looking For Photos and Community News

As you can see today, we have alot of white space in our community news.  If you have a story or news item you would like to share with the community, please submit them to the DNW.  Our web paper is a community effort.  We need your input. Thank you.

Webmaster -- May 28, 2003

Is Your Dog Missing

Is Your Dog Missing? FOUND:  May 29, Mile 300 Richardson Hwy. between Delta and Birch Lake.  Young male, friendly.  Call 895-4332 or 895- 4893

Jaydon and Deviin

This is Devin and his little brother Jaydon hiding in clothes racks at the store. Devin will be 7 in September and Jaydon will be 3 on May 30th. Both are the sons of Jayme (Braswell) Wilson. 1997 Graduate of Delta High. We reside in Rochester Minnesota where my husband is a Navy Recruiter. Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson


Sand Creek Fire update -  Saturday, June 28

Delta, AK – Crews made good progress on securing the fire line on the southern edge of the Sand Creek fire along Liscom slough. The 44,153 acre fire was relatively inactive due to increased humidity and cloud cover. The effort to secure the line will continue today in the same area to decrease chances that the fire will continue to push toward cabins along the upper Goodpaster River.

A warming and drying trend in the weather is expected for the weekend with higher temperatures and lower humidity. While these conditions will test the line that has been secured along the slough, fire managers expect the line to hold.

Boat traffic on the river is expected to increase due to the weekend, heightening concerns for firefighter and public safety. Access to the river is restricted to cabin owners only and recreational users are advised not to plan to boat on the Goodpaster. Cabin owners going to their property are asked to check in at Jolly’s cabin at Mile 4. Boaters are also asked to be aware of helicopters with external loads near the river and should stop and not run under the aircraft.

Crews have been pulling pumps off cabin protection along the Goodpaster to store them at strategic locations along the river. Hose lays and sprinklers will remain in place for easy use should the fire activity resume. Arrangements are being made to begin sending some crews home Sunday and Monday, but three crews will remain in place along the river for the next week to monitor the status of the fire and provide cabin protection.

Paul Slenkamp -- June 29, 2003

Michelle (Sharp) Trulove

Michelle (Sharp) Trulove recently completed her education to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. She graduated top in her class and will take her state exams at the end of the month.  She received her new hospital scrubs (uniform) as a graduation present from Mom and Dad. Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp

Steven and Tracey Goldfuss

Steven and Tracey Goldfuss are pictured here at their wedding on 21 June 2003 at Quartz Lake. Brad Bagley officiated the ceremony. Photo Courtesy Joe Crandall

Blair and Kathy

Miss Alaska's

Blair Chenoweth was crowned Miss Alaska 2003 on June 14th. For the talent competition, Blair performed a modern ballet dance to “All that Jazz” from the movie, “Chicago.” Eleven former Miss Alaskas were on hand for the 45th anniversary of the pageant, including Delta resident Kathy Tebow Sharp, Miss Alaska 1976. Kathy, winner of a Miss America Pageant Talent Award, performed two violin solos and co-emceed a portion of this year’s state
pageant. Photo Courtesy  Michelle Trulove

Sand Creek Fire update - Tuesday, June 24

Delta, AK -The Sand Creek Fire grew an additional 3,500 acres on Monday and has now reached 40,000 acres. It is located 25 northeast of Delta. The area has received little or no precipitation for many months, which has created volatile fuel conditions within the Black Spruce, White Spruce and mixed hardwoods which is the fires primary fuel.

The weather for today is forecasted for winds out of the south at 15 mph. Humidity levels will be approximately 25% with temperatures near 70. These conditions can allow for erratic fire behavior. Southerly winds are forecasted which may drive the fire away from the river. Increased thunderstorm activity with erratic winds and fire behavior could occur this afternoon. Thunderstorms on Monday provided winds which ran the fire to the south.

Cabin owners along the upper Goodpaster River between miles 25 and miles 35 are at risk due to fire spread. The fire is now in the Liscum Slough area and is expected to bump the Goodpaster River at approximately mile 30. The surrounding cabin owners have been preparing for the fire for several days. They have been aided by State of Alaska, Division of Forestry (DOF) personnel and firefighter crews. Cabin owners down stream on the Goodpaster River are encouraged to prepare defensible space, set up pumps and sprinklers. DOF personnel and fire crews are working their way downriver to assist in preparation.

Structural protection remains the top priority as there are now 47 structures considered threatened. No structural losses have occurred. One out building has been lost. All residents that live in rural areas are reminded to be prepared for wildfire by clearing defensible space. For additional information on defensible space contact your local Division of Forestry Office.

The Sand Creek Fire will be upgraded to a Type 2 incident on Tuesday. Staffing is at 156 personnel, 4 helicopters, and 6 crews. Equipment will be increased by an 3 additional crews and 2 medium helicopters have been ordered. As the transition of the overhead team occurs more resources may be ordered.

The fire danger in the Central Tanana Valley remains very high with the suspension of burn permits still in effect. There have been several close calls in the past several days requiring Division of Forestry Initial Attack crews to suppress human caused fires. Please be careful with fire.

Paul, fire information officer -- June 24, 2003

Sand Creek Fire Update as of
Monday, June 23

Delta, AK -The Sand Creek Fire located 25 miles northeast of Delta grew by an additional 6,500 acres on Sunday and is now 36,500 acres. The unusually dry fuel conditions this year are contributing to the fires spread. Moderate humidity, light variable winds and some precipitation has held growth to a moderate level. This weather pattern is expected to continue for the next few days.

Cabin owners along the upper Goodpaster River (mile 27) were warned that their properties and structures are threatened. The cabins at Central Creek on the Goodpaster River received a short reprieve as an afternoon wet thundercell dampened fire activity in the late afternoon.

Structural protection is still top priority as crews work with cabin owners in preparing defensible space and installing sprinkler systems around the cabins. There are currently 24 structures considered threatened, these are at Central Creek and above mile 27 on the Goodpaster River. As opportunities arise and topography, fuel types and favorable weather conditions exist, tactical operations may be utilized to delay the fires advance.

The Delta State Forestry Initial Attack was successful again on Sunday in extinguishing an escaped camp fire. There is a suspension of burn permits in the Delta Junction Area. Campfires are permitted but should be in developed recreational areas, and put dead out when you leave.

A meeting was held at Mile 4 on the Goodpaster River to inform property owners of the impending fire. There were 17 residents in attendance. Residents were told that if weather conditions remained that they should expect the fire to reach the cabins above mile 27 by Wednesday. Crews are working with cabin owners to prepare for the approaching fire.

Paul, fire information officer -- June 24, 2003

Amber, Daryl and Andrew

Amber (Blake) Boothe a former Delta Resident,
husband Daryl Boothe of Woodstock Alabama
with their seven and half month old son Andrew Boothe.  Photo Courtesy Amber Boothe

This picture was taken at sunset on Monday evening in the Clearwater area. The plume of smoke is from the fire burning on the Goodpaster River.  Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Information has been copied and pasted from the BLM site.  Recent news as of June 18.

The Sand Creek Fire 25 miles northeast of Delta Junction was also active Tuesday. The lightning-caused fire, which started Saturday, gained 13,000 acres and is now 23,000 acres. Six crews totaling about 85 firefighters are in place. They worked to build a fire break along Sand Creek in preparation for a possible burnout to hold the fire north of the creek. Structure protection continued at several structures in the immediate vicinity of the fire. Protection needs are being assessed at numerous cabin sites on the lower Goodpaster River south of the fire.

For more information on the local fire and other fires in the state of Alaska

Dr. Anthony G. Lavender
Chiropractic Physician
will be coming to Delta June 26,
and every Thursday

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Lavender and his wife, Aleta moved to Tok in 1995 looking for a different and more relaxing lifestyle. After working seasonally for the Oregon and Montana Forest Service Dr. Lavender began his career in medicine in 1972 when he enrolled at Oregon Institute of Technology for four years and received his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology then went on to two years at Tucson Medical Center for medical radiology after which he was employed as a P.A. in radiology at a hospital in Deer Lodge, Montana for seven years.

Being on call for emergencies, the lack of time for family and his outfitting business was enticing him to something stressful. While guiding an elk hunt he injured his low back. He was in the hospital for five days with no relief. A knowledgeable M.D. encouraged him to see a chiropractor. After several treatment the condition resolved. It was at that point he realized that chiropractic was an avenue of medicine that would allow him to have a more significant medical impact and more personal contact with the people that needed chiropractic care.

He went back to Oregon Institute of Technology for six months to complete the additional requirements in chemistry and physics before taking his family to Chesterfield, Missouri to begin another four years of schooling at Logan College of Chiropractic Medicine. Logan College was affiliated with an osteopathic hospital where Dr. Lavender did his internship before he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Lavender has passed three national chiropractic boards and six state boards which licensed him to practice in Illinois, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, California, and Alaska. A Doctor of Chiropractic must take the boards and be licensed in each state he wishes to practice versus an M.D. who have reciprocity in all states and is required to take only one state board. After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Lavender opened a practice in Cody, Wyoming. He also performed Manipulations Under Anesthesia in two hospitals in California.

The allure of Alaska strong. After a couple road trips and one hunting trip to Alaska he began to realize that he wanted a slower pace lifestyle where he could enjoy his hobbies of jogging, hunting, fishing, flying and trapping amid a calmer environment. Tok was a small community which offered him those opportunities and there appeared to be a need for his chiropractic services. After eight years of practicing in Tok, three days a week, Dr. Lavender believes there is a need for his services in Delta Jct. and will be opening a satellite office one day a week.

Some patients have other than neuro-musculo-skeletal problems. 10% of back pain is organic in nature, i.e. tumor, fracture, dislocation, infection or referred pain from other organ systems. Lab, x-ray, further tests may be necessary and as a result Dr. Lavender has built a strong working relationship with medical community in Anchorage for other procedures i.e. MRI, CT, bone scans, radiologic and nuclear medicine diagnosis. He works closely with the Alaska Spine Center, HealthSouth Diagnostics, Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic, Rehabilitation Medical Associates, Primary Care Associates and different neurologists.

Chiropractic is more than 'popping backs'. Dr. Lavender deals with the whole body.
Neuromuscular (joint, disk, tendon or muscle) problems - carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, sports injuries. Skeletal disorders, lab and x-ray interpretation. Cholesterol and dietary counseling. CDLs, school and employment physicals. Workers Compensation and work related injuries. Personal Injury associated with motor vehicle accidents.

Accurate diagnosis is the key to correct treatment. Preventative measures, good nutrition and exercises is the key to maintain your own good health.

Aleta Lavender -- June 13, 2003

Why the Deltana Fair Date Change...

Deltana Fair was set up to be held (and was for many years) the first FULL weekend of August, prior to the Tanana Valley State Fair.

Some years ago, the Alaska State fair (Palmer) expanded its days and then Tanana Valley expanded its days and Deltana got booted right out of August.

This is one reason the agricultural and gardening displays have slacked off -- the fourth weekend in July is too early for growing things to be ready for display.

After last year's Deltana Fair, the Board made a decision to move Deltana to the middle of August, between the Fairbanks and Palmer fairs. (This is most likely when Deltana Fair will be held in 2004.)

This year, however, there was a conflict with the carnival Deltana wanted and the Kenai Fair (mid-August), so it was decided, again, to move one week, to August 22, 23, 24.

There will be ample time for some good displays of crops and garden produce and flowers are always at their best right before frost!

We hope you can join us: The place to bee...2003 Deltana Fair!

Loretta Schooley -- June 9, 2003

Curtis and his new dog, Oscar

Curtis Taylor holding his new pup, that he received as a gift from Dwight and Julia Phillips.  Oscar at that time was 6 weeks old.  Curtis calls him his  new found friend.  Today he is 3 and half months old and weighs about 5 pounds.  He is a PUG.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Duck Nest Boxes for Ft. Greely

Steve Reidsma

Steve Reidsma from Ft. Wainwright Natural Resources helping to erect a goldeneye nest box on Bolio Lake, May 7th 2003.

Each spring millions of migratory birds return to Alaska to nest. Waterfowl are some of the more familiar. On Delta area lakes we commonly have nesting mallards, wigeon and scaup, among others. Some species such as Common and Barrow’s goldeneyes nest in natural cavities in hollow trees.

 However, there are not many cavities in this area big enough for a duck to fit in. These species will also use man made nest boxes. On Ft. Greely we have a small number of nest boxes we maintain each year.

This past winter Jack Morris’s shop class at DJHS built a dozen more for us with lumber donated by Cummings Sawmill. DJHS students Isaac Anderson and Billy Smith did most of the building.

This spring our Natural Resources staff put them up. According to researchers at UAF we have an unusually high occupancy rate here probably due to the lack of suitable natural cavities.

 So next time you’re fishing on one of the lakes on Ft. Greely keep an eye out for a goldeneye brood. Odds are good they popped out of a nest box built by some of your neighbors.

And thanks again to Cummings Sawmill, Jack Morris and his students for donating their time and materials. If you have questions or comments please call Jeff Mason, Ft. Greely Natural Resources at 873-1615.

Jeff Mason -- June 3

Alaskrafts® Fur Shack
is officially open for the Summer

The Fur Shack is located in front of the Alaska Pipeline, just south of the Tanana River Bridge on the Richardson Highway --- Milepost 275.4 Richardson Highway, Big Delta.

Locals Steve and Kathy Fields own and operate this unique, one of a kind, little shop, that's been around for a couple decades. They are known for
their wide variety products, which are made in Alaska.

They sell beautiful professionally tanned animal pelts received from local trappers and hunters from around the state.

Their beautiful and luxurious fur and leather products include Leather Mittens trimmed in a variety of soft fur, and lined with fleece and insulated with ThinsulateT.

Headbands, soft and warm strips of fur lined with fleece for added warmth and comfort with adjustable VelcroT closures. Their Coyote headbands were featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, and Alaska Magazine. They are featured in one of Harry M. Walker's series of Alaska Books entitled "Wacky & Wonderful Roadside Attractions of Alaska," Epicenter Press, 2002.

Other featured books are local author Judy Ferguson's "Parallel Destinies," which is the bigger story of the Alaskan Interior's development. It focuses on the Alaska state park, Rika's Roadhouse. Check Judy's book out at:

Hats (Alaskan style) made with a wide variety of warm, soft furs, lined with fleece. Perfect for a day of ice fishing or cold windy nights

These are just a few of the fur and leather items, made right here in the Delta Junction area.

They also carry a line of beautiful hand beaded jewelry, made by well known local artist Viki Faber, who owns Wolf Hill Studios, and is known for her unique and beautiful designs in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, etc. These items are made with the finest of beads, in every color imaginable. She also welcomes custom made orders. Check out Viki's jewelry at:

They also carry a wide variety of Alaska Clay items from local Mary Woodbury who meticulously works with each piece. They are made from the clay found in various places in Alaska. When fired, the clay changes to various shades of creams and browns making each piece a truly original ceramic.

Alaskrafts® also carry Mary's line of blanket throws, made with polar fleece --- making them warm, soft and snuggly.

There are many different gift items made from various local people including, but not limited to original gift baskets of goodies from Alaska
Gift Baskets and the Sugar and Spice Shoppe owned, operated, and created by Tonia Smith. Check out Tonia's inventory at:

Unique Alaskan humorous cards are sold using our local models photographed by elementary school teacher Cindy Lou Aillaud.

Caribou Antlers hangings carved into Eagles made for wall/ceilings by Alaskan native Wayne Lee.

When you get a chance, stop by the Fur Shack, or you can view their webpages at: and/or

Steve Fields -- June 2, 2003

Mrs. Mill's 2nd Grade class

Mrs. Mills’ second grade took a walking field trip in early May; we walked the nature trail, ate our lunch at the campground and had a tour at Delta Forestry.  THANKS to everyone at forestry for the tour.  Mrs. Mills hopes that these wonderful “THIRD graders” are having a great summer!  Photo Courtesy Sheryl Mills

Delta Junction Makes National News ran a major story about the new Ft. Greely missile interceptor project and its impact on Delta Junction on May 27. The story talks about the military aspect of the project and how the community is effected.

Webmaster -- May 27, 2003



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