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November 2000

Winter beauty
Photographer Richard Mitchell found some of the beauty of winter in this November scene.

Mike Rawalt puts a hole in the floor as part of the process for installing partitions in the Delta Christian Center ladies bathroom.  The bathroom remodel was timely:  a joint Efafa (Russian-speaking congregation) / DCC / community Thanksgiving dinner brought more than 140 people into the dining area downstairs.  Delta News Web photo.

YWAM President to Speak in Delta Junction

Frank Naea, president of Youth With A Mission International will be in Delta Junction on Friday, November 17 and will be speaking at Delta Christian Center at 7 PM.

Frank was inaugurated as the new YWAM president this past year. He is a first nations, indigenous native of new Zealand. At the inauguration elaborate Pacific-Island pageantry celebrated both his Maori / Samoan ethnic heritage, and the participation of Two-Thirds World staff in YWAM's Great Commission enterprise. (Over 40%  of YWAM's worldwide staff come from the Two-Thirds World.) 

Frank Naea, YWAM presidentYWAM is the largest missionary organization in the world. Among the many ministries they operate are universities, worship/music schools, paramedic training and the Mercy Ships that travel throughout the world w/ medical staff and supplies.

They have sent teams to bicycle the entire Alcan Highway to minister in campsites and churches in Canada and Alaska. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) was started by Loren Cunningham in 1960. Since then YWAM has seen thousands involved worldwide in fulfilling Christ's
command: "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15) The YWAM motto is 'To know God and make Him Known.'

Year YWAM founded 1960 
Long-Term staff over 10,000 
Short-Term workers over 28,500 
Permanent Ministry Locations 586 
Countries with YWAM Locations over 132 
If you would like more information about Youth With A Mission visit the
international homepage.  

Come and be challenged as to our part in Alaska for the Great Commission.

Delta Christian Center -- November 15, 2000

Tom Jasper at work in the "innards" of a computer
Tom Jasper owns a new computer repair business in Delta, Frostbyte Computer Services.  Tom is a certified, licensed computer technician and can repair and upgrade PC compatible machines in your home or office. 

The Delta Community Emergency Responder's Appreciation Dinner  -- A Great Success!

Over one-hundred and ten people showed up to socialize, eat, and watch community groups show their respects with Certificates of Appreciation to all the Emergency Services groups we have in the Delta/Deltana/Fort Greely area.

The Certificate presenters were:

Rick Johnson representing the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the City of Delta Junction. MAJ Robert Marcinkowski representing Fort Greely Army Post. Steve Fields representing the Last Frontier Church and the Deltana Community Corporation.  Fred Wood representing Delta Christian Center and Claire Wingfield representing the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

The Certificate accepters were:

Ted Hamilton representing the Rural Deltana VFD.  Norm Hilliker representing the City of Delta Fire Dept.  Jerry Zachgo representing Alyeska PS9 Security.  Steve Joslin representing Alaska State DNR - Division of Forestry.  Connie Ott representing the Delta Rescue Squad.  SSG Tom Clementson representing AFRN.  Ray Andreassen representing the Family Medical Clinic.  Sheldon Longnecker representing the Fort Greely Fire Dept.  Linda Sorenson & Rick Johnson representing the Local Emergency Planning Committee. Rick also handed out individual certificates to all the responders on the City of Delta Fire Dept and the City of Delta Rescue Squad. MAJ Danilo Motas representing Fort Greely Medical Detachment

No one was on hand to represent the Alaska State Troopers, and there was a separate certificate from the Last Frontier Church given to Don Bunselmeier.

After the presentation of the certificates, Claire and Sheryl Mills held a Responder raffle of twenty-four $15 gift certificates to local businesses.  These gift certificates were purchased by the Delta Chamber of Commerce.  At the end of the presentation, Rick Johnson said that the City and the Chamber would like to make this an annual event.

We would also like to thank:

Rural Deltana VFD for putting this event together.  City of Delta for recognizing November 2 as Emergency Services Day.  Acacia Flowers for the two beautiful floral vases.  Loretta Schooley for the article Mike Kingston for donating his time as photographer.  Linda Sorenson & Pam Ellis for the use of the Community Center.  Ed Larson of IGA for all the paper products donated for the dinner.  Wilbur and Nako St. John for the hours spent cooking Wilbur's World Famous,  well-kept secret sauce for the spaghetti.   Misty Stockinger for putting the dinner and food together.  Jill Longnecker for the fantastic delicious cake that was admired by all.

All the individuals who brought pot-luck style food.  Virginia Headley, Amanda Barkhurst, Nancy & Ernie Wyrick, Steve Fields, Joyce McCombs, Norm Hilliker, and Jim Eden-Kilgour for helping to set-up, and Mr. & Mrs. Rex Wrigley with many others helping to clean-up.

I apologize if I missed anyone. This event would not have been made possible without everybody being involved.

Steve Fields, RDVFD November 3, 2000

Young Reuben
Reuben Byron John joined the Stephens and John families on October 31.  Weighing in at 8# 10oz young Reuben breathed air for the first time at 5:09 PM.  In the photo are Reuben senior, Julie (Reuben's mother), Jim, Nicky, Andrea and Reuben junior.  Photo by David Johnson.

Why I Am Voting "Yes" on 
Ballot Measure One

by David M. Johnson

I'm going to vote "yes" on ballot measure one. I hope you will do likewise. Please allow me to explain why I believe this issue is so important. 

As I see it, ballot measure one is simple. A "yes" vote keeps anti-hunting groups from twisting our wildlife management system to fit what THEY think is right. 

Here's how it has been working in recent years: Outside anti-hunting groups and their Alaska affiliates pick a "hot button" issue. They gather signatures on initiative petitions in large population centers. With enough signatures, their issue must be placed on the ballot. Then, using huge Outside donations and local donations, they develop an emotional election campaign. 

The tactic works here because all they have to do is win in Alaska's big cities. Most Alaska residents live in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Most of these are new to Alaska. They know little or nothing of complex Alaska wildlife issues, and wildlife has not yet been a part of their lives or livelihood. All the anti-hunting groups have to do is convince enough new residents to overwhelm the rest of us. With enough money and clever media advertising they win. Ballot measure six on this year's Alaska ballot is a good example. National anti-hunting groups are pulling in big money to convince Alaskans to vote "yes" on six. As for myself, I'm going to vote "nix on six."

Alaska has one of the finest wildlife management systems in the world. The level of citizen involvement is world-class. It has succeeded very, very well in maintaining sustainable yields of wildlife as required by our state constitution. It effectively integrates the concerns of a broad spectrum of Alaskans. Our system is not perfect, but it works well. It sure beats the "ballot box biology" approach being pressed so hard by the anti-hunters here in Alaska and elsewhere in the nation. Alaska's wildlife is far too important to make decisions about at the ballot box.

The Coalition for the Alaskan Way of Life is the primary organization working for the elimination of "ballot box biology." This coalition is comprised of Alaska Native and Alaska outdoors organizations. The joining of these two broad groups to fight together for ballot measure one and related issues is truly historic. It is also significant that the two groups of Alaskans with what may be the greatest stake in abundant Alaska wildlife are working so hard together to see this ballot measure pass.

Please join me in voting "yes on one, and nix on six."

David Johnson (webmaster of the Delta News Web) retired from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in 1995 after more than 20 years as a biologist in the interior and wildlife management supervisor in the southeast and southcentral Alaska regions. He and his family lived in Delta from 1981 to 1987 and from 1995 to date.

DMTC director Dr. Whit Hicks
The Delta News Web was recently at the new offices of the Delta Mine Training Center on School Road and snapped this picture of center director Dr. Whit Hicks.  The center is working with the mining industry, the University of Alaska and other cooperators to develop a first class mine training program for Alaskans and others.  You can learn more about the Delta Mine Training Center here.

Harvest Fair at Delta's First Baptist Church

The First Baptist church enjoyed a harvest fair on All Saints Eve (October 31).  Janell Moore who spearheaded the event, said nearly 100 children enjoyed games, cake walks, and food. The picture attached shows Matt Sharp and Tyler Zachgo, two of the six boy scout assisting with one of the several game booths. Photo by Fronty Parker.

Mt. Hayes
Mount Hayes dominates the Delta sky on clear days.  It is about 44 miles SW of the center of Delta Junction and rises 13,826 feet above sea level and more than 12,000 feet above the Tanana Valley floor at Delta.

CNA graduates
Delta residents Nicky Stephens and Beth Dorff recently completed Certified Nursing Assistant training in Fairbanks.  The training was made possible for workers displaced by the BRAC process in the Delta/Greely community by the JTPA program.  Delta News Web photo.

 Miguel !
More babies! Yvonne Echo-Hawk holds her grandson, Miguel Echo-Hawk Lopez.  Miguel was born November 2nd in Seattle.  His mother is Abagail Echo-Hawk Lopez.  Photo by Colleen EchoHawk-Hayashi


The Healing Ministry of Art Mathias

Art MathiasArt Mathias was healed several years ago of a disease called environmental illness through the ministry of Henry Wright.  He has since been ministering the same principles to other people experiencing physical and emotional problems.  In response to the great need for a practical workbook, Art developed his new book "Biblical Foundations of Freedom."  Come and hear Art's remarkable story and learn how you can apply these principles to your own life and the lives of others.

Mathias will be ministering at Delta Christian Center at 4.5 mile Jack Warren Road from Sunday through Wednesday.  Here is the schedule:

Sunday 11/26: 11 AM & 7 PM
Monday 11/27:  7 PM
Tuesday 11/28:  7 PM
Wednesday 11/28:  7 PM

For additional information about Art Mathias, see the Wellspring Ministries of Alaska website.  For additional information about Delta Christian Center call Curtis or Belita Taylor at 895-5279.

Delta Christian Center -- November 21, 2000

Buffalo Center
Not that long ago, Delta Junction was called Buffalo Center.  Here is a portion of a map from the 1950's showing the name "Buffalo Center."  Note the town of Richardson on the way to Fairbanks.  The once-thriving little mining town was eventually consumed by the meandering Tanana River.

Winter colors
The crisp colors of winter paint dramatic scenes in the trees and sky.  Delta News Web photo.

Winter trees
Winter turned this small birch and the sky behind into a work of art.  Photo by Michael Kingston.

Tom Pitzer of Delta Junction is one of the few horse-loggers in the country let alone Alaska.  Here is Tom using his bay percheron geldings to skid firewood from the Ft. Greely burn.  Photo courtesy Tom Pitzer.

Community Choir rehearsal
Members of the Delta/Greely Community Choir enjoyed a fun-filled rehearsal Thursday night at Ft. Greely Chapel in preparation for their popular annual Christmas Concert. Rehearsal Thanksgiving week will be at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night Nov. 21 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year's concert is scheduled for December 14th.  Photo by Melinda Pflugrad.

Elections Day in Delta Junction

Elections workers including (left to right) John Hite, Kitty McAfee, and Loretta Schooley greeted voters as they came in to the Big Delta precinct.  

Fran Colombo and Wilma Steel checked voter names as people came in to vote in the Delta Junction precinct.

Kitty McAfee checks off Elaine Shannon as she comes in to vote in Big Delta.

Linda Johnson emerges from a voting booth at the Delta Community Center on November 7.

Lynn Plomaritis finishes casting her ballot by placing it in the counter.  The camera caught Eddy in the 1/2 second she WASN'T smiling! 

Delta News Web photos by David Johnson

Linda Johnson with a friend's dog, "Chica" a toy Chihuahua.  Delta News Web photo.

The Summit Web Cam is operational again after several weeks of downtime just as the snow started to fall.  This picture is from earlier in November, not long after a snowfall.  The Web Cam is located the south end of Summit Lake at Water's Edge B&B, and is a joint project of Buffalo Center Diner, Water's Edge B&B, and Polaris Junction.

Delta High School swim team
This is a picture of the Delta high school swim team at the regional championship meet in Fairbanks on Friday November the 3rd. The swimmers from right to left are Hillel Echo-Hawk, Matt Sharp, Cassie Green, and Caleb Parker. Cassie Green made qualifying times in both her event to qualify for the State championship meet in Anchorage this weekend. The rest of the team is going to Anchorage to support her. This is the first Delta high school swim team member to ever qualify for State in swimming. Good Luck Cassie!  Photo by Fronty Parker

Deltana Community Corporation Report 

The agenda of Deltana Community Corporation opened with public comment as is customary. Loretta Schooley was present and recognized by the chair. Loretta had come before Deltana before with a proposal to survey and upgrade Souhrada Road. At this time she brought forth some thirty-four letters each stating positive support for the improvement. The letters were from residents, land owners and other users of Souhrada Road. The issue was taken under advisement and assigned to the roads committee for research. Deltana views these types of improvements as having a positive impact community wide.

The Deltana board was pleased to welcome new board member Robert Castoe to his first meeting where he was sworn into office. To returning board members Ron Lester and Todd Zachgo a hearty "welcome back!"

There was some remaining grant monies available in MGP2000 and after discussion the board voted to put those funds to the public park on Deltana grounds. There are other grant monies available this year and some suggestions were made for their use. Kassie put forward a suggestion for building a boat launch at the Clearwater Lake. Steve wants the board to consider granting some of the money to the Sawmill Road Fire House project. There followed open discussion about the merits of both suggestions with no decision being made at this time. Any member of the Deltana public that has a capital project that they would like the board to consider are asked to bring the suggestion to the board. 

The Local Emergency Planning Committee is considering asking Deltana for a letter of support for an emergency tower. After discussion the board asked John if he would find out if the LEPC could use the Transmitter Tower that is currently in the planning stages at City Hall.

Various committee reports were made. Donna stated the board should write a letter recommending people to the City Council Advisory Committee. Members of the public Pat Schlicting, and Joe Peters volunteered for two committee seats. Two board members Robert Castoe and Russ Bowdre agreed to take two seats. It is important for people taking committee seats to have a commitment and we thank these people for coming forward. These adjustments filled the seat requirement and the meeting moved on.

Steve told the board about the Emergency Responders Appreciation Dinner. He recommended 
people come out and show their appreciation to the many hours these people donate for the sake of our health and safety.

With that the meeting adjourned. Next regular meeting will be November 9, 7:00p.m. at the Clearwater Fire Station.

Delta Community Corp -- October 30, 2000

Cold water aquarium at Delta F&G office
Delta area sport fish biologist Fronty Parker says there is more to the new aquarium at the Delta F&G office than meets the eye.  For one thing, the water temperature is a brisk 38F....and that makes it possible for these 1-year-old lake trout from the Denali Highway country to thrive in it.  Delta News Web photo.

Stocking Kenna Lake with Lake Trout
The US Army lent a hand stocking lake trout to an unoccupied Delta area lake recently.  Jim Storey, Mike Coke, and Michael Kingston assisted the Division of Sport Fisheries by providing transportation to Kenna Lake, in the upper Jarvis Creek drainage.  Photo by Fronty Parker.




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