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May 2001

Delta Mine Training Center Offers Classes for Teachers

The DMTC is offering a professional development class for teachers.   This week long class will demonstrate the necessary skills to carry out mineral exploration from remote areas.  The course will utilize concepts from SciTech Mineral and Petroleum Exploration High School Curriculum.  Instructed by Dave Adams, the class will take place June 3-9 in the Granite Mountains.  For more information call (907) 895-2051 or go to    

Delta Mine Training Center May 16, 2001

Prince William Sound Community College

A Photo Collection by David Johnson

PWSCC Class of 2001
Prince William Sound Community College graduated its class of 2001 on Friday evening May 11 at the Valdez Civic Center.  Delta Junction students Katie Johnson and Trevor Fulton (both below the turned "0") received AA degrees.  PWSCC is a small school alternative for Delta students wanting to proceed with college or technical skills.

Main PWSCCC building in Valdez
Outside PWSCC's main building in Valdez.  The college offers a BA degree in teaching, AA degrees and a variety of technical certificates.

Fitness center
Katie Johnson clowns around during a tour of PWSCC's well-stocked fitness center.

Administration area
Administration area inside PWSCC main building.

PWSCC Valdez Hall
Valdez Hall, one of the student dorms at PWSCC.  These are located within walking distance of the college and shopping.

Indian head
This huge wooden Indian head stands near the PWSCC dorms.

Delta Junction student Trevor Fulton receives his AA degree from PWSCC President Dr. Jodi McDowell.

May 14, 2001

Snow Bear
Tawnee Wardle and Amanda Harris had fun with our recent snowfall. They made this cute snowbear! May 5th, 2001 Photo by Kay Wardle.

Delta Lions Easter Egg Hunt

The weather for the annual Delta Lions Easter Egg Hunt was warm and sunny. Several members of the Delta Youth Court helped the Delta Lions to hide the eggs in record time.

The members of FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) and their advisor Ilene Jurgens donated several dozen colored eggs for the hunt. The Delta Lions colored 60 dozen regular eggs. There were also plastic eggs with quarters in them that rattled nicely. And then there was one special plastic egg with bunny ears for each group of egg hunters. The children who found these special eggs turned them in to the Lions and received Easter baskets as prizes.

Congratulations to these sharp-eyed egg hunters! Preschool with helper 2-year-old Leann Shautt; preschool without helper 4-1/2-year-old Jakob Shautt. Vickie and Dana Shautt are the parents of both Leann and Jakob. Proud grandparents are Stormie and Butch Mitchell.

Winner of the Kindergarten group was 5-year-old Samantha Jones. Her parents are James Jones and Tammi Canada. The first grade winner was Corey Youngberg (7 years old). His parents are Minzell Youngberg and Mark Chaney.

Thomas Carlo (8 years old) won the special prize in the second grade group. His parents are Billy and Ricki Carlo. The winning third grader was Kika Kaui (9 years old). Her parents are Randy and Erin Kaui.

The Delta Lions extend thanks to the FCCLA and the DYC members for their help with the egg hunt. Appreciation also goes to all the parents and community members who came to the hunt and participated. Thank you for being considerate of all the other egg hunters.

The Delta Lions have some revisions in mind for next year's Easter Egg Hunt to make it even more fun for those who participate. See you next year as the Easter bunny hops through Delta.

From left to right the winners of the Easter baskets filled with goodies are: Corey Youngberg, Thomas Carlo, Jakob Shautt, Kika Kaui (behind Jakob), Leann Shautt (with dad, Dana), and Samantha Jones. The Delta Lions thanks all of the egghunters for their participation and the youth groups (FCCLA and DYC) for their help. Photo by Ann Geise

Ann Geise - April 24, 2001



Siberian Yaks at Sawmill Creek Road
These Siberian Yaks can be seen from Sawmill Creek Road, not far from the Alaska Highway.
Delta News Web photo.

Delta Mine Training Center English Language Development class of 2001
Delta Mine Training Center's English Language Development Class of 2001received their certificates of completion recently.  Instructors were Paul Kulakevich (kneeling, center) and Judy Ferguson (fourth from right).  Delta Mine Training Center photo.

Panoramic Peak
Panoramic Peak looms over the Tanana Valley in this picture from Sawmill Creek Road.  Delta News Web photo. 

Guard cat?
We hope this cat on a boat in the Valdez small boat harbor wasn't left behind on guard duty!  Delta News Web photo. 

Alyeska Marine Terminal at Valdez
Trans-Alaska Pipeline oil flowing through Delta Junction and Pump Station 9 winds up here at the Alyeska Marine Terminal across the water from downtown Valdez.  Photo by Glen Johnson.

Mt. Drum
Mt. Drum makes a stunning backdrop to this Richardson Highway lake south of Glennallen still frozen in mid May.  Drum is an extinct volcano; unlike its still smoking neighbor, Mt. Wrangell. Delta News Web photo.

May snowfall what?  This six-inch snow dump arrived on Friday, May 4, on mostly bare and dry ground in the Delta area. While not un-heard of, it is unusual to have so much snow so late in the season.  Delta News Web photo.

Wolfhill Studios Debuts Online Presence

Talented Delta artist Viki Faber debuted her on-line gallery this week at 

Faber works with a variety of media, including beads, scratchboard, wood and more.

The "feather" earrings worn by Delta ladies are a product of Faber's busy fingers.  

The "fish" at left is actually hundreds of beads skillfully woven together.  This fish is part of a larger "aquarium" made of beads.

Most of Faber's work is one-of-a-kind.  She custom creates artwork for gifts and for home decorations.

Northwest Web Craft April 27, 2001

Beebe Enterprises buildings in Delta
Jesse Beebe talks to Linda Johnson about the buildings he is constructing in downtown Delta.  Beebe Enterprises will build larger buildings on your building site or move their smaller pre-built units to your location.  Beebe plans to develop a pre-manufactured building facility here in Delta.  He and his sons also do custom carpentry and other building-related work. Delta News Web photo.

Alaska Highway welcome sign at Port Alcan
This sign just east of the border on the Alaska Highway welcomes visitors.  Delta News Web photo.

Aquarium "rock" and "coral" by Delta artist Viki Faber
This aquarium "rock" was intricately crafted of beads by Viki Faber of Wolfhill StudiosDelta News Web photo.

FRA Clothes Closet
A crew from Fairbanks Resource Agency (FRA) stopped in Delta on Saturday May 5 to collect clothing, toys, furniture, and miscellaneous items. FRA uses the donations to help disabled Alaskans.  FRA plans to be in Delta on the first Saturday of every month for at least the summer.  They were parked in the IGA parking lot.  Delta News Web

The most colorful sign on Sawmill Creek Road (Mi. 1402 Alaska Highway) is this one that introduces the agricultural project in the area.  Delta News Web photo.




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