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March 2000

Winter view of the Alaska Range
Alaska Range and Granite Mountains from north of the Tanana River Bridge.  Photo by Brian Eaton.

An Alaska Spring Fishing Trip to 
Volkmar -- A Photo Story

Photos courtesy Mike Rawalt

Snowmachine trip
A group of Delta guys took a snow machine trip to Volkmar Lake in February in search of the wily Northern Pike.  They even caught a few.  Here's a picture of most of the guys on their way. 

Famous snowmachiner Bill Todd moves to cover his face from annoying paparazzi who slipped into the fishing team. 

Cabin at Volkmar Lake where the intrepid pike predators holed up at night. 

The well equipped snowmachiner.   What's in that heavy pack, Bill?  And why isn't it on the snowmachine?

March 13, 2000

More Fireworks from the Festival of Lights

Photos by Clint Knix

Festival of Lights Fireworks

March 11, 2000

Richard Mitchell clowns around with some lost and found sunglasses on the dock at Valdez.  Photo by Leo Palmer.


Dave Sorensen and "Hooligan"
Dave Sorensen with his 140# five year old Mackenzie River Husky at a weight pull at North Pole in February, 2000. Hooligan is the dog's name.  Photo courtesy Linda Sorensen.

Pretty Park Worm

A computer worm has re-surfaced in Delta, and even though it wreaks more annoyance than havoc, you still probably want to make sure you don't have it.  The following information is from the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (link below): 

"Once the worm program is executed, it tries to email itself automatically every 30 minutes (or 30 minutes after it is loaded) to email addresses registered in your Internet address book. It also tries to connect to an IRC server and join a specific IRC channel. The worm sends information to IRC every 30 seconds to keep itself connected, and to retrieve any commands from the IRC channel."

Visit the Symantec AniVirus Website for more information about "Pretty Park" or scan your computer for viruses. 

And remember to scan attachments before opening, even if they are from a friend.

(Webmaster's note:  there are plenty of viruses floating around, so be sure to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.  My software just caught another e-mail virus again this morning)

Colleen Knix -- March 10, 2000


From the Alaska Cooperative Extension
Submitted by: Phil Kaspari 

The warm sunny days of March invite a strong temptation to start planting seedlings for the garden and greenhouse. Dates for starting seed for growing your own transplants will vary. To determine dates for starting seeds count back the required number of weeks from the last killing frost, usually June 1st. The following list suggests the number of weeks required to grow some of the most commonly used vegetables and flowers transplants for the Interior.


10-12 Weeks Celery
7-9 Weeks
Tomatoes, Brussels Sprouts
6-7 Weeks
  Eggplant,  Peppers, Tomatoes (outdoor varieties)
4-6 Weeks
  Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower,  Head Lettuce (early crop),  Kale (early crop)
3-4 Weeks
  Summer Squash, Cucumbers,  Pumpkin,
Winter Squash


6-8 Weeks  Butterfly-Flower, English Daisy,  Feverfew, Lobelia, Nemesia, Flowering Tobacco, *Petunia, *Sweet Alyssum, Verbena
4-6 Weeks
  *African Daisy (Cape Marigold), *Ageratum (Floss Flower), Aster, Godetia, *Larkspur, *Nasturtium, Stocks, *Bachelor Button, *Candytuff, *Clarkia, Dahlia, *Marigold, *Phlox, Zinnia
4 Weeks in Individual Containers
  Canary Bird Vine, Migonette, Nemphila,

*Flowers marked with an asterisk (*) do well in cooler temperature of 50-55F. The novice will do well to try flowers from this group.

Using transplants enables the gardener to enjoy many warm-season vegetables outdoors, hasten maturity of cool-season vegetables and achieve a longer season of display for many annual flowers.

Considerations should be made before one decides whether to grow their own plants or purchase the transplants closer to planting time. Raising quality transplants is not exceedingly difficult, however there are many things to keep in mind when you are making this decision.

The Alaska Cooperative Extension has in stock "Seed Starting and Transplanting" a publication that covers what to plant and when, with suggestions on planting material, seed starting and transplanting plus tips for keeping your precious plants healthy through the next several weeks. ACE has a variety of publication, some free and some with a fee, in the Delta office that gives recommendations of what to plant, and when.

Stop by the office in the Jarvis Building, Room 115 or call 895-4215 for more information about gardening in Alaska. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.   

March 3,2000

The annual Festival of Lights Fireworks Display. Fireworks were displayed on Saturday, Feb. 26th.
Photo by Charles (Andy) Andrews

The Granite Mountains and an unnamed lake at sunset. Autumn 1999. Photo by Paul Schenk

Delta Wind publication schedule

The Delta Wind plans to publish on March 16, April 6 and 20, and May 4 and 18.

David Johnson - February 16, 2000

Judy Ferguson's Stories of Delta

Judy Ferguson is a well known writer to many Interior Alaskans. She recently sent us the hyperlinks to some of her Heartland magazine articles, and we are pleased to list them here. We'll add another one each day until they are all here. These stories are all copyrighted by Judy Ferguson.  Here are Judy Ferguson's stories of Delta on the web.

David Johnson - February 7, 2000

Warm stove's warm....I don't care if the smokestack is crooked.  US Army Capt. Dave Seiffert provided 24 hr emergency medical coverage in the event the pike got nasty.   See more pike photos below.  Photo by Mike Rawalt.

Alyeska Pipeline snakes north from the Delta area.    Photo by Brian Eaton.

Web Technology Allows a Daily Look at the Weather at Summit Lake

A web cam installed on March 14 provides Web viewers daily access to weather information at Summit Lake.  The web camera takes pictures each morning and again in mid afternoon on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The web cam looks out the north facing window of Water's Edge B&B towards Summit Lake and Isabel Pass.  It takes a picture at 9 AM and 3 PM and calls it in daily at 9 AM and again at 3 PM on Thursday - Saturday.

The project was designed to provide useful weather information for outdoor recreationists, like snowmobilers and anglers.  The web cam and informational website is sponsored by Buffalo Center Diner, Polaris Junction and Water's Edge B&B.  

The site was designed and built by Northwest Web Craft, a Delta Junction firm.

David Johnson March 16, 2000

From the Alaska Cooperative Extension  Submitted by Phil Kaspari

Roxie Rodgers Dinstel, Home Economist with ACE will present financial information with assistance from planned guest speakers: Audrey Brown, Attorney at Law, and Chaplain Jim McNeal on Saturday, March 25 beginning at 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Jarvis Office Center, ACE Conference Room. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch, you are welcome to bring a lunch and eat in the conference room or make other arrangement.

Topics discussed will be:

Estate Planning and Wills: Deciding "What if.." Research and organize prior to consulting a lawyer. What do you need to know and what information is important.

Dealing With Personal Property

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

There have been as many family members mad over the distribution of small personal items as over the much more expensive items. Plan how to distribute these personal items.

How to Talk to Your Family About Difficult Subjects

How do you discuss your wishes concerning your life?

How do you ask someone to be the guardian for your children?

Do you want extraordinary measures taken to prolong your life? Difficult issues are hard to talk about. But it is necessary as we begin to plan ahead.

The registration fee is $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple, seating is limited, register early to secure a seat please. Registration Due by March 24, 2000. Please call 895-4215 or stop by room 115 of the Jarvis Office Center to register or for questions. Thank you.    

March 1, 2000

Submitted by Karla Giese

The Delta Regional Economic Development Council (DREDC) held a work session  February 21. Discussion was directed toward the direction the council needs to take next and progress on the benchmark documentation for the USDA

Delta Junction has been approved for a Champion Community Status and our two year community economic plan is in place. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this process.

DREDC has until May 2,000 to enter the benchmark documentation into the USDA
database. The process is half done. It may be necessary for a DREDC board member to contact benchmark applicants for updates or clarification if the benchmark is not approved for various reasons (ie not enough information or too general etc.).

Updates are required to retain our Champion Community Status. You may mail updates, which can be a brief narrative containing accomplishments, pertinent dates, funding changes or additional tasks to P.O. Box 780, Delta Junction or faxed to 895-4777.

The next meeting for DREDC will be held March 6, at the city conference room at 5:30 p.m. We encourage anyone who have ideas for economic development or quality of life issues to attend our meetings. Hope to see you there!    

March 1, 2000



Proposed Borough Petition Submitted

A local borough exploration committee has been working for many months to develop the foundation for a proposed Deltana borough.  Committee chair Carlene Smith recently provided the Delta News Web with the final text for their proposal.  Smith says the group submitted the petition to the state in on March 20, 2000.

Smith says what happens next is up to the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development.  

Here is what she provided:

The process of developing a borough is complex.  The exploration committee is nearing the "end of the beginning."  

We're leaving a semi-permanent link in the "Pictures and Other Information" section, above.

David Johnson March 17, 2000 updated March 23

About those Ads Appearing on 
Delta News Web Pages

You may have wondered about the advertisements that are beginning to appear on Delta News Web pages.  

Ever since we began the Delta News Web we have been searching for ways to make it pay for itself.  It's a fun project, but many times fun doesn't pay the bills, and that has been the case here.

We are now serving both local and national content advertising to help pay for the operation of the web.  While it doesn't take a lot of time most days, it does add up over a period of time. We're hoping advertising will defray or even entirely cover the costs of operation.

So....if you like what you see in one of these ads, please "click."  It helps defray our publication expenses.

Meanwhile, if you would like to have better exposure for your business, we'd be pleased to discuss marketing possibilities.  Call David Johnson at (907) 895-4919 for more information.

David Johnson March 22, 2000

Alaska Native culture class
Ruby Hollembaek and Fred John, an Athabascan Indian elder, speak dramatically to Mrs. Toth's 4th grade class at Delta school about Alaska Native culture.  Photo by Ann Toth.

KUAC Fundraising -- Photo Story
Photos courtesy Steve Fields

If you happened to tune into KUAC TV on Saturday March 11 between 8 and 11:30 and thought you saw a familiar face or two, you were right! Assisting with answering the busy phones were some of Delta's own friends and neighbors:

Steve Fields, Bethany Williams, Tracy Dunham, Mike Bender, Ryan Dunham Bender, Pamela Ellis, Steve McCombs and Joyce McCombs.

These marks the twelfth year that Delta Junction has been represented during KUAC’s annual Spring Festival and it was a particularly good year for pledges, according to Festival staff members. Ryan Dunham Bender was particularly happy to assist by waving and clapping for new members to the KUAC family as they were announced during pledge breaks.

The on air talent included guests from KTVF TV - gracious and fun loving news anchor Ann Secrest who kept everyone's enthusiasm at a high pitch, and sports guy Michael Rogers, who regaled the crew and volunteers with his brush with fame -- he once auditioned for the featured band of that night's special programming, Steely Dan.

Both newscasters commented on the dedication of the Delta crew to drive 100 miles just to answer the phones ... we're hoping that encouraged some of the many people listening to phone in their pledges on Saturday.

You can still pledge if you missed your chance -- just drop by the Delta Library during regular business hours to fill out a pledge card. KUAC collectible posters are also available for those paying in full on a $50.00 pledge or more. Program guides and other information are always available year round at the Delta Library.

Joyce McCombs March 21,2000

Bethany Williams
Local resident Bethany Williams helped to raise funds for KUAC in Fairbanks on March 11  

Joyce McCombs
Joyce McCombs our local librarian looking happy as usual working with the rest of our volunteers for KUAC.

Mike Bender and Ryan
Michael Bender and his son  Ryan celebrating his 
birthday,  volunteering for KUAC.

Steve McCombs
Steve McCombs and Big Bird answering phones for KUAC  raising funds to keep Sesame Street and Big Bird's 
buddies on the air.

Pam Ellis enjoying the first spring blooms, while raising money for local  T.V. station.
Pam Ellis working for the KUAC fundraiser on March 11th.  How did that taste, Pam?

Steve Fields
Steve Fields taking donations from Sponsors supporting KUAC.


Mrs. Toth's class
Mrs. Toth's 4th grade class from Delta School recently learned about the Alaska Pipeline.  A portion of the class is shown here in front of an Alyeska Pipeline scraper or "pig."  The class is writing a book about what they are learning.  Photo by Ann Toth.

High speed run.  February, 2000.  Photo by Brian Eaton

.Delta PeeWee hockey
Caleb Bialik suits up in the locker room at Ft. Wainwright ice rink before a recent game.  In the helmet is Jared Creviston and behind him is Travis DuBois and Tanner Conlon.  Photo by Steve DuBois

.Delta PeeWee hockey at Ft. Wainwright

Delta PeeWee Huskies defenseman Travis DuBois (white) defends the blue line against two Fairbanks opponents at a recent game at Ft. Wainwright.  Dean Waldo officiates.    Photo by Steve DuBois.

Snowmachiners in action.
Coming home from a long run.  Photo by Brian Eaton.

US Post Office staff, Delta
Delta Post office clerks work hard to deliver 
and send the mail.  Photo by David Johnson.

Northern Lights Photo Story

Recent northern lights photos in Delta. If you haven't been outside the last couple of weeks and taken in the view, you are missing some of the beauty of Alaska.  The aurora is usually most spectacular in the spring and fall near the equinoxes.  Photos by Debbie Jennings.

A beautiful photo capturing the  northern lights. Photo by:  Debbie Jennings. 

The beauty of the northern lights. Photo by: Debbie Jennings.  

March 6, 2000

Submitted by: Diana "Kassie" Farrar

The last meeting of Deltana Community Corporation generated some discussion on the formation of a borough charter, the current steering committees progress, and Deltana's future role if any. Last summer this board worked with the steering committee suggesting changes to their charter that we felt would make it more acceptable to area voters. The steering committee did not follow many of the recommendations made by Deltana. This steering committee is very close to having a charter that they feel ready to submit to the State of Alaska. There was some discussion of the process of forming a borough.  Russ Bowdre does not feel that current legislation affecting unorganized boroughs will go anywhere this legislative session. He also suggested that Deltana invite Pete Apollo to a meeting as he could inform us on the progress of the current charter. Mr. Apollo could also offer information on Deltana becoming a borough steering committee. There was general agreement that Deltana should use the draft charter that we put so much work into already as base document. Russ thought we should look at the City charter with the view that there was possibly some useful information there. Todd Zachgo thought that Deltana should do what the steering committee was supposed to do: research the issue, prepare a draft charter, and put it on the shelf. Deltana recognizes that this is an explosive issue with area voters. The intent of Deltana is NOT to form a borough, but to research and put in the file a charter document that offers some possibility of acceptance by area voters should it be ever be necessary. Deltana will be working on the borough charter at most regular meetings as time allows. Any citizens that would like to take part in these discussions/work sessions are strongly encouraged to attend.

Under correspondence there was information on a land sale coming up in July and August. The State Div. Of Agriculture will dispose of 13 Delta Ag parcels. For more information contact that office in Fairbanks at (907-451-2780).

Barbara Ipsen requested to speak to the Deltana board about the condition of Clearwater Road. During the warm spells this winter about four of the driveways on the Clearwater Extension flooded. One person had their crawl space filled with water. The water has since frozen but Barbara is concerned about spring breakup. Discussion followed with most board members thinking we need more information. Paul requested that board members should drive out on their own to look at the problem. The matter will be taken under advisement until the next meeting.

Kassie Farrar presented her recommendation for a change in the Resolutions policy. She is recommending Deltana draft a Resolution of Support separate from the current Resolutions policy. The new Resolution of Support would satisfy requests for endorsement by Deltana made frequently by organizations seeking either public support or grant funding. The new Resolution of Support would require board members to poll by telephone a number of area residents before casting their vote. The incentive is three-fold. One it would insure that the board members were informing themselves and the public before endorsing any entity/position/project. Two it would satisfy the requirement for Deltana board members to be a voice for local residents. Three it protects board members from liability as it insures that the board members have executed their duty. The recommendation received mixed reviews. The on going issue of weather or not Deltana should involve itself in the formation of a borough charter is a case in point. Kassie is hesitant in entering into the formation of a borough charter without known broad public support. By creating a Resolution of Support for say, the formation of a borough charter, the Deltana board members would know they were on sound ground with area residents. Much discussion followed with the issue being tabled until the next meeting.

The next Deltana meeting is at the Clearwater Fire Station, 7:00p.m. on the 9th of March. All Deltana meetings are open to the public. or call 895-4150   

March 6, 2000

Alaska Range from Tanana hills
Alaska Range from atop the hills north of the Tanana River.  Photo by Brian Eaton.




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