March 2006

Spring Wings In

Spring is here as confirmed by snow buntings seen in Delta on March 23. Snow buntings are a black & white bird sparrow like bird that is usually the first spring migrant to arrive in the north country after overwintering in the northern tier states of the lower 48. They pass through interior Alaska on their way to their northern breeding grounds and commonly pass through while snow is still on the ground. So take heart, the snow buntings know it's spring even if we haven't realized it yet.

A golden eagle was also seen near Donnelly Dome recently, and even though some golden eagles may overwinter in Alaska, this bird was most likely a migrant also.

Just think about all those birds out there heading this way.

March 24, 2006

Ground squirrel
 This young Arctic ground squirrel was very inquisitive and showed little fear of the photographer. Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

City Council Special Executive Session

5:00PM, Thursday, March 30, 2006
City Hall Conference Room

The City Council will have a special Executive Session to discuss the newly released Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) regarding the proposed Eddy Drop Zone training area.

City Attorney Jim DeWitt will discuss issues with City Council members. The meeting is closed to the public. USARAK has scheduled a public hearing from 12:00 to 8:00PM, Thursday, April 6 at the Community Center.

March 29, 2006

First Annual Memorial Service for the Unborn

On Saturday, March 18, Delta's first annual Memorial Service for the Unborn was held at Clearwater Baptist Church. The service was hosted by Miss Esther Holbrook who had put together a beautiful display detailing the developmental stages of an unborn child. Hymns were sung by the small
congregation and special music was provided by Miss Langlie Thomas and Miss Victoria Joslin accompanied by Miss Autumn Abbott. The special speaker was Debbie Joslin. Mrs. Joslin shared about the developmental stages of an unborn child and dispelled some of the myths often repeated by pro-abortion advocates. She also shared her own testimony of how she came to be pro-life. The service was touching and very solemn. All who attended felt it had been worthwhile to take time from their busy schedules to honor the weak and
defenseless who lost their lives to abortion in Alaska last year.

March 24, 2006

Taken in January when there isn't much around for the moose to eat, so it was eating the tree branches for breakfast. Photo Courtesy Flower Cole

Election of Delta High School PTSA Officers

The Delta High School PTSA will be taking nominations for the offices of President, Secretary and Treasurer at their next meeting. You must be a member of the PTSA to be nominated. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 28 at 7:00 PM in the Board room at the District Office. We would encourage all current members to attend this very important meeting. If you are not a member, it is easy to join. Our dues are $10 per school year. If you are interested in being nominated for an open position or want to nominate someone, please contact Kyena at 895-4655.

March 15, 2006

Summer petunias
 There IS Summer in Delta. Petunias on the deck...just a bright reminder. by Tana Wood

Job Center Job Fair

March 28 - The State of Alaska Job Center Job Fair. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Over 70 employers who will be accepting applications and hiring. Patrons will also be able to get help making a resume.

March 23, 2006

Rainbow Mountain Reflection
Rainbow Mountain is reflected in this pond at "Top of the World." Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

Happy Birthday Mar 22 - Mar 26

Happy Birthday Mar 22 - Mike Schultz

Happy Birthday Mar 22 - Riley Hennager

Happy Birthday Mar 22 - Cheryl Cooper

Happy Birthday Mar 22 - Eddy Growden

Happy Birthday Mar 23 - Eric Anderson

Happy Birthday Mar 24 - Ken Ryther from your wife in Oklahoma

Happy Birthday Mar 25 - Loretta Schooley

Happy Birthday Mar 25 - Mollie Rasmussen

Happy Birthday Mar 25 - Jim Cummings

Happy Birthday Mar 26 - to the best daddy in the world (John Palmer). Love, Autumn, Austin. Promise and Mommy too!

Happy Birthday Mar 26 - Ann Rasmussen

Happy Anniversary Mar 22 - Mar 26

Happy Anniversary Mar 22 - Linda & John Sloan

Happy Anniversary Mar 23 - Bill & Jody Zollman

Happy Anniversary Mar 25 - Robert E & Julie Lee

Thanks to The Delta News Web

As a former and future Alaskan, I just want to thank you for such a great website! From Oklahoma, I keep up with local happenings, gorgeous pictures, and great recipes from the Alaska that I love, and I do it all through Deltanewsweb. We are looking forward to our return to Alaska to stay in 2006 and will continue to be an avid fan of the Deltanewsweb site. Thanks for great content and all you do, and a big hello to all my Alaskan friends in Delta!

Mrs. Donna Flanders -- March 20, 2006

Delta News Web Server Changeover

We are migrating the webserver we use for the Delta News Web to a larger box over this coming weekend.  We hope you will not notice anything at all....but if something isn't working, it may be due to the migration.  Everything should be working again by Monday morning.  We will not publish on Saturday this weekend.  The DNW will be updated on Monday, March 27.  Have a great weekend.

March 24, 2006

Delta Youth Court Sponsors Blood Drive

Delta Youth Court with Blood Bank of Alaska is sponsoring a blood drive this Friday, March 24, 2-6pm and Saturday, March 25, 10am-2pm at the Community Center. As part of the Blood Drive, Delta High School is taking part in the High School Challenge, which awards a grant of $1000 to the participating Alaska high school that gets the most blood donations by percentage of population. All blood donated at any Alaska blood bank within two weeks of our blood drive in the name of Delta High School counts towards our high school donation total.

Teens ages 16 & 17 may donate with parental consent. Parental consent forms may be obtained at the Delta Youth Court office at Delta High School. Free t-shirts are awarded to each participating teen.

Coupons from the Buffalo Diner, Video Unlimited, and the Coffee Club are also available to participants. Please make your blood donation appointment today at 895-5328 or in the evenings at 895-5121.

March 22, 2006

Ice Art

Delta Junction has its own little ice carving show. If you haven't had a chance to stop by the Visitor Center than make some time and go have a look. Sam Vose, has been carving the ice blocks that had been placed at the Visitor center during the February Festival of Lights event. Due to the warm weather during the Festival of Lights, Vose had some difficulty carving his ice sculptures. But, luckily the weather has stayed cool enough for Vose to work his ice magic and give the folks of Delta Junction some great ice art. So stop by and take a look or drive by at night the bear and fish are lit-up

March 17, 2006

Nenana River
Fog rises above the Nenana River near Cantwell. Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

Meet Fort Greely’s Incoming Commander

The Delta Chamber of Commerce invites the public to meet Lt. Colonel Gregory McClinton, who will become Fort Greely’s Garrison/Installation Commander this summer and Garrison Command Sergeant Major CSM Sylvia Laughlin who will also be stationed at Ft. Greely. LTC Robert E. Cornelius, the current Garrison Commander, will be on hand to meet with members of the community. There will be an open reception held March 22, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Jarvis West building, lower level conference room.

March 18, 2006

Mt. Hayes
Mount Hayes (at right) is the tallest of the Alaska Range mountains visible from Delta Junction. It rises to 13,832 feet at the head of Hayes Glacier, 43 miles SW of Delta. The peak was named in 1898 by W.J. Peters and A.H. Brooks, USGS, for Charles Willard Hayes, geologist. with USGS from 1887 to 1911. The first ascent of this mountain was made on August 1,1941.
Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Happy Birthday Mar 15 - Mar 21

Happy 35th Birthday to Michael S.- Mar 15 ( Mike Nuckols. From Wanda, Turkey George (Jimmie) and Allen Michael Nuckols

Wishing my brother, Timmothy J.Sivertsen a very happy sweet and carefree 28th birthday on Apr 15. Love your baby sis.

Happy Birthday Mar 15 - Nick Herman

Happy Birthday Mar 16 - Hanni Marchuk

Happy Birthday Mar 17 - Jack Morris

Happy Birthday to David Sutherland on Mar 18. Hope you have a great day!! Love, Karen

Happy Birthday to David Sutherland - Mar 18.
Hope you have a good day old man!! Love Jessica

Happy Birthday Mar 18 - Lolita Smith

Happy Birthday Mar  18 William “BJ” Merrymon

Happy Birthday Mar 19 - Ariella Knix

Happy Birthday Mar 19 - Stacey Krepel

Happy Birthday Mar 19 McKenzie (Allen) Grapengeter

Happy Birthday Mar 19 - Misty McLendon

Happy Birthday Mar 20 - Makala Shay

Happy Birthday Mar 20 - Glenn Crawford

Happy Birthday Mar 20 - David Ferdinand

Happy Birthday Mar 20 - Maribeth Miller

Happy Birthday Mar 21 - Carol Dunlap-Austin

Happy Birthday Mar 21 - Ryan Allen

Happy Birthday Mar 21 - Mama Carol! I love you, Jess

Happy Birthday Mar 21 - Vicki Sanders

Happy Anniversary Mar 15 - Mar 21

Happy Anniversary Mar 16 - Larry & Lorraine Veihl

Happy Anniversary Mar 21 - Carol & Dick Austin

Happy Anniversary  Mar 21 - Mama Carol and Dick! Love, Jess

Immature Eagle
Immature Eagle rests while contemplating his next meal on Mentasta Creek. Copyright by Dwight Phillips

Family Photos
For text and enlargements click here

March 13, 2006

Community Talent Show Cancelled

Closeup's Community Talent Show has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Instead, Closeup will be hosting a community Teen Dance Saturday, March 18, 7-11pm, at the Community Center. Admission is $5 per person and for all Delta high school aged teens. Contact Jody Zollman for more information at 895-5328.

March 14, 2006

Memorial Service

You are invited to a Memorial Service, For the aborted babies of Alaska. Date: March 18th, Saturday. Location: Clearwater Baptist Church
Time: 4 p.m.  Hosted By: Esther Holbrook. Special Music.  Kids are welcome!

March 14, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day (March 17), is the Irish feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick (386-493), the patron saint of Ireland. It is a legal holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the overseas territory of Montserrat and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is celebrated worldwide by the Irish and increasingly by many of non-Irish descent. A major parade takes place in Dublin and in most other Irish towns and villages. The five largest parades of recent years have been held in Dublin, New York City, Manchester, Montreal, and Boston. Parades also take place in other places, including London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Copenhagen and throughout the Americas.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

March 17, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day Trivia

1: True or False? St Patrick was Irish?
2: Was St. Patrick a Missionary?
3: What does "Cead Mile Failte" mean?
4: What does the shamrock represent in the Christian Faith?
5: What color do people wear on St. Patrick's Day?
6: What day is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?"

Saint Patrick's Day Trivia Answers

1. False
2. Yes, he was a missionary from England to Ireland
3. One Thousand Welcomes
4. It represents the Trinity
5. Green
6. March 17th

March 17, 2006


Alamasu, Inc. (the Hollembaek's farms) will be changing its name to Alaska Interior Game Ranch to better reflect what we do today: raise elk, bison, reindeer, & coming soon - wild boar hogs, etc. in interior Alaska. But we need your help in creating a slogan for our new business name. Got any ideas?

Winners will be recognized on the front page of the Hollembaek's website  plus receive a box ($50 value) of wild game meat.

Email or write in your slogan to Scott & Ruby Hollembaek PO Box 502 Delta Junction, AK 99737
Contest ends tax day: April 15, 2006! Thank you!

Coming next will be a Logo contest after we've chosen the slogan!

March 10, 2006

Game" Day at the Senior Lounge

The Delta Clearwater Seniors will be having an afternoon of games on Mar 16.  We will have an assortment of games and if anyone has one they especially like, they are welcome to bring it.  There will be snacks and we will start at 11:30am and go on until we get tired of winning or losing!  Please come and join us for an afternoon of fun.  We'll also be having our birthday luncheon on Mar 15 at the Steakhouse at 1:00pm

March 7, 2006

The milepost at the Visitor Information Center is framed by an ice carving by Sam Vose. Photo courtesy Brenda Peterson, Delta Chamber of Commerce.

Deltana Fair Logo Contest

The Deltana Fair Association needs ideas and designs for the theme and logo for the 2006 Deltana Fair. Everyone is welcome to submit -- if you have a good theme idea but don't consider yourself an artist (or don't do computer designs), send it in with a sketch and, if it's selected, the Fair will have someone else do the art work.

The prize is $100 for the winning theme / logo, or $50 if it's just the theme, plus a 2006 Deltana Fair t-shirt. This year's fair will be held July 28, 29 and 30.

The deadline -- get busy! -- is 5 pm Wednesday, March 15. Designs can be dropped off at Busy Bee / Help Secretarial in the AMC Building or at the Delta Community Library or mailed to Deltana Fair Association, PO Box 408, Delta Junction, AK 99737 -- just be sure to mail it by the 13th so it's received in a timely manner.

March 11, 2006

Relay For Life

What is Relay For Life? The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is a community gathering where everyone can participate in the fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at our local high school track and take turns walking or running laps around the track. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event- because cancer never sleeps. Relays are an overnight event, up to 24 hours in length.

Relay For Life brings together millions of people to raise money to help prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from the disease. While you're raising much needed funds, you'll also be raising awareness of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and patient support. Relay for Life assembles people from all walks of life with the common goal of eliminating cancer.

No matter who you are, there's a place for you at Relay For Life of Delta Junction. Join us today! So far 21 teams have made a commitment. We Thank them for their support.  May 12 6pm-May 13 6pm, 2006 Delta Junction High School

For more information please call Sharon at 895-4731 or Terry 895-4939.

March 9, 2006

John and Tom
This picture was taken on the Richardson Hwy, if it were a better picture you would be able to see Donnelly's Dome. On the left is John Browy, on the Right is myself Tom Mlinar.  
 Mount Moffit
Mount Moffit, at 13,020 feet, is near the head of Trident Glacier and 11 miles SE of Mount Hayes. It was named in 1950 by the USGS for Fred Howard Moffit (1874-1958) who worked in Alaska for 40 years and authorized over 40 publications on Alaska geology and mining. It was first climbed by the Shand party. Aurora Peak rises to 10,065 feet and is also near the head of Trident Glacier. It is 8.6 miles SE of Mount Hayes.  - Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Fort Greely Spirit Week

Fort Greely School Spirit week will run from Wed, Mar 8 through Tues, Mar 14. Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day, Thursday – Twin Day, Friday – School Spirit Day, Monday – Pajama Day, and Tuesday – Hawaiian Day. Prizes will be awarded to the best male and female costumes!

Mallory Wrigley
Mallory Wrigley was a winner from “Crazy Hair Day.”

March 14, 2006

Cow moose
Cow moose comes up for air while dining on pond weeds. Copyright by Dwight Phillips

Community Talent Show

The Closeup Program at DHS is sponsoring a community wide Talent Show Mar 18, 7pm, at the big gym at Delta High School. This event is one of the final fundraisers for the students going to Washington DC to participate in Closeup.

Registration is $10 per act and is open to entire Delta Community. Registration forms can be picked up at the Delta Youth Court office in Delta High School (across from the kitchen) or call Jody Zollman at 895-5328 or Kyena Cornelius at 895-4655.

There will be an open concession stand, prizes and fun for all. There is no age limit, we only ask that performances be family-friendly.

March 2, 2006

East Fork
This is the East Fork near where it joins Canyon Creek south of Anchorage. Together they form the Six Mile River. This was taken August 2005 during
the weekend of the Palmer State Fair. Photo by Barbara Tharp

Friendly Frontier Days

Scheduled for May 27 and 28, 2006, Friendly Frontier Days will celebrate our frontier roots. A yea hah good time is sure to be had by yea all! There's a BBQ, pet parade, pig kissin', costume contest, kids events, raffles, some "do si do" square dancin' and ton's of fun. More information will be coming. Reminder, volunteers are always needed and appreciated for our special events. To volunteer call Dawn at 895-5068.

March 4, 2006

Hockey Home Game Dates
For complete article click here

The Youth Hockey home game schedule is as follows:

Bush League Tournaments are as follows:
Squirts hosted by Tok March 10-11

March 2, 2006

Visitor Guide

Currently the Delta Chamber is working on our annual Visitor Guide/Business Directory. The Visitor Guide/Business Directory is a great resource for not just the tourists that visit Delta but also for our local residents and anyone moving into the area. This user friendly booklet has great information, business listings, stories, pictures and a map. The Visitor Guide is great exposure for our local businesses, so if you are a chamber member, guess what? There are advertising opportunities for you...look for your information package coming via mail this week. If you don't get your package or if you are not a chamber member and want to become one then give Dawn a call at the chamber office at 895-5068.

March 4, 2006

Big Delta Chapel

Big Delta Chapel. Located just West of the Hanger on the old post. Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

Team Alaska Women Undefeated

Team Alaska's Women won a hard fought victory over a strong Alberta North team this afternoon at the Kenai Ice Arena. The score was 3-1 and puts the Team Alaska Women (3 wins 0 losses) in prime position for the gold medal game on Friday. They play Team Nunavut (0 wins 2 losses) Thursday morning at 8 am. Thursday completes the preliminary round games for the women.

Team Alaska Midgets lost to Northwest Territories this afternoon in a close 2-1 game. They also play their last game on Thursday against Team Nunavut (0-2)in the preliminary round.

It was great to see some more friendly Delta faces at the games. Sadie Tuckwood and her mom and sister are here and plan to attend Thursday's game to cheer on Sadie's preschool teacher, Annie Grossmann.

The Kenai Penninsula was beautiful today with bright blue skies and a pleasant 27 degrees. We enjoyed watching the figure skating competition this evening and saw Team Alaska skaters on the podium with several gold medals. Team Alaska still leads the medal count with a total of 92 medals. The Olympic spirit is exciting here at the games.
From Soldotna....Dawn Grossmann

March 9, 2006

3000 feet
A view from 3000 feet, high above the Black Rapids Training Facility of the Delta River, May 2003. Photo Courtesy Sebastian Saarloos.

Arctic Winter Games Update

Team Alaska Midget member Lowen Ewing and his team mates played Team Yukon yesterday for their first game and fell 4-3 after a great game.

Team Alaska Women's team played Northwest Territories this morning and won 4-2. Their second game this evening was against Team Yukon. Alaska won 10 - 0 with Annie Grossmann scoring twice. Both the Midgets and the Women play again tomorrow at 3. Team Alaska Midgets face Northwest Territories and the Team Alaska Women play Alberta North.
The weather is snowy down here and in the high 20's....just right for all the Nordic Sports. Team Alaska is doing well having won the most medals so far...a total of 51 as of Tuesday. There is lots of pin trading going on and everyone is making lots of new friends. It was great to see The Minner family at the rink cheering on Team Alaska! More updates to come.....Dawn Grossmann in Snowy Soldotna.

March 8, 2006

March 2006 Legislative Update
from John Harris (pdf 244kb)

March 2, 2006

"A look at Delta / Greely from years gone by"

John Browy ~ Black Rapids

This is John Browy, down around Black Rapids. there was US Army personal there, and part of our job was to check the wires along the highway, and each EE8 phone at the mileposts. This is an old cabin in that area. I was told it still stands. Inside somewhere was a date, if I remember correctly it was 1897.


This picture was taken looking North West, it is the Hanger, and taken out of the fire tower.  Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

Happy Birthday Mar 1 - Mar 7

Happy Birthday Mar 1 - Shirley Beck

Happy Birthday Mar 1 - Ben Blais

Happy Birthday Mar 1 - Robert Smith

Happy Birthday Mar 1 - Dan Coakley

Happy Birthday Mar 2 - Katyanne Ward

Happy Birthday Mar 2 - Steve Fields

Happy Birthday Mar 2 - Ed Giese

Happy Birthday Mar 3 - Heather Fortune

Happy Birthday Mar 4 - Laurel Barger

Happy Birthday Mar 5 - Larry Labell

Happy Birthday Mar 5 - Brett Phillips

Happy Birthday Mar 6 - Fr John Martinek

Happy Birthday Mar 6 - Pat White

Happy Birthday Mar 6 - Ray Allen

Happy Birthday Mar 6 - Amanda Trainor

Happy Birthday to John Gardner -  Mar 7

Happy Birthday Mar 7 - Todd Zachgo

Happy Birthday Mar 7 - Tirza Knix

Happy Birthday Mar 7 - Ann Richards

Happy Anniversary Mar 1 - Mar 7

Happy Anniversary Mar 1 - Jack & Terry Detzel

These elk are both shy and curious. They are waiting to find their place during feeding at the Hollembaek Ranch. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

Proposed Things to Revise or Possible Demise of Monday Night Bingo

For the past several weeks attendance at Monday Night Bingo has been dismal. It is questionable as to the value of continuing based upon volunteer workers efforts and prize amounts awarded to players. Here is a proposal which would guarantee a minimum of $40 payout for every game and a build-up game with a $250 prize.

25 minimum of players for a session to begin. 15 games on 6 square paper sheets. Each sheet would cost $2. A full set would be $30. Minimum required purchase would be one full set. In addition to the build up game, there would be two games with 90% payout (a minimum of $45 with 25 players). All other games would payout $40 or 80% of the income for the game. The current warm-up game and hard cards would be eliminated.
Games would start at 7 p.m. The minimum number of players would need to present at 6:45 p.m. If 25 players were not present, money would be refunded and the session canceled.

Please provide your input on the proposed changes. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Matt, Steve, Ted, & Kathy of the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department

Comments to Monday Night Bingo POB 524 Delta Junction AK 99737 or 895-5036

February 28, 2006

Delta High Huskies
Delta Huskies Sports
Feb 27 - Mar 3

Basketball - Fri - Mar 3 - Time 3:00 PM - Eielson at Delta - JV/V level

Delta Scenery
You can't beat Delta Scenery...the photo was taken just before Christmas 2005 from the Old Rich and the Whitestone ice road. Photo Courtesy Tana Wood.

Made in Alaska Workshop

Made in Alaska Workshop

Made in Alaska workshop was held Wednesday, March 1, from 8 AM – noon at the City Hall. Mr. Bill Webb, Program Manager/Agent for Made in Alaska, gave a presentation about marketing to Alaska. Topics such as product sharing, the Made in Alaska Program, marketing basics, public relations and promotions, print power and direct mail, and newspaper/magazine advertising were covered.

There are about 12 Made in Alaska permit holders in the Delta Junction area. Made in Alaska is a State of Alaska program that identifies products that are manufactured or hand crafted in Alaska using materials of local origin when possible. There are permits issued to use the state’s registered “Mother Bear & Cub: logo to those who qualify and pay an annual fee of $25.

Made in Alaska staff often conducts on-site inspections to certify that the products are produced in accordance with the law to qualify for a Made in Alaska permit. A manufacturer of the year is selected and awarded a prestige award. The 2004 award went to Alaska Rag Company.

Each quarter, “Bear Necessities” the Made in Alaska Newsletter is mailed to all permit holders. Workshops are also held through the state highlighting Made in Alaska activities and focusing on subjects of interest to permit holders.

All permit holders are listed on the web site  free of charge. Photos of the products may also be found on that site. The Made in Alaska program also offers point of sale materials such as decals, stickers, tags and posters.

Contact Made in Alaska 741 East 13th Avenue, Anchorage , Alaska 99501-4621 907/272-5634 or email

March 3, 2006

Delta River scenery
 The Delta River is shown at the bottom of the photo, with Eureka Creek entering from the left. The Delta River is a clear water river until the glacial flow of Eureka Creek enters. Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

Delta Farm Forum

Delta’s premier agricultural gathering, the Delta Farm Forum will be at the Delta High School small gymnasium on Saturday, March 4th from 9-4.
Presenters from around the State will give information on a variety of agricultural issues. The potluck luncheon will be held at noon. For detailed information on this event look in future issues of the Delta Wind or contact the CES office.

Coming in March, Home Economist Roxie Rodger Dinstel, with UAF/CES will hold the last food preservation workshop: Making Sausage and Jerky on Tuesday, March 7th, from 2-4 and will repeat the class from 6-8. Both classes will be held in the CES conference room with a $10 per person fee. As with past workshops if you have meat that you would like to use let the office know in advance.

March 1, 2006

Glenn Highway Scenery

Glenn highway scenery
These were taken on the Glenn Highway near Eureka in early February. The whole scene was fantastically beautiful...more than I could capture. Photos courtesy Tana Wood

Special Recognition for Brian Schaffer

The Ft. Greely pool staff would like to recognize the outstanding efforts of Ft. Greely Junior High School Principal Brian Schaffer in establishing the swimming program for his middle school students. Mr. Schaffer worked closely with the highly trained staff at the pool to set up a comprehensive drown proofing course that teaches each student the necessary techniques needed to survive in the water. It is well documented that Alaska has a high drowning rate, and this potentially life saving program shows Mr. Schaffer’s sincere commitment to the safety of his students. We are in year two of the program and look forward to working with Mr. Schaffer in the future to ensure that the children of our community learn these all too valuable skills.

February 24, 2005 -- Ft. Greely Pool Staff

Moon and snowy peaks
Moon sets over a snowy peak on the Haines Hwy. near Haines Alaska. Copyright by Dwight Phillips

Alumni Photos
Click here for text and enlargements

Reese and Emma Dade


Grandpa and Colton Mike and Colton

February 23, 2006

Low level light
A dramatic low level light sunset on the Delta River overlooking the East Alaska Range, 28 December 2005. Photo Courtesy Reginald Salinas



Delta Library Story Hour

Story Hour kids during our recent birthday party for Dr. Suess. The kids decorated their own cake and played pin the hat on the cat and as you can see, made their own hats.

Happy hats
Happy hats on mats.  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Mar 27 - Mar 31

Happy Birthday Mar 27 - Jessica Hoffman

Happy Birthday Mar 27 - Geri Behrens

Happy Birthday Mar 27 - Little Willis Hoffman. Keep rockin' your bad self! - E&E

Happy Birthday to my baby girl...Heather Yearty, 12 yrs. old - Mar 28.  I thank God for you each and every day - I love you with all my heart, mom.

Happy Birthday Mar 28 - Squeeky Benham

Happy Birthday Mar 29 – Donna Mills Love Derek, Sheryl, Kailey & Derek Jr.

Happy Birthday Mar 29 - Jerry Barger

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Debbie Joslin

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Chris Allen

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Kacey Shay

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Richard Totten

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Ben Sheppard

Happy Birthday Mar 30 - Flower

Happy Anniversary Mar 27 - Mar 31

Happy Anniversary Mar 27 - Dean & Vi Cummings

Happy Anniversary Mar 27 - Darlo & Emily Walton

Happy Anniversary Mar 27 - John & Erika Lunn

Happy Anniversary Mar 30 - Dwight & Janize Nissen

Buffalo and calf
Buffalo and calf taken on Meadow Road. Photo Courtesy Carol Watkins

Seward's Day

Seward's Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. state of Alaska. It falls on the last Monday in March and commemorates the signing of the Alaska Purchase treaty on March 30, 1867. It is named for then-Secretary of State William H. Seward, who negotiated the purchase from Russia.

It should not be confused with Alaska Day, which marks the formal transfer of control over Alaska from Russia to the United States.

Wiki Online Encyclopedia

March 27, 2006

Seward's Day Trivia
Answers can be found on the bottom

1. In 1867, United States Secretary of State William H. Seward offered Russia $7,200,000. How much was that per acre?
- five dollars
- eighteen cents
- two cents
- one dollar

2. In 1943 Japan invaded the Aleutian Islands which started the first battle fought on American soil since the Civil War. The name of this battle was:
- The One Thousand Mile War
- The Cold War
- The Nippon-Aleut War
- No Mans-Land War

3. Where does the word 'Alaska' come from?
- From the Eskimo word Allaskash meaning great white expanse
- An Eskimo word Alakshak meaning great lands or peninsula.
- From two Inuit words, Alash and Kusha, meaning inhospitable land.
- From the Eskimo word, Lakasha, meaning frigid.

4. The Alaska Highway was originally built as:
- a landing strip to test new types of airplanes
- a military supply road during World War II.
- a mule-path during the gold-rush
- a series of roads to test new automobile performance vehicles

5. How many times could Rhode Island fit into Alaska?
- 85
- 2,250
- 425
- 150

March 27, 2006

Seward's Day Trivia Answers

1. 2 cents
2. The One Thousand Mile War
3. An Eskimo word Alakshak meaning great lands or peninsula.
4. a military supply road during World War II.
5. 425


Drug Abuse Resistance Education


Dear 6th Grade Parent,

Fort Greely School, in cooperation with the Fort Greely DA Police, will be offering the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program to all 6th grade students. Please find a Student Participation Letter enclosed with this mailing which covers program information. The program will occur once a week for nine weeks during your child’s social studies class, and will be instructed by Officer Eric Walla. We are anticipating starting the program the week of March 27th. This is an optional program for your child, but one we feel should be supported, as it is free of cost and focuses on training participants towards making wise decisions and skills to resist pressures affiliated with alcohol and drug consumption.

I would ask that you and your child sign and return the Student Participation Letter to the main office if you would like your child to participate in the program. If you elect not to have your child participate, please make a note on the Student Participation Letter, sign and return it, and we will find an alternative activity for your child during times of instruction.

If you have questions regarding the DARE program, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Brian J. Schaffer/ Principal, Fort Greely School

March 14, 2006

Proposed Borough Questions and Answers

The City of Delta Junction has added a page to its website to allow people interested in the proposed Deltana borough to read questions and answers about the proposal and what it means to the community. 

There are many issues involved in the proposal.  The City website already has substantial information about the proposal.  This new page will allow people to ask questions and receive answers that all can read.

March 20, 2006

Fairbanks- American Red Cross of Alaska Benefit Ball

Date: Sat. March 25, 2006
Time: 6:30pm to 11:00pm
Location: Fairbanks- Carlson Center, 2010 2nd Ave
Contact person and phone #: Neva Baker 1-800-451-8267 or 907-456-5937 or 378-6926
Prerequisites: Tickets purchased prior to event $75/ticket or $125/couple.  Brief Description: Benefiting services provided by American Red Cross of Alaska.

March 23, 2006

The Caribbean Music and Culture Club
Presents The International  Dance Party

A night of exotic dancing, live music!  Stunning local dance groups, with a spacious dance floor.  Saturday, March 25.  7:30 PM. at the Wood Center Ballroom, UAF, Fairbanks, AK.  Tickets are $5 at the door.  For more information contact Lisa at 457-7443 or

March 23, 2006

Kennicot Railroad Trestle
 Part of the old Kennicot Railroad Trestle, this section crosses the road between Chitina and Kennicot. Copyright by Dwight Phillips

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

By Tennessee Williams, Directed by Shannon Luster Evenings at 8:15 on Mar 24, 25, 31, Apr 1, 7, 8 Sunday Matinees at 2 PM on Mar 26, Apr 2, 9.  Location - Riverfront Theatre - Located in Fairbanks. (907) 456-7529 1854 2nd Ave

One of the most successful plays of our time - a play of tremendous dramatic impact and enormous theatrical power. Brookes Atkinson's review said: "In a plantation house, the members of the family are celebrating the sixty-fifth birthday of Big Daddy, as they sentimentally dub him. The tons is gay but the mood is somber. For a number of old evil poison the gaiety - sins of the past, greedy hopes for the future." Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is a delicately wrought exercise in human communication. It is one of the most superb plays in American Theatre.

March 16, 2006

Senator Gene Therriault

March newsletter [pdf 186kb]

March 16, 2006

Cellular Phone Use While Driving Banned on Fort Greely

FORT GREELY, Alaska -- Motor vehicle drivers on Fort Greely and other military installations can no longer hold a telephone to their ear while driving. “People take cell phones everywhere, but that shouldn’t mean cell phones should be allowed to distract drivers into serious and deadly traffic accidents,” said Michael Mitchell, Fort Greely Police Chief.

In December 2005, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a ban on using cell phones while driving on military installations, as mandated by a recent federal law. Fort Greely police officers are warning drivers on the base to not talk on their cell phones while driving, unless they are using a “hands-free device,” one of the provisions of the federal law (CFR Part 634.25(c)). Violators may be fined or have their base driving privilege taken away.

The “hands-free device” is now interpreted to include the use of ear bud accessory. However, putting off cell phone conversations until the vehicle is safely parked is best way, to avoid accidents and a traffic citation, according to Mitchell.

March 15, 2006

Arctic Winter Games

Silver Medal winners

Annie Grossmann at the Arctic Winter Games on the Kenai Peninsula.

A member of the Silver Medal (Uluu) winning Alaska Women's hockey team, Annie was honored to be the Alaska flag bearer during the medal presentation ceremony. She was the second highest scorer on her team with 5 goals and several assists during the competition. Team Alaska was unbeated in the preliminary rounds and proudly took second place to Team Alberta in an exciting and very close 3-2 game in front of several thousand fans and fellow athletes from Russia, Canada, Greenland, Sweden and Finland at the Soldotna Sports Center on Friday March 10, 2006.

Annie Grossman

March 21, 2006

"A look at Delta / Greely from years gone by"

This will be the last photo we have to share of Delta/Greely's past.  You are welcome to send your memories and tidbits to share with our readers.  DNW would like to thank Eric Holzenberg and Tom Mlinar for sharing their memories with our community.

Advertisement from 1962 edition of the North Wind, yearbook of Ft. Greely School, showing Diehl's. Photo Courtesy Eric Holzenberg

I haven't lived in Delta since 1965, but the people, schools and community I experienced there as a kid have influenced me in a positive way all my life. I'm really happy to see you and others gathering bits of Delta history, and sharing them. The town has been around, in one form or another -- Big Delta, Buffalo Center, Big Delta Junction, Delta Junction -- for a fairly long time as Alaska
measures history, and hopefully this will add to people's appreciation of the place. "Eric Holzenberg"

March 20, 2006

Here is a photo of Buffalo photographed on Meadows road. Photo Courtesy Carol Watkins

Alumni Photos
For text and enlargements click here

Stolz family Flower Cole
Grandma Holmberg Grandpa Holmberg

March 13, 2006

Art's Trading Center
Old postcard, ca. late 1940s / early 1950s -- "Art's Trading Center, Big Delta, Alaska" Photo Courtesy Eric Holzenberg

Dall River
A calm day on the Dall River.  Photo Courtesy Art Lenon

Hunter Education Class in Delta

The first Basic Hunter Education class offered in Delta Junction since last June, still has plenty of room for more students and will be held March 18th at the Delta Sportsman's Assoc. The class will be limited to 24 students.

Last year our Delta Junction resident instructor list rapidly went from six active Basic Hunter Education Instructors to one, causing difficulties for locals to get Hunter Education certification.

In response we are actively recruiting new local instructors, and in the interim, several Fairbanks area instructors have offered to fill the gaps by teaching some classes in Delta.

Pre-registration for this class is required through the Delta ADF&G office. The cost for the class is $10 per student, though the fee is waived for low income families.

This particular class will be conducted as a home study course and there are 6-8 hours of homework to complete before the class on Sat,  Mar18.

People interested in getting certified as Hunter Education Instructors can either pick up application packets from Steve DuBois at ADF&G or print copies of the Instructor application forms off the web
then click on the sidebar marked NEW INSTRUCTOR INFO.

March 9, 2006

Mary Hansen

Old postcard, ca. late 1940s / early 1950s -- "Mary Hansen & Her Siberian Team, Big Delta, Alaska". Photo Courtesy Eric Holzenberg

Delta Chamber of Commerce
Membership Meeting

The Delta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting will be held tomorrow, March 16th at 12:00 noon at the Trophy Lodge. Scheduled guest speaker Representative John Harris has cancelled due to a conflict in his agenda. Our guest speaker will be Brett Flint with the Alaska Railroad. Brett will explain the Northern Rail Extension proposed routes and answer any questions you may have. Please be sure to RSVP by 5pm today if you wish to attend this meeting.

March 15, 2006


Delta Lions Club Presents

Alamasu, Inc. Bison Hunt Raffle


Raffle tickets are now available from any lions club member, 895-1886 Only 400 tickets will be sold. Tickets are $50 each. Ticket value: $3750.00
Tickets are available through July 30th at the Deltana Fair, unless we sell out.

What do you win?
• A 100% successful hunt on the 1,000 acre Hollembaek Bison Farm.
• The bison bull will be 3.5 years old ($3500 value), available Fall 2006.
• Approx 350 lbs meat processed by Delta Meat and Sausage ($250 value).
• Hunter gets the head and hide. The meat will be aged and cared for.
• Animals are free of added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.
• The bison are grass fed and in excellent condition.

How will this benefit the community?
• 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Youth Football program, specifically to the Delta Packers.
• 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the SightFirst II Campaign, which helps prevent blindness and vision diseases world-wide. Lions Clubs are the “knights of the blind”.
• Remaining proceeds will help fund local scholarships, youth sports, vision testing, community outreach, Project Christmas, etc.

I have some raffle tickets. 100% successful bison hunt, meat cut and wrapped, head and hide are part of the prize. Only 400 were printed. Only $50 each

(Better odds than the state's raffle/draw permit)
Call me at 895-4466 or 347-6052  Delta Lion Ann Geise

March 10, 2006

Clothing rack
This was my clothing rack, the picture was taken and was used to show the proper procedure of how our clothing was suppose to be hung, this was in the old Huts on the old post. Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

More Late-Start Classes If You Tell Us "Yes"

Delta Junction, Alaska—If you have always wanted to take an EXCEL class but didn’t have weeks to take a three-credit class, then this deal is for you. If there is enough interest, the Tanana Valley Campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks will offer a two-day intensive introduction to Microsoft Excel on March 23 and 24. The class taught by Mike Downing out of Fairbanks, will begin with covering the basics then progressing forward. For this class you can earn one-credit.

Another class is for those working toward the Certified Public Manager Program certificate. Powerful Presentations will possibly be offered Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30 pm beginning March 15 through four consecutive Wednesdays. The 12-hour class will help build your confidence and prepare for a variety of presentations.

Tuition vouchers are available for both classes. The tuition vouchers are funded through the federal impact grant to the city provided to the Partners for Progress educational consortium. This is the last semester tuition vouchers will be available, so if you haven‘t taken a class yet and only have limited time, one or both of these classes might be right for you. Call Cheryl Helkenn at the Delta Advancement Career Center at 895-4605 to get your name on the list. She will help you with registration.

March 3, 2006

Leo and the Copper River
Leo Palmer dips the Copper River in hopes of landing a limit of Red Salmon. Copyright by Dwight Phillips

Team Alaska Women Win Silver

Team Alaska Jr Women played an excellent game against Team Alberta. The first goals on the board were scored by Holly Perkins of Soldotna and Annie Grossmann of Delta in the first period for a Team Alaska lead that lasted well into the 2nd period. Then Team Alberta scored twice and the score was tied up. The game continued to be an excellent competition and very exciting. In the third period Alberta made another goal that Alaska was unable to answer. The two teams were a great match and the game could have gone either way.
Alberta took the gold with 3-2 and Team Alaska placed with the silver Uluu. It was an excellent game and both teams were congratulated on playing excellently.

Team Alaska Midget came in 4th with a 4-3 loss to Nunavut.  Closing ceremonies are this evening at 7 and the teams head home right afterwards.
This has been a fantastic week and we are proud of all our Alaskan athletes.

From Soldotna for a few more hours...Dawn Grossmann

March 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Mar 8 - Mar 14

Happy Sweet 16 to Vonda Powers - Mar 9 Love Jayme, Don, Devin, Jaydon and Brynna

Happy Birthday Kerry Gardner on 9 Mar from your favorite niece.

 I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Kerry Gardner Mar 9. Lara

Happy Cake and ice cream day to Kerry Gardner on Mar 9. Love, David, Karen & Jessica

Happy Birthday Mar 9 - Sheri Beck-Wegner

Happy Birthday Mar 9 - Richard Souhrada

Happy Birthday Mar 9 - Boris Marchuk

A happy, happy birthday to my Mom, Deborah Snyder ~ Mar 11th ~ Love you a lot, Chris

Happy birthday to the best Grandma ever, Grandma ‘ Devvie ‘ ~ Mar 11th ~ Love you, Sirsha

Happy Birthday Mar 11 - Cody White

Happy Birthday Mar 11 - Elton Fales

Happy Birthday Mar 11 - Johnnie Green

Happy Birthday Mar 12 - Art Saarloos

Please post a "Happy Birthday to the Lovely Miss Shannon Cummings, Mar 13 from Chris."

Happy Birthday Mar 13 - Judy Sowell

Happy Birthday Mar 13 - Bill Dunham

Happy Birthday Mar 13 - Terry Rubincan

Happy Birthday Mar 13 - Jacob Schultz

Happy 50th Birthday Sherial Warren - Mar 14, Love Rocky & Keith

Happy Birthday Mar 14 - Megan Carson

Happy Birthday Mar 14 - Cassie Green

Happy Anniversary Mar 8 - Mar 14

Happy 2 year Anniversary to William and Irena Kulakevich on Mar 13.

Happy Anniversary Mar 14 - Mark & Carmen Carpenter

The Fire Tower on Big Delta. It was located in the woods just East of the motor pool on the old post.  Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

March 14, 2006

John and Tom John Browy on the left, me Tom Mlinar on the right, in the green shirt and maroon pants, lol.

John and Tom
 John and myself, taken in my backyard just a month ago. Tried to duplicate our pose from that era. In 54 there was a forest fire pretty much like the 99 fire. All of us were taken there to fight it. it was south of the post. we took pictures out of the tower, but unfortunately they are lost.

I was assigned to Big Delta form Sept of 1954 through April 1956. I was stationed on the old post and was part of the change over to Ft Greely.  I was there and took part in switching from the telephone switchboard to a dial system when the new post was built.  I remember the bar called the Triangle, which was in the triangle where the Richardson and Alaska hwy joined. There was a Hotel on the West side of the road, and another bar a little further North. Coming out of the main gate at Big Delta, and going South toward Donnellys Dome, there was a bar called the Malemute Saloon. Don't recall the peoples name, but they treated us Army guys like family. I am of Serbian decent and notice a lot of Orthodox churches, mainly Russian.

Steve Dubois is cleaning the old wood chip from a boreal owl box.  Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker

Marine and Tackle Swap Meet

A Giant Garage sale for Marine and Tackle related items. Sponsored by V.H.U.A  Sun, Mar 12.  12 PM to 6PM.  Alaska Land Civic Center
FREE ADDMISSION Seller tables are $20.00 and $10.00 for V.H.U.A Members Reserve your tables now!!!! Information at or
Google search VHUA for web site. Reserve your table online or call (907) 488-9781

Gather up all that tackle and marine items you no longer need and bring them to Alaska Land for the largest indoor garage sale of this kind.

March 4, 2006 -- Valdez Harbor Users Association


Just East of that a couple hundred yards was the Latrine. This is were the Radio Shack, Signal Corp supply warehouse, and Supply Office Jamesway and the Quartermaster Commissary warehouse. Can you imagine going to the bathroom when it was -50 degrees. I can assure you, we didn't read a magazine.  Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

Community Clean-up 2006

Mark you calendar the annual Community Clean-up day is scheduled for May 20, 2006. Everyone is welcome to get involved to keep our town looking in tip-top-sparkling clean shape!! Families, groups, businesses sign-up for a mile or section of road to clean-up. Special bags will be provided and all the clean-up fun will end at the Visitor Information Center with a tasty BBQ for all your efforts. So keep watching for information...but if you are gung ho to sign-up now, then give the chamber office a call at 895-5068.

March 4, 2006

Volkmar overlook
A knoll that overlooks Volkmar Lake near Delta. Photo Courtesy Fronty Parker.

Attention Homeschool Families

*A Day In Ancient Egypt*   A Potluck Lunch
(Bring an Egyptian dish - or Mediterranean type)

Fri,  Mar 10 - 1:00 PM There will be games - with an Ancient Egyptian Theme

Please call to get more information. 895-4739

March 2, 2006

Delta High Huskies
Delta Huskies Sports
Mar 6 - Mar 11


Basketball - Wed - Mar 8 - 11 - Time TBA - Regionals at Monroe - V level

Going For the Gold at the Arctic Winter Games

Thursday was a great day for Team Alaska Hockey players. The Midget team had a decisive 13-0 win over Nunavut. Lowen Ewing had 4 goals and several assists in the game. The Midgets now go on to the Bronze medal game against Nunavut at 10:30 am this morning.

Team Alaska Women also had a great day Thursday with their 6-0 win over Nunavut. Annie Grossmann scored a nice wrap around goal and had an assist. With 23 goals for and only 3 goals against them for the entire tournament they head into the Gold Medal game as the high point leader at 5:15 PM this evening against Team Alberta North. Team Yukon will play Team Northwest Territories for the bronze.

Alaska has continued to lead in the medals with 140 medals. Pin trading has reached a fevered pitch as the closing ceremonies (Saturday) draw to a close.

With a new dusting of snow the area is beautiful and pristine. There are lots of moose for viewing and many new friendships being made. It continues to be an exciting games.

From Soldotna, ready for a medal ceremony...Dawn Grossmann

March 10, 2006

Photo from Hangar roof

This was taken with camera set on the roof of the Hanger, It is looking toward the West, and is the sun rise and sun set for the 23 Dec 54. the times listed 1st picture at 1040, next 1140, 1240 and finally 1310. Photo Courtesy Tom Mlinar

Classes Still Available For The Community

The following Certified Public Manager classes are still available for the Delta Junction/Fort Greely area. These classes are excellent continuing education courses for improving job performance. We are willing to work around schedules for the two that have been postponed.

CPM F007C TD1 Interpersonal Communication Skills .6CEU Saturday 9a.m.-4p.m. DCAC Originally scheduled 1/28/06-1/28/06
Effective communication skills are integral to the success of any organization. This course provides supervisors and front line managers with effective presentation skills. Additionally this course covers stress management techniques and gives suggestions on how to brainstorm and problem solve.
Program fee: $90 Instructor: Karen Cedzo

CPM F008C TD1 Powerful Presentations 1.2CEU
Saturdays 9a.m.-4p.m. DCAC Originally scheduled 2/18/06 and 2/25/06
Formal presentations offer you a great opportunity to persuade and influence others as a poised and competent individual. Polishing your speaking and presentation skills can always promote your career success. This course will provide you with the skill and confidence to stand up and speak effectively in almost any situation, even if you have no previous experience with public speaking.
Program fee: $184 Instructor: Karen Cedzo

CPM F030 TD1 Strategies Supervising Supervisors .6CEU Saturday 9a.m.-4p.m. DCAC 3/04/06-3/04/06 This course provides insight on how to motivate and lead others by understanding the importance of roles and relationships, supervisor characteristics, staffing, performance appraisals, meeting management, delegation, communication and conflict resolution.
Program fee: $90 Instructor: Kristin Bowen

CPM F009C TD1 Key Issues in Employment Law .6CEU Saturday 9a.m.-4p.m. DCAC 3/11/06-3/11/06 One of the most important aspects of being a supervisor is an understanding of employment law and how it impacts the workplace. This course reviews federal and state legislation on discrimination and harassment in the workplace. You will learn ways to identify inappropriate workplace behaviors and use case studies to practice addressing these as supervisors and co-workers.
Program fee: $90 Instructor: Janet Boyer

Vouchers to assist with the cost of the class are still available for the remainder of this semester. To register please contact Cheryl Helkenn at 895-4605 as soon as possible.

March 3, 2006

Congratulations Frank and Marsha

Frank Whiteside married Marsha Ann Dalton in Jan 2006. The newlyweds flew off to Vegas and got hitched.

We are looking forward to getting to know Marsha a lot better. We want to send our love and support to them both.  Love, Daryl and Kathy Whiteside

March 2, 2006

Fort Greely Installation Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting

Fort Greely, Alaska--The Fort Greely Installation Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) will meet at 6:00 p.m. Wed, Mar 8 at the Community Center in Delta Junction, Alaska.

The goal of the RAB is to give individuals who represent the diverse interests of the community the opportunity to regularly review progress and interact with the decision makers concerning Fort Greely's environmental restoration program. The aim is to increase public understanding and the quality of the installation environmental restoration program.

The RAB meetings are held quarterly, are announced in advance and are open to the public.

The RAB assisted with the restoration efforts required by the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process from 1995 until portions of Fort Greely were withdrawn from surplus in 2001 to support the U.S. missile defense program. The RAB is now assisting with the installation environmental restoration program.

The RAB membership currently includes: the Community Co-chair, Steve Fields; the Fort Greely Installation Co-Chair, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cornelius, Fort Greely garrison commander; community members Dick Anderson, Stephen Hammond, Pete Hallgren, Tom Miller, Mike Murphy, and Carol Stock; with a representative from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency invited to participate in each meeting.

Members of the RAB have committed to a goal of attending all RAB meetings and devoting ample time to review any related Army documents within prescribed time frames.

Public participation on the RAB is strictly voluntary. The Army does not provide financial support to the public members for their services nor are members compensated for work hours lost or time invested.

For more information about the RAB and its activities, call RAB Community Co-Chair Steve Fields at 907-378-6541 or 907-895-2057, see the RAB's website at, or call Christine Boerst, Fort Greely director of public works and environmental coordinator, at telephone 907-873-4665.

March 2, 2006

Congratulations to FGS Volleyball teams!

Varsity Team
Varsity Team

At last weekend’s tournament in Valdez, the JV team (6th/7th grade) worked hard to bring home the 1st place championship trophy. They were extremely excited and so was Jill Cox who did a great job of coaching them. The Varsity team (8th grade) took 3rd place after some close matches. Both teams are looking forward to their tournament in Tok this weekend and Kenny Lake the following weekend. A big thanks to FGS principal Brian Schaffer for all of his support; we love our new volleyballs and ball cart!  Our final game this weekend - March 11th/12th : Kenny Lake Invitational

Junior Varsity Team
Junior Varsity Team

March 2, 2006

Arctic Winter Games

Arctic Winter Games

Delta Junction will be proudly represented at the 2006 Arctic Winter Games March 5-11 by 2 local hockey players and a youth hockey coach.

Annie Grossmann, a homeschooled Sophomore has been selected as a member of the Team Alaska Jr Women's Hockey Team. Annie has previously attended the games in 2004 as the only female member of the Bantam Male hockey team.
Lowen Ewing a senior at Delta High School has been selected as a member of the Team Alaska Midget Male Hockey Team. Lowen attended 2 previous games in 2002 and 2004 as a member of the PeeWee and Bantam Male hockey teams.
These players will join other Team Alaska members from all over the state in representing Alaska at the circumpolar games.

Mike Tvenge has been selected as the Assistant Coach for the Team Alaska Midget Male Team. Mike, a popular youth hockey coach in the community, president of the local skating association and a past Delta High School hockey coach will enjoy his second time as a Team Alaska coach. He previously coached the Male Bantam Team in 2004.

These three Team Alaska members will head to Kenai March 3th to participate in the games with the other 375 sthletes from all over Alaska.
The Arctic Winter Games, AWG, is an international biennial celebration of youth, sports and culture. The first AWG was held in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in 1970. Approximately 2000 athletes, coaches and staff will participate in the 2006 games. Members teams come from Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta North, Nunavik, Greenland, Magadan (Russia), Yamal (Russia) and Samiland ( made of Lapp peoples of Norway, Sweden, and Finland.) The 2006 games are hosted by the Kenai Peninsula.

Competitions are held in a variety of sports, indoor and out as well as in Dene cultural games. There will also be special Opening and Closing Olympic type ceremonies as well as many circumpolar cultural events during the week long celebration. More information is available . Watch the News Web for postings of the progress of Annie and Lowen's teams beginning Monday. We wish them the best on the ice.

March 1, 2006


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