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May 2002

Mike Bobo and Leslie Hollembaek, both former Delta residents, will be getting married in Delta this July.  The date is set for the 27th at 4 p.m.  The wedding and reception will be held at the Hollembaek farm.  For more information on their wedding, click here, or visit our event calendarPhoto courtesy of Leslie Hollembaek.   

Jolie Atwell and her new baby Micah.  Micah was born just recently and is Jolie's third child.  Photo courtesy of Pam Dunklebarger.

KIWANIS Annual Super Sale -
Saturday, May 25th and Sunday May 26th

The Delta Junction Kiwanis Club is holding it's Annual Super Sale over the Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th.

The Super Sale will take place on the sidewalk in front of Diehl's. The sale will be held from 9 am to 4 pm each day.

There will be a large selection of items to sell; from furniture and appliances to clothing.

This annual event benefits the Administration Account of the Kiwanis Club.

The Kiwanis Club is accepting donations of items for the sale.

For further information on donations, please contact Fred Wood at 907-895-2045. 

Steve Fields -- May 10, 2002

This photo taken by local photographer Michael J. Kingston, was taken 30 years ago while Kingston served at Fort Greely.  Panoramic Peak is to the upper left and the Granite Mountains are to the right.    

New MSNBC News Content on Delta News Web

We are trying out a connection to MSNBC News here on the Delta News Web.  The little graphic above this section is updated periodically by MSNBC news.

We hope you like it.  If it works out, we will leave it on the web.  As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please let us know. May 10, 2002

Kotzebue - the dog
Looks kinda like an Alaska Range wolf, doesn't it?  It's actually the photographer's dog looking heroic. The picture was taken near Gunnysack Mt. by Black Rapids. The dog's name is Kotzebue.  Photo courtesy of Michael Kingston.

Mrs. Scifres and her kindergarten class went on a field trip to Nickay's Country Garden. They got to look around and learn a few things, as well as plant strawberries [to take home] and eat a cucumber.  Photo courtesy Kay Wardle.

This shot was taken on the military test range by local photographer Michael J. Kingston

Husky Pups Cookbooks

The Delta Elementary Parent Volunteers are excited to share our very first Husky Pups Cookbook with the community! The book includes recipes brought in by our students and staff and features the artwork of our students. They make great gifts for Mother's Day or graduation. Husky Pups Cooking can be yours for $10. You can pick up your copy at the Elementary School office or Granite View Sports. Any questions can be directed to the office at 895-4696, Cheryl Green at 895-4994, or Barb Miller at 895-1949. All of the proceeds from the sales of our cookbook will go to benefit our students.

Cheryl Green -- April 30, 2002

Former Delta residents Katie Johnson (l.) and Julie Stephens ham it up on Thanksgiving Day last year.  Today (May 3rd) is Julie's 22nd birthday!  Happy Birthday you lots, Kateums.  Photo courtesy Katie Johnson.

Photo by Michael Kingston
 This gorgeous photo was taken about five miles south of Delta Junction in the middle of the Delta River. Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.



Quartz Lake fishing
Fishing was great over the Memorial weekend at Quartz Lake, this unidentified young girl and her younger brother caught three large Arctic Char by themselves. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

This little girl is owned by former Delta residents.  They are looking for a happy, loving home for her.  For more information, visit our classified ad pagePhoto courtesy of Karen Gortmaker.

Visibility was poor on the Richardson highway due to the smoke churning from a 14,000 acre fire burning near Chena Hot Springs.  Fire crews, including Delta I, continue to monitor the blaze.  Photo courtesy of Joe Crandall.  

Darby Shae Jones
Five year old Darby Shae Jones before her kindergarten graduation on May 18, 2002. Darby is the daughter of Tami and Jamie Jones of North Pole. Tami Jones (Turner) is a former Delta resident. Darby's grandparents are Jeri and Alfred Preston of Delta Junction and her great grandparents are Norman and Lois Cosgrove of Delta Junction.  Photo courtesy of Tami Jones. 

A sow with her three black bear cubs "making tracks."  Photo courtesy of Michael Kingston.

Goodpaster River
An aerial photo of the Goodpaster River carrying away the icy remains of break up.  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker. 

Joe and the "Red Snapper"
Joe Crandall and a 18# plus Pacific Yelloweye near Valdez in 2002.  It was large enough to qualify as an ADF&G certificate trophy fish.  Photo courtesy Joe Crandall.

The mouth of the Goodpaster River was still icy recently.   The river is cutting a channel through the ice but breakup is late. Photo courtesy Fronty Parker.

Kenna DuBois and Barbara Parker at Backdown Lake
Kenna DuBois and Barbara Parker stand in front of Backdown Lake.  The lake was stocked by Fish and Game and has rainbow and Arctic char. It is well hidden in a bowl and easily overlooked. It has good fishing and a nice place to pick blueberries in the fall. Here's looking forward to warmer weather!  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker. 

A local family, the Hollembaek's, are looking to sell their home.  It is close to town and the high school.  For more information, see our classified ad sectionPhoto courtesy of Ruby Hollembaek.

Kenna DuBois at Clearwater Lake viewing the birds
Kenna DuBois is shown at the Clearwater Lake checking out the birds.  It's getting close to summer and the Canadian geese are coming home to enjoy the warm months!  Photo courtesy of Steve Dubois. 




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