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May 2003

Eagle Scouts graduate

Three long time friends graduated together this year. Left to right: Paul Bealer, Caleb Parker, and Matthew Sharp. Each of these young men achieved the rank of Eagle Scout during their scouting careers and were also recipient's of the local Spirit of Youth Award. Their Eagle Scout projects have made a lasting impression on the community. Paul built the reading gazebo at the city library, Caleb built picnic tables for Pioneer's Park, and Matt's project was the "Prayer Garden" on the bank of the Delta River behind the First Baptist Church. 
Photo Courtesy Kathy Sharp -- May 29

Tawnee Wardle

Tawnee Wardle is jumping on her trampoline, enjoying a nice summer day. Can you see her? Photo Courtesy Kay Wardle

Graduating Class of 2003

Graduating Class of 2003

Delta Greely School District, Graduating Class of 2003.  Click to see an enlargement.
Photo Courtesy  Kathy Sharp -- May 19

Information about the Deltana Fair

The deadline has been extended for the 2003 Deltana Fair theme and logo contest. Entries must be received by 5 pm on Wednesday, May 21. Drop off entries at Help Secretarial in the AMC Building or mail to Deltana Fair, Box 408, Delta Jct. 99737 -- be sure to allow time for mail to get into the box!

Parents: Please remember to save your children's best work (drawing, painting, writing, etc.) to enter in the Deltana Fair's Education Division.

The 2003 Deltana Fair will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 22, 23 and 24. For general information, please call (907) 895-3247 (895-FAIR) -- and leave a message, or fax to (907) 895-4628.

Vendor packets were mailed out Friday, May 16. Also in the mail are letters soliciting sponsors for various Deltana Fair projects and events and asking for donations for the Multi-Item Raffle. Included in that mailing is the advertising form for this year's Deltana Fair Premium Book.

Ads are also available -- space is limited -- on placements that will promote the Deltana Fair. There are only 8 spaces total and the cost is $90 each. Interested? Contact Ann Geise ASAP at 895-4466 or leave a message for her at Help Secretarial, 895-4439.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Steve Fields -- May 19, 2003

Justin and Brian

Justin Arthur Smith and Brian Lowell Geise just after graduation. Photo courtesy Bill Smith

Delta Junction High, Delta Alternative & New Horizons

Samuel Benjamin Adams
Isaac Samuel Anderson
Paul Jason Bealer
Andrew Lytle Blood
Staci Vivian Blum
Tim Ludwig Clark
Desiree' Lyn Coakley
April Marie Corey
Arthur Joseph Cummings
Ryan Douglas Dixon
James Mario Dorff
Hillary Ann Dowling
Uriah Grant Fellman
Brian Lowell Geise
Christian Guy Gidlof
Jamie Rochelle Glover
Theodore Peter Hallgren
Waylon John Hannan
Kelly Marie Hartman
Brittany Danielle Hedrick
Russell Eric Hollembaek
Alma Ruth John
Heather Kristein Jones
Anna Grace Maillet
Richard Anthony Mattison
Serena Ambra McCarty
Peter Kristian Miller
Jaanette Teresa North
Zachariah Clinton Oliver
Jessica Jade Painter
Caleb Frontiness Parker
Chad Russell Pinkelman
George Adelbert Pursey IV
James Michel Rogers
Benjamin Jay Schultz
Oleg Ivanovich Shapoval
Matthew James Sharp
Justin Arthur Smith
John David Harold Sorensen
Amelia Dianne Sorenson
Colton Rosser St. Peter
Laura Nichole Stewart
Tiffany Ann Terry
Ryan Lanoah Wilson
Trenton Louis Zachgo


Tamila Berezyuk
Kara Decker
Karen Helkenn
Olga Moskalenko
Irena Shestopalov


Alina Chayka
Yana Chayka
Katie Kostyukov
Liliya Kostyukov
Elvira Lukinov
Vitaly Malyk
Jonathan Sheppard
James Shestopalov

Pam Dunklebarger and all the staff of the DNW
Webmaster -- May 16, 2003


Looking for Pictures of Delta High School Baccalaureate and Graduation

I attended the Baccalaureate service Thursday night in honor of the Delta High School graduating class of 2003.  I was moved to see so many of the young people show up.  This was not mandatory, but they came to this one time event that takes place in each graduating senior's life. Many prayers go out in our community, especially for the youth with all the things they are faced with daily. 

I want to thank Pastors: Curtis Taylor, Bob Pratt, Terry Pfulgrad, Dave Becker, Carin Bear, Dean Bialik, and Father John Martinek for leading this wonderful service and pouring out of yourselves to these young people.

The evening was enjoyed by everyone who attended.  The music was beautiful, thanks to the Delta High Choir Ensemble, and the Delta High School Choir.  Special recognition goes to Hillel EchoHawk and Brooke Leslie for a song that Hillel had written for the graduating class.  Brooke also sang a song "Come Just As You Are"  If you have never heard Brooke sing, you have missed a blessing.

Thank you to all the teachers, parents, staff, and volunteers who have helped these young people over the years to achieve to one of their highest goals in life.

I would like for anyone who took pictures of  the high school events to send them to the Delta News Web, so we can show honor to these young adults and the achievements they have made.

Congratulations 2003 Graduates.  May God continue to bless each of you, as you start on your next journey as adults.  Remember the words:  "Seek Ye First the Kingdom the God and His righteousness"  This is the greatest thing you can do as you journey through adulthood. 

Pam Dunklebarger
Webmaster -- May 15, 2003

Delta/Greely School Board

Members of the Delta/Greely School Board assembled in the high school lobby prior this year's graduation ceremony. Shown left to right are: Michelle Trainor, Dick Anderson, Richard Mauer, Creig Sharp, Doris Fales, Dan Green, and Mike Schultz.  Photo by Kathy Sharp

Ryan, Holly and Taylor

After a three month tour in Kuwait and Iraq, with the 82nd Airborne from Ft. Bragg, SGT Ryan Ricaporte, his wife Holly and daughter Taylor are able to spend a few days visiting relatives and friends in Delta. Photo courtesy Joe Crandall

Delta High School aerial Photo courtesy Thomas Richards

Glenn Highway Closures

Construction on the Glenn Highway will lead to some early morning closures of the road. Delta motorists leaving Anchorage or Delta late at night may be affected.

The Alaska DOT website reported the following:
Construction will continue through the end of the construction season. Be alert to flaggers, surveyors, and clearing operations.

Expect short delays Monday through Sunday, 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

ROAD CLOSURE: Beginning April 21, expect road closures from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM, Monday through Friday mornings. Be prepared for 20 minutes delays at all other times.

See the DOT Construction Advisory pages for information about other Alaska road work.

David Johnson with thanks to Pat White who passed this on. -- May 9, 2003

2002-2003 school yearbooks here

The 2002-2003 yearbooks are in. Get yours soon. Jr. High $30 (64 pages) and High School $50 (100 pages). Both are in full color this year. Call 895-4460 or 895-5207 for more information.

Illene Jurgens -- May 8, 2003

Do not throw fish carcass into harbor!

"Don't even think about throwing out that fish carcass," this Homer bald eagle seems to be saying. Delta News Web publisher David Johnson snapped this picture at the Homer small boat harbor near a fish carcass cart. The cart was provided by the Habormaster for fish carcasses so as to avoid polluting the boat basin. Several bald eagles had staked out the cart, and didn't sem very interested in leaving, even with people wandering around. Photo courtesy David Johnson

Deltana Community Corporation Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting of the Deltana Community Corporation will be held on Thursday, May 8, 2003, 7:00 at the Clearwater Fire Station on Clearwater Road, south of Nistler Road. We meet the second Thursday of each month.

Deltana Community Corporation represents all persons living outside the City Limits of Delta Junction.

All questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns can be brought up at any monthly meeting. You can also contact any Directors on the Board of DCC: Bob Castoe, Julia Philips, Pat Schlichting, Patty Balzarini, Paul Knopp, Ron Lester, Steve Fields, Todd Zachgo, or Tonia Smith.

Steve Fields -- May 6, 2003

Deltana Fair Manager and New Dates
 August 22, 23, and 24

The Board of Directors of the Deltana Fair Association has chosen Loretta Schooley to be our Fair Manager this year.

This year, the Deltana Fair will be held in August on Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23, and Sunday the 24.

For further information on volunteering, working for us, participating in events, becoming a vendor (ask us for the Vendor Packet), advertising in the Deltana Fair Book of Events, the logo contest, or any scheduling, please call Loretta at (907) 895-4200, or you may contact any of the other Board of Directors: Dawn Grossmann, Gail Keaster, Nancy King, Ann Geise, Kelly Keaster, or Steve Fields.

You can also eMail the Deltana Fair at

Thank you all, and we'll see you at the Fair!

Steve Fields -- May 6, 2003

While traveling last summer, Mike had spotted this  fox standing on the highway.  Photo courtesy of Michael Kingston

Brown puppy

White puppy

Two puppies were found abandoned by the Cherokee. FREE  Looking for a good home.  Both are friendly, females about 3 to 4 months old.  Call 895-5023 if you want to adopt one of them, or both.  Photo courtesy of Holly Stewart



Memorial Day weekend

The Phillips family went camping Memorial Day weekend.  A group of friends gathered around their campfire Sunday night at the Clearwater River and had pudgy pies and lots of laughs.  What a nice way to spend an evening in Delta.  Photo Courtesy Julia Phillips

Sean and Brysun Stocum

Sean and Brysun Stocum "Bucket Fishing" on the ClearH20  Photo courtesy Dwight Phillips

Delta News Web Needs Your Input

The Delta News Web is looking for photos and news items to share with the community.  Please send your photos and your community news. Many people outside of our community like reading our daily news.  It's a great way for them to keep up with what's happening in and around Delta.

Thanks for all your help.

Pam Dunklebarger
Webmaster -- May 21, 2003

Delta News Web to publish
Memorial Day Tribute

The Delta News Web will on Monday, May 26 publish a tribute to American veterans who have passed on. We invite readers to send pictures and
brief information about the veteran. Here’s how it will work:

  • Please send only pictures of veterans who have passed away, and who had some connection to Delta Junction. Examples of these veterans would include former Delta residents or fathers, close friends of
    someone living here Delta currently or in the past. As much as we honor all those who served our country, we want to particularly remember those with connections to Delta Junction.

  • Email us a picture of the veteran. The file size should be no larger than 1 mb.

  • Get it to us no later than 8 AM on Saturday, May 24, 2003

  • We reserve the right to crop and visually enhance images.

  • Please send us some explanatory text about the veteran in fewer than 100 words.

We have published an example of one tribute to an honored American veteran here

Webmaster -- May 21, 2003

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend.  The DNW will be updated on Tuesday.  Remember to take time this weekend to reflect on what Memorial Day is all about and continue to pray for our Armed forces, as they give of themselves to protect our freedom.

Delta High School Choir

Delta High School Choir

The Delta High School Choir singing "Step By Step" and "You Are My All in All" at the 2003 Baccalaureate Service that was held on Wednesday evening. 
Photo Courtesy  Kathy Sharp  --  May 16, 2003

Office moose

Moose in interior Alaska start having calves about May 15, with the peak of calving about May 20-21. This cow and her newborn twins showed up
behind the Alaska Fish and Game office in Delta on May 20. The calves were very wobbly and probably just a day or so old. People should also be aware that cow moose can be very aggressive around new born calves. Also, cows will commonly leave newborn's for a period of time. Please do not pick up moose calves that are believed to be abandoned because commonly the cow is somewhere nearby and moose calves have a very low survival in captivity.  Photo courtesy Steve DuBois

Caleb Parker

Matthew Sharp

Caleb Parker and my son, Matthew, have been friends since kindergarten. Both young men
selected new Bibles as their graduation gift from the Delta Ministerial Association. Photo courtesy Kathy Sharp

Delta News Web information

On May 7, we removed the automatic redirection from the old Delta News Web URL and installed a page with a link to the new URL. We recommend
installing a new bookmark, or if you are using the Delta News Web as your home page, here's a simple way to make the change: In the Internet
Explorer menu, click on TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS. Where the dialog box says "Home Page" select, "Use Current." Click OK and you are done!

We have heard some concern that the "Search the World Wide Web" box at the top of the Delta News Web is not working for some readers. One reader told us that entering a search phrase in the box with Google selected resulted in an error message. If this is happening to you, would you please let us know? We want to make this search function usable for everyone, if possible.

David Johnson
Publisher  -- May 9, 2003

The tractor factor

The tractor is a familiar sight to Delta folks.....but perhaps not in this service. "The Tractor Factor" operates out of Anchor Point -- at the western most point of the contiguous North American road system --to put in and take out fishing boats during the summer months. The tractor backs the boat and trailer into the surf, launches the boat, and then repeats the process at the end of the day. The charge is $40 for in and out. Not a bad job on a nice day, but when "surf's up" it must be a bit hairy. Photo by David Johnson. 


Monday, May 5 was David Gibbs birthday. He is still in CA but hopes to see everyone this summer.

Frieda Gibbs -- May 7

"A Collaborative Effort of Talents"

127,000 mailboxes across Alaska will soon have the collaborative effort of two individuals tucked away in the pages of a monthly shopper.

 Steve Dubois

Steve Dubois, a biologist for the Alaska State Department of Fish and Game, Delta Junction, wrote a short story called "Solo" about his early dog mushing experiences in the interior.

Erica ParkerErica Parker, a senior at Sitka High School, illustrated the story for her senior project that is a requirement for graduation. Her goal was to get this work published and that has now been accomplished!! So be on the lookout for this unique story and drawing!

Catherine Parker -- May 6, 2003

Douglas Edward Christopherson

His first Haircut! Carter Douglas Edward Christopherson, son of Mikel Eric Christopherson (DHS '86), did not cry until the end... And this looks like it is about the end! Carter, born on November 13, 2001, lives in Anchorage with his mom, Nicole, dad, Mikel, and 3 year old sister, Erica. Mom (University of Alaska Fairbanks, '94) is a CPA with the ASRC Service Center Inc (a wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native owned for profit corporation). Dad is walking for his graduation at the University of Alaska Anchorage, on May 4. He actually completed his BS in Finance last December and now works as a Program Analyst for Alutiiq, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Afognak Native Corporation (ANC), an Alaska Native owned for profit corporation. ANC represents some of the Alutiiq peoples of the Kodiak Island group and southern coastal Alaska.)

Angela Phillips holding her new puppies

Angela Phillips is shown holding 3 of the 6 puppies that her dog Oprah recently had. Currently there are still 2 puppies for sale.  Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips


Sparrow, Zach, Destiny and Perry Chavez

Sparrow, Zach, Destiny and Perry Chavez. Former residents of Delta who are still currently residing in Alaska. The picture was taken while in Seward this past summer. We just wanted to tell everyone there in Delta hello.  Photo courtesy of Sparrow Chavez

Larry, Juliet and Jirah Dorhorst

Larry and Juliet Dorshorst, proud parents of Jirah Obedoza.  Born on April 21, 2003.  Weighing 9.7 pounds and 22" long.  Today, he is 2 weeks old.
Larry and Juliet want to thank Delta Christian Center for all their prayers, support and everything they have helped with.  Larry is employed with Alaska State Forestry.

Happy Birthday Julie John

Former Delta resident Julie (Stephens) John is celebrating her 23rd birthday today.  Happy 23rd Julie!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Katie Johnson -- May 3, 2003


Vicki Jurgens and her two dalmations

Vicki Jurgens, a 1985 Delta graduate, with her two Dalmatian dogs. Vicki is a flight attendant with United Airlines and lives in the San Diego area. She's hoping to "bop" back into Delta for a short time to see everyone this summer and help her mother, "Mrs. J," enjoy her retirement from teaching.  Photo courtesy of Ilene Jurgens. 




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