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September 2001

Red, white and blue flagging has appeared on all the light posts around Delta since the tragedy on September 11th as a sign of support for our country.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Summit Web Cam photo
The Summit Web Cam is back on line after being unavailable for weeks due to technical problems. The webcam is located at Waters Edge Cabins at the south end of Summit Lake and looks north at the Alaska Range and the lake itself. The web cam takes a new picture at least once daily and provides a good view of weather conditions at Isabel Pass and the Summit Lake area. The web cam is sponsored by Buffalo Center Diner, Polaris Junction and Water's Edge Cabins. Summit Connection live photo.

Local artist Viki Faber beaded this winter wolf scene entirely by hand.  Doing beadwork and creating other incredible art is Viki's passion.  For more info and pictures click here.  Photo by Delta News Web. 

Grandpa Fred and Reuben Jr.
Shown above is Fred John and his nine month old grandson Reuben John Jr.  Reuben is the son of Julie Stephens and Reuben John both formerly of Delta Junction.  Photo by Delta News Web. 

From left to right: Joel Brennan, Jeremiah Mayhem, Aaron Apling, Kris Alfonsi and Johnny Rogers.  These emergency firefighters work to erect a new water tower at Delta Area Forestry.  Photo by Katie Johnson. 

New Baby!!

Former Ft. Greely resident, Jason Killough and Crystal Salinas, of San Marcos, Texas welcomed Noah Avery on July 10, 2001, although he wasn't due until the first of August. Noah weighed in at a healthy 6 lbs. 10 oz., has dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Jason and Crystal will remain in San Marcos to complete their education at the local university. If you would like to contact Jason, Crystal and Noah, they can be reached at

 Jessica Killough -- September 10, 2001

Local resident Debbie Diviney and three happy kids proudly ride her four wheeler in the annual Delta Fair Parade this past July.  Photo by Delta News Web. 

Arto Laakso of New York atop Donnelly Dome this past August.  Arto proclaims his love for Alaska and says that next time he visits, he's here to stay.  Picture courtesy of Arto Laakso.  

View of the Alaska Range from atop Rainbow Mountain
Glen Johnson and Preston Miller (shown down the hill) enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alaska Range while atop Rainbow Mountain.  Photo courtesy of Glen Johnson.

Shown above is a unique log home built by Ferguson Handcrafted Log Homes.  Clint Ferguson is the son of Reb and Judy Ferguson.  He is currently working in Georgia.  Photo property of Ferguson Handcrafted Log Homes.



Golden Eagle Outfitters pilot Jim Cummings soars around Spur Glacier in the Alaska Range while doing Dall Sheep work with the Department of Fish and Game.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.

Delta Elementary students help with donations

Delta Elementary students will be collecting pennies and other loose change to send to the families of the firefighters, police, EMS and other city officers involved in the New York City rescue efforts. Classes will be collecting change Monday September 17th through Friday September 28th. Let's do our part to show support for these brave Americans!

Cheryl Green -- September 19, 2001

New Cell Service

Topline Telecom, Cellular One's new authorized agent now offers improved coverage with two new cell sites and the most value for your money. Our local 1000 min. plan for only $29.99 a month includes free paging, voice mail and phone email. With "No limits on Minutes," it's a "Breeze" in Tok and Delta for $39.99. In addition to our special offers, a $5.00 donation with every activation will be given to aid the people in New York City. For more information, call Topline Telecom at 452-3222 or apply on line @ 

Debra Jorgensen -- September 19, 2001

Fronty and Caleb Parker with Caribu
Fronty and Caleb Parker stand with caribou they recently took along the Denali Highway.  Photo courtesy of Steve DuBois.  

David Johnson at a park in Norway
David Johnson, formerly of Delta Junction, stands in front of a two tier fountain at Vieglands Park in Oslo, Norway.  To see more pictures click herePhoto courtesy of David & Linda Johnson.  

A view of the Alaska Range on a clear day in the interior.  Taken from atop Rainbow Mountain by Glen Johnson.

Boy Scout Meetings resumed

BE PREPARED. Boy scout troop 56 will resume regular meetings on Tuesday October 2, 7PM after two month break for the summer. Meeting location is the Scout House across from Northland Auto on the Alaska Hwy. One of the scouting events this summer was attending a jamboree to Seward Alaska, this troop likes to do camping! Any boys age 11 or older are welcomed to visit scout meetings to see if this is something they want to do. For more information contact the scoutmaster at 985-1032.

Fronty Parker -- September 12, 2001

Caleb Parker and Joe Nistler with picnic tables built by Parker
At Pioneers Park, Boy Scout Caleb Parker talks with Joe Nistler about the completion of four picnic tables Caleb made for the Pioneers of Alaska. This project is Caleb's service project requirement for Eagle Scout rank, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. The tables are in the storage area of the pavilion, if groups want to use the pavilion and the tables they should contact Pioneers of Alaska and make reservations. In the past year three young men including Caleb have completed service projects, the pavilion next to city hall (Paul Bealer) and the meditation area behind First Baptist Church (Matt Sharp). Only Matt Sharp so far has received eagle rank. If there are boy's age 11 and older interested in Boy Scouts contact local Troop 56 (895-1032).  Photo courtesy of Fronty Parker.

Delta News Web gets a new web server

The Delta News Web will be offline until Wednesday, September 12th.  Please feel free to continue sending classified ads, pictures and other submissions as the web will be up and running as usual on Wednesday.  

Thank you for your patience while we conduct this necessary website maintenance. 

Webmaster -- Delta News Web 

Brand new arrival Priscilla Joslin
Steve and Debbie Joslin welcome their new baby girl, Priscilla, into the world.  Photo courtesy of the Joslin family.

Share Your Delta Area Pictures

We're always on the lookout for good pictures from the Delta area to share with you on the Delta News Web.  Many folks continually support the Delta News Web with pictures.  Thanks again to Michael Kingston, Nick and Kay Wardle, Brian Eaton, Fronty Parker and many others for contributing.

If you have images that you would be willing to share with the people in Delta, you can get it to us via e-mail or through the PO.  We prefer computer images, but we can quickly scan photographic prints and send them right back to you! 

Please see our photo submission page for more information on how to send images our way. 

Delta News Web -- Fall 2001

Horseback riding at Bald Eagle Ranch
A rider enjoys a sunny summer day while riding at Bald Eagle Ranch B&B.  Photo courtesy of Bald Eagle Ranch.




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