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March 2002

Delta Christian Center will have their Annual Easter Drama/Musical again!

There will be two shows on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2002: The First showing will be at 11:00 am. The Second showing will be repeated at 6:00 pm. We will be repeating two of last year's most requested scenes --- "The Champion" and "My Name is Lazarus" musical numbers, which both had massive ovations.

A banquet with a large variety of tasty dishes will be held around 2:00-2:30 pm.

Everyone is invited to come to Easter Sunday's Festivities at NO CHARGE, all day long. Come early for good seats.

For more information, please call Delta Christian Center at 895-4531. (Located on Jack Warren Rd, corner of Fales Road)

Delta Christian Center -- March 18, 2002

Delta Hockey guys

Delta Junction hockey players (left to right) Travis DuBois, Shad Lupo, and Jared Creviston pose in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada with their bronze medals (ulu's) after the awards ceremony at the Arctic Winter Games. Team Alaska's Bantam hockey team won the bronze medal game after tying the game with 1 second left on the clock, holding their opponent Nunavut scoreless in a 10-minute sudden death overtime, and then winning a shootout.  Photo courtesy Steve DuBois.

Ashley Brooke Bevard
Sarah Bevard took this picture of Ashley, her daughter, now 17 months.  She's a cutie, Sarah!

New Search Engine Information at the top of the Delta News Web

Early in our thinking of the Delta News Web, we thought that it would be important to provide search engine links from near the top of the page. Our idea has always been that the DNW could be a "wake up page" for people who are interested. This way, people can quickly scan local events, the forum, the picture of the day, and then use the search engines to search.

Search engines change rapidly. It used to be that Yahoo was the answer to all one's search questions. Not anymore. Yahoo has lost ground both in terms of audience reach and depth of information. I NEVER use Yahoo for search.

My personal favorite is Google, by a country mile. The searches I do return relevant information and I am usually able to find what I am looking for in short order. I like it so much I have downloaded the Google tool bar ( This allows me to do Google searches from wherever I am on the `net. It has other valuable features.

Because other search engines also have value, we have listed the top ranked engines and directories. This is mostly in order of a recent Media Metrix survey of audience reach. Yahoo is actually number two now.

Also included are some parallel search engines. These sometimes provide useful results. They search several engines at one time. We have also included two "pay-per-click" search engines. The rankings on these are based on what the advertiser is willing to pay. The advertiser pays anywhere from $0.01 to over $1.00 per click. There is some surprisingly good information on these engines.

We will be changing the search engine "widget" at the top of the search engine hyperlinks soon. This requires some programming to change. We will be making Google the "default" engine, but you will be able to select others.

We hope you find this feature of the Delta News Web helpful. As always, we are interested in your comments on this.

David Johnson -- Delta News Web staff -- March 18, 2002

The Delta Hockey Players participating in the Arctic Winter Games.  Front row: Brian Geise, Andrew Schultz, Travis Dubois, Waylon Hannon, Jared Creviston, and Wyatt Hannon
Back row: Lowen Ewing, Justin Smith, Eli Grossmann, Jo Glass, Asst. Peewee Coach Kevin Ewing. Missing from photo Shadrach and Joseph Lupo.  Photo courtesy of Dawn Grossman.

This golden retriever thought she would go for a swim today at Bluff Cabin Slough. The swim was brief but you must respect her for trying!  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Preston Miller atop Rainbow Mountain
Preston Miller sits precariously atop a cliff attached to Rainbow Mountain last July.  Phelan Creek and the Alaska Range can be seen behind him.  Photo taken by Glen Johnson.   

Article to Delta Wind March 2, 2002  
District Convention to be Held in Delta - Ken Jacobus Guest Speaker

Republicans from the Delta area and Salcha will be holding Precinct meetings and their District Convention Saturday, April 6 in the small gym at the Delta School. Anchorage attorney, Ken Jacobus, will be the featured speaker. Mr. Jacobus is representing the City of Delta and five local plaintiffs in a Redistricting lawsuit aimed at overturning the splitting of the Delta area into two different districts. 

As many of you are aware, Mr. Jacobus was successful in the first round of litigation on Delta's behalf. Appeals have been made and the State Supreme Court will be hearing the matter and hopefully rendering a decision in early April. Mr. Jacobus will be speaking on the Redistricting lawsuit and Campaign Finance Reform. 

Once again Republicans will gather for precinct and District meetings in preparation for sending delegates to the Republican State Convention. Though Delta may ultimately be victorious in overturning the unconstitutional District 12 that was mandated by the Redistricting Board, we are right now organizing in district 12. Republican Party of Alaska (RPA) rules allow for a district to split for party organizational purposes in certain cases. The RPA has authorized district 12 to split into two districts for the time being. South 12 is comprised of the Denali Borough and the Mat-Su portion of this district. North 12 is the Delta area and up the Richardson highway to (and including) Salcha. Pete Hallgren has been appointed by the RPA as the transition chairman of 12 north and will be chairing the meeting on April 6. 

The precinct meeting will start at 9:00 am in the small gym with the District Convention immediately following. Business will include consideration of changes to RPA rules, platform and resolutions. We will also elect delegates to state convention and hold election of district officers including a district chairman. The district chairman will represent our district on the RPA Central Committee. Among other things this year's convention will be addressing the question: "Do we NEED a platform?" State convention will be held May 16-18 in Ketchikan. Business in Ketchikan will include adoption of state party rules, resolutions and platform (if the convention chooses to keep a platform) and election of statewide party officers including state party Chairman and Vice-Chair. As you can see, a number of important matters will be decided in these meetings.

To be eligible to attend the local precinct and district meeting April 6 attendees need to be registered Republicans. For those wishing to change party affiliation, voter registration forms will be available on the day of the meeting. To participate in party business during the District Convention, registrants must pay a $20 delegate fee which includes lunch. 

If you will be unable to attend the entire meeting and would like to hear Mr. Jacobus speak, tickets for lunch only will be $15. Guests attending only the luncheon need not be registered Republicans. We also hope to have Representative John Harris and Representative Scott Ogan with us. Debbie Joslin, National Committeewoman, will be making a few comments as well.

Reservations are not required but we do encourage them! Please let us know if you will be attending so that we may plan accordingly. You may call Fran Hallgren at 895-5532, Bruce Grossmann at 895-1910 or Debbie Joslin at 895-4565 for reservations or with any questions.

Debbie Joslin -- March 5, 2002

A young visitor shows local cold-water fish species to his younger sister at the Delta Fish and Game office. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Local Youth Make Arctic Games Team Alaska

Eli Grossmann and Lowen Ewing spent a day in Fairbanks last December showing their best hockey skills in front of the staff of the Arctic Winter Games PEEWEE hockey team. It was time well spent as both boys were selected for the 17 member Team Alaska. The Arctic Winter Games are an international event held ever even numbered year in different host countries. This years games are being held in Nunavut, Canada. The boys will travel with the 354 other athletes, coaches, cultural performers and staff to Baffin Island on March 16th. The week long games feature nearly 20 sporting events as well as a cultural festival. The games are run similar to the Olympics with opening and closing ceremonies as well as medal awards to the winners. Participating along with Team Alaska will be teams from Yukon, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Greenland and the Russian provinces of Magadan and Chukotka. Both Eli and Lowen will receive matching team jackets and uniforms as well as sets of Olympic pins for trading. Their team will be coached by Mr. Wiley Pugh of Anchorage with Mr. Kevin Ewing of Delta as the asst. coach. We wish them well as they represent their state and community at the 2002 Arctic Winter Games.

Dawn Grossmann -- March 4, 2002

Lowen Ewing and Elias Grossmann have been selected as members of the 2002 Team Alaska for the Arctic Winter Games in Nunavut, Canada.  Photo and caption courtesy of Dawn Grossmann.


Update -- Arctic Games Players in Medal Contention

In Iqaluit, Nunavut the hockey games are pretty exciting. Team AK has been doing very well and the PeeWee, Midget and Bantam teams all look to be in medal contention. Going into the Round Robin Playoffs the Midget team has one win against the Yukon team 8-1 and 2 loses, Nunavut 2-3 and Northwest Territories 3-8. It appears the Midget team goes into the playoffs in 3rd place. 

The Bantam team is in 3rd place as well. There are still 2 games to be played, which will determine 4th and 5th place. The Bantams have won against the Yukon team 8-1 and Nunavut Team 4-1. They lost to Alberta North 0-3 and Northwest Territories 1-9. 

The PeeWee team has completed their round robin play. They go into the playoffs in 1st place. They won against the Yukon 5-1, Nunavut 12-1 and Northwest Territories 3-1. The PeeWees will be playing against Nunavut for the crossover game on Thursday.

Check the Arctic Winter Games site for the latest scores.  Great job TEAM ALASKA!

Dawn Grossman -- March 22, 2002

Thirteen Local Delta Residents in Iqaluit,
Nunavut, Canada at the Arctic Winter Games

Thirteen young men from Delta are participating in the Ice Hockey events.  The AWG site is:  

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting C) site for the AWG info

Sometimes there is video or audio available from CBC. This site is the summary of the ice hockey games in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada at the
Arctic Winter Games 2002

Ann Geise -- March 19, 2002

The Bronze Ulu

Ann Geise sent this digital picture of the bronze ulu won by the Alaska Midget hockey team at the Arctic Winter Games.  The Alaska group got home on Sunday.  Congratulations!  Photo courtesy Ann Geise.


Mac Carter, Republican and long time Alaska resident, will make the formal announcement of his candidacy at a fund raiser to be held in Central on Saturday, 23 Mar 2002. The event will be held at Crabb's Corner, a local establishment, and will run from 2 pm until ??. The public is cordially invited to attend, meet the candidate, and discuss his views.

For more information, contact: Randy Clendaniel @ 1-907-488-3273 or email him at:

Paid for by the Carter for Senate Committee - Jim Crabb, Chair - PO Box 30009 - Central, AK 99730 -- March 18, 2002

Pam and Marlin Dunklebarger proudly display a nearly 40 inch pike.  The fish, although landed by Marlin, was caught using Pam's pole!  Photo courtesy of Dwight Phillips.

Congratulations to Michele Helkenn 

Michele Helkenn of Delta Junction recently placed in the Alaska state math competition in Anchorage!   "Way to go Michele. We love you!"  From your Aunt and Uncle in Missoula, MT. 

David & Aimee Deets -- March 19, 2002

Matt Sharp, Caleb Parker, Bradley Gefroh, Steve Bealer, and Jack Zachgo having breakfast at the
campsite near Lost Lake.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Delta News Web's New Feature

The Delta News Web has added a new feature! Last month a viewer suggested that we create a page dedicated to Delta High School graduates and their families. We liked the idea and created such a page.  The page is also open to local Delta Homeschool Students and Delta Alternative Students and their families. 

To visit the page click here or go to:  

If you are DHS alumni, Delta Homeschool, or a student of Delta Alternative School and have pictures of yourself and/or the significant people in your life that you would like to share, please send them in JPG format to Please be sure to include a little information about the picture.

Katie Johnson -- Delta News Web staff -- March 13, 2002

Local Delta Troop 56 camping near Moose Pond
 Local Delta Troop 56 went camping at Lost Lake last weekend and enjoyed a hike up to the bluff overlooking Moose Pond as shown in the picture. The boys shown in picture are Matt Sharp, Caleb Parker, Bradley Gefroh, Steve Bealer, and Jack Zachgo. Photo and caption courtesy of Fronty Parker.

In a four sequence shot, Jesse May of Fairbanks catches some air while riding in Thompson Pass, Valdez.  This picture was taken by Thomas Tapp of Valdez for Orion Digital's recently released snowmachine video "BRAAAP," which was filmed throughout the state and features numerous local riders.  For more information on "BRAAAP" contact  Photo courtesy of Orion Digital. 

Why all the cars at Delta Mine Training Center?  The DMTC is currently conducting a 40-HAZWOPER class as well as a HAZWOPER Refresher class. A remote Field Skills class will be offered over the weekend. Photo courtesy Cheryl Bobo.

Miguel Solis Echohawk Lopez poses as Dumbo with his favorite Auntie Lael Echo-Hawk, taken Halloween 2001. Miguel is the grandson of Yvonne and Howard Echo-Hawk of Delta Junction. He is the son of Abigail Echohawk-Lopez and Christopher Lopez of Seattle, Washington.  Photo and caption courtesy of Lael Echo-Hawk.

The reflection of the Gulkana Glacier in Summit Lake is crystal clear. The photo was taken in summer 2001. Photo courtesy of Joe Crandall.

The first Great Spotted Woodpecker ever recorded on the North American mainland is coming to a feeder near Talkeetna. Delta birders Steve and Kenna DuBois and Terry Pflugrad drove to see the bird. This was Steve's 505th bird species seen. While watching the woodpecker, they meet birders from Oregon and Tennessee that had also traveled to see it. Great Spotted Woodpeckers are common in Europe and parts of Asia.  Photo and caption courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Sitka Harbor
A subtle rainbow breaks out of the waters of the Sitka Harbor in late June.  Photo courtesy of David Johnson.

Karen, Todd and Sierra Denny
Tom and Gay Bowley's daughter, Karen Denny, poses with her husband Todd Denny and their daughter Sierra.  Karen works at UAF and Todd at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.  Photo courtesy of Gay Bowley.

A bull moose forages from the bottom of a shallow pond on the outskirts of Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Mike Kingston.




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