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October 2000


Mary Glazier will be our guest for three days of meetings Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 19 -21.  The meetings will be at 7 PM each evening.

Glazier is an ordained minister and Haida Indian and Founder and President of Windwalkers International (originally known as Intercessors of Alaska, Inc.).

 Windwalkers is a prayer network of over 3000 intercessors and prayer groups, all committed to intense prayer for renewal, revival and unity in the church

Mary has served Aglow International as Alaska State Prayer Coordinator, International and national Board member and National Prayer Coordinator. Currently she serves on Aglow's Prophetic Council, is on the board for Mission America and is State prayer coordinator for the United States Spiritual Warfare Network.

In 1994 Mary was invited twice to appear on a 700 Club Special where she shared on the role of intercession and the subsequent fresh outpouring of God in Alaska. In 1996 and 1998 she conducted a series on prayer and the Holy Spirit for Trinity Television in Canada. She continues to teach, pray, and minister in countries all around the World. Intercession is making a major difference in North America. 

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Mary Glazier share the wonderful way God is leading in the area of prayer…locally, nationally, internationally. For more information call Jo McBride at 895-4009.


Delta Christian Center -- October 16, 2000

Farthest North National Committeewoman

Webmaster's note:  Debbie Joslin wrote this little article for a Republican party newsletter.  When I saw the article, I thought it might have some interest for some in Delta, too.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Debbie Joslin, National Committeewoman for the state of Alaska. I live in Delta Junction, a small town about 100 miles from Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is the closest BIG town and boasts the "farthest North Denny's", the "farthest North miniature golf course", the "farthest North…" Well, you get the picture. As I was thinking on my proximity to these notable places recently it occurred to me that I am the "farthest North National Committeewoman". 

Debbie Joslin and Victoria, Emily and Matthew

You are probably wondering why I bring this up. I thought maybe those of you who live in the lower 48 might be interested in hearing what is going on with the Bush/Cheney campaign in Delta Junction, Alaska. Our little town of about 3,000 has not one, not two, but three 4 foot by 8 foot GEORGE W. BUSH for President signs in prominent places around our community. One of those signs just happens to be at the end of my street where it intersects with a busy (for us) road. My husband and my neighbor, Wilbur St. John, put that sign up in early August. Wilbur is retired Army and a true blue Republican. 

In the land of the midnight sun the nights are already getting longer. Our family was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago as we approached our street one evening to discover that Wilbur had placed a floodlight over 'our' BUSH sign. I am sure it must be the "farthest North illuminated 4 foot by 8 foot GEORGE W. BUSH sign". Not only is it getting dark earlier here, it is also snowing earlier here! On the evening of September 27 I drove home to discover the all day snow had completely covered our BUSH sign. I don't suppose too many of you are having this problem in September. As I stopped the car to brush away the snow my 7 year old, Matthew, asked if he could do it. As he cheerfully climbed out of the car to clean the sign he said, "I can't vote but at least I can do this". That's my boy! A real conservative!!

So, there you have it. A grassroots campaign - Alaska style!

Delta News Web -- October 15, 2000

F&W troopers
The Delta News Web caught this picture of retiring Fish & Wildlife Trooper Don Bunselmeier (r.) and incoming Delta F&WP trooper Rick Swanson recently on their way to a patrol south of Delta.  Bunselmeier is retiring at the end of October after more than 25 years of service to Alaska.  

Tranquil buff
Dave Davenport reaches to remove a tranquilizer dart from a wild Delta bison.  Steve DuBois took this picture last summer.  ADF&G Wildlife Conservation staffers Davenport and DuBois were placing radio transmitter collars on bison.  Note the bison in the background.

Michael Kingston snapped this picture of Northern Lights.  Don't try this with an Instamatic camera!

Fur models
Emily Walton (l.) and her sister Clara model some furs from Whitestone Farms.  Note the stylish red Alaska long-johns!  Photo courtesy Emily Walton.

Fireweed in front of the Alaska Range
Remember the warm days of high summer?  Steve DuBois captured this shot on one of those days.


Seats A, B and C were up for re-election this fall. Total ballots cast was 241, with 2 questioned, defective or absentee ballots. The Election will be certified by the Board at the next Regular Meeting, scheduled for October 12th at 7:00 PM at the Clearwater Fire Station. The results are not final until the board formally certifies the election.

The preliminary election results are as follows: Seat A: Ron Lester, Sr. - 195 votes; Al Chaffin - 2 votes; Seat B: Todd Zachgo - 195 votes; and nine people with one vote; Seat C: Robert Castoe - 145 votes; Pat Schlichting - 49 votes. 

Four seats for the Implementing Redevelopment Authority Advisory Committee were also up for consideration. The top vote getters for each seat will be presented by Deltana Community Corporation to the Advisory Committee and City Council for consideration as members. The preliminary results are as follows: Seat L: Donna Gardino - 174 votes; John Hite and Hawley Zachgo - 2 votes each; Seat N: Ray Patterson - 166 votes; Steve Fields - 2 votes; Seat O: Pat Schlichting - 6 votes; Al Chaffin, Bob Lee and Bill Johnson Jr. - 3 votes each; and Seat P: Pat Schlichting - 3 votes; Bill Lappart and Russ Bowdre - 2 votes each. 

Thank you for your participation. A big thanks also goes to the judges for Deltana Community Corporation: Nancy King, Darlo Walton, Bruce Swaim, Bill Johnson, Jr., Leanna Dube, Teresa Fredrickson, Judy Hicks, and William Pugh.

Deltana Community Corporation -- October 4, 2000

Christie DuBois fishing a little south of Delta
UAF student Christie DuBois with a NICE salmon caught near Shoup Glacier not far from Valdez.  Christie is the daughter of Steve and Kenna DuBois of Delta Junction.   Photo by Steve DuBois.

Glen Cotton
It's hard to find Glen Cotton, the butcher at IGA and pastor at Clearwater Baptist Mission NOT smiling.  When the Delta News Web caught him with a grin, the photo op was too much to pass up!  

Moose on a very slippery road
Here's a view of a moose you DON'T want to see when you crest a hill.  This moose was one of many apparently licking road salts south of Donnelly Dome. The road was pretty slippery in places.  Delta News Web photo.

Swans at Bolio Lake
Swans are among the last migrants to leave Alaska.  They are also the biggest, and it takes a long time for their cygnets (young) to mature.  Perhaps this is why they are so late.  Swans can sometimes be seen or heard overhead even in October.  These swans were resting in Bolio Lake in late September.  Michael Kingston photo.

Delta Lions
Sponsors George and Totsie Pursey pin new Lions Frank and Ronnie Shay at the Delta Lions Club Meeting Monday night, 09/25, at the Alaska Steakhouse. The Lions meet the fourth Monday of the month at the Steakhouse at 7:00 p.m. Photo by Justin McClintic.

This may mean that summer is over....
"Does this mean gardening season is over?" Kay Wardle asks, as she sweeps the snow off her Bronco. Photo by Nick Wardle back "up" -- Users Asked to Call In is operational again.  Owner Clint Knix has been working many hours to restore what was lost in Friday night's crash.

Knix told the Delta News Web that he would appreciate a call or FAX from all his subscribers.  He said he needs to re-enter subscriber information into the database that was lost when the system was maliciously destroyed.

He asked that users call or FAX him at 895-4999 and give him their username and password.  If this information is not available, a new usename and password can be entered; however, it is best to use the old username so e-mail can flow again to the old address.

Knix also said that the e-mail part of the system is still down.  He is obtaining new software that he hopes will allow him to restore mail lost in the crash.  He intends to have the mail part of the system going by the weekend.

Delta News Web -- September 21, 2000

Dellivering the antidote
Remember the picture about a week ago that showed Dave Davenport pulling the tranquilizer dart out of this Delta bison?  This shows ADF&G area wildlife biologist Steve DuBois administering the "antidote."  Usually chemically captured animals jump up and run off within just a few minutes of this.  Notice the radio transmitter collar barely visible around this cow's neck.  Dave Davenport photo.


Counting silvers on the Clearwater
Delta area sport fisheries biologist Fronty Parker took this picture of Fairbanks fisheries biologist Lisa Stuby counting silver salmon on the Delta Clearwater River in late October. Biologists estimated that over 11,000 Coho salmon are in the river and another 1,000 is the Clearwater Lake outlet. This is an average size run. 

Fall colors
Just a few weeks ago, it looked like this around here!  Delta News Web photo.

Fronty Parker took his family for a fishing trip a little south of Delta (like Valdez's Shoup Glacier) last summer.  Here is a picture of Fronty, Barb, Isaac and Caleb. Photo by Steve DuBois.

The Gulkana Glacier now flows into Phelan Creek on the Delta side of Isabel pass.  Years ago it flowed into Summit Lake and the Gulkana River.  It's face is very near the drainage boundary.  Delta News Web photo.  

Donnelly Flats caribou
Caribou forage on Donnelly Flats with the Granite Mountains in the background.  These caribou are now often seen near the Richardson Highway.  Delta News Web photo.

Delta Deep Freeze Classic Off and 
Running for the Winter

Have you ever noticed that Delta tends to be a bit chilly? Fairbanksans like to think that their part of Alaska is cold, but it is usually colder right here in Delta. And when winter temperatures are not in the heavy negative double digits, we've got wind that makes it FEEL cold.

Since we can't do much about the cold temperatures, we might as well enjoy them as best we can. 

One way to make light of the cold is to guess on the coldest moment of winter as recorded right in the center of Delta Junction. This little game, called the Delta Deep Freeze Classic, allows anyone to guess when the thermometer at the Delta Junction visitor center will bottom out for the winter. Linda Crawford of North Pole won several thousand dollars last winter with her best guess of when the lowest of the low temperatures would arrive.

Delta Deep Freeze winner

It's like the well-known Nenana Ice Classic. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual time wins the pot. The Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce sponsors the game, and uses up to half of the total proceeds for community projects. The "pot" is the remainder. It usually runs to several thousand dollars, but depends on how many people play. 

The Chamber has arranged for a computerized thermometer to be set up in the Visitor Center at the Triangle. Large readouts in the north-facing windows show the temperature at any given time. The computer registers the temperature every minute and records it in a file for later reference.

Because it can get pretty cold in late fall, tickets must be purchased by November 15. Tickets are just $2 each. You can purchase as many tickets as you think your better half will let you. There are several Deep Freeze Classic Ticket cans around town. Some of the locations include Interior Building Supply, Diehl's, The Buffalo, Granite View Sports and Gifts, Help Secretarial, Debbie's Wonderful Pull Tabs. You will find Deep Freeze Classic cans in several other locations around Delta and in Fairbanks.

In the past four years of the game, winning times and temperatures have been as follows: 

99/00 Jan. 12, 2000 6:30AM -50.1F 
98/99 Feb. 3, 1999 9:24PM -57.4F 
97/98 Jan. 4, 1998 6:12PM -51.6F 
96/97 Jan. 7, 1997 10:09AM -55.6F

You can find the official rules and additional information here.   

Delta News Web -- October 12, 2000

Wild Delta bison in deep fireweed
Dave Davenport shot this picture of a wild Delta bison this past summer.

Alaska Range from near Delta
Pam and Marlin Dunkelbarger snapped this Richardson Highway photo near Donnelly Dome on a rare sunny fall day this year.  

Deep Freeze Thermometer at Visitor Center

The Deep Freeze Classic is underway.  You can purchase tickets at many locations around Delta.

CPC Baby Shower brings many gifts

Last week about 40 ladies gathered in Delta Junction to hold a baby shower. The recipient was the Baby Isaiah Room at the Fairbanks Pregnancy Resource Center (Crisis Pregnancy Center). This room was named after our little boy who died at 32 days old June 11, 1999. 

The Baby Isaiah Room is where diapers, baby clothes, layettes and other baby items are disbursed to women in need who plan to give birth to their babies. Piles of homemade quilts, blankets and Afghans as well as sleepers, cute little baby outfits, diapers and wipes were given. 

One sweet lady, a Mary Kay representative named B.J., made up gifts of M.K. products for the women to "pamper" them and wrapped them in Pampers! There were even car seats, swings, high chairs and other BIG items given. Some ladies even wrote checks to help with the ministry needs of the P.R.C. 

Our family is so excited as we continue to see God use Isaiah's life to bless us and so many others. The ladies at P.R.C. told us it was the first time anyone had ever thrown them a shower. And boy, it was a BIG ONE!! Marie Sauer, from the P.R.C. shared about the ministry and the ladies partook of cake, punch and good fellowship.

Debbie Joslin -- October 2, 2000

An Alaska coyote
Michael Kingston snapped a picture of this alert coyote on Ft. Greely.  Coyotes are recent residents of Alaska.  The first records of their existence in the state are only about 100 years old.  They seem to like the Delta Junction area.

Alaskan Chocolate Quilitng Company's
New Web Site

Delta's Alaskan Chocolate Quilting Company has recently put a website on the World Wide Web.  Pictured below are owners and long-time Delta folks Dawn and Peggy.  

Take time and browse all the pages of their new web.  Play the Mystery Quilt Game.  Their shop is located downtown Delta Junction, just south of the triangle.  Driving  towards Ft. Greely, they are on the right hand side of the road.

Dawn and Peggy, owners of ACQC!

If you like to quilt, this site is one for you.  Many things to occupy your time.  If you are looking at a long winter and nothing to do, get involved with the quilting guild. .

Delta News Web -- September 26, 2000

Chickadee wall hanging

2nd Annual Friends of NRA Banquet
Tickets Available Now

Friends of NRA are hosting their second Delta Junction Banquet at Fort Greely's Diamond Willow Club at 7 PM on Saturday evening October 14, 2000.  A social hour begins an hour earlier (6 PM) at the same location.

Tickets for the banquet are $20.  Proceeds go to the National Rifle Association (NRA).  A portion of the funds are used for NRA projects in Alaska.   Dinner is prime rib or halibut (your choice).

The banquet hosts emphasize that it is not necessary to be an NRA member to attend.  There will be raffles, a live auction, a silent auction and door prizes.

For tickets or additional information call:

Ann Rasmussen     895-4482
Mike Bender           895-1062
Mike Sarver            895-4178
Al Avinger              895-4932

Delta News Web -- September 25, 2000

Michael Kingston shot this stunning sunset photo from Ft. Greely.  The Alaska Range is in the lower part of the image.

Submissions to Delta News Web lost

Nearly all material submitted to the Delta News Web since Friday evening September 15 has been lost in the crash of

If you submitted a picture, news story, classified ad or other material since Friday evening we never got it.

Please re-send and we will be happy to review it for possible publication.  Messages for the Delta News Web are now going to a different e-mail server.

David Johnson -- September 21, 2000



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