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September 2000

Paul Doreshenko
IGA bagger Paul Doroshenko had a grin for the Delta News Web camera on a recent busy Saturday afternoon.

Friends of NRA banquet organizer Mike Sarver and Don Bunselmeier
Mike Sarver makes a point about the upcoming Friends of NRA Banquet to Don Bunselmeier recently in the IGA foyer.  Delta News Web photo.

Moose love lakes in the summer and fall.  Aquatic vegetation growing in the lakes is a favorite --and high quality -- moose food.  Photo by Steve DuBois

Kelly's Alaska Country Inn on the Web

Kelly's Motel -- now Kelly's Alaska Country Inn -- long an Alaska Highway/Richardson Highway landmark is now on the "Information Superhighway."

One feature of the website that will interest visitors and local residents alike is Judy Ferguson's "Romancing the North," a story about Sam and Chaddie Kelly, the Alaska pioneers who established the inn.

One of Kelly's family rooms, this one with a kitchenette

Susie Kemp -- one of the Kelly "kids" has long been an effective community supporter, and insisted on having an extensive Delta section with links to other Delta Junction websites.

A long way from its humble early beginnings, the Inn is managed today by Chaddie with help from her children, Susie, Yvonne and Sam.

Sam Kelly
Delta pioneer Sam Kelly built Kelly's Motel in the early 1960's.  Today, Kelly's Alaska Country Inn is a modern Alaska Highway/Richardson Highway lodging establishment with a long history of serving Alaskans and visitors.   This and other pictures can be seen on the new Kelly's Website at 

Northwest Web Craft -- September 11, 2000


SANTA CRUZ, CA -- Ocean Group formally launched today a unique way for consumers to find fresh, locally-grown foods in neighborhoods throughout the US.

Hungry web-surfers can now log on to find fresh produce sold directly by farmers. This web-based resource was developed to provide a comprehensive, one-stop real-time directory of the increasing number of farmers selling through Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, U-Pick Farms and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. meets increasing consumer demand for fresh food. The average "fresh" produce in a grocery store is 7-14 days old and has traveled approximately 1,400 miles to get there. Increasing public concern about the environmental impact of long-haul transportation and consumer desire for a healthy lifestyle point to an increasing dissatisfaction with the current food delivery system. Many have started to change their shopping habits by supporting farmers' markets and CSAs. 

"Through, consumers find ways to make personal connections with farmers, enjoy 'fresh from the vine' foods, and support the local economy," stated Erin Barnett, Project Coordinator for Local Harvest. 

In the past decade, America has experienced a rapid growth in the number of farmers markets and CSAs, although there has not been an easy way for interested individuals to find them. According to Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, the USDA tracks over 2,500 farmers' markets across the country. "The growth in the number of farmers' markets illustrates the importance of the bridge between farmers and consumers." utilizes a sophisticated mapping service - an Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) -specially customized to allow customers to "point and click" anywhere in the United States and get an interactive picture of where direct marketing farms are located.

by Michael Straus provided by Phil Kaspari -- September 6, 2000


From the Cooperative Extension Service
Exerts from "The Potting Bench"


Termination dust becomes a reality and pending summer projects become next year's plans. Each year has some unique growing conditions and 2000 is no exception. These conditions have a direct influence on plant growth and additionally influence plant pests which have a direct impact on the plant's growth and production.

Many gardeners like to try new garden vegetable varieties each year. If you try your hand at this variety testing be sure to remember that a single season's trial can be a hit-or-miss situation. Many external forces are acting on a plant during its growth and they differ from year to year. It becomes difficult to determine which factor has the greatest impact on success or failure of a particular variety.

Keeping records of growing conditions, fertility management and other factors from year to year will give you information on which to make valid variety comparisons over extended periods; at least on a local level.


If you had root maggots infesting your crops this season what have you done to prevent their return next year? A crop that has extensive damage should not be left in the soil through the winter. Even if there is no salvageable part, pull them and get them out of the garden. If you don't the larvae emerge from the root to pupate and return next spring. You can break their life cycle before its too late. 

The same procedure should be used for cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Remove the root system when harvest is complete to eliminate any maggots in the roots.

Remove all crop residues from garden plots. Putting it into the compost pile can recycle many residues. Removing it also helps to prevent disease or insect pest from overwintering. Diseased or insect infested plants should not be added to the compost pile since the disease organism or pest may be returned to the garden.


When your garden has come to its logical end this fall, it is time to begin preparing for next spring's activities. One of the important things you can accomplish prior to freeze up is soil testing. You will be much better prepared for next season if you know what the lime and fertilizer requirements will be.

If your garden needs lime it can be added this fall. It will then react with the soil and provide benefits much quicker than if it were applied in the spring. Knowing what kind of fertilizer and the quantity required can also be a distinct advantage. You may be able to save some money on fall sales but if not you will definitely save time by not waiting for the results of soil tests while your garden is growing next spring.

Check with the Extension office located in Room 115 of the Jarvis Office Center or call 895-4215 for information.

Cooperative Extension Service -- August 28, 2000



Remember to vote in November!
Local Republican party stalwarts spent part of a recent Saturday reminding Delta folks to be registered to vote in the upcoming November elections.  Jo McBride, Bruce Grossman, and Fran Hallgren talk with Ron Magee.  Delta News Web photo

Fronty Parker and NICE silver salmon from Valdez.
The silver salmon fishing has been great in Valdez this year. Fronty Parker says the fish in this picture is the biggest he has ever caught in Valdez.  It weighs nearly 16 lbs, yet this is a lightweight model in comparison to the 17-20 pound silver that were turned into the salmon derby on a regular basis.  Photo by Steve DuBois.

Community Baby Shower to Benefit 
Crisis Pregnancy Center

On Tuesday, September 26 at 7 PM all the ladies in the community are invited to a baby shower held at the First Baptist Church to benefit the Baby 
Isaiah Room at the Fairbanks Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). 

One way CPC ministers to those in need is by providing baby clothing and other baby gifts to women in need. These baby items are distributed from the Baby Isaiah Room. The Baby Isaiah Room is named after Baby Isaiah Joslin, son of Steve and Debbie Joslin of Delta Junction. Isaiah went to be with the LORD on June 11, 1999, at just 32 days old. This shower, held in memory of little Isaiah, is our way of reaching out to help other little babies in need and show them and their mommies the love of Christ. We hope you will join us for an evening of fun and fellowship as we enjoy showering the Crisis Pregnancy Center with baby gifts. 

CPC Director, Carol Henry, will be our special guest as she shares what CPC is and the different ways CPC helps women and girls in crisis pregnancies. Cake and punch will be served. Gifts need not be wrapped. Please call Neva Starnes at 895-2019 or 895-4490 or Debbie Joslin at 895- 4565 with any questions.

Everyone is invited! We hope to see you there.

Debbie Joslin -- September 14, 2000

Emily and "Sugar"

Emily Joslin and her friend Sugar De Tugar.  Sugar is a large toy poodle.  Photo by David Johnson.

Here's a colorful mailbox down the Alaska Highway a ways...
Alaska Highway mailbox.  Photo by Michael Kingston.

New Topographic Map WebSite

I recently found out about a helpful new site that provides topographic coverage of the entire US. The website is even searchable on place names.   The website is called and is at 

Maps are available at several scales and should be helpful for anyone interested in the outdoors or other uses of maps.

Richard Mitchell reports that latitude and longitude information shows in the status bar at the bottom of at least Netscape browsers.

David Johnson -- September 11, 2000

The bright days of summer and flowering Alaska wild roses are gone for another year.  These roses produce "rose hips" which can be made into a tasty jelly.  Photo by David Johnson.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are especially common during the weeks around the autumnal and vernal equinoxes.  Michael Kingston snapped this one.

Prolific local photographer Michael Kingston snapped this picture of the stunning colors of fall recently at Bolio Lake.  

Crossroads Family Dentistry
Debuts On-Line Presence

Dr. Oliver and a young patient at the Crossroads Family Dentistry clinic
Dr. Oliver and a young patient smiled for the camera recently during development of Delta's Crossroads Family Dentistry website.  Photo courtesy of Northwest Web Craft.

Delta's family dental practice, Crossroads Family Dentistry is now on the web with it's own website.  Husband and wife dentists Bradley Oliver and Lisa Friberg developed the website so people in Delta and surrounding communities could find information on the `net about their local dental clinic.

Crossroads' in-office crown milling workstationOne of the benefits the clinic offers is same-appointment fitting of most crowns.  The CAD/CAM machine shown at left is capable of providing a state-of-the-art porcelain crown during a normal appointment for this procedure.  A wait of several weeks was needed before this machine became available.


The address for the new website is 

David Johnson -- NWWC -- September 1, 2000

Mountain reflections at Bolio Lake
Photographer Michael Kingston snapped these snowy mountain reflections at Bolio Lake recently. 


A new computer worm has appeared.  This one is particularly dangerous in that it is only necessary to read the message.  If you are using Outlook Express 5.0, your system is vulnerable.

The worm triggers on the first of any month at 5 PM.  It shuts down windows and modifies registry keys.

My anti-virus software has intercepted this worm on three separate occasions in the past 10 days.

Here is information about the worm from Symantec's Anti-Virus Research Center

VBS.KakWorm spreads using Microsoft Outlook Express. It attaches itself to all outgoing messages via the Signature feature of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer newsgroup reader.

The worm utilizes a known Microsoft Outlook Express security hole so that a viral file is created on the system without having to run any attachment. Simply reading the received email message will cause the virus to be placed on the system.

David Johnson -- August 28, 2000




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