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This feature is for community news items reporting on past activities and for items needing more detail than can be described in Community Events.  Use the Community Event Submission Form for upcoming activities.   Maximum length is about 300 words.  Items submitted with this form will be reviewed and posted on the Delta News Web.  Please include a telephone number in case we need additional information.  Your name and telephone number will be included only if you want it to be.  Final decisions about web publication of any item are the sole prerogative of the webmaster.


Today's Date (mm/dd/yy)

Example: 5/21/99

Title of Your Article (max. 1500 characters)

Example: Delta Dialers Met April 21: New Board Members Elected

Include your name in the text that your submit if you want to have your name published with your article. If we do not see your name in this box, we will not publish it.

Article Text

Enter your text in the box below.  We suggest using a text editor (MS Word, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks, etc) and copy text from the editor and paste into this box.  Be sure to spell check!  Maximum text length: 3000 characters, including spaces (approximately 600 words).  The system uses plain text only (no bold, italics, underlines, fancy fonts, etc)

Your first and last name (required, but will not be included in article unless you put it in the article text box above)


Example:  Bill Jones 

Please also include your e-mail address so we can contact you if we don't understand something.



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Example: 895-0000  (please include area code if outside of Alaska)

Please review your information.  When the information is ready, press the "submit" button.

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