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Eli at the Summit of the Chilkoot Trail. Photo  Courtesy Steve Joslin

Jesse Cummings
Delta resident Jesse Cummings proudly displays a chum salmon he "caught" on a recent float trip down the Salcha River. Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Brian Palmer grills reds on flat rock at Chitina, AK. Photo Courtesy Dwight Phillips

 Professional Story Teller Joy Steiner came to Delta all the way from Boise, Idaho to share her "All Things are Pawsible" stories with with the Delta Library Paws n' Claws, Tales and Scales Summer Reading group. Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

SRP Award Luncheon: Delta Library Summer Readers donned animal costumes and gathered at the Community Center for contests, awards, prizes and a delicious lunch. They'd like to thanks to Delta Meat and Sausage for the treats!  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

 Jaycee Kitty: Fantastic Felines at the Summer Readers Lunch & Awards Party - here's looking at you, Kitty!  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Grier Clan: From Polar Bears to Caribou to the mighty Walrus, these Summer Readers got in character for Paws & Claws, Scales and Tales!  Photo Courtesy Joyce McCombs

Scott & Ruby Hollembaek along with Ruby's cousin, Pat Kelley & his wife Janine, spent the early part of the day fishing at Clearwater River on Father's Day. Photo Courtesy Ruby Hollembaek

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration. Men's Hairy legs contest. Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones.

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration. Color Guard at opening ceremonies.  Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones.

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration. Conley Jones with his first place prize in the bike decorating contest. Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones.

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration. Burning the old flags. Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones

Photo was taken at the Kiss The Pig contest during Frontier Days. Carol J Watkins

Cleeta Barger and Rozzo the rodeo clown.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Adam McNabb showing a participate the throwing technique.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Austin and Cale Durham waiting their turn in the Pet Parade.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Chase puckering up.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

The kissing the pig winners (or losers) were Chase Strand, Courtney Durham and Pablo Martinez. The photo has Dawn Male with them (chamber event coordinator).  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Steve, Jason and Don
Here are three extremely exhausted Delta Junction men who have spent the last two weeks installing wireless equipment on towers at the APM Port Terminal in Kingston & Montego Bay, Jamaica. They are working with Wireless Delta Solutions based here in Delta Junction. From left to right: Steve Fields, Jason Saurborn, and Don Williams take a break between installations.  Photo Courtesy Steve Fields

Kenna, Carl and Marge
To celebrate Memorial Day with WWII Navy veterans and long-time Delta residents Carl and Marge Bandy, Kenna DuBois gives them a flag cake. Carl was a radioman and gunner on torepdo and dive bombers in the Pacific and
Marge was a hospital corpsman.  Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

Reese Mitchell son of Richard and Bethany Mitchell enjoys himself on the slide at the ball field park (photo by Richard Mitchell)

SPECIAL PRIZE WINNERS: At the Delta Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt on the Deltana Fairgrounds -- Second Grader Kathleen Smith, daughter of Roberta and Carl Smith; Kindergartener Brooke Carter, daughter of Kim and Darrell Carter (granddaughter of Loyd and Linda Maggard); Preschooler (w/helper) Jozey Martellaro, daughter of Keitha and Brent
Martellaro.  Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Photo of Sirsha McPeek helps her mom, Chrischal Alfonsi, look for moose near the Johnson River. Photo Courtesy Deborah Snyder.

Steve and Kenna DuBois enjoyed a recent trip to England to visit with their daughter Christie, (a DHS graduate).  They are enjoying the view from a tower in Warwick Castle, Warwick.

Fred John Jr. - Certification in Rural Human Services Mentasta Lake

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Tok Center had Commencement Exercises for the Class 2006 at Faith Chapel on Friday, May 12, 2006. Two local residents were amongst the graduating class. We would like to say job well done and congratulations.

Linnea John - Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education/Family Studies

Katie Rabbit picture is of a friend of ours daughter that used to live in Tok, she's all grown up now but then she was barely a pack full as you can see. Photo Courtesy Dave Davenport

"Captain" and "Cappy" are the subjects of this picture "Captain" is the dog and "Cappy" is the man I don't know his real name and I don't know anymore about them than that but I subtitled the picture "Old Friends". Photo Courtesy Dave Davenport

Boulder Pup is of one of the many pups that we used to raise, this is Boulder who ended up being John Callahans' companion and traveling partner for many years, alot of people around Delta may remember "Boo Boo". Photo Courtesy Dave Davenport

This is my nephew, Gary (Darlene's son) on his boat in Prince William Sound. Photo Courtesy Brian Bonner, brother of Darlene Chaffin who comes for his annual vacation to visit and fish.

Delta Greely kids attending the DGSD QS2 Summer Enrichment Program's Rika's Roadhouse field trip. Photo by Norman Cosgrove

Johan Bostrom with Gulkana Glacier in the background. Photo courtesy Ann Geise.

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration. Balloon toss. Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones

July 1 - Delta Jct. 4th of July celebration.
Waiting to go on the obstacle course.  Photo Courtesy Natalie Jones

Phil Kaspari trying his luck with the axe throw.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Rozzo the rodeo clown and Martha Kimball enjoy the activities.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Courtney Durham in action.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Pablo safe kissing.  Photo Courtesy Brenda Peterson

Steve DuBois shows the rewards of good moose and lawn management with a bucket of moose lawn nuggets he collected over in his yard over Memorial Day weekend.  Photo Courtesy Steve DuBois

SPECIAL PRIZE WINNERS: At the Delta Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt on the Deltana Fairgrounds -- First Grader Samantha Smith, daughter of Robyn and Mike Smith and Preschooler Elin Hicks, daughter of Judy and Whit Hicks.  Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

SPECIAL PRIZE WINNERS: At the Delta Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt on the Deltana Fairgrounds -- Third Grader Arthur Edgren, son of Rose and Al Edgren.  Photo Courtesy Ann Geise

Tylor Williams and the Burbot he caught recently at Paxson Lake. Photo by Bob Geise



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