June 2005

Flea Beetles

Flea beetles are named for the way that they jump off a plant like a bunch of fleas. They are shiny black beetles about the size of a pinhead, with some species having yellow or white markings. They chew tiny holes into the leaves of beans, beets, corn, eggplant, melons, peppers, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, and turnips, as well as broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and the rest of the crucifer family. Flea beetles transmit viral and bacterial diseases, including early blight to potatoes. The larvae feed on the roots of plants. Adults overwinter in the soil and in garden debris. Shepard’s purse is a weed that flea beetles are attracted to that may be useful as a trap crop if you are interested in detecting their emergence in the spring with sticky traps.

Flea beetles dislike shade, so row covers will help cool the plants and retain moisture in the hot summer sun as well as discouraging the flea beetle. Agricultural fleece, netting, or other row cover material will help keep flea beetles from getting to your new plants in the spring. Flea beetles like it hot and dry, so make the microclimate around the vulnerable plants cool and moist by sprinkling target crops a little during really hot days, and spacing plants close enough that the leaves will touch when mature, creating cool, shady spaces underneath.

Natural homemade solutions of garlic spray and hot pepper spray are good control options. Botanical poisons such as neem and pyrethrum are also good control options. Beneficial organisms that feed on flea beetles include ground beetles and parasitic wasps. Beneficial juvenile nematodes will take care of the flea beetle larvae. Birds that enjoy eating flea beetles for you include chickadees, vireos, and warblers. Keeping populations of weeds such as shepard’s purse under control will discourage egg laying in the vicinity of your garden. Barriers such as diatomaceous earth repel flea beetles. Dust the diatomaceous earth at night around the base of the plant to create a barrier, and if the plants have already been infested, dust the entire plant, including the stem and undersides. Coffee grounds or lime deter flea beetles from target crops when spread in a ring around each plant.

For more information about insects, horticulture questions, or more info about natural homemade insecticides, contact the Cooperative Extension Service at 895-4215, located in the Jarvis Office Center on the Alaska Highway.

June 22, 2005 -- By Sara Engebretson - IPM Technician.  UAF-Cooperative Extension Service

Be a part of the fun coming up this 4th of July holiday weekend. We have set the date for the Delta Chamber of Commerce Old time 4th of July Celebration for Saturday, July 2nd to be held at the Deltana Fair Grounds. We have booth spaces for rent and are looking for food, crafts and trades vendors. Groups or individuals who would like to sponsor games, crafts and activities are invited to participate. We are looking for local talent to perform onstage during the day. Call Martha at 895-5068 for more information.

The Chamber of Commerce activities committee is planning lots of fun events for family fun. Our next activities meeting will be Tuesday, June 7th at noon in the basement conference room of the Jarvis West building. Come and be a part of our wonderful activities committee and help make this event a success. If your business or organization is planning an event for the 4th of July weekend please let us know (895-5068) we would like to promote your event with our advertising.

June 20, 2005

Jeff and Ellie
Delta residents Jeff Mason and Ellie Mather were married recently on the banks of the Clearwater Lake outlet. In this photo, Ellie is being paddled
to the wedding ceremony by the best man Andy (center) and her father (rear). Other guests arrived at the wedding site by canoe or power boat.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Yard sale
Look Mommy I told you they were having a yard sale and here is my bike!!  Photo Courtesy Shawndra Petty

Happy Birthday June 15- June 22

Robert Anders--Happy belated B'day from your friends at Alpha Omega Life Care Inc

Rhoda June 12 and Joana Holbrook June 10  -delightful ladies and the best bakers in town--Happy belated b'day from all of us @ Alpha Omega Life Care Inc

Happy Birthday June 16 - Leann Shautt

Happy Birthday June 15 - Jenni Dewar

Happy 21st birthday June 15 to a great son, Chad Bartlett. Hope your day is great! Love, Mom, John & Angela

Happy Birthday June 16 - Barbara Kamrath

Happy Birthday June 17 - Jo McBride, to my adopted mom.  You're the greatest  Luv ya, Pam

Happy Birthday June 17 - Peter Miller

Happy Birthday June 17 - Kenna DuBois

Happy Birthday June 17 - Linda Sorensen

Happy Birthday June 17 - Raymond Saarloos

Happy Birthday June 19 - Russ Pinkelman

Happy Anniversary June 15 - June 22

Happy Anniversary June 18 - Bob & Jan Hess

Happy Anniversary June  21 - Russ & Jeannie Pinkelman

Happy Anniversary June  21 - Wily & Sarah Splain

June 21 to Eric and Keiran Child! Love you both! Love from: Libby (Mom), Chloe (Sissy), Abby (Aunty), and Ayla

Happy 48th Anniversary to Glenn and Trudy Shields On 22 June. Hope you many more. From your Children

Sunset on the Delta River,  taken on June 15. 
Photo Courtesy Tracy Hollembaek

Insects and Our Wild Landscape Plants 

Perhaps you have noticed some red growths on your wild rose leaves, rosettes at the end of willow branches, or some deformed leaves at the top of your delphinium plants or poplar trees. These are all the result of insects at work in our natural ecosystem.

Spiny rose galls are red, round growths with spikes on the sunny side of wild rose leaves. I have noticed more of these this year than in the past. Spiny rose galls are caused by a small wasp. Control is not a great concern, since no permanent damage to the plant usually occurs. Pruning affected leaves or branches may help the plant’s appearance. Growths such as these commonly appear on many trees and shrubs in Alaska, and gall insects and their life cycles are not completely understood. Other galls that you may see in the landscape include the cotton petiole gall caused by an aphid, and willow roses caused by a midge.

Delphinium defoliators, polychrysia morigera, are known for rolling up and feeding on the upper leaves of delphinium plants. The larval stage, in the form of a green caterpillar, does the damage. The adult is a gray-brown nocturnal moth. To keep them at bay, you can pick the rolled-up leaves, with the larva inside, and dispose of them by burning. Simply tossing the leaves into the compost pile will not alleviate the problem, as they breed and overwinter in leaf litter. Removing old delphinium leaves from the ground will help break the life cycle of the delphinium defoliators. A biological insecticide called B.t., or bacillus thuringiensis, is a bacterium that attacks caterpillars, and is safe for humans, pets, birds, and fish, and is found under many different brand names. Chemical insecticides are not effective, because the insect is happily feeding within the protection of the rolled leaf.

Cottonwood leaf beetles have been noticed in the Clearwater area. These beetles, and their larval form of a small black caterpillar, feed on poplar, cottonwood, aspen, birch, alder, and willow. The beetles overwinter in leaf litter, emerging in May to fly to host plants where they can feed. After mating, the females lay eggs in clusters on the leaves. By mid-June, the black caterpillars begin eating the new leaves, usually at the top of the trees. As the caterpillars mature, glands that appear as small white spots on their back develop. The mature adult beetle looks much like a ladybug, with varying colors of orange to yellow. The adults that I observed in our area had magenta-colored backs, with black spots. Infested trees have leaves with a scorched appearance, with the leaves skelotonized, where the larvae have eaten the tissue between the leaf veins. Permanent damage is minimal, but a high-velocity water spray will discourage the pests, and raking up leaf litter will discourage their persistence in the landscape.

For more information about any of these topics, or for any horticulture and insect questions, contact the Cooperative Extension in the Jarvis Building, at 895-4215.

June 14, 2005 -- By Sara Engebretson, IPM Technician, UAF-Cooperative Extension Service


The public is invited to attend the 2005 Delta Farm Tour being sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service - Delta District and hosted by the Alaska Farm Bureau, Delta Chapter. Wednesday, August 10th is the date set for the all day bus tour that
will travel down country roads through one of the interior’s earliest agricultural sites. The tour will include a stop at a beef and hog production operation; visit a pellet mill, a grain and fertilizer plant, a reindeer ranch, with a stop at a milk processing and ice cream plant and a visit to the local farmer’s market.

The Delta Farm Bureau will host an Alaska grown luncheon at the Clearwater Lodge. Registration
forms can be picked up at various businesses around town, or stop by the CES office located in the Jarvis Office Center. Tour fees are $35.00 for
early registration, late registration $40.00 (received after August 4, 2005).

Please call the CES office for detailed information on bus departure and
return times.

Cooperative Extension Service -- June 11, 2005

War dance

Community dance
Two more photos that were taken on June 11.   A group of 18 Plains Indians performed on the lawn in front of Kelly's Alaska Country Inn.  First photo is displaying the war dance.  The other picture is showing two of local people from Delta Christian Center, Howard Echo-Hawk, (Pawnee Indian), and Caleb Anderson.  Photo Courtesy Carol Watkins


Plains Indians

Plains Indians
Plains Indians War Dancing, Full Regalia- Feathers, Bells, Moccasins, Jingle Dancer, Drum. A group of 18 from Oklahoma have been ministering in the  Tok/Northway/Tanacross area for the past 3 summers.  They performed on the lawn in front of Kelly's Alaska Country Inn, June 11. 
Photo Courtesy Carol Watkins


Happy Birthday June 9 - June 14

Happy Birthday June 9 - Marvin Rasmussen

Happy Birthday June 10- Ruth Morden


Happy Birthday June 11 - Darlo Walton


Happy 7th Birthday on June 13 to the Cam-Man!!   Love Mom, Paul, Cydney and Raylyn.

Happy Birthday June 13 - Samantha Sloan

Happy Birthday June 13 - Rena Case


Happy Birthday June 14 - Butch Mitchell

Happy Anniversary June 9 - June 14 

Happy Anniversary on June 10 to my "honey", Mike Rawalt -- still '"the cutest guy in my neighborhood"! Love from your Swedie, Barb :)

Happy Anniversary June 11 - Whit & Cindy Aillaud

Moose Garden
It seems like we are growing strange things in
our water garden these days!!  
Photo Courtesy Merri Darland 

Plains Indians War Dancing, Full Regalia- Feathers, Bells, Moccasins, Jingle Dancer, Drum.

A group of 18 from Oklahoma have been ministering in the Tok/Northway/Tannacross area for the past 3 summers.

The First Baptist Pawnee Mission and the Hoppa, California Baptist Mission are pastored by brothers, Bruce and Warren Pratt.

They are full-blooded Pawnee's PK's who have followed their father's footsteps. The team is comprised of other tribes as well. They will dance and speak on the Great Spirit's only begotten son.

Saturday, June 11th @ 6 PM - 8 PM.
Kelly's Alaska Country Inn - Front Lawn
Info:  895.4481
Sponsored by Delta Christian Center

June 8, 2005

Sean Purucker

Fashion Design
Down in Seattle in March, I had a costumes show at the Art Institute of Seattle annual Fashion show. I won an award for best overall construction. I graduate from Fashion Design in September this year!  Photo Courtesy Sean Purucker

Getting the Most Out of Your
Greenhouse Growing Space

Good soil fertility, proper ventilation, and regular watering intervals can make any greenhouse a successful and fruitful growing environment. Greenhouse gardening can extend your season, allows you to grow varieties that could be unsuccessful outdoors, can allow you to control the environment, and increases harvest yields. Plants can be grown in beds, benches, or containers, or a combination of both. Although beds take a little longer to warm up in the springtime, they can be an excellent choice because of their vertical space options for trellises. Many greenhouses use beds, with suspended shelving or benches above them, and container plants placed on the floor. Hanging baskets can be placed high in the greenhouse, to further expand the growing area.

There are many methods to extend your greenhouse’s growing season using simple, inexpensive materials. Greenhouses without tightly sealed walls can utilize a sheet of clear plastic to conserve heat in the spring and fall. Our greenhouse has two long beds, each with trellises constructed of old fencing. We drape a large sheet of clear plastic over each trellis so that it reaches the soil surface on each side of the greenhouse. The plastic is stapled to a ceiling rafter in the center, and the “doors” are overlapping plastic flaps at the entry. We use a small space heater for the chilly nights of May and September. This allows for an open work area by the real door, and then a second entry into the growing space. When it is warm enough at night to remove the inner “tent”, we put away the plastic until the end of August. This method allows us to plant early and also enjoy a late harvest. Rigid plastic covers for seedling flats can further increase the soil temperature for your plants in the spring; however, they must be removed every day to avoid damping-off. Keep in mind that, with each layer of greenhouse covering, some light transmission is lost. It is a good idea to hose off both sides of your greenhouse walls and plastic periodically to combat the notorious Delta silt accumulation, which blocks light and degrades plastic.

To ensure a good, productive harvest of cucumbers and tomatoes, some care must be taken to aid in pollination. There are many techniques of pollination for each type of plant, but the most important concept is to do it during the heat of the day, when the pollen is most mobile, due to the low humidity levels. Be sure to water the roots, and not the plants, to avoid degrading the blossoms before they are pollinated. When blossoms decay, they fall off before fruit production begins, and you will have to wait until more flowers are produced for your next fresh tomato or cucumber. Regular watering routines are a must for consistent, quality fruit production, and helps reduce cracking and blossom end rot in tomatoes. For more specific information about growing cucumbers and tomatoes, contact the Cooperative Extension Service. There are some excellent handouts with diagrams that can help you get the best production and fruit quality from your plants.

For more information, and other horticulture questions and concerns, contact the Cooperative Extension Service, located in the Jarvis Building in Delta, at 895-4215. Sara is available to answer your questions from 11-4 daily.

June 1, 2005 -- By Sara Engebretson, IPM Technician - Cooperative Extension Service

Colton Michael Bobo is 12 months old now and can not wait to go to Grandpa and Grandma Hollembaek’s farm for Memorial Day weekend and July 4th. Colton is the son of Mike Bobo Jr.  and Leslie (Hollembaek) Bobo.
Photo Courtesy Leslie Bobo

Fox and babies
Deep in the forest of Alaska's Interior a mama fox stands guard with her babies.
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Zion Lester
Zion was born, December 15, 2004 to the proud parents, Charles and Antoinette (Gortmaker) Lester. Grandparents are Sharon & Ron Lester and Carolyn Gortmaker. I hope everyone that hasn't seen him around town enjoys this picture.
Photo Courtesy Carolyn Gortmaker

(From left to right) Michael Etzinger placed 1st, Matthew Pruitt placed 2nd, and Lynetta Marcellus placed 3rd in the Alaska Law Enforcement Torch Run on Saturday, May 21st.  Photo Courtesy Lovelle Juan


Happy Birthday June 23 - June 30

Happy Birthday June 23 - Dan Beck

Happy Birthday Kathy Sharp -June 23

Happy Birthday June 23 to Virgil Stockwell. Love your Mamy.

Happy Birthday June 26 - Joe Gibson

June 26 Happy Birthday to Joyce McCombs. Love, your Amy

Happy Birthday George Pursey, Jr. – June 26

Happy 15th Birthday June 27 - Brian Palmer.  You've been a real joy having around and we are so glad that you are a part of our family.  Marlin and Pam

Happy Birthday June 26 - Donald Bunselmeier

Happy Birthday June 28 - Jakob Shautt

Happy Birthday June 28 - Steve Skovrinski

Happy Birthday June 30 - John Sloan

Happy Birthday June 30 - Jeanne Bunselmeier

Happy Anniversary June 23 - June 30

June 26 Happy Anniversary to Jerry and Kathy Vander Zwaag ~ Love, your youngest daughter.

Happy Anniversary June 28 - Doug & Cathie McCollum 

Tom Bonnell
First place winner Tom Bonnell demonstrates the correct way to kiss a pig at the Friendly Frontier Days Celebration hosted by the Delta Chamber of Commerce.  Way to go Tom!  Winners
The Delta Chamber of Commerce Friendly Frontier Days Pig Kissing Contest winners are Cleeta Barger, Mt. Hayes Inc.~Realtors, 3rd place; Tom Bonnell, a federal police officer and civilian employee assigned to Fort Greely, 1st place; and, Doug Bittorf, Alyeska Pipeline Service, 2nd place.  What good sports! 

Photos Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Alaska has 75-80 species of butterfly that are currently showing up in large numbers. Some over winter in cocoons while others actually hibernate in
their adult form. This is an Old World Swallowtail. The Old World Swallowtail is differentiated for the very similar Tiger Swallowtail by the dark shoulders on their forewing. Old World Swallowtails over winter as pupae and range through most of Alaska, Canada, and in the "Lower 48" west of the Mississippi. They also live throughout most of Europe and parts of Asia.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Tony and Amanda
Tony & Amanda Cardenas were wed June 4, 2005 at Clearwater Baptist Church. Amanda is the daughter of Mike & Misty Stockinger of Delta Jct.
The couple reside in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, but thanks to Tony's job, they get to come back to Delta frequently!
Photo Courtesy Misty (Stockinger) Cardenas

Vendors needed for July 4th Celebration

Delta Chamber of Commerce is seeking vendors for the 4th of July Celebration being held Saturday, July 2nd, from 10am - 4pm at the Deltana Fair Grounds. Booth space is just $10.00 per space. Call Martha at 895-5068 between 10am - 5pm for more information.

June 20, 2005

Mt. Hayes
Mt. Hayes looms in the distance of this shot taken in the summer time in the Interior of Alaska.
Photo Courtesy Reginald Salinas

Summer readers
The new Delta Library was bursting at the seams as the annual Summer  Reading Program started on Friday, June 17th. More than 80 kids registered
 for "Dragons, Dreams & Daring Deeds". Library Director Joyce McCombs tells  the Royal Readers what to expect during the six week program. 
Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Our town vet, Clint Crusberg and his assistant Adrianne checking Banner's teeth. Banner is less then thrilled.  Photo Courtesy Candy Corty

The Highway's End Farmers Market is open! Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. Produce is expected to be arriving shortly. Vendor space is available. Contact Market Manager Lynn Bundy by email at deltariver48@yahoo.com or call 895-4242 Ext. 101 for more information.

The market was organized and developed by the Delta Chamber of Commerce; Salcha-Delta Soil & Water Conservation District; Cooperative Extension Service; Alaska Farm Bureau, Delta Chapter; Alaska State Farm Bureau; Friends of Delta Agriculture and Delta Farm Service Agency. Vendor Booths were made by Gary Hall, Delta High School Construction Trades Instructor and the Construction Trades Class at cost.

Sponsorships were made by Ward Farms, Alaska Reclamation, Inc., and Interior Building Supply. Donations of goods and time were made by many many local businesses and individuals in order to create an attractive and sustaining "Alaska Grown" themed farmers market. Stop by the market and talk with Market Manager Lynn Bundy and see for yourself what it has to offer.

June 15, 2005

Looking for Pen Pals 

I am a 37 years old German national (male) and I am very much interested in having some pen-pals from the the United States, especially from Alaska, but also from any other U.S. states or even from Canada as well.

If possible, could you publish my request for some American pen-pals in the next edition of your paper and ask your readers if they're interested in emailing with me? I prefer email, because it's much cheaper and faster for me to keep in touch with my global pen-pals. My email address is Tb21680@aol.com

I am living in a small, 1,300-years-old town in Northern Germany, not far from Hamburg and I have lots of hobbies & interests.

I would like to correspond with honest, friendly, humorous and open-minded people, no matter if black or white, male or female as long as he/she is a loyal, long-term and good pen-pal, who doesn't stop writing after a few emails.

Torsten Behrens -- June 15, 2005

This is a photo of a pair of northern flickers at their nest cavity in early June. Northern flickers are a species of woodpecker that nest in tree cavities, such as this one in a birch tree. The young of many bird species defecate in a pouch called a fecal pouch. The feces is contained within a membrane similar in appearance to cellophane. The parents remove the pouches from the nest cavity for sanitation and to reduce odors that may attract predators. In this photo, the male flicker is removing the pouch while the female watches, which I guess is an example of the guys helping the gals with the domestic chores. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Correction on the Pig Kissing Contest

There was an error in the listing of winners in the Pig Kissing Contest at Friendly Frontier Days. It was brought to my attention by the many bystanders that TOM BONNELL was the First Place winner and was the person who lavished many kisses on the sweet pigs snout and tenderly held the pig up for all to see. My apologies to Tom who deserves recognition for being such a good sport.

June 13, 2005  -- Delta Chamber of Commerce

Alaska Mountain range
Click here for an enlargement. The main image was taken last fall at the entrance area to the KD (known distance) firing range just outside the main entrance to Ft. Greely. It is the road that goes down the ridge to many ranges used by CRTC and USARAK for training and testing.  Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

This image from the summer of 2004 shows an early stage of one the Interior's best known wildflowers, the fireweed. It is often said that when the very last stages of this plant bloom it is only a matter of weeks until winter. Photo Courtesy Reginald Salinas

Hummingbird Moths
Hummingbird Moth - (Hemaris Thysbe).  Happy to see these little fellows back.  I usually see one or two a season, but this summer they are more numerous.  Unlike most moths they can be seen on clear sunny days, and are often confused with hummingbirds because of coloration and the way they move.  Keep an eye on your flowers, you probably have them too. 
Photo Courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger

Softball Umpire's Clinic This Friday

The head of the Fairbanks Umpire's Association will be in town to conduct a free umpire's clinic courtesy of the Delta Softball League. Anyone interested in attending needs to be at the Delta Softball fields this Friday, June 10th at 5 pm.  Individuals who attend the class will be elgible to umpire local games and earn $20 per game.  Please call Richard Lester at 895-4446 for more information.  

June 8, 2005


Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and sponsors Delta Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Friendly Frontier Days provided fun and entertainment for all who attended. Congratulations to the following contest winners.

Courtney Durham, of Junction Realtors, organized the Friendly Frontier Days 2nd Annual Pet Parade. Winners of the pet parade were: Suzanne Feilner, first place. Suzanne received a $30.00 cash prize and outdoor package (camera, binocular and compass) provided by the Delta Chamber and a $50.00 savings certificate from Mt. McKinley Bank. Bill Feilner won second place and received a $20.00 cash prize and outdoor package from the Delta Chamber and a $50.00 savings certificate provided by Mt. McKinley Bank. Trinity Brant took third place receiving a $10.00 cash prize and a kite courtesy of the Delta Chamber. All participants won toy prizes from the Delta Chamber and ceramic banks from Mt. McKinley Bank

Ruby Hollembaek organized and hosted a Frontier Regalia Costume Contest searching for the perfect Ma & Pa Sullivan look-a-likes as well as other frontier imitators. Contestants entertained the crowd on stage dancing to country music while the judges had the tough job of choosing the winners. Hand made wooden plaques and ribbons were awarded to the many winners.

Competition was hot up to the very end of the “Kiss a Pig” contest. A major upset occurred with the three winners ousting those in the lead prior to the day of the event. Delta Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Cleeta Barger, was first to enter the muddy pen and proceeded to catch and kiss her pig in grand style. Next to enter the pen was second place winner, Tom Bonnell of the Ft. Greely Military Police. Tom arrested and held his pig firmly as he planted a big kiss on the pig’s snout much to the crowds delight. First place winner, Doug Bitcorf of Alyeska was last to pucker up and enter the pen. By this time the pigs had enough of being chased and kissed and were squealing to be left alone. Doug had a more difficult time romancing his pig but after some sweet talk he caught his pig, held it up in the air for all to see and repeatedly planted wet kisses on the sweet pigs snout as the crowd cheered it’s approval. After being given just a few minutes to dust their selves off the three pig kissers were awarded prize baskets full of meats from Delta Meat & Sausage and little stuffed pigs they could take home to remember the days experience.

Read more about Friendly Frontier Days in the upcoming issue of the Delta Wind.

June 4, 2005  

Wood Warbler
Wood warblers are a group of migratory songbirds. We have 5 species in the Delta area during the summer months. In recent days, the Delta News Web has had photos of 2 of the 5. Here is a photo of a 3rd species, the orange-crowned warbler. The photo of this male orange-crowned warbler was
taken along Nistler Road. Orange-crowned warblers are drab, olive-green colored, with faint stripes on their breast and a yellowish rump. The males do have a small patch of orange feathers on top of their head that is usually difficult to see. Orange-crowns are the most abundant warbler in Alaska, but due to their drab coloration and indistinct song, most people are not aware of them. They nest low to the ground in a variety of habitats including shrubs and deciduous forests. They spend the winter in southern tier states and south into Mexico.
Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Planned Power Outage Cancelled

Golden Valley Electric Association recently notified Delta Junction residents of a planned eight-hour power outage scheduled for the evening of June 8. This power outage has been cancelled.

This power outage is needed to finish connecting the Pogo Tap Substation to GVEA’s system. However, the co-op has been able to postpone this work. If an extended outage becomes necessary in the future, GVEA will notify members well in advance.

Contact GVEA’s Delta Junction office at 458-5791 or GVEA’s Fairbanks Operations office at (907) 458-5701 for questions concerning this power outage.

June 3, 2005 -- GVEA

This cute little porky was caught climbing a willow near Tangles Lakes recently. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips


Happy Birthday June 1 - June 8

Happy Birthday June 2 - Triston Edwards

Happy 16th Birthday Caleb Anderson -  June 5 As you get older, continue to grow wiser. So glad you are a part of our family.  Marlin and Pam

Happy Birthday, June 6, Jetsada Brown from Jim and Donna in Yuma, AZ. Sorry I am late with this. Hope your day is special.

Happy Birthday Dennis Raven, June 6

Happy Birthday Pat Jensen, June 8

Happy Birthday June 7 - Rhea Hansen

Happy Birthday June 7 - Jamie Murray

Happy Anniversary June 1 - June 8


Happy Anniversary June 4 - Orland & Barbara Sturgis
Happy 50th Anniversary June 4th- Dad & Mom (Wayne & Barbara Sturgis) We Love You, Keith, Sherial & Rocky

Congrats Anna Horschel

Congrats to you Anna Horschel on your weddin' and have a great life.. You deserve it! Your friends on Base.

June 1, 2005

Blackpoll Warbler
Blackpoll warblers have the longest migration of any warbler (we have several species of warbler in the Delta Junction area during summer including yellow, yellow-rumped, orange-crowned, blackpoll, and Wilson's), migrating up to 10,000 miles from their wintering grounds in South America, and they are one of the latest migrants to arrive in Alaska. Their
breeding habitat is willow and alder thickets associated with spruce forests. Alaska is one of the most important states for blackpoll warbler
breeding habitat. Their their numbers have been declining steadily in recent years. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

In memory of James Dorff Sr.

I want to thank Scott Miller for all he did for my husband and the nice article that he wrote in the Fairbanks News miner. Thank you so much for being a friend and so much more God Bless you and your family.

Thank you Beth Dorff  -- May 28, 2005
This photo was taken with a digital camera from our truck on Nistler Rd.  I liked how the clouds were hanging over the peaks.
Photo Courtesy Candy Corty.



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