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September 1999

Moose Hunting: Part of An Annual Tradition of Hunting and Gathering for Many Delta Folks
Photos by Mike Rawalt

Hauling meat
Hauling meat and antlers back to camp.  


Successful moose hunt
Here's Chris Rawalt with a WHOLE lot of excellent quality winter meat.  This moose was taken in an "any bull" area.  


Chris Rawalt on a four wheeler
Moose hunting is not ALL hard work.  Sometimes you just need to rest for a minute.  

Monk's Hood.  Photo by Harold Theisen.

Gulls are summertime residents of the Delta Junction area
While most gulls seem to prefer living along the Alaska coast, they are also found far inland.  Delta has a small migratory population that leave when the weather turns cold.  Photo by David Johnson.

Alaskans Say NO!!! To PFD Tap

Alaskans resoundingly said NO WAY to the "balanced budget plan" in which Permanent Fund dividends would have been reduced to help pay the costs of Alaska state government.  More than 8 of 10 voters (83%) voted NO.

Statewide 36% of eligible voters came to the polls.  The turnout was a little higher in the Delta area: 37% in the Big Delta precinct and 40% in the Delta Junction precinct.  

Big Delta voters cast 119 yes votes (14%) and 696 no votes (84%).  In the city precinct, there were proportionally more yes votes: 47 (18%) and fewer no votes 210 (81%).

The issue isn't really settled however, legislators and the governor say.  As oil revenues continue to decline, State government will increasingly need additional funds, either through taxes or from Permanent Fund earnings.

David Johnson -- September 15, 1999

This picture is mostly of boy Scouts from Troop 56 hiking McCallum Creek this summer. From Left to Right on top is Caleb Parker, Paul Bealer, Curtis Fellman, Jennifer Bealer (giving the scouts a lesson on hiking), Uriah Fellman, Mike Coulter, and on the bottom is Jon Johnson a scout from Oregon visiting the Fellman's. This group collected fossils on Rainbow Mountain as part of the Geology Merit badge they are working on.  Photo courtesy Fronty Parker. 

Delta Wind Publication Schedule

The Delta Wind reports that it expects to publish on the following schedule: 

September 23
September 30
October 7
October 28
November 11

September 14, 1999

Evening sky by Clint Knix
Fall sunset photo by Clint Knix.

Critical Vote on Alaska Permanent Fund Tuesday, September 14

Registered Alaska voters can go to the polls Tuesday, September 14 to advise legislators whether to pursue a plan to tap a portion of permanent fund earnings to help fund the costs of state government. 

Proponents say the Permanent Fund was originally devised to help fund state government as a sort of "rainy day" fund, and that day has arrived.  

Opponents counter that legislators have not worked hard enough to reduce swelling government expenses, and that the current proposal is almost a blank check to raid the earnings of the fund.

The state of Alaska website has official ballot language.

David Johnson -- September 13, 1999

Stone sheep along the Alaska Highway
Wild stone sheep (cousins to Alaska's Dall sheep) are easy to see at some places along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon.  This pair was right on the road, almost oblivious to travelers.  Photo by David Johnson.

Free Internet Classes

The first Monday of every month, offers free Internet classes. Do you know anyone who is scared of the World Wide Web, but would like to understand it? Give them a call and invite them to our free introduction to the Internet!  Our next class will be September 6, 1999 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

6:00pm - Introduction to the Internet For people who are not familiar with the web, or are unsure of how to navigate it, how to get on, what to expect.

6:45pm (approximately) - Understanding the bugaboos of e-mail What e-mail is, how it works, how to set it up (Outlook Express, Netscape Mail) how to use's web-based e-mail to collect your mail from anyplace from around the world, how our autoresponder and other useful features work, how to use them most successfully, how to set up News service.

7:30pm (approximately) - HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and Web-design. We’ll answer questions on HTML, how to upload a website, how to design a web page and show you how easy it is to have a website. We'll even help your make your web page. No one who comes to class, leaves without a web-page unless they want to.

Classes are at the Jarvis Office Center, suite 111. To reserve your space at the table, call (907) 895-4999. Space is limited.

Clint Knix -- September 4, 1999 

Alaska welcome sign at the Canadian Border
Alaska highway travelers see this new sign at the Alaska-Yukon border.  Photo by David Johnson.

Enroute to the Deltana Fair
Lee and Linda Spears headed for the 1999 Deltana Fair at a more relaxed pace than most of the rest of us.  Photo by David Johnson.

Support the Need for Paving Tanana Loop Extension!

Deltana Community Corporation needs your assistance in re-nominating the Tanana Loop Road Improvements Project. DOT recently released the Transportation Needs and Priorities for Alaska Needs List including the Pre-Draft 2001-2003 STIP for Public Review. The design phase for the Tanana Loop Road Improvements is currently listed as 2004 with construction in 2005. Does this seem too far off in the future? If so, now is the time to act.

Letters of support for the project are requested from individuals and organizations alike. The letters and resolutions have had a positive impact on the project's score. All those who wrote letters in the past should do so again as well, since this will demonstrate continued support for the project. We would like to submit the project for consideration to bring its score up and further improve the project's chance of construction. Please forward all letters, comments and suggestions to P.O. Box 930, Delta Junction, AK by September 16th or fax them to 895-5190. We will gather all comments and forward them with our nomination package. Letters to Gov. Knowles, Sen. Lincoln, Rep. Harris, Ralph Swarthout (Northern Region Director of Maintenance and Operations, Tom Brigham, Director of Statewide Planning and Jerry Rafson, Senior Transportation Planner, will also be very beneficial.  

September 2, 1999

Windy Ridge Sunset
Derek Mills shot this August sunset from Windy Ridge Road south of Delta.  Sunsets are longer in northern latitudes because of the angle of the sun's path to the horizon.

Caleb Parker scanning for sheep
Caleb Parker scans carefully for Dall sheep during an August, 1999 hunt with his dad, Fronty.


All that oil going underneath Delta Junction goes right here.  The marine terminal is across Valdez Arm from the city proper.  Photo by David Johnson.

The Alaska Highway travels along the northern edge of the Rocky Mountains.  Most of the highway manages to miss mountainsides, but not all of it, as this British Columbia picture shows.  Photo by David Johnson.

Summer fireweed.  Photo courtesy of Tana Wood.

Toni Beito Wins State Fair Competition

Local 13 year old vocalist, Toni Rae Beito, recently won the Alaska State Fair Talent Competition.

Toni Rae entered the competition in the 11-14 year old age division and came home a winner. She won a trophy, $100 and 5 hours of recording time in an Anchorage recording studio.

Toni Rae is currently in the 8th grade at Ft. Greely School and is the daughter of Howard and Michelle Beito of Delta Junction.

September 11, 1999

Sign forest at Watson Lake
Watson Lake, an Alaska Highway neighbor, has the largest "sign forest" in the world.  Well, actually, it may be the ONLY sign forest in the world.  Photo by David Johnson.

New Pool Hours at Ft Greely

The swimming pool will be changing to winter hours on 8 Sep 99. The hours of open swim are as follows:

Tuesday - Friday 
11:30 am - 1:45 pm and 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

11:00 am - 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Sunday, Monday & Holidays

For more information please call 873-POOL (7665)

Derek Mills -- September 6, 1999

Deltana Community Corporation Elections October 5th 

Deltana Community Corporation's annual election is Tuesday, October 5th. Please be sure to come out to vote. Deltana Community Corporation Board Seats D, E and F are up for re-election. The following people have officially declared their candidacy: Seat D: Diana "Kassie" Farrar, and Hawley Edward Zachgo; Seat E: Carlene W. Smith and Russell Bowdre; Seat F: Stephen L. Fields.

Two seats representing the community on the ILRA Advisory Committee are also up for re-election. They are Seat K and M. Seat K is Open and Bill Johnson Jr. has declared his candidacy for Seat M. DCC will present those elected to the Advisory Committee for consideration as members. The Advisory Committee can approve or disapprove the nominations. If approved, the Advisory Committee would forward them to the City Council for confirmation. Please take this opportunity to affect positive change as the complexity of the issues before the community increases. VOTE!


Donna Gardino -- September 6, 1999

Fort St. John, BC near the beginning of the Alaska Highway
Fort St. John is an energetic small community in B.C. near the beginning of the Alaska Highway.  Photo by David Johnson.

Delta Junction welcome sign on the Alaska Highway
Delta welcome sign in August, 1999.  Photo by David Johnson.

Alaska Ablaze! camp meeting at Gakona
Here's a scene from the Alaska Ablaze! camp meeting at Gakona.  Churches from all over the Alaska road system gathered here in July.  Photo courtesy Pam Dunklebarger.

Boating on the Clearwater River
Linda Johnson enjoying a July boat trip on the Clearwater River.  Photo by David Johnson.

Multi-Church Prayer For Unity

I would like to thank Pastor Roy Mooneyham for initializing the meeting held Sat., 8/28 at
City Hall to pray for unity in our town. This is something many of us have been praying for,
for a long time.  Jo McBride read Proverbs 11:10&11,  which was the perfect scripture for the occasion.  There were about 35 people in attendance from several congregations,  which
I believe is just the beginning of a real move toward breaking down barriers that must come down if we are to heal the rifts in our town. 

I feel that this is the fruit of Isaiah's ministry. 
He may have only been with us a short while, but the work that began around him was very powerful and will continue to grow, Praise God.  Hopefully this will result in a growing closeness between Christians all over this community.  After all, we all worship the same Lord Jesus, and He commanded us to love one another, so let's get started loving and praying this town into healing.   God Bless one and all.

Viki Faber -- 31 Aug, 1999

Trans Alaska Pipeline
Here's a summer view of the Trans Alaska Pipeline just south of Donnelly Dome on the Richardson Highway.  Photo courtesy of Tom Theisen.

The Delta Bison Herd
The Delta Bison Herd summers along the Delta River and winters southeast of Delta on the Agricultural Project and Delta Junction Bison Range.  Photo by Steve DuBois.

Lyle Hutto and his caribou trophy
An excited Lyle Hutto (age 10 at the time) shows off his caribou trophy taken from the McComb Plateau.  

Mountain Moose

Bull moose eat well in the summer and laying down fat for the
strenuous weeks of rut and deep cold that lies ahead in
wintertime.  Photo by Steve DuBois

A Little Reminder

Summer is winding down quickly.  It's 45
degrees this morning.  Enjoy what is left of summer.  You still have time to get out and go boating, camping, fishing,  finish up the gardening,  do those last minute repairs on the house, and mow the lawns one last time.  Jack Frost is coming real soon.

Have you noticed the early morning dew and
the fog?  In some areas the leaves and bushes are starting to turn yellow.  Fall is in the air.  To
think next week will start moose season in our area.  The geese are flying again, a sure sign of fall.

We are looking for any articles that you would
like to share with the community.  Whether it
be a hunting story, a story of someone's life, activities happening at the school, community events.  We want things that are of an interest
to you.  We know there are writers in our community and we would love to hear from you.

Pam Dunklebarger  -- August 26, 1999

Fall caribou

Caribou photo by Brian Eaton.

Denali Lutheran Preschool Classes

Denali Lutheran Preschool is preparing to begin it's 7th year of classes.  We are accepting enrollments for our 3-day Christian preschool for children ages 3-5. Classes are held Mon., Weds. and Thurs., from 9-noon at the First Baptist Church In Delta Junction. There are some
spaces available still. To enroll your preschooler call Dawn Grossmann at 895-1910.

Dawn Grossmann -- August 30, 1999




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