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October 2001

Six Caribou stare back at the camera as their picture is being taken.  This shot was taken in June around mile 230 on the Richardson Highway.  Photo by Glen Johnson.

beaded amulet bag by Viki
This beaded amulet bag was done by Viki Faber, owner of Wolfhill Studios.  Viki has been beading for 30 years and considers it to be her passion.  For more information about Viki's art work, click herePhoto by Delta News Web. 

Preston Miller dances around on Rainbow mountain early this summer.  Photo by Glen Johnson

Richard Mitchell and Bethany Williams wedding story

Richard Mitchell and Bethany Williams were married September 29, 2001 at Delta Christian Center in Delta Junction.  The happy couple are now living in North Pole.  

Bethany Williams and Richard Mitchell were married on September 29, 2001 at Delta Christian Center. The couple are now living in North Pole.  Photo courtesy of Marlin Dunklebarger.   

From left to right: Danielle Palmer, Evelyn Glass, Bethany Mitchell - bride, and Annie Reierson (sister of the bride) Matron of Honor.  Photo courtesy Marlin Dunklebarger.

Men in Black -- left to right: Leo Palmer, Richard Mitchell - groom, Dwight Phillips - best man, and Gene Reierson.  Photo courtesy of Marlin Dunklebarger.  

Pam Dunklebarger -- October 15, 2001

Shown above is the Alyeska Pipeline Terminal in Valdez, Alaska.  The photo was taken in May around midnight.  Photo by Glen Johnson.  

Topline Telecom in Delta

New CellularOne extended coverage reaches to the end of Jack Warren Rd, Clearwater campground and out to the Alaska Hwy, using a Nokia digital handheld phone and a external antenna! Good cellular service @ a great price! The Best prices on phones in the interior and FREE accessories!

Topline Telecom Authorized Agent for CellularOne, Introduces "BREEZE" Telephone service. Breeze gives you the Following for just $39.99 a month:
-Unlimited calling anytime-days, nights or weekends!
-All calls from your HOME ZONE to your area local code (907) are Toll- FREE!
-Features like Voice Mail, Caller ID, Phone E-mail, Message Waiting indicator and 3-Way Calling are all included at no additional charge!
-Long distance calling to the 48 States is just 10 cents per minute. 

Debra and Amanda from Topline Telecom will be at the future outlet for the Breeze service, Tanana Trading Post, Mile Post 275 on the Richardson Hwy. Just before the Pipeline Bridge On Oct. 13 & 14 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.
Please, come by. We will be signing people up or ask for more information. Call Topline Telecom at 452-3222 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or check-out our web-site @ Topline Telecom will be donating $5.00 to N.Y.C. Relief Fund for every activation. 

Debra Jorgensen -- October 10, 2001

Shown above is Jesse Lee Addison, son of Amy Gappa and Lee Addison, both formerly of Delta Junction.  Jesse is two and a half years old and lives with his mother in Valdez.  Photo by Katie Johnson

Three Dall Sheep take flight as they are spooked by climbers.  The sheep were spotted near the Rainbow Mountain area by Glen Johnson and Preston Miller.  Photo by Glen Johnson.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game employee Ron Riesgaard watches a herd of bison in the background while he and Steve DuBois conducted bison sex and age composition counts to determine the numbers of bulls, cows, and calves in the herd.
Photo courtesy of Steve Dubois.

New Stories by Judy Ferguson

Here are Judy Ferguson's stories of Delta on the web.

October, 2001 

Recent attendees of the October MSHA Surface/Teck-Pogo Orientation.
Class include: Standing left to right, Matthew Maurer, Instructor Pat Sheppard, Ken Reed, Patricia LaDuke, Clifford Dunkle, James Markham, Rebecca Wells, Rosemarie Clark, and Stephen Fields. Sitting left to right Ann Rasmussen and Song North. This class is offered monthly at the Delta Mine Training Center. Photo courtesy of Stephen Fields.

Former interim pastor Marlin Starnes (right) congratulates Dave Becker (middle) the new pastor at First Baptist Church. Marlin Starnes is a former pastor (retired) of First Baptist, and has been interim pastor for nearly a year and a half. Dave Becker was ordained as a Southern Baptist preacher on Sunday Oct 1, his son Joseph is standing next to him, and Jackie his wife works in the Legislative Information office. The church is encouraged and blessed to have the Becker's. Also in the picture on the left is Mike
Pelto, he was ordained Deacon at the same time. Marlin and Neva Starnes leave Delta for the lower 48 in October and will be greatly missed.
Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Travis DuBois skateboards the Denali!
Travis DuBois gets in some skateboarding along the Denali highway while he and his father, Steve DuBois, watched caribou from the Nelchina herd migrating east.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois. 

Local photographer Michael J. Kingston took this breathtaking picture from atop Tanana Bluff.  



Delta Wind Schedule

Delta Wind is now planning a paper Tuesday, October 30. (We're still working around doctor appointments, etc.)  

All ads, articles and letters must be in by 12 noon Wednesday, Oct. 24.  Classified ads will be accepted until 12 noon on Friday, Oct. 26. A paper is also scheduled for Nov. 8. 

Thank you for your patience!

Delta Wind Staff -- October 22, 2001

Linda Johnson and an Egyptian sphinx
Linda Johnson is sitting on a Sphinx opposite the base of "Cleopatra's Needle," a gift from Egypt to England, located in London. The river in the background is the Thames. The "needle" -- a large stone obelisk -- was shipped to England in the 19th century in a huge steel tube and made it to the Bay of Biscay where it sank in a storm. It was salvaged later at the cost of six lives.  To see more of David and Linda's scrapbook click herePhoto by David Johnson. 

Judy Dewar clowing around in front of Delta high school
Judy Dewar decked out as a clown in front of Delta High/Elementary School.  Judy was working with the elementary classes on letter association.  The letter was "C" and it looks like she had the perfect costume!  Photo courtesy of Dwight Phillips.

The Delta News Web Forum is up again

The Delta News Web Forum is up and running again.  In late September we noticed that the forum had disappeared.  So, thanks to our technical support, Glen Johnson, it is back just in time for the snow!  You can access the forum at the address below:

Thank you for your patience during the down time.  

Webmaster -- October 15, 2001

This photo, taken Wed, Oct 17, is of a group of Delta hockey players that have been traveling to Fairbanks 2 days per week to play in a Fairbanks league all fall. The players include left to right Justin Smith, Laura Stewart, Waylon Hannan, Jared Creviston, Ivan Hebert, Brian Geise, Eli Grossman, Cale Wingfield, Ryan Walker, Ben Blais, Doug Orono, Travis DuBois, and Alex Marchuk. All except Grossman will be trying out for the Delta High School Hockey Team next week, while Grossman will be playing on the Delta Youth Hockey Association's Bantam team.  Photo courtesy of Steve Dubois.

The moon rises above the snow sprinkled Mt. Moffitt.  Photo courtesy of Michael Kingston. 

Local photographer Michael J. Kingston snapped this shot of a strange cloud formation in Delta.  

Snow on the hay bales off Nistler road brought an end to the beautiful Indian summer in the Interior.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Angela Phillips and her Coho
Angela Phillips, daughter of Dwight and Julie, proudly holds a beautiful Coho she caught while on the Clearwater River.  Photo courtesy Dwight Phillips.

Delta Wind publication schedule

The scheduled October 11 issue of the Delta Wind newspaper has been canceled due to medical problems. The next scheduled issue is for November 8. If we find we can produce one before then, maybe the latter part of October, we will try to let everyone know. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Loretta & Delta Wind Staff -- October 9, 2001


Deltana Community Corporation election results

There were 133 votes to count last evening and the results are:

-Seat D was write-in only, it is not known at present whether the individual receiving the high vote has accepted.

-Seat F won by incumbent Patrick Schlichting with 122 votes.

-Seat G won by incumbent Patricia Balzarini with 91 votes

-Seat H won by Tonia Smith with 101 votes

-Seat I won by incumbent Paul Knopp with 118 votes

Eileen Herman, Administrator DCC -- October 4, 2001

Pennies for Protectors

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." James Barrie

Delta Elementary School and Delta J/S High students must surely have a lot of sunshine in their lives for the generosity you have shown to the families of the policemen, firemen, EMT's and custodians who lost their lives at the World Trade Center. 
Together you raised $4,294 to be sent to New York City in your name. Thank you Math Counts members for your generous donation from Tuesday night's concession stand. You pushed us over the $4,000 mark. 
Thank you all of Delta Junction community for supporting the students endeavor.  THANK YOU ALL! 

Sandra Hill -- Delta Elementary Principal -- Oct 5, 2001

This loon was created by local artist Viki Faber on a scroll saw out of a birch burl. It is a beautiful piece that comes with or without a clock.  For more information on this piece or to look at more of Viki's work click here.  Photo courtesy of Wolfhill Studios.

Dave Davenport of Fish & Game helps a moose
Dave Davenport of the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game untangles a bull moose from the communication wire that got tangled around his antlers, legs and nose.  Shortly thereafter, the bull was on his way.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Deltana VFD Boot Drive

Deltana & Delta Fire Departments has had the opportunity to collect donations for the International Association of Fire Fighters. They have a dedicated account set-up for the New York City firefighters killed in the line-of-duty when the World Trade Center collapsed on them on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.
As of Wednesday, September 26, 2001 we have collected over $2400.00.

We wish to thank the following for their help with our Boot Drive: Ed & Gayle Larson and IGA, Troxell Hebert and NAPA, Debbie Diviney and Debbie's Pull Tabs, Neil & Joanne Heitman and Diehl's, Gloria Hendricks and Hendricks Auto Parts, Rick Johnson and the Buffalo Diner, Roy & Nanci Kennedy and Video Unlimited, Wanda & Ron Stewart and Granite View Sports, Doug & Jackie Fett and IBS, Roy Gilbertson and DBS, Debbie Heral and Help Secretarial, Alaska Farmer's Co-op, George Sandlin and Alaskan Steakhouse, the Adams and Jack's Liquors, Susie Kemp & Sam Kelly and Delta Texaco, Cathy Martin and the Cherokee, the Buffalo Lodge, and Vera Marchuk and Pizza Bella.

Thanks also goes out to Sam & Vel Wager, Ken Fair, Ernie & Nancy Wyrick for the hours of standing and running around collecting donations.

Last but not least, we wish to thank the citizens in the Delta area for their very generous and willing support. Rest assured, 100% of their donations will be used for these fallen heroes.

Mark 10:45 "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many."

Steve Fields #718
Equipment Officer
Deltana VFD -- September 27, 2001

The beautiful fall colors surrounding Donnelly Dome.
The beautiful fall colors surround Donnelly Dome.  The interior has had a wonderful Indian summer.  Photo courtesy of Michael J. Kingston.

This shot, taken over the Delta Agricultural Project, is of a group of swans heading southbound.  Swans are usually one of the last migratory birds to leave the area.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.    




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