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March 2003

One of the many entries in the Ice Carving Championships in Fairbanks in early March.  Photo courtesy of Gary Cooper.  

Mike Rawalt caught this picture of an ermine in his woodpile recently.  This doughty little white hunter is a relentless predator of small creatures. They seem to have little fear of humans, exhibiting more
curiosity than fear. 

On March 15, 2003, the annual KUAC "Alaska One" telethon was hosted by Joyce McCombs during the Harry Belafonte concert. Eight other Deltans showed up to help answer telephones: Seated from left, bottom Row: Steve McCombs, Cindy Lou Ailluad, Janet Reiter, and Pam Ellis. Top Row: Steve Fields, Art Lawrence, Tracy Dunham-Bender, Mike Bender, and Ryan Dunham-Bender. Standing: Theresa Bakker and Joyce McCombs. Photo courtesy of Steve Fields.

Swimming with the sting rays in the Cayman Islands. Locals: Curtis Taylor, Louis and Evelyn Glass and other family members from the lower 48.  Photo Courtesy Curtis Taylor.

This photo of Denali was taken from the west side last summer on a flight between Fairbanks and Anchorage. Photo courtesy of Gary Cooper.

Alaska Range
This shot of the Alaska Range was taken from behind the First Baptist church in Delta.  Photo courtesy of Wanda Morden.

Mike Rawalt of Alaska Tough Trailers shows one of the big trailers he brought back from the Lower 48. Mike makes and sells custom trailers for snowmachines, car hauling, freight, and more. Mike says he brought back other trailers and axles for custom trailers inside the big trailer.  Photo by David Johnson.

 The crisp colors of Delta Texaco stand out attractively late in the afternoon in early spring. In addition to motor fuels, Delta Texaco carries food items and motoring supplies. This is also the home of Buffalo Fuel. -- Delta News Web photo

This sunny photo was taken Sunday, February 23 on the porch outside of the home of Peggy Christopherson in Lebanon, Oregon.  Eddy Growden has come down here for a short visit. She is leaving Wednesday to go to a four-day Sewing Expo in Washington.  Eddy, Peggy Christopherson, and two other quilters from Lebanon will meet Dawn Gossmann to have fun taking sewing classes and buying fabric.  Jean McDaniel is the third lady in the photo. She is the vice president of the Lebanon quilting guild, the Santiam Scrapper Quilt Guild. Jean is another ex-Alaskan. Note - All three Alaskans are very much enjoying the Oregon sun!  Photo courtesy of the Christophersons.

Black Rapids Timber Framing Schools, Summer 2003

The Black Rapids Timber Framing School ( will be hosting eight, seven-day Timber Framing workshops in the heart of the Alaska Range. Courses will be taught by Jon Gantenbein, an Alaskan Headmaster, from Hope, Alaska. Formal sessions run all summer long and are limited to 8 participants. Tuition of $995 includes instruction, food and lodging. (There are a few student openings for a
preliminary, bare-bones shake-down session of three days at $120 per day (lunch only) focusing on floor construction in Mid-May.)

Dates are as follows:
Preliminary Session: May 16 - May 18
Session #1: June 2 - June 8
Session #2: June 12 - June 18
Session #3: June 23 - June 29
Session #4: July 3 - July 9
Session #5: July 14 - July 20
Session #6: July 24 - July 30
Session #7: August 4 - August 10

Michael Hopper -- March 3, 2003

Sunrise near Clearwater
This photo was taken near the Clearwater area.
Photo courtesy of Mary Barkley.

Above is an announcement for Genevieve John (class of 1996) and Matt Dickenson's wedding. They are currently residing in the Los Angeles area and Gen is attending school to become a chiropractor. Matt works at Amgen, which is known as the world's largest independent biotechnology, as a financial advisor. They plan on making their home in San Diego here in the next five years. Their wedding date is set for June 21, 2003 in sunny San Diego. All friends and family are invited to attend.  If anyone would like to write Gen, her address is 13480 Laurelhurst Rd. Moorpark, California. 93021. Her e-mail address is sdgrown@sbcglobal.netPhoto courtesy of Gwen Jenkins.



Delta News Web News 

The new advertising on the right hand side of the Delta News Web has probably been pretty hard to miss. Several Delta businesses have agreed to sponsor the operations of the Delta News Web with their advertising.  We deeply appreciate the sponsorship of Kellys’ Alaska Country Inn, Delta Texaco, Buffalo Fuel, the City of Delta Junction, WillowWood, and others who you will soon see on the home page. These, and sponsors who will be joining in the months ahead are making it possible for the Delta News Web to continue and improve.

I want to publicly thank a friend who I know would not like to be named for encouraging us to continue the Delta News Web and to make it better.  The Delta community is stronger and more vital as a result of the presence and constant behind-the-scenes encouragement that this person
and her husband both freely give. 

For years we have been running courtesy advertisements for a variety of Delta businesses and organizations. With the change to a sponsor model, we are asking these advertisers to consider becoming sponsors. We think it’s a good deal: we served 50,000 page views of Delta News Web pages from January 1 – March 15 this year, a little more than half of those being the home page. At this rate, we’ll serve about a quarter of a million page views by the end of 2003.  That's a lot of advertising views!

Sponsors with existing websites pay only $180 for a year – just $15 per month. For those without existing websites, we are offering a special price right now of $50 to build a simple one page website, if you provide the pictures and the text just the way you want it.

Another important change you will soon see on the Delta News Web is our URL. For years we have been This week you will be able to access the Delta News Web at our new address: The old URL will continue to work so your bookmarks don’t have to change. We thought it would be easiest for people to find us with our name in the URL.

As always, we appreciate your contributions of community news and pictures. The Delta Wind does an excellent job of finding and reporting
on “real” news regarding our community. Our niche is to provide community interest items online….like pictures, current weather, the community calendar and contributions from organizations and individuals around town. For that to work, just remember the Delta News Web when your group has an event or activity. Write it up and send it our way.  We’ll likely be able to publish it within a day or two.

Finally, the new format for the Delta News Web is still in transition.  We expect to continue making refinements. As always, your comments are
appreciated and seriously considered as we try to make this as useful as possible for the community.

March 19, 2003 -- David Johnson - Publisher

Paul Bealer
The Midnight Sun Council held a banquet on March 12 for 32 scouts who earned Eagle Rank in 2002. This is a record for the number of Eagle Scouts in one year. New Eagle Scouts from from Delta included Paul Bealer and Caleb Parker. Also former Delta scout Alex Pennington received Eagle Scout in 2002. Alex completed his scouting advancement with Troop 10 in Fairbanks. The Elks Lodge of Fairbanks awarded each of the New Eagle Scouts with an American Flag and a $50.00 Savings Bond. One scout was singled out to receive a $500.00 Saving Bond to be recognized as having the best eagle scout service project. The award went to Paul Bealer (above) who built a reading gazebo in front of City Hall in Delta Junction. Congratulations again to the 2002 eagle scouts and to Paul for this award! Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Delta Fish and Game Advisory Committee monthly meeting

The Delta Junction Fish and Game Advisory Committee will hold a public meeting at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 26 at the Fish & Game Office in Delta Junction. The committee plans to review and comment on the Pogo Draft EIS. The 11-member committee makes recommendations to the department, the Alaska Board of Fisheries, and the Board of Game regarding fishing and hunting opportunity. The committee encourages the public’s participation. Call the committee chairman Darrel Darland at 895-4518 or the Department of Fish and Game (895-4632) for more information.

Fronty Parker -- March 12, 2003 

This photo was taken from the Black Veterans Bridge looking south on the Gerstle river. Photo courtesy of J. Leon Vialpando.

 This elevated section of the Alaska Pipeline just south of Donnelly Dome must be one of the most photographed of the whole line. On most March firsts, this area would be well covered in snow.  Photo by David Johnson.

Remembrance of Firefighter

Flag at City Hall will be flown at half-mast on Thursday, March 6, 2003 in honor of Assistant Fire Chief, Chris Kobierowski, who died in the line of duty when he responded to a structure fire. It marked the anniversary of his death in 2001. Kobierowski dedicated over 20 years as a volunteer firefighter for the Delta Junction Volunteer Fire Department. 

Pat White -- March 6, 2003

Outhouse in the mountains
Master fisher Dwight Phillips snapped a shot of this outhouse while climbing around in the mountains near Mentasta.

Barb Rawalt stands next to RoverComer (Caleb Anderson) at a recent Children's Church meeting at Delta Christian Center. RoverComer is an occasional guest at the children's meetings and helps explain some of the foundations of the Christian faith. DCC began holding Children's Church meetings last summer. These meetings occur during the regular adult service which begins at 11.00 AM. Photo courtesy of Delta Christian Center.

Pictured above is Ryan Parton, who graduated from DHS in 1994.  He attended K-12 in Delta.  Ryan did 3 years in the USAF was stationed at Brooks Air Force base and Eielson AFB.  His mother is Mary Yost and step dad is Roger Harris. Ryan and his family currently live in Phoenix, AZ where he runs his own Mortgage Firm.  He has two children, three year old, Balin, and nine year old step son Patrick. His wife's name is Tara. The picture above is an arm wrestling picture in which he was ranked fourth in the world.  Photo courtesy of Ryan Parton.

Caleb Bialik, Ben Blais, Jared Creviston, and Travis DuBois of the DHS Hockey Team
The attached photo is the sophomores on the Delta Huskies high school hockey team. Left to right: Caleb Bialik, Ben Blais, Jared Creviston, and Travis. The guys have played together since about 5 years old. Travis and Caleb are defensemen, Ben and Jared are forwards. Jared made the Greatland Conference’s All-Conference Team this year. Photo by Kevin Ewing.




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