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March 2004

WillowWood Gift Shop Has March Sale-Special Agenda

March 17th thru 31st, there will be a sale at WillowWood Gift Shop to make room for more Alaskan products. Although the shop will continue to carry the dependable and popular gift lines that many have grown to appreciate, there are many unique gifts for Easter, Graduation, and Mothers Day marked for clearance with savings to 50% off, while supplies last. Many talented, serious Alaskan artists have products that need an outlet and WillowWood is doing what it can to incorporate them into its gift line and web site ( for availability year round. 

With its new location off the Alaska Highway, and plans to sell Northern Lights ice cream this summer, more visitors are expected to visit the shop and gardens this summer.  The requests for rare Alaskan made items are too numerous to ignore. April will be the time to regroup and restock.
Call or visit them if you have a dependable, marketable product and would like to be considered as part of WillowWoods product line, and take advantage of these great savings! 

Elaine Shannon -- March 04, 2004

Heather and Ben Sanders
Heather Harris (96' Grad) and Ben Sanders of Austin, TX were married on March 13, 2004 in Buda, TX. Savannah Harris was the flower girl, Thomas Harris was the ring bearer, Ted & Emi Harris were best man & matron of honor, and Logan Cummings officiated the ceremony. Heather is licensed as an agent, and is working for Allstate; she is also going to school to get her BA in Business Management. Ben is a engineer with Hudson Bend Fire Dept..Ben & Heather plan on living in Austin, TX.  Congratulations Heather!!  Photo courtesy of Heather Sanders.

Republican Convention Saturday at a NEW "New Location"

Republican District Convention NEW "New Location" Yes, you read it right. This is our NEW, NEW location. 

DOWNSTAIRS IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM. If you cannot be there then please pass the word for us. Registration is from 10-11 am and business will be concluded by 4:30 pm. Former Senator Rick Halford will be our lunch speaker.  Representative John Harris and Representative Carl Morgan will also be with us. Senator Therriault will be unable to make it. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is invited. We have not heard a final word on her appearance. 

Come help us craft the 2004 Alaska Republican Platform, Rules and Resolutions. Help us elect delegates to the state convention in Soldotna and 
elect District Officers. call 895 4565 for more info 

Dawn Grossmann -- March 24, 2004

A lone branch sticks out of wind sculpted snow on Miller Creek. Photo courtesy of Gary Cooper.

The attached picture was taken March 13th at the Whitestone School Science fair. In the picture Patrick Ekstorm demonstrates to Fronty Parker how his ground water model works. Patrick built this model to show different ground substrates and what happens when water seeping into the ground from an landfill for example (see the red dye) could affect wells used for domestic use. Patrick's teacher is John Donaldson. Patrick and many of his fellow student had high caliber science projects to display and were very articulate in explaining what they researched. Nearly 25 projects filled every conceivable space Whitestone school had. Photo credit John Donaldson.

Happy Birthday March 15 - March 22

Happy 24th Birthday to Hanni C. Marchuk. on March 16th. From a special someone on Fort Greely.

Happy Birthday to David Sutherland on March 18.Love, Karen, Jessica, Dawson James, and Isabeau Marie

Cindy's Birthday is Saturday!  Happy Birthday to you and many many more!  Hugs from Pam and Cinde.

Happy Birthday to Vicky Sanders on the 21st of March. We hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Christina Peters & Tina Seward

Happy Birthday to Eric Marcellus! His 31st birthday is on March 20 2004, Eric works at Cold
Regions Test Center, Bolio Lake. Eric is married to his wife Lynnetta, and has two children.

DHS Hockey
The Delta Huskies high school hockey team is shown with their 2nd place trophy at the Greatland Hockey 1A-3A State Hockey Tournament in Wasilla in February 2004.  Pictured in the photo are (left to right) Joe Lupo, Krista Waldo, Dean Waldo (coach), Michael Pflugrad, Lowen Ewing, Caleb Bialik, Ben Blais, Jared Creviston, Grant Giese, Travis DuBois, Ryan Gilbertson, Kevin Morden, and Willy Blais (assist. Coach). Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois

Possible Scam Alert

Classified ads on the Delta News Web have been very helpful for many folks who have items for sale. Sometimes an email response desiring to buy an advertised item is received within hours of first appearing on the News Web. Be careful however, so you don�t fall for a scam designed only to get your personnel information or your money. A few local folks who have placed ads to sell higher dollar items like cars or trucks for example, have received emails desiring to buy their vehicle with hardly any concern for condition or quibbling over price. Grammar & spelling is usually poor and by the second email, the prospective �buyer� requests the sellers name, address & phone number so a certified check can be sent. A follow-up email may indicate that a social security number or bank account number is required by the buyer�s bank before a check will be issued.
As a variation, the buyer offers to send a certified check for the full amount of the vehicle plus thousands of additional dollars to cover transportation / shipping. The seller is instructed to deposit the check and send the amount designated for transportation to the buyer�s shipping agent. Most of these �buyers� have indicated they live in the UK and therefore must use a third party agent. The check may be a forgery but you could be out thousands of dollars before that is noticed. 
So be very cautious -----an overly eager �buyer� who seems too good to be true, may be just that!

Mike Rawalt -- March 9, 2004

Grace Trulove gets baptized!
Grace Kathryn was baptized Sunday, March 7th at the Faith Lutheran Church by Pastor Bear. Mom Michelle (Sharp) Trulove and big brother Conner were joined by Grandma and Grandpa (Kathy and Creig) Sharp for the occasion. Grace wore a baptism gown and bonnet crocheted by her Grandma 23 years earlier for Michelle's own baptism. She was also wrapped in newly crocheted  blanket that Grandma made just for her!  Photo courtesy of Michelle Trulove.

Shannon and Dana Nichols
Shannon and Dana Nichols provided a fun finishing touch to the Delta Figure Skaters annual ice show Wed. March 10th. Also shown are Meagan Tapley and Hannah Nichols. Photo courtesy of Connie Knix.

Happy Birthday March 8 - March 15

Happy 45th birthday to Kerry Gardner on March 9!! We miss and love you from the folks in Oklahoma. Keith, Kyndra, and Katie Bug!

Happy birthday to Jill Renee Longnecker March 9th

Happy Birthday Cassie Green on March 14 From your grandpa Gary and your grandma Beverly, also your uncle Russ and the rest of uncles @ aunts

Happy 26th Birthday to Jeanette Selfe on March 14th !  Love from Okinawa, Mom and Tom

Happy Birthday to Kerry Gardner on March 9th and a belated birthday wish to John Gardner on March 7th! From David and Karen Sutherland.

Uriah Fellman and Rep. John Harris
Delta Huskies State wrestling champ Uriah Fellman stands next to Representative John Harris, Co-Chair of Finance. Fellman is working as a House Page in the Alaska Legislature during this year's session. Photo Courtesy Rick VanderKolk

The dining room at the Fielding Lake public use cabin at the end of February. Temperatures around this time were -20. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lou Aillaud.

Delta Junction Charter Commission

The first meeting of the Delta Junction Charter Commission was held recently.  The purpose of the commission is to review options for local government.  This is necessary because of state law.  You can read the complete minutes from the first meeting on the City of Delta Junction website.

Webmaster -- March 3, 2004

Effects of the wind!
This is a photo of the scouring the wind has done on the airstrip just East of Golden Eagle Outfitters' office. Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston/CRTC.

Emily Joslin and President George Bush
Above is a picture of Emily Joslin, nine years old, at the White House with President Bush. This was taken the end of January when Emily attended a Republican National Committee meeting with her mom, Debbie Joslin. We spent the afternoon at the White House and listened to President Bush talk for over an hour and then took this picture. After that we walked around the White House and ate refreshments in the State Dining Room. Photo courtesy of Debbie Joslin.

Festival of Lights Fishing Derby
20 adults registered & 11 children. Weather started out pretty nice with no wind but about 1 PM, the wind picked up and also the snow. Fishing was very slow (almost non-existent regarding the actual "catching"). Brenda came out about 1: 45 and took a few pictures of fishermen and women!
The awards were presented a little after 2 PM with Brenda taking a few pictures of the winners.
There was one fish (12 3/8") measured in the children's group (under 16 years old) and the winner was Jeffery Longley from Fairbanks who received a $50 in Chamber Vouchers. There were two fish measured in the adult category. Leah Fraser's 13 3/8" fish took first ($50 in Vouchers) and her husband Derek Fraser's 13 1/8" fish took 2nd receiving a $25 voucher. Larry Harwell arrived back at "derby central" too late to get his two 16" fish entered. Sorry Larry! Photo and news courtesy of Mike Rawalt.

Bingo Moving to Clearwater Fire Station

Monday Night Bingo will be at the Clearwater Fire Station during the March renovation of the Delta Community Center. Bingo and pull tab sales are the major source of revenue for the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department. Gaming provides nearly 40% of the annual budget. It really covers the insurance cost for the department. Additionally, gaming is a way for people to have some fun while giving some support.

In the past three years the department has lost 2 pull tab vendors. When the Cherokee closed down, one sales outlet was lost. Now with the Clearwater Lodge closed, the second outlet is gone. Both business were very generous with supporting RDVFD. Their support help the department earn some of the needed funds for matching grants. Rural Deltana Fire is actively seeking new vendors for pull tab sales. Interested parties can call Steve McCombs at 895-4909 or Matt Creager at 895-5277.

As an all volunteer, non-profit corporation, Rural Deltana Fire Department can only survive and grow with the support of the community. Help all of us by becoming a member, by becoming a subscriber, by becoming a bingo player, by becoming a supporter. Rural Deltana VFD POB 524 Delta Junction, AK 99737 Phone & Fax 907-895-5036

Steve McCombs -- February 24, 2004



Heather Sanders (Harris) & Savannah Harris 
at Kali-Kate Lodge in Buda, TX.  Heather (DHS grad '96) was married on March 13, 2004 to Ben Sanders.  Photo courtesy of Heather Sanders.

Whit Aillaud contemplates his options on a recent outing to Fielding Lake. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lou Aillaud.

2004 Salcha-Delta Soil & Water Conservation District speech participants L-R: Sarah Byam, Amy Vander Zwaag (3rd place), Anne Baker (1st place), Patrick Ekstrom and Danielle McNabb (2nd place). Photo courtesy of Becky Peterson, District Coordinator.

Shown above is another winner for the recent poster contest at the elementary school. Donald Hannan drew this picture and won for grades 4-6. Photo courtesy of Becky Peterson.

Shown above are the winners for the recent poster contest at the elementary school. The winner for K-1 was Haley McNabb and the winner for grades 2-3 was Hunter Norman.  Congratulations Haley and Hunter!  Photo courtesy of Becky Peterson.

Shown above are Ashley and Emily Bevard, daughters of Rob and Sarah, both DHS graduates. Ashley and Emily are 3 1/2 and almost 15 months, respectively. Photo courtesy of Sarah Bevard.

The above picture was taken at Whitestone Creek, near Whitestone Farms. As part of a class project, science teacher John Donaldson and his students are looking to see if they can improve habitat for Coho salmon. The students measured the stream flow, examined aquatic insects in the gravel and took other measurements. Most of all it was a great March day to be outside. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

These four little mice skated to a number from Cinderella in the Delta Figure Skaters ice show Wed. March 10th. They are Samantha Johnson, Dee Dee Webb, Hannah Hanson, and Suzanne Feilner.  Photo courtesy of Connie Knix.

Jr High Fort Greely Grizzlies
The Jr. High Fort Greely Grizzlies volleyball 6th 7th grade girls at one of the home games!  Photo courtesy of Sue Fisher.

Upcoming Library Event

Just a note to let you know of the upcoming event listed below. I can't quite believe I am to be in the company of such amazing writers - when I was asked to read I thought it was another event like the one I did two years ago for about ten people, 8 of which were friends or family...I'm a little overwhelmed, but it's a wonderful cause that I am glad to support. Please let anyone know who may be interested in attending, and thank you for your very kind attention.
Joyce McCombs -- Girl Writer and very nervous person for the next week until this is over!

Reading from Alaska's Heart

Reading From Alaska's Heart, a fundraising event for Adult Learning Programs of Alaska, is scheduled for 2:00 - 5:00 PM, Sunday, March 14, in the Binkley Room at Pike's Waterfront Lodge in Fairbanks. 

Adult Learning Programs of Alaska (ALPA) invites you to an entertaining afternoon with seven published Alaskan writers reading from their works. Featured authors are Fairbanks News Miner Columnist Dermot Cole; Librarian, Delta Wind Columnist and KUAC Public Radio Commentator, Joyce McCombs; Writer and Illustrator, Debbie Miller, and Authors Loretta Cox, Doreen Fitzgerald, Ed Hoch, and Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley. Authors will be available for informal conversation and autographs and their books will be available for purchase. 

Refreshments and music will be provided. Tickets available at Two Street Station, Hunting & Gathering, Owl Tree, If Only...A Fine Store, and at the door. Cost is $20 per person or $50 per family. For more information, call 452-6434 

Joyce McCombs -- March 9, 2004

Ava Helene Vasquez
Cammy (Mason) Vasquez (95'graduate) is pleased to announce the birth of her baby girl Ava Helene Vasquez. Ava was born in Seattle on January 23, 2004 at 6:52am. She was 8lbs 6oz, 22 inches.  Congratulations Cammy!! 

Alaska Mental Health Board Legislative Alert

Fiscal Year 2005 Mental Health Budget (HB377).
Several factors continue to dominate the FY2005 mental health budget that include program enhancements, refinancing, efficiencies, and cost containment strategies. 

Operating Budget
Behavioral Health Medicaid Services: The House proposes to eliminate state funding ($4.9 million) for projected FY 2005 growth in Behavioral Health Medicaid services (including federal match, a cut of $12.4 million). The AMHB does not support this reduction in the Department of Health and Social Services, which will result in devastating service losses for people with mental or emotional disorders. Optional services, including community mental health services, could be eliminated and eligibility criteria might have to be changed. Other possible responses include:

-Lower reimbursement rates - some providers may stop taking Medicaid clients.
-Lower hospital reimbursements, some of which are already in financial jeopardy.
-Cuts in pharmacy reimbursement rates, already below wholesale.

Capital Budget
The budget currently retains the capital projects proposed by the AMHB, but eliminates all General Fund/Mental Health (GF/MH) for those projects, leaving insufficient funding for the projects. The AMHB recommends providing GF/MH and other funding as recommended by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for the following:
Essential Program Equipment: Capital equipment replacement for grantees serving Trust beneficiaries. 
Deferred Maintenance: Deferred maintenance and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for grantees serving the four Trust beneficiary groups.
DHSS Housing Program: Develop housing for people with mental health and/or substance disorders that cannot be served in other programs.
Homeless Assistance Program: Grants to assist non-profit organizations, local governments, and regional housing authorities work on the emergency needs of homeless and near-homeless Alaskans.
Beneficiary/Special Needs Housing: Assist in developing community-based supportive housing for special needs populations. The demand for special needs housing is critical.
Statewide Teleconference Schedule
March 6, 2004 � Saturday
11:00 � 12:00 Noon Delta Junction, 
If there is a Legislative Information Office (LIO) in your community, you must testify there during the time noted on the schedule. There is a 2 minute limit on testimony. You must signup to testify at least 30 minutes before the end of the scheduled testimony time for your community.
E-mail House any representative at: representative_first name_last

Cornelia Huebscher/NAMI Alaska -- March 01, 2004

Happy Birthday March 1 - March 8

Happy Birthday on March 1st to Raylyn Taylor Mansfield, daughter of Miranda Lee Mansfield!! 

Happy Birthday to Pat White on March 6 from all your friends at City Hall!

Happy Birthday to Brandon Custer son of Jill Renee Longnecker on March 4!

Three Scouts from Troop 56 (Bradley Gefroh, Tony Tirrell, and Charlie Herman) get their tent up just out on Quartz Lake just before dark. The next morning all agreed they were warm enough despite temperature dipping down to -20 below. For two of the boys it was their first winter campout. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Travis DuBois -- DHS Hockey Player
Delta Huskies high school hockey player Travis DuBois is shown scoring a goal with this slap shot against Tri-Valley. On Feb. 12, the Huskies traveled to Wasilla to play in the State Tournament where they were seeded 3rd.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

2004 Deltana Fair still needs theme & logo art

The first Deltana Fair was held in 1980. The 25th anniversary Deltana Fair is scheduled for Friday through Sunday August 20 - 22, 2004. The contest for a theme and logo for this year's fair is open again -- many people were just too busy to think about it during the holidays.

The theme and logo design needs to be not too complicated so it can be enlarged for use on t-shirts, sweatshirts and posters and also greatly reduced for printing on items such as key tags. Please keep this in mind as you create your design. A clean, uncluttered design in black on white paper is preferred.

The new deadline for submitting entries is 5 pm Monday, March 1. You can drop off entries at Help Secretarial in the AMC Building or mail to Deltana Fair Association, P. O. Box 408, Delta Junction, AK 99737. (If mailing, please allow time for delivery.)

There's a $50 cash prize for the winner, along with a t-shirt -- when the new ones are done. Do it now -- while you're thinking about it! 

Loretta Schooley -- February 22, 2004




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