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May 2005

Kiss A Pig  Friendly Frontier Days
Kiss A Pig!

Who will kiss a pig this year?  Hurry up and show support for your favorite candidate!  Voting cans are available at many Delta and Ft. Greely Businesses.  For just $5.00 you can nominate your friend, co-worker or relative to “kiss a pig during”. 

After a nomination is made and accepted you can vote for your favorite(s) for $1.00 per vote.  The top 3 vote-getters will kiss a pig on stage at 3pm during Friendly Frontier Days, Saturday, May 28

Voting updates will be published bi/weekly on the voting cans, at, and in the Delta Wind.

This event is being sponsored by the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the D.J. Saddletramps. Proceeds will support Friendly Frontier Days events and the D.J. Saddletramps. 

May 20, 2005

Updated May 20

Rod Shug - 45 votes
Larry (Smurf) Veihl - 57 votes
Robert McKenzie - 20 votes
Brian Schaffer - 46 votes
David Massullo - 14 votes
Ted Echohawk, - 3 votes

Chuck Hardy, nominated
Asneath Horschel, nominated
Tom Bonnell, nominated
Richard Lester, nominated
Brandon Krebs, nominated
Ray Ellis, nominated

May 21, 2005

Exciting and challenging opportunity to help the Delta community grow its recreational opportunities

The Delta Regional Economic Development Council (DREDC) seeks a self-motivating, energetic person interested in the recreation field who is able to work with a diverse community. 

This is an opportunity to do community service by serving as a VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) Member in Delta Junction.  Free training for qualified applicant.  A monthly living stipend of $900 + benefits is available.  Other benefits may also be available. 

Resumes must be submitted to: by 5/31/05.  (No resume will be considered unless submitted electronically.)  Top candidates will be interviewed on 6/6/05 and selection process will be completed by 6/9/05 so act fast!

May 21, 2005

Friendly Frontier Days

Saturday, May 28th

10am Friendly Frontier Days Opening Ceremony – Ft. Greely Color Guard - Frontier Grounds, Behind Sullivan Museum
10-6pm Clay Collection Open House - Visitor Information Center
10-6pm Highway’s End Farmers Market
10am Sullivan Roadhouse Museum - Centennial Celebration - Hollembaek Miner’s Cache Display Grand Opening
10am-4pm Children’s Games and Activities - Frontier Grounds
10am-4pm Ham Radio Demonstrations—Frontier Grounds
11-12pm Children’s Pet Parade – Prizes awarded at Noon – Frontier Grounds
12 noon BBQ/Cookout Opens – $3.00/adult, $1.00/12 & Under - Frontier Grounds
12-12:30pm Christian.KoM, Youth & Adult Bell Choir - Stage
12:30-4pm Paradise Productions - DJ - Stage
12-4pm Hayrides & Old Time Photos – Frontier Grounds
12pm - ? ATV Family Fun Rally - Door Prizes & Food - Polaris Junction - MP 271 Rich Hwy
2pm Frontier Days Western Regalia Costume Contest - Stage
3pm Kiss the Pig Contest – Frontier Grounds
4pm Raffle Drawings and Awards – Stage
5-7pm Alpha Omega Life Care Inc. Dinner & Silent Auction - Delta Community Center – Benefits Delta Food Box Programs
7pm-? Rubber Ducky Race (starts at 7pm) & Live Music (starts at 9pm) - Clearwater Lodge
7pm Mounted Shooting 2 Stage Jackpot (7pm) & Chili Cook-Off (4pm)- Stinkin’ Acres Ranch - Contact Kari, 895-1117, for directions
7:45pm Buffalo Wallow Square Dancers Grand March - Delta High School
11pm Buffalo Wallow Square Dancers Midnight Reception - Dancing under the midnight sun - Visitors Information Center

Sunday, May 29th

2pm Memorial Day Service – Ft. Greely Chapel – Public invited to attend
2pm–6pm Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition – D.J. Saddletramps - Fairgrounds
8-10:30pm Buffalo Wallow Squares and Rounds - Delta School - All Alaska Callers

Monday, May 30th

1pm Veteran’s Alliance Memorial Service - Delta Cemetery on Jack Warren Road
3pm Veteran’s Alliance Flag Retirement Ceremony - Moose Lodge

For more information contact:  Delta Chamber of Commerce · PO Box 987 · Delta Junction, Alaska 99737 · (907)895-5068 · (877)895-5068 toll free · (907)895-5141 fax
E-Mail: · website:

May 23, 2005

Trident Glacier
The dark, jumbled area in the foreground is the middle fork of the Trident Glacier. My favorite mountain. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Patsy and Travis
Delta High School graduates Patsy Cummings and Travis DuBois are shown entering the gymnasium during the processional into graduation on Friday,
May 13. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

The Greater Delta Soil Survey Seeks Cooperation from Private Landowners

The USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has launched an outreach campaign to alert private landowners about the upcoming field work in the Greater Delta Soil Survey in order to gain consent to access private lands necessary for updating the survey.

The original Salcha-Big Delta Soil Survey was completed nearly 40 years ago for the singular reason of identifying lands best suited to farming in a 330,000 acre-area that was raw and undeveloped. At the time, soil scientists surveyed only the top 20 inches of soil – the depth necessary to produce crops.

Today, agriculture is far from the only land use. The area is now in need of a comprehensive survey that will include the top six feet of soil and provide information necessary for residential and commercial development. An updated soil survey will help residents and community planners make better land-use decisions that might include identifying best places for roads, buildings, airstrips, septic systems, landfills or other future needs.

Soil scientists also hope to learn about the current state of permafrost now that more land has been cleared for development since the original survey.

A soil survey establishes soil types based on properties such as color, texture, gravel content, parent material and moisture. The scientists also make careful assessments of the vegetation, landform, and hydrology associated with each soil type. Each type is mapped and cataloged with interpretations that explain each soil’s potential uses and limitations.

Soil scientists map approximately 1,000 acres of soil and dig approximately 10 to 15 holes per day. All soil pits are back-filled and existing vegetation is replaced.

Cooperating partners in the Greater Delta Soil Survey are Salcha-Delta Soil and Water Conservation District, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, City of Delta Junction, and the University of Alaska Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station.

Private landowners are urged to contact the Salcha-Delta Soil and Water Conservation District at 895-4241 ext. 101 with their consent to allow NRCS soil scientists to survey their property or to ask questions. NRCS will not map private property without consent.

May 17, 2005

These trees appear to be almost on fire during this spectacular display of auroral beauty .
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Pre-Season Softball BBQ & Tournament

At the Delta Softball Fields, Sunday, May 22 at 1:00 pm. Come see what it’s all about!!!

Grills will be provided, bring your own meat & beer, and don’t forget a dish to share.

We will be holding an informal one-pitch tournament, all of the public is welcome, this is a pre-season party.

Bring your team if you have one, or show up and find a team for this season.

This is your chance to meet the locals and join a softball team that provides a fun and socially active summer.

Any questions? Contact Hanni Marchuk at 873-4043 or 895-4018, or Richard Lester at 869-3116 or 895-4446

May 14, 2005

In Memory

Almost a year has gone buy I still feel like it's not real. I just wish things were different for James Dorff Sr. I now in my heart he is with God and in Peace. I wish I could have helped him more but this darn system we have wouldn't let me. We have three beautiful children. It is so hard I ask myself so many questions but now he is gone and he will always be a part of all of us that new him and loved him.

He helped so many people he had such a talent he could fix anything he was honest and kind. He always looked beyond money. He gave a lot of his time away to people at no cost. I will remember the good times not the bad times and the love we shared together.

Part of me is gone now too and I will always hold dear to my heart the love we shared together and the children we have together.

I want to thank our close friends that were there through it all Special thanks to Nicky Stephens, Brandon Krebs, Lisa Maddox, David and Linda Johnson, Curtis and Brenda Sutherland, Bob Morley, Jay White, Bill Mason, Troxell Hebert and Special Thanks to the Whitestone Farm people. I will always Love you Jimmie

May 13, 2005 -- Jimmie Dorff

Tyriq (son of Julie Luke 93') coloring a picture for
his Uncle Jacob who lives in Texas.
Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Photo taken 5 May of Cranes migrating west as they fly over Delta Junction. Photo Courtesy Reginald Salinas

Personal Thank You to the Delta/Greely Community

Hello, I know it's been a couple of years since the
production of Clara Nevada was in town to perform, I
just wanted to write to thank everyone for being so
nice and a wonderful audience. I'm a cast and crew
member, and I remember that while on our tour, Delta was by far the best performance, and the best
responsive audience of the whole trip, and was most definitely the highlight of the trip. So thank you.   Production was August 7, 2003 "GHOST SHIP RISING - The Strange Fate of the Clara Nevada"

~Geneva Randles, with the Haines Alaska Clara Nevada production~  May 12, 2005

Landscaping in the Interior
From the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service

A landscape is a natural environment that is designed by people or nature.

Instructor Michele Hebert CES land resources agent with the Fairbanks Tanana Valley District will be returning to Delta on Friday, May 20, 2005 to conduct a Landscaping Workshop from 1:00 – 4:00 at the Delta CES  Conference Room - Jarvis Office Center. There will be a $10 registration fee to cover workshop costs.

Michele recently taught a gardening class on Thursday, May 5th and due to the interest in landscaping decided to dedicate an afternoon to the
subject. Attend to find out how you can make changes in order to make your environment more attractive. Topics to be included are: what makes
a good landscape; landscape styles; design elements; selection trees and shrubs; and the landscape design.

Please call 895-4215 to confirm you participation by Wednesday, May 18, 2005. Thank you.

May 11, 2005

Fundraiser for High School Baseball Team

We are selling the magnetic vehicle ribbons to raise funds for the high school baseball team to offset the costs of sweatshirts. We have 5 to choose from and they are cheaper than in Fairbanks. $4.00 each, we'll be selling them at the baseball games or you can call me at work, 895-4211, Tracy Blais.

May 11, 2005

Plaque Presentation to Linda Sorensen

Mayor Gilbertson will present a plaque to Linda Sorensen at the next City Council meeting recognizing her involvement in LEPC.

If you would like to be part of appreciating Linda please be at the Council meeting, May 17th at 5:00PM. (Linda has agreed to be there.)

May 14, 2005
Pat White

My youngest, Blythe Isabel Zayon, enjoying a rainy Anchorage May Day. She is 13 months old and she and her siblings are looking forward to visiting Gramma and Grampa Olberg in Delta this summer. Photo Courtesy Kristen Zayon (Olberg,
DHS class of '90)

Hardening Off Plants — Why and What Does This Mean? 

In Interior Alaska most vegetables and flowers are started indoors, to be transplanted outdoors in early June when soil and air temperatures reach an agreeable level. While indoors, whether under artificial light or in a greenhouse, conditions do not allow the cuticle layer of the leaf to develop. This is a critical part of the epidermal layer of a leaf, which produces a waxy layer called cutin that protects the leaf from dehydration and prevents penetration of some diseases. The amount of cutin is a direct response to sunlight, increasing with increasing
light intensity. For this reason, plants grown in low light should be moved into direct sunlight gradually, over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks, to allow the cutin layer to build and to protect the leaves from
the shock of rapid water loss or sunscald.

This process of gradually exposing indoor grown plants to the harsher conditions of an outdoor environment is referred to as hardening off. It is best to begin by choosing a day that is not windy and perhaps one that is overcast, rather than a hot and sunny day. Useful tools that can be used to protect plants from harsher conditions then they have been
used to are simple items such as plastic sheeting, plastic containers, fabrics, or even newspapers. The extra effort applied at this time will help to reduce stress and contribute to a successful crop.

May 10, 2005 -- From the UAF Cooperative Extension Service

Pioneer Peak
Image was taken about 2 miles off the highway near the AK state fair site on the same side of the road just north of Palmer. Pioneer Peak is 6500' (1981 meters) and is in the Chugiak Range.  Many climbers have fallen to their deaths on this peak. Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC


Happy Birthday May 9 - May 15


Happy Birthday, Heather Williams May 9.  From Mom, Dad, and Bridget

Happy Birthday May 9 - Scott Hollembaek


Happy Birthday on May 10 to Alan Brown, from Mom and Dad in Yuma, AZ

Happy Birthday May 10- Cindy Aillaud


Eli Grossmann, Happy 17th birthday May 10. We are so proud of you. You are a blessing to us each day and we thank the Lord for you. Keep working can go all the way. We are rooting for you. Love, Dad, Mom and Annie.


Happy Birthday to Holly Doran Ricaporte on May 11th. We Love you and Miss you! Best Wishes for a great birthday. Love, your family in Anchorage!!

Happy Birthday May 11 - Ed Larson

Happy Birthday May 11 - Karla Giese

Happy Birthday May 14 - Jessica White

Happy Birthday May 14 - Ryan Gilbertson

Happy Birthday May 15 - David Glover


Happy Anniversary May 9 - May 15


Happy Anniversary Creig & Kathy Sharp,  May 14th,  Congratulations on 28 years!

Saturday, May 14th 

With the snow melting fast it will soon be time for Delta's Annual Community Clean Up Day, sponsored by the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Delta Sanitation and the City of Delta. Join us on Saturday,  May 14th and help clean up our roadsides and park areas so that we can show off our best to travelers, tourists and locals alike. As we have done in the past, we are asking for volunteers, groups, and organizations to help Clean Up Delta by picking up trash along the highway and local streets.

Once again, Delta Sanitation is helping out with their donation of the large roll-off dumpster and the City of Delta is allowing free use of the landfill for our collected litter for that day. Clean up starts at the Visitors Center at 8 am to organize the volunteers. A cook-out will be held at noon in the Visitors Center parking lot. Please bring your favorite dessert to share. We need people to help pick up trash as well as to transport garbage bags from the roadside to the landfill. Please call Martha at the Delta Chamber office, 895-5068 to volunteer your help

May 7, 2005

Visitor Center Opens

We are working hard this week cleaning and stocking merchandise at the Visitor Center in anticipation of a busy summer season. The staff is looking forward to another fun tourist season which we hope will be virtually smoke-free!

The center is scheduled to open on Monday, May 9th and we are excited at the prospect of getting to visit with travelers as they stop by for information.

Chamber members, please bring your rack cards, brochures and business cards to the Visitor Center so that we can provide your information to our visitors. It would be helpful if you would also provide a letter size advertisement with your information on both sides so that we can put together a notebook of local business information for our visitors as well. Remember, the only information the staff can give to our visitors is what you provide to us so please make sure we know all about you!

Delta and Ft. Greely residents, be sure to stop by the center and check it out!

May 7, 2005

The Arctic tern is a small bird that makes the longest migration of any bird. It breeds in the Arctic tundra (within the Arctic Circle), but flies to
the edge of the Antarctic ice pack during the winter. It flies over 21,750 miles (35,000 km) each year - roughly the circumference of the Earth. This
excellent flier spends most of its life flying. This tern always experiences long days, since it spends the summer in the Arctic and the (Northern
Hemisphere) winter in the Antarctic. This pair was observed on the Clearwater River this past Sunday. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Baccalaureate Service
Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Graduates, families and Delta/Fort Greely community are invited to attend the service in honor or our graduating students.  This will take place at the First Baptist Church on the Richardson Highway. 

There will be a short program and gifts for all graduates. 

May 10, 2005

This shot was taken while on a trip to Kenai in September last year. While photographing a sitting swan this one came in for a landing. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Delta's Most Dangerous (Intersection)

Dear Editor,
With the advent of spring and dry roads, we see increased traffic on the residential streets of Delta. Of particular interest are the intersections at Harper and Kimball, and Harper and Deborah. These two intersections are at the far end of the Park (where there are a lot of moms with strollers, walkers, joggers, dog-walkers, and other unsupervised children of all ages going to and from).

These two intersections are marked “4-Way Stop”; though very rarely does anyone actually stop there. Many vehicles do a “courtesy” stop; but many...and we do mean many...roll right on through. Even if you are turning at the corner, vehicles are required to stop first, then turn. And believe it or not, the teenagers are not the main’s the 30-50’s, including a few who live on this street. (Shame on you.) Coupled with the disregard for the 25 mph speed limit on residential streets, these intersections are most dangerous for all.

Add to this, the teens on 4-wheelers, who apparently think they do not have to obey traffic laws at all, and you have an accident just waiting to happen. We are not against 4-wheelers—many of us own one or more—but kids, with no helmets, riding with toddlers in their laps (also without helmets), running above the speed level and not even pretending to stop at the intersection?

Mothers, fathers, troopers, we need some help here before something tragic really does happen. We have also seen this week, a youngster on a mini-motorcycle, running up and down the street, through the stop sign, etc. at probably 50 mph. He zipped right past a car that was turning into a driveway, almost getting hit right then and there! He was not looking, and had the car not been paying attention, well, there ya’ go. It scares me to think of how close that was.

As many of us have seen from our front porches, probably 90% of the traffic through these intersections could be officially ticketed. Sometimes we have made a game of recording vehicles through the intersection and their inclination to stop or not. The results are very sad to say the least.

Please, people, be more responsible. Lives are actually at stake here.

Respectfully submitted,
Fran Hallgren, Shirley Beck, Sherry Heinbockel,
Billy Jackson, Lori Jackson, Mike E Jenkins

May 3, 2005

Spring day
Another nice spring day in Interior Alaska.  This photo was taken near the Donnelly creek campground.  Photo Courtesy Gary Cooper

School Sports May 2 - May 8

Fri - May 6 3:30 PM Field Events  Host/Location- Monroe/W. Valley

Fri - May 6 Time TBA Softball Delta @ Valdez Location - Valdez

Sat - May 7 12 Noon Track Events Host/Location - Monroe/W. Valley

Sat - May 7 TBA Softball Delta @ Valdez Location - Valdez

National Honor Society Induction

The Delta High School Chapter of the National Honor Society will hold their annual Induction Ceremony on Thursday, May 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the Senior Lobby. The event will induct new members, recognize current members of the organization, and salute the outgoing seniors. Keynote speaker will be Mr. Wayne Butler. Also, the NHS Scholarship, sponsored by KAYA Corporation, will be presented. All parents, staff, and students are invited to attend. A reception will follow.

April 30, 2005

This goshawk flew into our window Tuesday about 7:20 pm and then retrieved the vole that he had dropped when he hit the window (which did not break - made a loud noise, though) and proceeded to eat it all gone before flying away across our field to look for another snack. The hawk gave the window a "dirty look" before flying away.
Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Drama Class offers "Alienated"

The Delta High School Drama Class will present a one act play at 7 PM on Wed, May 4, in the large gym at the school.  "Alienated", a new comedy written by Kenneth R Preuss, involves a cast of 25 high school age students.

The production is under the direction of Mike Pelto, the Drama Class teacher, who explained that he had to "go outside the class" to find extra performers for the large cast.

Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the play.  There will be no admission charge, however, donations will be accepted to help with the Drama Class expenses.

April 28, 2005

New Hope Fire
New Hope Fire on the Tanana Loop Extension. 
See additional information below.
Photo Courtesy Linda Samuel

New Hope Fire on the Loop

Fire season started out early with a quick sweep across 250 acres on Tanana Loop Extension, burning dry grass, stump rows and windbreaks Sunday afternoon. Flames came within 10 feet of homes at New Hope Community, where they were stopped by firefighters who continued to fight the flames.  High winds drove the fire quickly through the fields and windbreaks as our volunteer fighters and forestry raced to get ahead of it all.  Additional pictures have been posted online at

We sure do appreciate our volunteer firefighters who were quick on the job and were effective in stopping the raging flames.   

May 3, 2005

From the Cooperative Extension Service

The lawns are looking a bit drab this time of the year and some areas may have developed concerns. Rodents can cause considerable disturbance in many lawns, the damage is seldom permanent, so be patient, the grass will regrow. Snow mold is most common and looks like a dirty cobweb on  the grass. This will not generally kill the grass and regrowth will occur naturally.

Following these steps can encourage "Green-up":
Remove the thatch layer of old grass, preferably with a thatch blade on the lawn mover. This is less dangerous and certainly cleaner than burning.
Apply fertilizer at 5-7 pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn in early May. Remember to include some sulfur in the fertilizer mix such as  24-12-10-5.
Tune up the lawn mover and get ready!

Trees and shrubs improve the appearance and value of property if planted correctly. Impatience can lead to failure when transplanting for these basic reasons: Transplanting too late in the season—transplant trees before they leaf out.
Not providing the care necessary for survival of the transplants—keep the trees watered and stake them if they are in a windy area.

Planting the garden isn’t recommended until late May or early June,  however one can get some seeds started indoors at this time. If the garden site is clear of snow, thawed and dry enough the soil can be worked. This will encourage larvae to surface and the birds will help get some of the pests out of the garden. Weed seeds will also be
encouraged to sprout in the warm temps. Exposing them early on, the seedlings will be eliminated when the final tilling is completed at planting time.

Spring is a time of regrowth, for both plants and people so get out and enjoy the warmth of the April sun. The Cooperative Extension Service has a variety of publications that cover the topics listed above, if you are interested in finding out more
call 895-4215 or stop by the Delta office located in room 114/115 of the Jarvis Office Center. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m.

April 27, 2005

IPM Technician Returns to CES Office
From the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service

The CES Delta District announces the return of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician Sara Engebretson - formerly Sara Lyle.

Sara will be available to provide pest and problem scouting for crops, gardens, greenhouses, lawns, trees, and shrubs. Using the IPM System she
will be able to help identify and remedy problems that may arise during the growing season.

Sara will be in training the week of May 1st and will be in the office the week of May 9th, check the next issue for information on her schedule or call the CES office at 895-4215.Welcome back Sara!

April 27, 2005

Retirement crew
Friday, April 29, 2005 saw the retirement of these DPW personnel from Fort Greely. Combined, they had a total of 128 years federal service. (Good luck guys)   From left to right: Tom Waggoner, Frank Borman, Charlie Atwell, Bubba Bray, Dave Blum.
Photo Courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger

Happy Birthday Apr 25 - May 1

Happy Birthday Apr 25 - Erin Trainor

Happy Birthday Apr 27 - Anne Dube

Happy Birthday Apr 27 - Krista Waldo

Happy Birthday Apr 27 - Edith L. Walker

Happy Birthday Apr 27 - Marion Benham


Happy Birthday Apr  27 - Shawn Meek

Happy Birthday Apr 28 - Anne Mauer

Happy Birthday Apr 28 - Ron Milligan

Happy Birthday Apr 28 - Connie Sandlin King

Happy Birthday Apr 29 - Mark Sandlin


Happy Birthday Apr 29 - Art Lenon. Thanks for being a special part of our family. We are blessed because of your friendship. Marlin and Pam


Happy Birthday to Amanda Phipps, Apr 30 4 years old. Love Mom, Auntie and uncle, and Kelly.

Happy Birthday to Tammy Powers - Apr 30  from Jayme and family


Happy Birthday  May 1 - Sheryl Mills

Happy Birthday Sheryl Mills on 1 May.  Love Kailey, Derek Jr, and Derek

Happy Birthday Rachel Ricaporte May 1

Happy Anniversary Apr 25 - May 1


Happy Anniversary Apr 26 - Bob & Deb Green

Happy Anniversary May 1 - Walter & Cheryl Marchuk

Happy Anniversary May 1 - Art & Mary Saarloos

School Sports Apr 25 - May 1

Fri - Apr 29 3:30 PM Field Events Host/Location - Eielson/North Pole

Fri Apr 29  5:00 PM,  Softball - Fairbanks IGSA - Delta at Lathrop

Sat - Apr 30 11:00 AM Track Events  Host/Location- Eielson/North Pole

Sat - Apr 30 12/2PM   Baseball  *Double Header West Valley @ Delta  Location - Delta


Yellow Warbler
This yellow warbler image was taken out of a window in the photographer's home. 
Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

Happy Birthday May 23 - May 31


Happy Birthday, Anne Reierson May 23. From Mom, Dad, and Bridget

Happy Birthday May 23 - Mary Leith Dowling

Happy Birthday Mom, Marie Fett, May 25.  Hope there will be many more. Will help you celebrate long distance.  Love Gary - Bev .& the rest of the gang.

Happy 8th Birthday to Brandon Schmidt, May 25!


Happy Birthday May 25, Jason Morgan. Love Mom

Happy Birthday May 25 - Trinity Brant

Happy Birthday May 25 - Jim Harris

Happy Birthday May 25 - Mollie Jensen

Happy Birthday May 25 - Lisa Kozarik


May 26 - Happy Birthday to Uncle Brandon From Little Monster


Happy Birthday May 26 - Mark Pliska

Happy Birthday May 26 - Jay St Peter


Happy Birthday May 28 - Steve Selfe

Happy Birthday May 29 - Laura Stewart

Happy Birthday May 29 - Betty Smith

Happy Birthday May 29 - Cay Wright

Happy Birthday May 29 - Carl Bandy

Happy Birthday May 30 - Barb Perkins

Happy Birthday May 31 - Ron Riesgard

Happy Birthday May 31 - Paul Troxell Hebert



Happy Anniversary May 23 - May 31

Happy Anniversary May 23 - Joe & Grace Peters

Happy Anniversary May 28 - Hugh & Claire Wingfield

Healthy Greenhouse Ventilation 

Temperature has a direct effect on relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the greenhouse. The recommended temperature range for most greenhouse plants is from 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can be stored by using dark containers filled with water, or by covering the floor with black woven plastic, so that on cool nights the greenhouse remains in the optimum temperature range. Reflective surfaces, such as white paint, aluminum foil, or reflective mylar, can be used to increase available light to plants.

Ventilation is especially important in the greenhouse environment because it allows air to circulate around the plants. Opening a door for ventilation may be effective for some locations, but ridge and floor vents are recommended. However you configure your system, the idea is to bring fresh air in at a low level, allow it to circulate around your plants, then have a way for the heated air to escape the greenhouse. Low wall or floor vents are important for bringing fresh, cool air in to the plants. Be sure to install screens or other barriers in lower openings to discourage voles from entering your greenhouse. Ridge vents are important for letting over-heated air out. If temperatures are still too high in your greenhouse, place a fan by the door to increase available fresh air, or install a fan into a high wall opposite from the floor fan. Simply using a timer for the fan, and manually adjusting the fan speed according to the weather patterns outside can adjust your greenhouse environment accordingly.

Proper ventilation is even more important on cloudy, wet days. Stagnant air can lead to many problems in the greenhouse that can be detrimental to yields. Insufficient ventilation can lead to such problems as dropping of blossoms, lack of fruit set, blossom end rot, and other distressing and costly issues. Some other common ventilation-related diseases in the greenhouse include gray mold and powdery mildew. These problems are encouraged by excess moisture and warm conditions. Avoid watering your greenhouse plants during the heat of the day, and water the roots of the plants. Have a small fan circulating air within your greenhouse if you need to close the door and vents to conserve heat on cooler days.

To learn more about Alaskan gardening and pests, contact the Cooperative Extension Service at 895-4215, or stop by our office in the Jarvis Building. Our office hours are 8:30 – 4:30, Monday through Friday, and my hours are usually from 11-4. Happy growing!

May 24, 2005 -- By Sara Engebretson, IPM Technician, Cooperative Extension Service

Mr. Knight
Mr. Knight working his rock magic on Clearwater Lodge Chimney. Talking with Mr. Knight he has a vast knowledge of concrete.
(Photo Courtesy Richard Mitchell)

Frontier Days Pioneer of the North (Costume Contest) Awards

2005 Delta Chamber Frontier Days Awards (Costume Awards) presented Saturday, May 28th, at 2 PM on stage behind the Sullivan Roadhouse.

Award categories are: Ma Sullivan, Pa Sullivan, Prospector, 49'er, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Old Timer, Athabascan Regalia and The Lady.

All ages welcome!!!! Contact Ruby at 895-4008 or Martha at 895-5068 for more information.

May 20, 2005

Summer Hours Begin @ Delta Library

The Delta Community Library salutes summer with more hours to serve you! Beginning Saturday May 21 the Library will be open:

Monday through Thursday 10 - 6
Friday 10 to 7
Saturday 10 to 5
Sunday 1 to 5

Check out the FAST Internet access, magazines, newspapers, copier and fax service, books on tape, paperback exchange and LOTS of great books at your new Library located at 2291 Deborah Street, across from City Hall and next to the Community Center.

Summer Readers - don't forget you MUST register by Friday June 10 for Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds!  Questions? Call 895-4102.

May 21, 2005

School Sports May 23 - May 28

Wed - May 25 5:30 PM Baseball Delta @ West Valley Location - West Valley

Wed - May 25  5 PM  Softball Eielson @ Delta Location - Delta

Thur - May 26 5 PM Softball West Valley @ Delta Location - Delta

Sat - May 28 12/2 *Double Header - Softball Lathrop @ Delta Location - Delta

Sat - May 28 12 PM Baseball Delta @ Lathrop Location - Arco

Cammy and Ava
Cammy (Mason) Vasquez 95' and her 15 month old daughter Ava enjoying a day trip to Port Townsend, WA.  Photo Courtesy Cammy Vasquez

Wild West Delta
Delta Jct. is still wild enough that one can often see residents traveling by horseback through in the downtown area.  Photo Courtesy Dale Pelzer

Friendly Frontier Days
May 28, 29, 30

The Delta Chamber of Commerce invites you to have fun this Memorial Day weekend during the 2nd Annual Friendly Frontier Days celebration. There will be a children’s pet parade, costume contest, old time portraits, barbecue, raffles, pig kissing contest, hayrides, Polaris ATV Fun Rally, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, memorial services and many more activities for all ages.

Saturday, May 28th is opening day for this year's Centennial Celebration of the Sullivan Roadhouse. The museum has added the Hollembaek Miner's Cache display this year. Highway's End Farmers Market will also be open.

Businesses and service organizations holding events this Memorial Day weekend are invited to call Martha (895-5068) at the Delta Chamber Office so that they may be included in the weekend schedule.

There are also fundraising opportunities available to area service organizations. If you want to find out more call or attend the next planning meeting, May 5th at 12 noon at the Jarvis West conference room.

May 16 2005

Happy Birthday May 16 - May 22  

Happy Birthday May 16 - "Happy #12, Arthur Dowling. Love, Mom."

Happy Birthday May 16 - Ariel Skovrinski

Happy Birthday May 16 - Coral Skovrinski

Happy Birthday Bill Wright - May 17

Happy Birthday May 17 - David Fortune

Happy Birthday May 17 - Karen Fett

Happy Birthday to Tressa Ewing! - May 18. Way to make the big 1 5 Tress! Love the Grossmann's

Happy Birthday May 18 - Tressa Ewing

Happy Birthday May 18 - Lou Heinbockel

Happy Birthday Grandpa/Dad, Lou Heinbockel on May 18.  We love you!  Derek Jr., Kailey, Derek Sr. & Sheryl

Happy Birthday, Caleb Brown on May 19, from Grandma and Grandpa Brown in Yuma, AZ

Happy Birthday May 19 - Colin Jerold Sheen

Happy Birthday May 19 - Devra Milligan

Happy Birthday May 20 - F. Jay White

Happy Birthday May 20 - Jared Cummings

Happy Birthday May 20 - Lana Green

Happy Birthday May 20 - Michael Gerhart

Happy Birthday May 21 - Lisa Sturgis

Happy Birthday May 22 - Harrin Hennager

Happy Anniversary May 16 - May 22

Happy Anniversary May 17 - Daniel & Elizabeth Blashill

Happy Anniversary to my loving parents Deana and Jerry Zachgo on May 20. I love you guys!  Morgan

Kathy Sharp
On May 8th Kathy Sharp graduated at UAS in Juneau with her Masters of Education Degree with an Emphasis in Educational Technology.
She earned a 4.0 grade point average. What a great Mother's Day present! :)
 Photo Courtesy Michelle Edmison

School Sports May 16 - May 22

Sat - May 21 12/2 *Double Header - Baseball Lathrop @ Delta Location - Delta

Sat - May 21 12/2 *Double Header - Softball Delta @ Monroe Location - IGSA 1

Here is a picture taken of the Delta High PBA
(Business Professionals of America) on April 19, just minutes before their departure for the National Competition in Anaheim, California. From Left, Supervisor Ann Linquist, Audrey Shannon, Erin Trainor, Lisa Green, Chaperone Dana Nichols,
Kayeleyn Nichols and Nikki Coakley.
Photo Courtesy Elaine Shannon

Delta All School All Class Reunion Has NOT Been Cancelled

Delta All School All Class Reunion Has NOT Been Cancelled set for July 4, 2005 from 12 noon – 4PM

Upcoming events will be featured on , the Delta Wind and on the website.

Former students & their families, friends, teachers, bus drivers and interested community members are invited to attend this fun gathering.  It'll just be a down-home family-style picnic/gathering.

For Food:  People whose last name begins with A-G = Bring a main dish (will find out about grills, etc)  H-M = Salads or Vegetables, N - S = Desserts and T - Z = Drinks (non-alcoholic please) 

Remember, if you attended Delta/Ft.Greely/HealyLake/Correspondence/New Horizons (formerly Alternative)/Cyber/Mt. Hayes/Gerstle River Schools at any time ~ we'd love to see you!

May 13, 2005

Friday, May 13, 2005
8:00 PM Delta High School

Adams, Marki Ranee'
Bialik, Caleb Zachariah
Blair, Benjamin Hoffman
Blais, Benjamin James
Bradley, Chrystal Nichole
Bynum, Cameron Sherlock
Creviston, Jared Andrew
Cummings, Patricia Shawn
DeLong, Shane LeRoy
Dickenson, Rachael Marie
Dighton, Kelly Cassandra
DuBois, Corey Travis Michael
Egeland, Kyle Gustav
Fellman, Malissa Gale
Fisher, Jesse James
Gilbertson, Ryan Joseph
Green, Lisa Ellen
Hanlan, Patrick James Vernon
Hartman, Katie Elizabeth
Hebert, Caitlyn Candice
Heral, Jeremy Paul
Horschel, Luke Samuel
Kezer, Zachariah Allen
Knix, Tirza Milka
Kulakevich, Victoria Maria
Lizardi, Peter Ismael
Loihle, Jessica Lynn
McMillan, Jennifer Lynne
Medyanikov, Mikhail M.
Ovchinnikov, Irina V.
Rhoads, Ambrosia Lee
Sanders, Lindsey Maurine
Scifres, Alex Brandon
Smith, Brooke Renee'
St. Peter, Lindsay Nicole
Taylor, Justin Scott
Theisen, Svarn Logan
Vasilevskiy, Marina
Vecchiarelli, Katrina Marie
Waldo, Krista Marie
Weller, Celyse Templin
Wrigley, Jonathan Brinkerhoff
Yelenskiy, Paul Yevgeniy
Zaremba, Igor Nikolay
Zollman, Daniel Austin

May 11, 2005

WANTED: Interested Residents Needed to Serve on City Council  

The City Council consists of seven members. Vacancies exist due to recent resignations of two Council members. If you are interested in serving on the City Council for the City of Delta Junction until the next regular election in October, please mail or hand-deliver a letter of interest to Pat White, City Clerk.

A Council seat must be filled within 30 days of being vacated. Letters are being accepted until the close of business on Thursday, June 2, 2005.

To serve on the Council, you must be a qualified voter who has resided inside the City limits for one year at the time of filing.  Questions? Call 895-4656
or stop by City Hall Monday – Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.

Thanks for your interest in serving your community.

May 11, 2005

Landscaping Your Delta Habitat  

Many homeowners are working on expanding the firebreaks around their homes this year after last summer’s record fire season. If your yard looks lonesome after all the fuel trees come down, perhaps some fire-resistant landscaping will brighten up your homestead while keeping
your defensible space safe. Fire-resistant vegetation plants have a high water content, water-like sap, and leave little accumulated plant matter
on the ground each season.

Ground covers and herbaceous perennials are recommended near the home, but only up to a height of 18 inches near buildings. It is important to
space trees and shrubs sufficiently so that the crowns are not touching. Prune trees and shrubs to remove dead and dying branches. Prune the
lower branches on trees over 20 feet tall to a height of 8 feet. Keep deciduous trees at least 25 feet away from your home, if they are spaced at least 20 feet apart. Do not use wooden walkways, fences, paths, or wood chips in landscaping close to your abode, as fire may follow the fuel to your home. Keep your vegetation healthy, watered, and maintained to ensure their effectiveness as a firebreak.

Some shrubs that are recommended fire-resistant landscape materials include: Currant, Flowering Almond, Lilac (dwarf varieties), Nanking Cherry (produces edible fruit), Potentilla, Rose, Red-twig Dogwood, Serviceberry, Silverberry, Spirea, and Viburnum. Some recommended fire-resistant trees include: Amur Chokecherry, Amur Maple, Apple and Crabapple, Birch, Chokecherry, Japanese Tree Lilac, Larch, Mayday, Mountain Ash, and Quaking Aspen.

Golden Valley Electric Association is
giving a Ranetka Crabapple to each family on Friday, May 13. This variety is so hardy in Alaska’s Interior that it is used as a rootstock
for grafting fruit trees. Downloadable publications may be found at the Georgeson Botanical Garden’s website,, for more specific information about each variety, including which varieties are favorite delicacies of moose! The Georgeson Botanical Garden will have their annual tree, shrub, and plant sale on Saturday, May 21.

When you have found the right variety and planting site for your new tree or shrub, there are a few guidelines that will help your plant root and be prepared for our intense winters. Remove vegetation, rocks, and debris, and then dig or rototill a saucer-shaped hole 12-18 inches deep, and 3-5 times the diameter of the root ball of the plant. Preparing the hole a few days before planting will help warm up the site. If your plant came potted in soil, loosen the outer roots that may have wrapped
around inside the container. Spread the roots out over a mound of soil, and re-fill the hole, taking care not to compact the roots. It is important to have the trunk flare just above the ground level.

Mulching helps prevent grasses and other plants from stealing moisture from the roots, and conserves soil moisture for the tree. Use mulch made from compost, shredded leaves and bark, rock or gravel. Apply in a layer 2-4 inches deep, with no mulch 3-5 inches from the trunk, to prevent
disease and rodent injury. Keep fine-particle mulch “fluffed” to prevent a crust from making moisture unavailable. Add mulch yearly as it decomposes, and expand the diameter of the mulched area to match the dripline of the tree’s crown as it matures.

For more information on site selection, tree planting, plant varieties, or a host of many other topics, contact the Cooperative Extension
Service at 895-4215, or stop by the office located in the Jarvis Building. Sign up for an afternoon seminar on Landscaping by Michele Hebert, UAF-CES Land Resources Agent and Horticulturist, from 1-4 pm on Friday, May 20..

May 10, 2005 -- By Sara Engebretson
UAF – Cooperative Extension Service

Little League Assessments

Monday May 16 at 6 PM Delta Greely Little League will be holding assessments. Meet at the little league field. All players except T-Ball need to attend. If you have questions please contact Eileen Herman 895-5564.

May 13,  2005

Denali Reflection
Here is a refection shot of one of the mountain ranges in Denali park. Sorry the splash is not a fish
(wishful thinking, but only a rock, photographer
Richard Mitchell threw into the pond and captured the moment.  Photo Courtesy Richard Mitchell

School Sports May 9 - May 15

Tue- May 10  6 PM Baseball Eileson @ Delta Location - Delta

Thur - May 12 3:30 PM - Region VI Championships Field Events @ West Valley

Sat - May 14 12/2 *Double Header - Baseball Delta @ North Pole Location- Newby

Sat - May 14 9 AM - Region VI Championships Field Events @ West Valley

Sat - May 14 11 AM - Region VI Championships Track Events @ West Valley

Sat - May 14 12/2 *Double Header - Softball Delta @ Eielson Location - Eielson

Flower Barrel Sponsorship  

The Visitor Center is the first place most visitors stop when coming to Delta and we only get one chance to make a good impression. Our visitors thoroughly enjoy all the beautiful flowers around the Visitor Center and the Sullivan Roadhouse and like to have their pictures taken by them.

If you would like to sponsor a flower barrel or two this season, sponsorship is $100.00 for each barrel. Your name will be placed in the flower barrel(s) to let everyone know you are the sponsor and that you are the one responsible for helping to beautify our community.

A donation in any amount can be used toward the beautification project to the area around the visitor center and will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the community as well as to our visitors. You can send your contribution to the Chamber at PO Box 987.

May 7, 2005

Updated May 10

Rod Shug - 45 votes
Larry (Smurf) Veihl - 31 votes
Robert McKenzie - 20 votes
Brian Schaffer - 2 votes

Ted Echohawk, nominated
Chuck Hardy, nominated
Asneath Horschel, nominated
Tom Bonnell, nominated

May 11, 2005

Christopher and Hannah
Christopher Luke (Class of 00') and his beautiful daughter, Hannah Rose. Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Mountains and buffalo
Home on the range.  These buffalo were taken  in front of the Alaska Range last week. Photo Courtesy Carol J Watkins

Becoming a Child Care Provider Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a child care provider? There will be a workshop on June 1, 2005 from 11:00 to 1:00 at the City Hall conference room.

 Learn the difference between an approved child care provider and a licensed child care provider. Find out the process for becoming an approved and licensed provider. Discover what kind of funding and resources are available for approved and licensed providers.

Come and meet representatives with the Child Care Licensing, Child Care Assistance, Fairbanks Daycare Food Program and the CARES program. For more information please contact Child Care Licensing at 907-451-3198 or Michelle with CARES at 866-878-2273.

May 4, 2005

The Reunion For Classes 1992-1995
Has Been Cancelled

Sorry to inform you, but the reunion has been canceled. I received a HUGE amount of cancellations this last week, and I had too many "maybes" that couldn't quite commit to coming, therefore, the event has been canceled. I hope that we can try to connect again in 2010.

If you have any questions or comments please continue to email me at this address (available for the next couple months) or at my personal email which is

My apologies.  Cammy (Mason) Vasquez

May 5, 2005

Updated May 6

Ted Echohawk 
Chuck Hardy
Asneath Horschel
Laryy (Smurf) Veihl  - 1
Robert McKenzie  -  20
Tom Bonnell

May 7, 2005

Bryanna Dawn Wilson
This is Brynna Dawn Wilson. She is 7 months old. The daughter of 97 graduate Jayme (Braswell) Wilson and her husband Don. The family resides in Fallon Nevada. Photo Courtesy Jayme Wilson


Happy Birthday May 2 - May 8


Happy Birthday Rich Garrett on 2 May from Ft Greely DOIM


Happy 12th Birthday to Lindsey Gardner on
May 2
. Love Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday May 2 - John Hite

Happy Birthday May 2 - Robert E. Lee

Happy Birthday May 2 - Dawn Grossmann

Happy Birthday Julie! May 3. You're a quarter of a century old! I miss you and hope you guys are doing great! Love ya, Kateums.

Happy Birthday May 3 - Gary Nilsson

Happy Birthday May 4 - Jan Hess

Happy Birthday May 6 - Chad Heller

Happy Birthday Jenn -  May 7 Love from the Corty’s

Happy Birthday May 7 - Fronty Parker

Happy Birthday Justin Carpenter May 8 Love Dad.

Happy Birthday May 8 - Connie Ott

Happy Birthday May 8 - Jon Brewis

Happy Birthday May 8 - Caitlyn Hebert

Happy Birthday May 8 - Shannon Nichols

Happy Anniversary May 2 - May 8


Happy Anniversary May 2 - Dave & Linda Sorensen

Happy Anniversary May 11 - Carl & Margie Bandy

Little League Final Registration

Final Little League Registration will be on Saturday May 7 from 10AM to 1PM at Granite View Sports and in the IGA lobby. Ages 5-15. Bring a copy of childs birth certificate. Financial assistance available. If you have questions please call Eileen Herman 895-5564 or on Ft Greely call Mary Lester 873-4600.

May 3, 2005

Mt. Hayes
This image shows the beginning of the Hayes Glacier as it flows from the main Mt. Hayes massif. Note the sheer face of this striking mountain.
Photo Courtesy Michael Kingston/CRTC

Sierra (daughter of Julie Luke 93' and Jonathan Gibbs 92') at her basketball tournament during spring break!! Photo Courtesy Julie Luke

Fire Season

Fire Season
Looks like fire season has started. Photos of fire on
tenderfoot about 6:00 pm on may are looking down from the top of Tenderfoot. The fire was mostly contained from the north side of the pottery road and the Richardson Highway.
Photos by Richard Mitchell

FG logo

May News from Fort Greely School

Dear Fort Greely School Parent,

This will be the final newsletter for this school year. For additional up to date information on our calendar, activities, lunch program, PowerSchool, or to subscribe to our daily homework service in “Homework Central,” please navigate to, and then follow the “Schools” link to “Fort Greely School.”

Mid-quarter deficiency notices:
Deficiency notices have been included with this newsletter. Parents who receive deficiency notices are strongly encouraged to contact their child’s teacher(s). End of the semester report cards will be mailed home during the week of May 23rd.

Spring Concert:
Our final concert of the school year will be held in the Fort Greely School gymnasium on Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:00 p.m. Please come and join us!

Freshman Orientation:
Current 8th grade students and parents who will be moving onward to Delta High School are encouraged to attend a freshman orientation on May 17th at 7:00 p.m. Important information such as scheduling, class information, sports and clubs will be provided at that time. For more information, contact Delta High School at 895-4460.

Fort Greely School Career Fair:
Approximately half a dozen vendors, such as the Fort Greely DA Police, Department of Public Works, and the Army Missile Defense Project will be presenting career information to our student body the afternoon of Friday, May 20th. Students will be broken into small groups and will spend an allotted amount of time at each vendor. Parents are invited to participate!

Fort Greely School Gear:
Remember your years at Fort Greely School by purchasing a yearbook! Student designed and published, this yearbook promises to be one of the best in recent years. They are on sale in the office for $24 each. Supplies are limited! Speaking of Grizzly Gear, the girls’ volleyball team is currently selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, and beanie caps with our school logo as a fundraiser for next year. Get yours while you can! They are available at the main office for a limited time.

Activity Day:
Students will be dismissed from our final day of school on Monday, May 23rd at 12:00 p.m. Prior to their departure, students will participate in an end-of-the-year activity day including a pep assembly, Principal’s Award of Excellence, Homeroom competition, and activities coordinated by the Fort Greely School student council. Students will be asked to sign up for their preferred activity during lunch on Thursday, May 19th.

Closing Thoughts:
If I might coin a phrase, it’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. I feel that we have had a remarkably successful year: we’ve seen major improvements in instruction, great leaps with technology, and decreases in student discipline. The opportunity to remain in the same facility, I feel, will assist us in continuing to improve our service to the Delta/Greely community. We are very fortunate to have our team of teachers and staff; I believe they are the reason why we’ve been so successful. I’m extremely pleased that we will have a very low teacher turnover rate for next year, so that the core of our team, program, and approach to middle school education will remain intact.

While there will be no PAC meeting in May, I plan on reconvening the committee early in August to review Standard Based Assessments (SBA) results, Title I services, as well as any other changes to our school structure.

I truly hope each of our families has a wonderful summer; I am looking forward to another outstanding year at Fort Greely School.

Brian J. Schaffer
Principal, Fort Greely School  -- May 2, 2005

Dart League Plans Banquet

The Delta/Clearwater Dart League will hold its end of the year banquet starting at 1 PM on Sunday, May 1, at the Alaskan Steakhouse.

There will be a general membership meeting to elect new officers and to hand out awards for the season, followed by registration for a Blind Draw Doubles 501, Double Elimination, Dart Tournament, which will begin at 2 PM.

League members are encouraged to attend the 1 PM meeting to have as much representation as possible for the elections and awards ceremony.

April 26, 2005



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