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June 2004

Art Lenon
 Art Lenon displaying a nice grayling, that he caught on the Upper Clearwater last week. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Midnight sun
Midnight sun on Clearwater Lake. Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

Rainbow on the Alaska Highway
I took this picture late in the afternoon on June 2.  It looked like the rainbow's end was right at Mrs. Fett's drive.  I didn't realize there was a double rainbow until I downloaded the camera.  Alaska's rainbows always seem to be more vivid and bright than they are anywhere else. Photo courtesy Becky Peterson

DGSD to Discontinue Internet Dialup Service

As of June 17, 2004 the Delta Greely School District will be discontinuing its Internet dialup connection service. Due to the expenses of maintaining and replacing slow and aging equipment, the district has decided to step aside and allow other Internet Service Providers (ISP) to provide more reliable and faster connectivity to the world-wide network. The districtís Internet connectivity service was started more than a decade ago when such services were not available within the community.

The districtís dial-up service has become slow and unreliable as webpage technologies have placed increasing demands on Internet content delivery. The original dialup equipment no longer meets acceptable ISP standards and is not cost effective to maintain. Replacement of this equipment with modern connection technology is expensive and not funded by E-Rate, the federal funding source for educational technology. As such, the district has determined that its students will be better served by one of the Internet Service Providers now serving the community.

Three Internet Service companies now serving the Delta/Greely area are: Wild Alaska, Wireless Delta and ACS. Each is either expanding or developing Internet services in the area and promise to provide reliable Internet connectivity. DGSD dialup users are encouraged to contact them to explore the several levels of services currently being offered or that are planned to come on-line in the very near future.

June 15, 2005 -- Rick Johnson

Troop 56 joined 10 other troops from Fairbanks for friendly competition.Troop 56

Troop 56

Troop 56
On June 4th Troop 56 joined 10 other troops from Fairbanks for friendly competition.  The goal was to hike 15 miles on the Granite Tors trail (off the Chena Hot Springs Road) and participate in 9 different events, testing how well the scouts work together.  All this occurred from 10:30 pm Friday to about 11:30 Saturday morning.  Troop 56 came in third place overall.  Pictures show some of the activities along the way.  The first was on the way up the mountain, (as seen in the photo of the day) second a rest stop, and third was one of the events the boys did best in, that is to avoid man eating tortoises and boil water, which they did in 4 minutes and 25 sec.  Photo courtesy Fronty Parker

Young moose
Young moose takes a leisurely stroll in the shadows of the Alaska Range.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

2004 Delta Huskies softball team
The 2004 Delta Huskies Softball Team coached by Regina Pelto and Wayne Butler. Not pictured are Lindsey Sanders and Kari Miller.   Photo courtesy Debbie Green

Happy Birthday June 8 - June 14

Happy 26th birthday to Hillary Crandall on June 11th. I seem to remember I had gone fishing on the Chena, but made it on time. Love always, Dad, Carol, Holly, Ryan and Taylor

Happy Happy 25th birthday Sarah Grossmann on June 13th.  Having you nearby is the BEST. May your 25th year be filled with all that you hope and pray for. We love you very much. Mom, Dad, Eli and Annie

Happy Anniversary June 8 - June 14

Happy 25th anniversary [that's silver] to Bill and Sherry Smith on June 9th from Nick and Kay in California. We're exactly one week behind you guys. We celebrate our 25th on the 16th of June. We're renewing our  vows, what are you guys doing?

Changes in "Delta Wind" Publication Schedule

The "Delta Wind" newspaper publication schedule for June has been changed due to an assortment of circumstances.

There will NOT be a paper on Friday, June 4; instead, the next publication is planned for Friday, June 11. This will be the only paper during the month of June.

Papers are scheduled, however, for Thursday, July 1; Friday, July 16, and Thursday, July 29.
Any questions should be directed to the Delta Wind office at 895-5115.

Delta Wind -- June 8, 2004

War memorial

War Memorial
Leon was at the Memorial Day opening of the new WWII memorial. These will be his last pictures to the DNW since he is moving to Europe.  Best of luck Leon and thanks for supporting the DNW.  Photo courtesy Leon Vialpando

Colton, turned 1 month old on June 2. Photo courtesy Leslie Bobo

Blythe Isabel Zayon
My name is Kristen Zayon (formerly Olberg). My husband Jack and I have been living in Anchorage for about 10 years now.  I grew up in Delta and graduated from DHS in 1990. The newest family member, Blythe Isabel, who was born on March 19th, weighing 10 lb 8oz!!! In this picture she is ten weeks old. Photo courtesy Kristen Zayon (Olberg)

Christie Dubois
Here's one of me at a rehearsal for my friend Adam's Senior Project. It was a play called "The Invention of War." It was composed of battle scenes from various Shakespearian plays like Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet, Macbeth, etc. I got to fight with swords in choreographed fight sequences. I'm sitting on one of the 8ft. high platforms that we fought. Photo courtesy Christie DuBois

  Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell
Hillel EchoHawk and Levi Atwell.  2004 graduates.  Photo Courtesy Charlie Atwell

HAPPY BIRTHDAY June 22 - June 28

Best wishes and congratulations to my birthday twin, Irene Meade, on Saturday, June 26th!  With love from, Joyce McCombs.


Happy 47th Anniversary to Glenn and Trudy Shields On June 22. From their children

Common Merganser
Common Male Merganser, taken on the Upper Clearwater last week of May.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Mama and baby moose
A picture of the 4 babies and Mama moose in my front yard on Spriggs Lane. These moose have been wandering around out in that area. Photo courtesy Lori Meek

Eli and Ben
Eli Grossmann recently went to LA to try out for the LA Jr Kings Hockey Team. He stayed with his older brother Ben of Venice Beach while there and enjoyed the tourists sites of the big city.  Ben has been in LA for 3 years and works in the movie industry as a digital effects artist. Happy 27th birthday Ben.  We love you and miss you.  Your family. Photo by Isabella Vosmikova.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon
Fran Columbo's son owns the air balloon.
Scenes from our balcony in Delta. Photo courtesy Tony Smith

HAPPY BIRTHDAY June 15 - June 21

Happy Birthday on the 16th of June to Okyo Stumpe, hope you have a very happy one.
Hugs your sister Barbara

Ruby Hollembaek's Retirement Party

Retirement Party for Ruby Hollembaek. From teacher, to farmer, to teacher and back to farmer again. Please celebrate with us at a retirement party at the Hollembaek farm on June 19 at 5PM. Meat will be provided, please bring a dish and drink. Contact Christy Hollembaek at 895-5393 if you have any questions.

Christy Hollembaek -- June 14, 2004

Request for Community Volunteers

On June 17, 18 and 19 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) the Park Committee will be installing 
new playground equipment at the City Park. 

Volunteers are needed.

Please contact City Hall (895-4656) to sign up for a work crew.  6-8 are needed for each of 4 crews.

Our heartfelt THANKS are yours in advance. 

The Delta Park Committee -- June 8, 2004


Graduation weekend
A picture from graduation weekend.  It was taken at a BBQ on Sunday May 16th.  From left to right the seniors are, Anne Baker, Amy Vander Zwaag, Jesse Schlichting, Cassie Green, Tony Sherman, Kim Hardy, Brandon Jenkins, and Sarah Byam. Photo courtesy Cassie Green

Priscilla and Rafe
Priscilla Joslin and Rafe Grossmann enjoy lunch on a bale of hay at Delta's Frontier Days. Photo courtesy Dawn Grossmann

Deadline is Tuesday for ad space in '04 Deltana Fair Premium Book

The deadline for those who haven't yet reserved advertising space in the 2004 Deltana Fair 25th Year Premium Book has been extended to 5 pm on Tuesday, June 15.

Forms were mailed out in April, along with the fair's annual fund-raising letter. If you did not receive one or have perhaps mis-placed it, you still have a little time. Please call 895-FAIR (895-3247) and leave a message if you don't get a human.
Thank you! Deltana Fair appreciates your participation and support!

June 15, 2004 -- Loretta Schooley

Matt, Creig, and Kathy
Proud parents, Creig and Kathy Sharp, are shown at the Fairbanks International Airport welcoming home their son, Matthew Sharp.  Matt is enjoying his career in the Air Force and has been attending Air Traffic Control School in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he finished top in his class, achieving the "Distinguished Graduate" award.  Airman Sharp's next duty station is at Nellis AFB outside Las Vegas, Nevada where he will move into his "hands on" training phase as a radar operator. Photo courtesy Kathy Sharp

Shaw Creek scenery shot.  Photo courtesy Dwight Phillips

Cliff Swallows
Cliff swallows taken in the parking lot at the Tanana bridge by the Fur Shack.  They were taking mud out of the puddles. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Grant, Amy and Tony
Grant Giese, Amy Vander Zwaag, and Tony Sherman. Graduation night, May 14, 2004.
Photo courtesy Amy Vander Zwaag

Happy Birthday June 1 - June 7

Happy Birthday to Kathleen Vander Zwaag on June 5, 2004.  Love your husband, Jerry, and your daughter, Amy.

Happy Anniversary June 1 - June 7

Happy 10th Anniversary to Stan and Laquenta Musgrove on June 4th from Nick and Kay in California!

I would like to pay tribute to my new husband of one month (a true patriot), S1 PLT SGT E-7 J. Howard. For over 3 years now, I thank God everyday for bringing this gentle, very rare and very special man into my life. He has bravely served our great country with honor and courage during both war and peace times for over 20 years. He has been up-close-and-personal in two conflicts and he's prouder of the scars from it than the miles of medals and awards he's earned. Whenever I see him in his fatigues (which he still wears proudly), I think about all the sacrifices he's made in the name of freedom and I tell myself...Superman's got nothing on him. He is and will always be my hero, my protector, my best friend, and the love of my life! 

A Very Proud Mrs. J. Howard  --May 30, 2004

I would like to put in a text to honor my father on Memorial day. To Dad (Ron Gibbens) Thank you for all you have done, we are proud of you and thank you for serving our country in its time of need. You accepted the call of duty from the United States Of America, You wore your uniform proudly and you served unselfishly. We honor you on Memorial Day and always.  You're awesome dad.

Love From Your Kids. -- May 30, 2004

2004 Graduating Class Graduation was May 14,  shown is the entire graduating class from Delta High School.   Photo courtesy Cassie Green

Taken a couple weeks ago, this Spring Crocus is one of the very first interior wildflowers to show up.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips



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