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November 2001

The Phillips Family modeling Deltana Outfitters products
The Phillips family from left, Rachael, Julia, Dwight and Angela, are modeling Deltana Outfitters products.  For more information on these products click herePhoto by Delta News Web.


DELSA is now taking resumes for respite care workers to work with a local respite care company to take care of Adult, Disabled, and Seniors in their homes. Workers are needed immediately!!!

The only qualifications needed now is the ability to be certified by Alaska State standards. First Aid and CPR certification is not an issue at this point. Another qualification is the ability to lift 90 lbs. We will need a Release of Information form signed for background checks. (Forms will be made available at the DELSA office). We will forward each resume to the employer for interviews after background checks are completed. Starting pay is $17.00 & up...

DELSA will also be setting up interviews for CHORE WORKERS:

Minimum requirements are 16 years old and a Drivers License. This is a part-time or on-call position for anyone interested if providing chores for Adult/Disabled/Seniors (shovel snow, housekeeping, etc...) Starting pay is $11.00.

For more information, please contact Steve or Stormie at: 895-3216, 895-3217, 895-3218 - Fax

OR email your resume as an attachment to: 

We are located at Milepost 269.1 Richardson Highway. Turn West, first building on left. Hours of operations are Monday thru Friday 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.

Steve Fields -- November 21, 2001

Reuben John Jr. and Gov. Tony Knowles
Reuben John Jr., son of Julie Stephens and Reuben John, both formerly of Delta Junction, squints for the camera as he poses with Governor Tony Knowles while in Mentasta.  Photo courtesy of Julie Stephens.

Mt. Moffit, south west of Delta Jct, sports a thin blanket of snow in early fall this year.  Photo by Delta News Web.

Include Your Local Event Information For Free

You can advertise your local activity/event on the Delta News Web for free! The Delta/Ft. Greely event calendar in the upper left hand corner of the Delta News Web takes its calendar items from what people submit -- it's interactive.

All you need to do to highlight your activity or event is to follow this link and fill in the blanks. Your event information will automatically be included in the event calendar. We even have a password system so you can edit what you posted.

The Delta News Web is used by many people in Delta as a "start up page" or it is viewed during the course of the day. In the past 90 days, there were more than 18,000 page views (that's over 200/day) of the Delta News Web home page, and over 38,000 total page views (including archives, calendar, classifieds, etc -- that's over 400/day).

Want to make sure Delta folks know about your event? Put it on the Delta News Web event calendar!

Delta News Web

This shot of Mt. Sanford was taken outside Glennallen in late August. Photo by Delta News Web.

Mount Hayes, south west of Delta, stands tall and brilliant on this fall day. Photo by Delta News Web.

Christian Life School of Theology 

Beginning January 2002, Delta Christian Center, located on Jack Warren Road, will be the host site for the Christian Life School of Theology. 

CLST is a member of the Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges and is authorized to issue degrees. CLST courses are taught in short-term seminars which meet on Thursday/Friday evenings and Saturday morning once a month. The courses are presented by live instructors or by video tape. 

Please contact Delta Christian Center at 895-4531 or 895-5279 to get additional information and about how to enroll for the first class.

Pam Dunklebarger -- November 6, 2001

Delta resident Steve DuBois of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game stands atop Donnelly Dome. Steve had his picture taken while out performing moose surveys of the area. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

A summer shot of the Alaska Range from the Delta River. Photo by Delta News Web.

Christine Kingston proudly displays the pumpkin that her and her father, Michael won at an IGA Halloween contest. Michael and Christine guessed the weight of the pumpkin at 132.7 lbs., a mere 1/2 pound off-of the actual weight of 133.2 lbs. Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

Delta resident Christie DuBois decked out in full hockey gear. Christie is playing for a women's recreation team in Fairbanks while attending UAF. Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Reuben John Jr. crawls toward the photographer with a mischievous grin. Yesterday, October 31st, was Reuben's first birthday. He is the son of Julie Stephens and Reuben John, both formerly of Delta Jct. Photo by Katie Johnson. 



Caleb Parker near Sitka
Caleb Parker stands overlooking Chichagof Island north of Baranof Island where Sitka is located. Caleb was hunting Sitka Black tail deer with his father. Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Labor Management Committee Meeting moved to Delta Junction City Hall Conference Room

The LMC (Labor Management Committee) meeting has been moved to City Hall. It will be held Tuesday night, 27 November 2001, at 6 PM.

Invited guests/speakers will be Peggy from the TOK Labor Office, Robert Elmore from the Northern Region Job Center, Julia Quist from the Fairbanks Labor Office, and the Veterans' Representative from the Department of Labor.

These meetings are always open to the public. Local input is always valued at these meetings. Your local LMC (Labor Management Committee) oversees and advises the operations of DELSA. For more information, call Steve or Stormie at the DELSA Job Center: 895-3216 or 895-3217.

See you Tuesday Night!

Steve Fields -- November 27, 2001

Donnelly Dome from the west
A shot of Donnelly Dome from the west.  Local photographer Michael J. Kingston snapped this shot a few summers ago. 

This moose by Viki Faber was done with a scroll saw on birch plywood. For more information visit Viki's website at www.wolfhillstudios.comPhoto by Delta News Web. 

Delta resident Mike Rawalt (r.) hunting in Gackle, ND with his wife's cousin Dick Henderson. Photo courtesy of Mike Rawalt.

Richard (T-Bird) Tafoya raises the flag at Delta Area Forestry's "booth" on the Fair Grounds. Photo by Katie Johnson. 

Latest Employment News from the DELSA Job Center 

The Delta Employment and Learning Services Agency has been notified that three contracts for work at Fort Greely have been awarded. Hiring for the base maintenance contract will begin sometime next week. Interested persons should have a resume on file at the DELSA Job Center, located at Mile 269.1 Richardson Highway, call Stormie or Steve at 895-3216/3217.

The second contract, a Base Operations (BOS) contract for National Missile Defense, is being finalized by the successful native corporation and the military in Huntsville, Alabama. Once the scope of work and a timeline has been set for the BOS contract, DELSA will make notification of the associated employment opportunities.

The third contract involving demolition work was awarded early this week and, like the other contractors, they will be hiring out of the DELSA Job Center.
Businesses interested in sub-contracting and/or providing services through the three new contracts should provide the Job Center with a business portfolio (business license and services offered). 

Updates will be available through the Delta Wind, the Delta News Web and at the DELSA Job Center.

The DELSA Job Center has a computer available for the public to use to update or write resumes. The staff at the Job Center does not write individual resumes; however, they will provide assistance as well as resume writing workshops. They also provide information on job training and/or retraining opportunities. The DELSA Job Center is open noon to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

DELSA has received generous support from many individuals and organizations. This support has allowed the Job Center to provide services free of charge. DELSA would like to thank the following for their donation of time, equipment, expertise, money and support: The Fort Greely Labor/Management Committee, Dana and Vickie Schautt, Steve Fields, Doug Miller, Pam Ellis, Stormie Mitchell, Ron Roden, Jeff Durham, Dean Stumpe, Joe Crandall, Butch Mitchell, Colleen Hartman and a special thanks to Wells Fargo Bank Alaska and Dave Durham. 

Steve Fields -- November 6, 2001 

Fireweed, a familiar site in the interior, is a beautiful but not always welcome indicator of summer coming to a close. Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

Rebekah Todd stands on the Great Wall of China in July. This summer, she went to China from June 25th to August 10th for a 6 week "Cultural Exchange Program" with about 15 other students. They are connected to a campus group called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She was helped financially by members of the First Baptist Church in Delta. Photo courtesy of Bill Todd. 

Local photographer Michael J. Kingston captured this stunning display of the aurora borealis as they danced across the interior night sky earlier this week. 

Trenton Zachgo rips it up for the photographer. Trenton played the anthem at Delta High while the school was hosting regional volleyball games. Photo courtesy of Dwight Phillips.

Resumes Deadline Extended / Status of Positions Available / Status of Possible Start Date

We spoke with the native corporation on the status of the Missile Base Construction. We were told that the delay is due to the Presidential Summit in November. The issues are the Treaty talks and the Ownership of Fort Greely.

The native corporation requested these employable positions at Fort Greely.

Maintenance, Security, Drivers, Religious/Clergy, Construction Camp Workers, Culinary, Logistics, Morale/Welfare/Recreation, Medical, Administrative, Clerical, Accounting, Emergency Responders, Communications, Computers, and Utilities.

Also, sub-contracts will be awarded for other services needed.

Contact Stormie or Steve at DELSA (Delta Employment Learning Services Agency)

Phone: 895-3217 or 895-3216, Fax: 895-3218, eMail:  
Address: Milepost 269.1 Richardson Hwy on the west side of the road. Look for the pink barrels or the sign.

Steve Fields -- October 25, 2001




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